(Programming subject to change)

            11:00 a.m. FLORAL DEMO
            A Feast In Flowers
            Presenter: Faith Cass, Owner, Cass School of Floral Design

            11:30 a.m. LECTURE
            Gardening for the Five Senses
            Speaker: Bill Cullina, Gardens Curator, Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

           1:00 p.m. COOKING DEMO
           Cooking with Maple Syrup
           Presenter: Natasha Tauscher, Chef, Natick Community Organic Farm

            1:30 p.m. LECTURE
            At Play with Nature: Snoozes and Celebrations on Your Terrace
            Speaker: Louis Raymond, Landscape Designer
            Landscape designer Louis Raymond explores the many ways a terrace can be
            shaped into your property’s must-use focus. Hilarious as well as inspirational
            historical terraces and outdoor celebrations give context as well as hope that our best
            outdoor moments are yet to come.

           2:30 p.m. GARDENING DEMO
           Traffic-Stopping Containers from the
           Massachusetts Nursery & Landscape Association
           Presenter: Tina Bemis, Bemis Farms Nursery

            3:30 pm LECTURE
            Heirloom Vegetables
            Speaker: Barbara Melera, President, D. Landreth Seed Co.

           4:30 p.m. GARDENING DEMO
           Rain Barrel 101
           Presenter: Jack and Joan Freele, New England Rain Barrel Co.

            5:00 pm LECTURE
            A Feast for the Garden Traveler
            Speaker: Hilda Morrill, Editor, bostongardens.com

           7:00 p.m. COOKING DEMO
           Cooking from the Orchard
           Presenter: Steve Sprague, Executive Chef, Nashoba Valley Winery
Thursday’s lecture series, Gardening Essentials, is presented by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society as part
of its program BLOOMS! at the 2010 Boston Flower & Garden Show. Proudly sponsored by Mahoney’s Garden
                   11:00 a.m. FLORAL DEMO
                   Easy Orchid Care
                   Presenter: Molly Brennan, Owner, Brennan’s Orchids

                    11:30 a.m. LECTURE
                    The Care & Feeding of Houseplants
                    Speaker: Art Scarpa
                    Tips from an expert about how to select and care for indoor plants.

                   12:30 p.m.
                   Ask The Experts Panel
                   Panelists: Roger Swain, Paul Miskovsky and Kerry Mendez

                   1:00 p.m. COOKING DEMO
                   Sprouts: Grow Them, Love Them
                   Presenter: JJ Gonson, Personal Chef & Caterer, Cuisine En Locale

                    1:30 pm LECTURE
                    Ready, Set, Plant
                    Speaker: Rita Wollmering
                    How to have a small garden that provides your family with all the vegetables you’ll need for
                    the summer and beyond.

                   2:30 p.m. FLORAL DEMO
                   Art in Bloom: Floral Arranging from the MFA’s Signature Event
                   Presenter: Lucinda Larson, Museum Associate

                    3:30 pm LECTURE
                    The Green, Organic & Affordable Lawn
                    Speaker: Betty Sanders
                    A presentation that gets beyond the hype and dubious claims about organic versus inorganic
                    lawn care.

                   4:30 p.m. GARDENING DEMO
                   Ornamental Pruning
                   Presenter: Joe Biagioni, Arbor Alliance

                    5:00 pm LECTURE
                    Small Is Beautiful: Landscaping in the City
                    Speaker: Sally Muspratt
                    A sixth-of-an-acre lot with 50 feet of street frontage can have the appeal of an estate - with
                    the right planning.

                    7:00 pm LECTURE
                    Time to Renew: Editing the Mature Garden
                     Speaker: Cathy Felton
                    How incremental steps can undo years (or decades) of neglect.

                   7:00 p.m. COOKING DEMO
                   Thyme for Pesto
                   Presenter: Donna Eaton Wood, Owner, Cedar Spring Herb Farm

              11:00 a.m. COOKING DEMO
              Making Infused Oils from Everyday Plants
              Presenter: Linda Patterson, Herbalist, The Eclectic Institute

              11:30 am LECTURE
              Edible Landscaping
              Speaker: Paul Split, Horticultural Lecturer & Demonstrator
              Enjoy the bounty of the land twelve months of the year!

             1:00 p.m. COOKING DEMO
             Cooking with Herbs
             Presenter: Paul Split, Horticultural Lecturer & Demonstrator

              1:30 pm LECTURE
              Listening to the Landscape:
              Using Nature’s Clues to Design a Garden That Works
              Speaker: Scott LaFleur, Director of Botanic Garden, New England Wild Flower Society

             2:30 p.m. GARDENING DEMO
             Creating a Tea Garden
             Presenter: Crystal Brinson, Horticulturist

              3:30 pm LECTURE
              Passion for Peonies
              Speaker: Kathleen Gagan, Owner, Peony’s Envy
              In a short history of this remarkable flower, Kathleen Gagan, instructs how to grow and care
              for peonies, illustrates why they continue to captivate imaginations, and delivers pointers
              and praise for this phenomenal plant.

             4:30 p.m. GARDENING DEMO
             Paving 101
             Presenter: Kevin Borrows, Bolduc

              5:00 pm LECTURE
              The Taming of the Yew
              Speaker: Tom Strangfeld, Landscape Designer
              Humorous and instructional, this lecture illustrates landscaping mistakes and their simple
              fixes to create curb appeal and enjoyment of our most treasured outdoor spaces.

             7:00 p.m. GARDENING/COOKING DEMO
             Gardening By Cuisine
             Presenter: Patti Moreno, Host, GardenGirlTV.com
              10:00 a.m. COOKING DEMO
              Delights from the Spring Garden: Asparagus Risotto
              Presenter: Carole Murko, Creator & Host “Heirloom Meals”

              10:00 am LECTURE
              More Than Mud Pies: Gardening with Children
              Speaker: Beth Zschau, Long Hill Horticulture Educator, The Trustees of Reservations
              Projects you and your kids will love!

              11:00 a.m. FLORAL DEMO
              The Love of Lavendar
              Presenter: Nancy Engel, Owner, The Sunny Window

              11:30 am LECTURE
              Master of Your Domain: Carpentry Projects
              for the New England Garden
              Speaker: Anthony Gilardi, TV Carpenter, HGTV's “Myles of Styles”
              A native of Boston’s North End, and now the carpenter on HGTV’s ‘Myles of Styles’,
              Anthony Gilardi will demonstrate some quick and easy do-it-yourself projects specially
              tailored to our New England gardens and landscapes.

              1:00 p.m. GARDENING DEMO
              Master of Your Domain: Carpentry Projects for the New England Garden
              Presenter: Anthony Gilardi, Carpenter, HGTV’s “Myles of Style”

              1:30 pm LECTURE
              Tool Talk
              Speaker: Roger Swain, Host of PBS Television's Victory Garden
              Hand tools – the trowels, spades and other implements that extend our reach and power
              – may have evolved for evolution’s sake rather than for the benefit of the user. This
              presentation will be a tour through the evolution of familiar garden tools emphasizing the
              importance of matching not only the tool to the task, but fitting it to the user’s hand and

              2:30 p.m. FLORAL DEMO
              Orchids 101
              Presenter: Dr. Azhar Mustafa, A & P Orchids

              3:30 pm LECTURE
              Doom and Bloom: How Small Gardens Can Save a Big, Hot and Hungry World
              Speaker: Roger Dorion, President, Kitchen Gardeners International

              4:30 p.m. GARDENING DEMO
              Water Gardens 101
              Presenter: Tom Frost, Metrowest Water Gardens

              5:00 pm LECTURE
              Kitchen Gardens of Mount Vernon
              Speaker: Betsy-Ann Golon, Herbalist & Owner, Common Folk Farm Herbs

              10:00 a.m. COOKING DEMO
              Diver Scallops with Sprouts and Rose Petals
              Presenter: Executive Chef, Peppers Fine Food Catering

              11:00 a.m. GARDENING DEMO
              Garden Projects Your Children Will Love
              Presenter: Beth Zschau, Long Hill Horticulture Educator, The Trustees of Reservations

              11:30 am LECTURE
              Urban Sustainable Living
              Speaker: Patti Moreno, Host, www.Garden GirlTV.com
              After much trial and error, Patti Moreno transformed her Boston home's backyard into an
              urban garden that produces just about all the fresh vegetables her family eats during the
              growing season. Her innovative methodology can be used to grow food in small spaces,
              roof-tops or even indoors.

               1:30 pm LECTURE
               Success! Tips for Tackling the Garden Basics No Matter
               Its Size or Your Time
               Speaker: Ellen Wells, Gardening Columnist, Globe Magazine

               2:30 p.m. FLORAL DEMO
               The Sensual Floral Design
                Presenter: Kirsten VanDijk, owner,My PassionFlower

               3:30 pm LECTURE
               The Garden Tourist: Feed Your Plant Greed with Unusual Finds from the New
               England Nurseries Who Grow Them
               Speaker: Carol Stocker, Gardening Columnist, Boston Globe and boston.

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