Without gardeners_ there are no gardens Without gardeners_ there by decree


									The ArT & Science Of   SmArT GArdeninG
                                         Without gardeners,
                                         there are no gardens.
              The ArT & Science Of       SmArT GArdeninG
                                                                           Without gardeners,
                                                                           there are no gardens.

                                                                          Whether for style or sustenance, pride or prof-

Gardeners make
 a difference
                                                                          it, strengthening body and mind or communi-
                                                                          ty, the one thing all gardeners have in common
                                                                          is their passionate dedication to their chosen
                                                                          plot of land.
                                                                            Few avocations are as rewarding on so many
                                                                          levels as gardening – physically, psychological-
                                                                          ly, and spiritually – and we believe the joys and
                                                                          thrills of the gardener’s life should be experi-
                                 The ArT & Science Of   SmArT GArdeninG

Hortmag.com/KissMyAster | Hortmag.com/FruitsVeggies                       enced by, and shared with, everyone, no matter
                                                                          where they live nor the size of their garden.
                                                                           Horticulture is dedicated to celebrating and
                                                                          encouraging that passion in its myriad forms.
The ArT & Science Of   SmArT GArdeninG
                                          Gardening grows with
                                          wilting economy

                                         EUGENE, Ore. - With the national recession
                                         in full bloom, many Americans have decided
                                         to head to the backyard. A wave of renewed
                                         interest in home gardening is taking root.
                                           There’s no recession in sight here in the seed
                                         room at Down to Earth in Eugene, Oregon.
                                           “Gardening is one of those things you can
                                         actually do to create real results. It’s something
                                         under your own control,” says garden depart-
                                         ment, manager Jane Martin-Cervenak. “A lot
                                         of people are really open to the idea of starting
                                         gardening and increasing what they can do for
                                         themselves,” sales associate Adam Cole adds.
                                     The ArT & Science Of    SmArT GArdeninG
                                                                                    2009 Gardening
                                                                                    Intentions Survey

                                                            According to the 2009 Gardening Intentions survey conducted
                                                            by Horticulture, the sour economic climate that dominated the
                                                            news didn’t have a negative effect on most avid gardeners, with
                                                            60% saying they were planning to spend the same amount of money
                                                            or more on their gardens this Spring.
                                                              More than 3,600 gardeners from across the U.S. participated in the
                                                            online survey, and their responses were an early indicator that their
                                                            gardens would not bear the brunt of the negative effects from the
                                                            O 23% planned to MORE on plants O 72% planned to grow herbs
                                                            O 25% planned to spend MORE O 75% planned to start plants
                                                                                                     from seeds
                                                               on gardening activities this spring

                                                            O 37% planned a LARGER garden O 78% planned to grow vegetables
                                                            O 37% planned to spend MORE on O 88% planned to grow flowers
(Source: March 2009, Publisher’s Study)
              The ArT & Science Of   SmArT GArdeninG
                                                       Top Three Reasons To
                                                       Advertise In Magazines

    Magazines improve advertising ROI: Based on a recent analysis of cross-
    media accountability studies,Marketing Evolution found magazines most consistently
    generate a favorable cost per impact throughout the purchase funnel. Multiple studies
    confirm that allocating more money to magazines in the media mix improves marketing
    and advertising ROI across a broad range of product categories.

                                                                            (pgs 43 and 44)

    Magazine advertising drives web search, traffic and action taking:
    BIGresearch proves that magazines lead other media in influencing consumers to start a
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    addition, studies from Marketing Evolution, JupiterResearch and the OPA show that ads
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    behavior.(pgs 70-72)

    Magazine advertising drives effectiveness throughout the purchase
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    consumers’ purchase decision-making process. As a result, magazines boost the
    effectiveness of other media at all stages of the funnel.
                                                          (pgs 41 and 42)

                                                                                              (Source: Magazine Publishers of America, Magazine Handbook 2009/10)
The ArT & Science Of   SmArT GArdeninG
                                         Engaging the
                                         Passionate Gardener

                Serving passionate gardeners since 1904
                F+W Media’s Horticulture Community is the plant and
                garden-making enthusiast’s oldest and most-respected resource for
                information, inspiration and community.
                 Through Horticulture magazine and its related books, events and
                digital resources, we are dedicated to celebrating and encouraging the
                passion of avid, influential gardeners nationwide.
                  Our customizable, integrated marketing platform offers an unparal-
                leled opportunity to engage these passionate gardeners and earn their
                attention for your products and services—whether to build brand
                awareness and affinity, to drive direct sales, or both.
The ArT & Science Of    SmArT GArdeninG
                                                 Engaging the
                                                 Passionate Gardener

                Horticulture readers are:
                O Affluent homeowners (avg. value $396,400) with 6.7 acres of home/vacation
                       property, 14,800-square-feet of ornamental gardens, and 4,600-square-feet
                       of herb/vegetable gardens
                 O Experienced gardeners (avg. 27 years) who spend 10+ hours per week on
                       gardening and yard care during the gardening season
                O Going to spend more than $52,000,000 on garden, lawn and landscaping
                       projects in 2009
                O Avid do-it-yourselfers who turn to professionals for help when special skills
                       (59.6%) or equipment (57%) are needed
                O Enjoying their gardens for relaxing (88.6%), entertaining family and friends
                       (50.9%), and taking pictures (42.5%)
                O Engaged and enthusiastic, reading each issue of Horticulture 3.6 times,
                       sharing it with 1.1 friends
The ArT & Science Of   SmArT GArdeninG
                                         Custom Publishing

             Content Licensing: Import editorial content from Horticulture
             straight into your website to support SEO and SEM strategies.

             Custom Supplements: Thematic editorial content from
             Horticulture coupled with your marketing message or private labeled,
             distributed nationally, regionally, or to select Independent Garden
             Centers, or for use as stand-alone marketing pieces, in print or online.

             Custom Premiums: Thematic editorial content from Horticulture
             coupled with your marketing message, delivered to all new and/or
             renewing Horticulture subscribers.

             Custom eNewsletters: Thematic editorial content from
             Horticulture delivered under your brand to your mailing list.

             Targeted eNewsletters: Thematic editorial content from Horticulture
             coupled with your marketing message, emailed to our mailing list.
The ArT & Science Of   SmArT GArdeninG
                                         Online Initiatives

               Online Workshops: Be a thought leader and add value to your on-
               line and email communications by sponsoring a turnkey online educa-
               tional workshop, live or on-demand.
               Contextual Advertising: Target the highest quality online content
               via site takeovers, section sponsorships, interactive ads, surveys and
               polls. Choose from CPM and CPC options.
               Dedicated Email Promotions: Communicate directly with our
               subscribers via email to build brand awareness/affinity or drive direct
               Micro-sites: Sponsor a topical, co-branded micro-site that features a
               mix of editorial content and community resources from Horticulture,
               integrated with your product or service for an informative and poten-
               tially viral combination.
                                                                                                          The ArT & Science of
                                     2010 Editorial calEndar                                              SmArT GArdeninG

                                     Gardeners in Their Gardens
                                     Horticulture has adopted the motto “Without gardeners, there are no gardens.” In 2010, we celebrate gardeners
                                     and the spaces they create by bringing readers more of our popular “Garden Visit” features than ever before. Each
                                     issue includes at least two close looks at outstanding private or public gardens all across America, complete with
                                     practical advice and favorite plants from the gardeners who call them home.

Issue      Feature(s)                                          Plants                            Edible                       Notebook                 Regions
FEB/       Vegetable Gardening, Herb Gardening                 witch hazel, shrubs and           herbs, lettuce,              shade cloth              New York,
MARCH                                                          perennials, herbs, vegetables     heirloom vegetables                                   Wisconsin

APRIL      Community Vegetable Gardening, Deer-Resistant vegetables, roses, perennials,          Malabar spinach,             raised beds,             Colorado,
           Plants, Growing Roses, Cozy Colorado Garden   shrubs, crab apple                      sweet corn                   composting               Tennessee

MAY        American Cottage Gardening, Heat-Resistant          cottage garden plants,            asparagus                    chickens,                Virginia, Northern
           Heucheras, Formal Virginia Garden                   heucheras                                                      compost                  California, Montana

JUNE/      Tropical Garden, Perennial Garden,                  purple-leaved plants, tender      pickling cucumbers           green roofs              Kentucky, New
JULY       Desert Garden, Purple-leaved Plants                 perennials, crape myrtle                                                                Mexico, Virginia

AUG/SEPT Artist’s Garden, School Garden,                       elephant ears, veronicastrums     cherry tomatoes              neem oil,                Massachusetts,
         Elephant Ears                                                                                                        canning                  Illinois
OCT/NOV    Drought-tolerant Gardens, Cover Crops,              cover crops, osmanthus            snap beans                   hoophouses               Oregon,
           Winter Protection                                                                                                  and cold frames          Arizona

DEC/JAN    Plants We Love Special Double issue including       houseplants, perennials,          root vegetables,             seed starting            South Carolina,
           2011 New Introductions, Fall Garden, Houseplants    colorful fall trees and shrubs    veggies from seed, garlic    supplies                 Idaho
                                                                                                                                            * Editorial calendar is subject to change.
                              The ArT & Science Of
                                                       Without gardeners,
                                                     SmArT GArdeninG

                                                             The   & Science
                                     2010 advErtising ratEs areArTGArdeninGof
                                                       there SmArTno gardens.
                                     NOTE: Integrated rates include a 1/8th Gardener’s Emporium ad (1x), Reader
                                     Service Leads (print and online), and 468x60 banner ads in Smart Gardening
                                     Tips enewsletter (2x).

            Integrated & Display Rates                                 Gardener’s Emporium & Classified Display Rates
                    Integrated        1x              4x                               1x       4x         7x

Full Page           $9,350            $8,415          $7,480             G.E. 1/4TH    $1,750   $1,490     $1,315

2/3 Page (V or H) $6,500              $5,850          $5,525             G.E. 1/8TH    $950     $855       $715

1/2 Page (V or H) $4,595              $4,100          $3,900             CD 4”         $675     $610       $575

1/3 Page (V or H)
                    $3,600            $3,240          $2,880             CD 3”         $575     $530       $485

1/6 Page (V or H) n/a                 $1,755          $1,620             CD 2”         $470     $440       $380

Cover 2             $13,000           $10,692         $9,504             CD 1”         $325     $300       $275

Cover 3             $11,500           $9,801          $8,712             LINE / WORD   $8.00    $7.00      $6.00

Cover 4             $13,500           $12,300         $11,520            IGTL          $575     $520       $480

                                                                                                          * All rates listed are net rates

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