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									Duty-free goods sales tax and accounting treatment of VAT goods duty-free

 sale of duty-free goods, a tax
 Tam Q: I plant for the production and sales of feed industry, feed
distribution sales targets providers and farmers, most of them do not
need an invoice. Will need some sales invoices in the accounting should
 such as: feed
 by: bank deposits (cash) and other subjects,
 credit product sales revenue (operating revenue).
 feed exempt from the sales value-added tax, a direct relief nature, also
by non-tax revenue multiplied by the applicable rate of tax allowances do
account credits "to subsidize income" subject.
 In addition, enterprises should "VAT Schedule" and "Taxes paid" project,
the introduction of "tax relief" program, reflecting the company's value-
added tax relief by the provisions of paragraph under "Taxes payable VAT
(tax relief) "Subject records fill out; in the form of" value-added tax
returns, "when, directly in the" off key "project" duty-free goods "to
reflect its" sales "can, without the form of "tax." .. This article from
[worry document] collection and sorting, for the original
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