IOWA CITY RECREATION DIVISION ~ 356-5100
    Youth Born: 1995-2000                                                   TENNIS • TENNIS • TENNIS
    The Hershey’s Track &Field Games
    give youth an opportunity to compete                                    NATIONAL JUNIOR TENNIS LEAGUE
    in various track events. Winners of
    each event will have an opportunity                                     NJTL is a six-week program that allows kids to learn and develop ten-
    to advance to the State Meet in                                         nis skills through small group practices and participation in matches.
    Marshalltown, IA and possibly the Nation Meet in Hershey, PA.           Practices will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. Fridays will be match
                                                                            play against other Iowa City and Coralville sites. Matches will not be
    Date: Saturday May 30, 2009                                             held on Friday, July 3.
    Location: Bob Brown Track @ Regina                                      Fee: $30 (add $5 for non-residents)
              2140 Rochester Ave. Iowa City, IA                             Sites: West High or Mercer Park
    Schedule: 8:30am Prelims                                                Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
              9:30am Field Events                                           Dates: June 8–July 17
              10:30am Finals
                                                                                                             West          Mercer
    Registration Deadline: Wednesday May 27, 2009
                                                                                                             High          Park
    For more information, schedule of events or entry form go to:                                                          Young Beginner      9am        8730.S09      8731.S09

                                                                              Older Beginner      9:45am     8732.S09      8733.S09
                                                                              Intermediate        10:30am 8734.S09         8735.S09
                                                                              Advanced            11:15am 8736.S09         8737.S09

                                                                            TENNIS 1-2-3
                                                                            Tennis 1-2-3 is a three-week basic tennis program that allows youths
    NATIONAL YOUTH SPORT COACHES                                            to develop basic skills through drills and non-competitive games.

    ASSOCIATION (NYSCA) CLINICS                                             Fee: $22.50 (add $5 for non-residents)
                                                                            Site: Mercer Park
    The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) is a
                                                                            Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
    national organization established to improve out-of-school sports
                                                                            Dates: Session #1 June 16–July 2
    for youth. Coaches going through the certification program will
                                                                            Session #2 July 7–July 23
    focus on the psychology of coaching youth sports, maximizing
                                                                            Session #3 July 28–August 13
    athletic performance, first-aid and safety, how to organize a fun and
    interesting practice, and tips on teaching sports techniques. Contact
    the Recreation Division for more information.
                                                                                                           Session #1 Session #2 Session #3
                                                                              Young            9:45        8738.S09      9738.S09     9730.S09
    • GYMNASTICS •                                                            Beginner         4:30 pm     8739.S09      9739.S09     9731.S09
    RECREATION CENTER                                                         Older            10:30am     8740.S09       9740.S9     9732.S09
                                                                              Beginner         5:15 pm     8741.S09      9741.S09     9733.S09
                                                                              Intermediate     11:15am     8742.S09      9742.S09     9734.S09
    Twist and tumble in this instructional gymnastics
                                                                                               6pm         8743.S09      9743.S09     9735.S09
    program for girls and boys that encourages
    progressive skill development on floor exercise,                          Advanced         11:15am     8744.S09      9744.S09      9736.09
    vault, and balance beam.
    Session I - June 13-July 11 (4 weeks)                                   CLASS DESCRIPTION
    No Classes July 4
    (8418.S09) Youth Gymnastics (Grades K-2)                                Young Beginner (Ages 6-9) Older Beginner (Ages 10-14)
    Saturdays, 11-11:50am                                                   Youth new to the game who can not consistently rally. Basic volleying
    FEE: $16.25                                                             skills such as backhand, forehand, drop serve & will be taught.
    Session II - July 18-August 8 (4 weeks)                                 Intermediate (Ages 8-14)
    (9418.S09) Youth Gymnastics (Grades K-2)                                Youth who can sustain a rally but not consistent with stroke technique.
    Saturdays, 11-11:50am                                                   Volleying skills, overhead serves and scoring will be taught.
    FEE: $16.25
                                                                            Advanced (10-14)
    PARENT TOT TUMBLING & TINY TUMBLERS                                     Youth who are able to hit a proper backhand, forehand and overhead
    FOR KIDS AGES 2-5 YEARS ARE ON PAGE 8                                   serve and are ready to learn game strategies such as lob or drop shot.                                                                                                                          11

PARK_REC_11-17_4-09.indd   11                                                                                                                        4/9/09   11:50:55 AM
                                                  IOWA CITY RECREATION DIVISION ~ 356-5100
                           Art Camps for youth completing grades K-8 meet in the Arts and Crafts Room of the Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center.
                              Morning programs are designed for children completing grades K-4. Afternoon camps are for students completing grades 4-8.
                 Participants are free to bring a snack and/or beverage for our mid morning or mid afternoon break which may include a visit to the game room or a
               walk to College Green Park. Parents: please be sure to sign the required travel authorization. Students enrolling in these programs should be attentive,
                       self-motivated and serious about learning. Art Camps are designed for students interested in creating individual and collaborative projects.
                      The purpose of these camps is to expose students to a variety of materials and techniques with an emphasis on the process of creating art.
             Students will be given individual instruction, and art projects may be altered to best meets specific abilities. PLEASE WEAR CLOTHES THAT CAN GET MESSY!

             NATURAL WONDERS                                                                 ALTERED BOOKS AND BOXES
             Look at the world of science and make concoctions with simple                   Students will learn how to create and alter unique books and boxes.
             household items like baking soda, salt, and sugar. The focus of this            They will learn new techniques that incorporate collage, found objects
             camp will be on experimentation and creativity as students make a               and assemblage. Creativity and experimentation is encouraged as
             volcano, grow a crystal, make silly putty, and different clays.                 students will work together on group and individual projects.
             (8514.S09) Mon.-Fri., June 8-12, 9am-Noon FEE: $64                              (8515.S09) Mon.-Fri., June 8-12, 1-4pm FEE: $64

             COLOURFUL COSTUMES                                                              COMIC BOOKS AND GRAPHIC NOVELS
             Use different materials to construct and plan wearable works of art.            Learn how to develop different characters and create interesting
                                                                                             stories and plots. Students will also learn about a variety of cartoons
             This camp will be all about collaboration as students create costumes,
                                                                                             and comic books and have the opportunity to create and discuss their

             hats, masks and more out of paper and found objects.                            favorite characters. There will be an emphasis on exploration and
             (8516.S09) Mon.-Fri., June 15-19, 9am-Noon FEE: $64                             students will work together to make collaborative projects.
             OUTDOOR ART                                                                     (8517.S09) Mon.-Fri., June 15-19, 1-4pm FEE: $64
             Explore different painting techniques inspired by nature. Print with            BEAD MAKING AND JEWELRY
             leaves and paint with sticks. Draw from nature and make projects us-            Students will use experimental techniques to create unique works of
             ing found and recycled objects. Students will spend time outside col-           art. They will use different materials such as clay, rolled paper beads,
             lecting objects from nature to create collages and other works of art.          and wire to create jewelry. Recycled materials will also be used as
             (8518.S09) Mon.-Fri., June 22-26, 9am-Noon FEE: $64                             students reuse old jewelry to create something new.
                                                                                             (8519.S09) Mon.-Fri., June 22-26, 1-4pm FEE: $64
             Design and build a city using a variety of materials such as cardboard,         MULTI CULTURAL ART
             wire, and recycled objects. Then, create the characters that live in there.     Explore the possibility of creating different art projects such as sand paint-
                                                                                             ing, weaving, batik, mask making, and more. Students will learn about
             The focus of this camp will be on making a large city that can also be
                                                                                             different cultures and create art that is inspired by a global perspective.
             used as a backdrop for making people, trees, and other characters.              (8521.S09) Mon.-Fri., June 29-July 3, 1-4pm FEE: $64
             (8520.S09) Mon.-Fri., June 29-July 3, 9am-Noon FEE: $64
                                                                                             SCULPTURAL STRUCTURES
             PUPPET PLAYS                                                                    Students will create structures out of different types of recycled
             Create puppets using a variety of materials. Then design a short                materials. Learn how to design sculptural forms and structures using a
             performance based on characters developed during art camp. The                  variety of techniques. Group and individual art projects will be encour-
             emphasis of this camp will be on group work and collaboration as                aged and the emphasis of this camp will be on the process of design
             students prepare for that final performance at 11:30am on Friday.                and the excitement of experimentation.
             (8522.S09) Mon.-Fri., July 6-10, 9am-Noon FEE: $64                              (8523.S09) Mon.-Fri., July 6-10, 1-4pm FEE: $64
             BEADS AND BAUBLES                                                               ART INVENTIONS
             Use clays to make different kinds of beads and jewelry. Create necklac-         Design an advertisement or product that is unique by altering or
             es, earrings, and bracelets out of fabric, paper, plastic, wood, and other      transforming found objects. After that, all of the products will be
             found objects. Also reuse old jewelry to create wearable works of art.          photographed and put into a catalogue or book that explains each
                                                                                             object created. Use a variety of materials to design a product that is
             (8524.S09) Mon.-Fri., July 13-17, 9am-Noon FEE: $64
                                                                                             believable or bizarre.
             CREATIVE CREATURES                                                              (8525.S09) Mon.-Fri., July 13-17, 1-4pm FEE: $64
             Make different kinds of animals using a variety of materials such as            ENVIRONMENTAL ART
             clay, or paper mache. In this camp students have the option of making           In this camp students will use natural materials to create art projects.
             mythical or realistic creatures and will also work on developing their          They will make paper, by using different types of recycled materials,
             creations. Students in this camp also have the option of making an              create candles, and learn printing techniques by using leaves, and
             environment where their animals can live.                                       sticks to make stamps. This camp will also focus on using nature and
             (8526.S09) Mon.-Fri., July 20-24, 9am-Noon FEE: $64                             the environment as inspiration for art projects.
                                                                                             (8527.S09) Mon.-Fri., July 20-24, 1-4pm FEE: $64
             In this camp students will make comic strips and explore different              SCIENCE ARTS
             styles of character development. They will also have a chance to study          This camp combines science experiments and art projects. Students
             a variety of comic books, and graphic novels. The focus of the camp             will grow crystals, create a terrarium, and design a diorama. They will
                                                                                             also use household ingredients to make art supplies, using these, to
             will be for students to turn their creations into three dimensional
                                                                                             make larger than life murals.
             models and design sets for their characters.                                    (8529.S09) Mon.-Fri., July 27-31, 1-4pm FEE: $64
             (8528.S09) Mon.-Fri., July 27-31, 9am-Noon FEE: $64


PARK_REC_11-17_4-09.indd    12                                                                                                                                  4/9/09    11:50:59 AM
                                        IOWA CITY RECREATION DIVISION ~ 356-5100

                                FINE ARTS EXPERIENCES FOR YOUTH
                                    COMPLETING GRADES K & UP
                        All art classes on this page take place at the           • STUDENTS COMPLETING GRADES 5 AND UP •
                   Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center and will
                   be taught by experienced instructors. Sound, traditional
                                                                                HANDBUILDING WITH CLAY
                                                                                In this class students will experiment with clay and make
                  techniques of art will be taught, yet experimentation will
                                                                                a variety of clay vessels. They will also learn how to join
                         be encouraged and independence fostered.
                                                                                coils, and make slabs. Students will have the opportunity
                       Nurture your child’s creative side this summer!
                                                                                to then apply these techniques while making their own
                   Enroll in one or more of these awesome classes today!
                                                                                creations and the finished pieces will then be glazed
                    But hurry, our summer fine arts programs fill quickly.
                                                                                with low fire lead-free glazes.
                                                                                DRAWING AND PAINTING
                   • STUDENTS COMPLETING GRADES K-4 •                           Explore the possibilities of color mixing, and painting on
                                                                                different surfaces. In this class students will be intro-

                  BASIC DRAWING                                                 duced to the color wheel and learn about color relation-

                  In this class students will experiment with different draw-   ships. They will also experiment with different media
                  ing techniques and use a variety of materials. Students       such as charcoal, inks, pastels, and watercolor.
                  will draw basic forms and learn about value, shading
                  and shadow. Classes will be based on learning new             SCULPTURE
                  processes and the emphasis will be on self-expression         This class offers the opportunity to use a variety of
                  and creativity.                                               different materials to create miniature or large objects.
                                                         NEW!                   The focus of the class will be on experimentation and
                  IMAGINATION STATION                                           process rather than completed works, where students
                  Art meets science as you participate in activities            can explore their own interests.
                  designed to open your mind. Use your creative talents
                  to design and build structures such as bridges, boats,        ART FACTORY
                  planes or towers.                                             A multi media class where students direct personal
                                                                                focus and interest. Projects may include paper, fiber,
                  COLLAGE AND MIXED MEDIA                                       printmaking, clay and more.
                  Explore the possibilities of 2-D, and 3-D design. Students
                                                                                    JUNE 8 – JULY 30 (8 WEEKS)
                  will use paper-mache, and basic print making strategies
                  to transform images onto different surfaces. The focus            (8509.S09)     HAND BUILDING WITH CLAY
                  will be on experimentation and collaborative art projects                        Mondays, 9-11am FEE: $64
                  that are larger than life.                                        (8510.S09)     DRAWING AND PAINTING
                  CREATIVE CLAY                                                                    Tuesdays, 1-3 pm FEE: $64
                  The focus of this class is experimentation where                  (8511.S09)     SCULPTURE
                  students will have the opportunity to explore and create                         Wednesdays,9-11am FEE: $64
                  with clay. Students will be introduced to some basic              (8512.S09)     ART FACTORY
                  clay techniques such as making coils, slabs, and slip ‘n’                        Thursdays, 1-3 pm FEE: $64
                  score, as well as encouraged to follow their own inter-
                  ests. The final pieces will then be glazed with lead-free       • STUDENTS COMPLETING GRADES 4 & UP •
                  glaze or painted.
                                                                                WHEEL & HANDBUILDING
                     JUNE 8 – JULY 30 (8 WEEKS)                                 As a first time with clay or brushing up on a long-time
                                                                                interest, this class will present an open atmosphere of
                     (8505.S09)     BASIC DRAWING                               creativity. For serious students only as a high degree of
                                    Mondays, 1-3pm FEE: $64                     self-motivation is required. Instructor: Courtney Bork
                     (8506.S09)     IMAGINATION STATION                         (8513.S09) Sunday, 2-4pm, June 14-Aug. 2 FEE: $64
                                    Tuesdays, 9-11am FEE: $64
                                                                                YOUTH ADVANCED THROWING
                     (8507.S09)     CREATIVE CLAY                               A class for those who have already worked on the wheel
                                    Wednesdays, 1-3pm FEE: $64                  and know how to center clay and make basic forms such
                     (8508.S09)     COLLAGE AND MIXED MEDIA                     as a cylinder and a bowl. Instructor: Bev Haas
                                    Thursdays, 9-11am FEE: $64                  (8539.S09) Sat., 10am–Noon, Aug. 1, 8 & 15 FEE $30                                                                                                                          13

PARK_REC_11-17_4-09.indd   13                                                                                                                  4/9/09   11:51:00 AM
                                                  IOWA CITY RECREATION DIVISION ~ 356-5100

                                   AT THE ROBERT A. LEE COMMUNITY RECREATION CENTER

                                IMPROV FOR TEENS                                                    ALL ABOUT ACTING: CREATING CHARACTERS
                                For students having completed grades 6-11                           Learn how to bring characters from some of your favorite
                                Whether you have never tried improv before or you have been         stories and fairy tales alive on stage. You will learn how to
                                performing for years, this class is right for you. Learn how to     create characters by using your voice, body and imagina-
                                think fast on your feet and how to make others laugh. This          tion. The class will focus on basic acting techniques, theatre
                                class will teach you and then build off of the fundamentals         vocabulary and stage presence. You’ll have fun learning and
                                of comedy improvisation to help you develop spontaneity,            participating in theatre games that will help expand your
                                creativity, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and listening         imagination, confidence and cooperation skills. There will be
                                skills. Short form improvisation techniques will be reviewed        even more fun when you share what you learned with family
                                and practiced through games and story development. Best of          and friends during the last 20 minutes of the last class. The
                                all, you’ll get the chance to showcase what you’ve learned in       class will be fun for students who have taken acting classes
                                a performance for family and friends at the end of the class.       before and for those who are new to the acting experience.

                                This class will be fun for those who have never studied com-        (8535.S09) Students completing grades K–3
                                edy improvisation before as well as those with experience.          Monday–Friday August 10-14, 1pm–2:45pm
                                (8530.S09) Monday–Friday, June 1-5, 6-8:30pm                        (8536.S09) Students completing grades 3-6
                                FEE: $55                                                            Monday–Friday, August 10-14, 3–4:45pm
                                ALL ABOUT ACTING: CREATE-A-PLAY                                     FEE: $40
                                For students completing grades K-6
                                Have you ever wanted to act out your favorite stories? You’ll
                                learn various basic acting techniques and how to use your
                                imagination, voice and body to create characters that can
                                then tell a story. Learn how to take your favorite book/story
                                and adapt it to a play that can be performed for family and
                                friends. You’ll learn how to identify key elements of a story
                                and how to convert it into a performance piece. During the
                                last 20 minutes on Friday, you’ll be able to share what you
                                learned with family and friends. The class will be fun for
                                students who have taken acting classes before and for those
                                who are new to the acting experience.
                                (8531.S09) Students completing grades K–3
                                Monday-Friday, June 8-12, 1pm–2:45pm
                                (8532.S09) Students completing grades 4–6                                                       Iowa City’s youth theatre for
                                Monday-Friday, June 8-12, 3pm–4:45pm                                                                 students in grades
                                FEE: $40                                                                                          K-12 includes performing
                                ALL ABOUT ACTING: CREATING CHARACTERS                                                            in main stage productions
                                Learn how to bring characters from some of your favorite                                            at various locations.
                                stories and fairy tales alive on stage. You will learn how to                                   The Young Footliters is affiliated with
                                create characters by using your voice, body and imagina-                                       both the Iowa City Recreation Division
                                tion. The class will focus on basic acting techniques, theatre                                 and the Iowa City Community Theatre.
                                vocabulary and stage presence. You’ll have fun learning and        Newsletters and audition notices are sent to member families. For
                                participating in theatre games that will help expand your           more information regarding productions or membership, please
                                imagination, confidence and cooperation skills. There will be      contact Doug Schnoebelen at 354-1634 or Donola Leong 354-0196
                                even more fun when you share what you learned with family                Check Our Website at
                                and friends during the last 20 minutes of the last class. The
                                class will be fun for students who have taken acting classes                                         Young Footliter Actors
                                before and for those who are new to the acting experience.                                           are required to attend
                                (8533.S09) Students completing grades K-3                                                             at least one drama
                                Saturdays, July 18, 25, August 1 and 8, 1pm–2:45pm                                                      class per year.
                                (8534.S09) Students completing grades 4–6                                                                Check out listings
                                Saturdays, July 18, 25, August 1 and 8, 3–4:45pm                                                           on this page!
                                FEE: $35


PARK_REC_11-17_4-09.indd   14                                                                                                                                 4/9/09      11:51:00 AM
                                       IOWA CITY RECREATION DIVISION ~ 356-5100
                                                      TEENS                   KUNDALINI YOGA
    • LINE DANCE •                                   WELCOME!                 16 years and up
                                                                              Kundalini Yoga is an ancient, time tested sci-
                                     Learn the most popular line dances       ence which works on many different levels by
                                     in the area so you can join in the fun   strengthening the nervous system, balance the
                                     at your favorite country spot. Three     glandular system and one’s internal organs,
                                     dances are taught per session. Music     achieved through breathing, stretching,
                                     will be played during breaks so that     specific yoga positions, dynamic move-
                                     you can practice dances you have         ment, and deep meditation. Kundalini Yoga
                                     learned. Line dancing is a fun way       is appropriate for all levels, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness. Each
                                     to exercise and make friends! Teens      individual, the total beginner and the well practiced yoga alike, will
                                     Welcome Too!                             find appropriate challenge, geared towards revitalizing and balancing
                                     Instructor: Joyce Bowie                  the body, mind and spirit, in a friendly, non-competitive environment.
                                     Meets at Robert A. Lee Community         PLEASE BRING YOGA MAT TO CLASS (pillow & blanket suggested, but
                                     Recreation Center                        optional). Enroll with the Instructor.
                                     Tuesdays, 7:15-9pm                       Thursdays, 5:30-7pm
                                     June 2-August 26                         Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center
                                     $4 at the door/each 2 hr. meeting        Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm
                                                                              Scanlon Gym

                                                                              Instructor: Jennifer Harman Deslippe
    with Deb Singer
    For children 3-6 years of age with one or more accompanying
    adults. Meets at the Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center            KID’S YOGA                      Ages 4-8
    This class features a joyful, participatory mélange of songs,             Class provides an imaginative, non-competitive environment to
    imaginative play, and movement improvisation for children to              develop strength, coordination and focus, as well as physical and
    share with a parent or other significant adult. Your instructor, Deb      mental flexibility. We work to balance concentration and play, using
    Singer, has developed her unique, child-centered blend of guitar-         age appropriate nature and animal-themed activities and song,
    accompanied songs and creative movement activities over the               to stimulate the children’s minds and creative spirit. Relaxation is
    past 20-plus years. In addition to classes offered at the Iowa City       taught through meditation and breath. Partner poses and group
    Recreation Division, Deb has taught through the University of Iowa        “yoga games” help to build trust in others. Every child will have the
    Arts Outreach Program, the Iowa Arts Council “Artist in the School”       opportunity to lead the class in their favorite exercise by the end of
    Program, Cornell College, Good Shepherd Preschool and the Iowa            the session which develops confidence. YOGA MAT REQUIRED. PLEASE
    City Public Library.                                                      BRING ONE WITH YOUR CHILD TO CLASS. Enroll with the Instructor.
    (8537.S09) Sundays, 4:30-5pm, June 14-July 26 (No Class July 5)           Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30pm
    (8538.S09) Wednesdays, 10:30-11am, June 17-July 22                        Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center
    FEE: $36                                                                  Instructor: Jennifer Harman Deslippe

         BABYSITTER’S                                                                   Riverside Theatre
         TRAINING CAMP                                                                 Shakespeare Festival
                     For Students Ages 10-15 years                                                         presents
      Become Certified in Adult, Infant and Child CPR PLUS First Aid
                                                                                   A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM
    Learn To:                                                                                         June 12-July 12
    Make easy snacks and crafts.
    Supervise children and infants.                                                                  RICHARD III
    Communicate effectively with parents.                                                        June 12-July 12
    Handle bedtime and discipline issues.                                
    Find and interview for babysitting jobs.                                       Riverside Theatre Box Office:
    Identify safety hazards and prevent injuries.
    Care for common injuries and emergencies
    such as choking, burns, cuts and bee stings.
    Choose safe, age-appropriate games and toys.
    Perform basic child-care skills such as
      diapering and feeding.
    (8700.S09) Monday-Friday, July 13-17, 8:30am-4:30pm
    FEE: $175                                                                                                                           15

PARK_REC_11-17_4-09.indd   15                                                                                                                           4/9/09   11:52:21 AM
                                              CITY CITY RECREATION DIVISION ~ 356-5100
                                         IOWAIOWA RECREATION DIVISION ~ 356-5100

                           BIRTHDAY PARTIES
                                   BRING THE PARTY TO US! LET US HELP YOU CELEBRATE!
                           Finally, there is an alternative to hosting birthday parties in your home. Eliminate the mess and leave
                             the activity planning to us! You need to provide decorations, refreshments, cake, and paper goods.
                                                          We provide the party activities and leadership.
                              We have a variety of party packages and facilities to meet your interests. Choose a sport or craft
                                 party, tumble or swim in honor of your birthday! This is one party your friends won’t forget.
                                                    Start now! Choose from one of the party packages below.
                                     All parties must have at least one parent or adult caretaker present at all times.
                                    There will be a staff member on-site at each of the parties to help lead activities
                               (with the exception of Swim Parties). Certified Lifeguards are on duty at all pool activities.
                                       Parents are responsible for all set-up, decorating, serving food and clean up.

               AVAILABLE AT THE ROBERT A. LEE                                                   AVAILABLE AT THE MERCER PARK
               COMMUNITY RECREATION CENTER                                                   AQUATIC CENTER/SCANLON GYMNASIUM
             ARTS AND CRAFTS PARTY - Ages: 3-14 years                                      TOT PLAY PARTY - Ages: 1-5 years
             Party Length: 2 Hours • Room Reservation: 3 Hours                             Party Length: 2 Hours • Room Reservation: 3 Hours
             Fee: $85/12 children (each additional child $3.00)                            Fee: $85/12 children (each additional child $3.00)
             Have fun and be creative. Our staff will provide a one-hour art               Wow! An indoor playground set up just for you and your guests.
             lesson for you and your guests. Imagine the fun of letting your guests        Gather in your private party room to prepare for an hour of fun
             create their own party favors to take home. Also, your party will include     with slides, tumbling mats, a whirly rocket, trikes, a small basketball
             time for cake and gift opening. Choose one of the art projects below.         hoop, roller coaster, and an inflatable bouncee…sure to add some
             • Masks • Collage • Puppets • Drawing • Painting • Jewelry • Clay             excitement to your big day! You will have full access to the indoor
             Remind your guests to bring a paint smock or old shirt.                       playground for the first hour of your party. Then, move to your private
             Contact Joyce Carroll to arrange this party for your child.                   party room where you and your guests can eat, open gifts, and share
             Contact:                                          a great time.
                                                                                           Contact Matt Eidahl to arrange this party for your child.
             SWIM PARTY                                                                    Contact:
             Ages: 6 years & up
             Party Length: 2-1/2 Hours • Room Reservation: 2-1/2 Hours
                                                                                           SPORTS PARTY - Ages: 6-12 years
                                                                                           Party Length: 2 Hours • Room Reservation: 3 Hours
             Fee: $65/12 children and 2 adult swimmers
                                                                                           Fee: $85/12 children (each additional child $3.00)
             (each additional swimmer $3.00)
                                                                                           Make your party a home run! Gather in your private party room to
             Take a dip and have some fun. Spend your birthday swimming with
                                                                                           prepare before the games begin. Choose 3-4 different games from
             your friends. You and your guests will spend the first half of your party
                                                                                           Scooter Hockey, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Capture the Flag, Dodge
             swimming in our pool during open swimming time. Then, dry off and
                                                                                           Ball, Kickball, Soccer, and more. You and your guests will spend
             move to your private party room where you can eat cake and open
                                                                                           the first hour of your party in the gymnasium before you move to a
             gifts. There will be a lifeguard on duty during all parties. However, there
                                                                                           private party room where you can eat cake and open gifts. And that’s
             must be at least two adult swimmers with your party.
                                                                                           not all! Your private room has direct access to the game room, which
             Contact the Aquatic Supervisor to arrange this party for your child.
                                                                                           includes pool, foosball, ping-pong, and bumper pool tables. Contact
             Held at Recreation Center Pool. Saturdays only between Noon-6pm.
                                                                                           Matt Eidahl to arrange this party for your child.
             Contact:                                       Contact:
             Ages: 2-6 years
             Party Length: 2 Hours • Room Reservation: 3 Hours
             Fee: $85/12 children (each additional child $3.00)
             Jump, shout, or turn a cartwheel; it’s your Birthday! You and your
             guests will have full access to our gymnastics room for the first hour
             of your party. Then, move upstairs to a private party room where you
             and your guests can eat and open gifts. Contact Cindy to arrange this
             party for your child. Contact:                      NOTE: NO REFUNDS EXCEPT IN CASE OF ILLNESS OR SERIOUS
                                                                                            CIRCUMSTANCES. DOCTOR’S CERTIFICATE MAY BE REQUIRED.


PARK_REC_11-17_4-09.indd    16                                                                                                                           4/9/09      11:52:24 AM
                                            IOWA CITY RECREATION DIVISION ~ 356-5100
                       ALL NEW
                                                        FOR CHILDREN
                                                         COMPLETING                    THEME PARK TICKETS
                                                         GRADES K-6!                       Save money and avoid standing in lines!
                                                        8-one week sessions offered
                                                             June 15-August 7            Buy tickets at the Recreation Division and take
                                                         Program hours 9am-4pm          advantage of great prices at the following parks:
                                                           Supervised play at no
                                                          added charge 7:30-9am               ADVENTURELAND
                                                              and 4-5:30pm
                                                                                             WORLDS OF FUN &
           8 WEEKS OF FUN                                                                     OCEANS OF FUN
      Choose any number of weeks from these following camps:                                    LOST ISLAND
                        CAMP WILDTHINGZ -                                                 SIX FLAGS • VALLEY FAIR
             DISCOVER NATURE through art, music,                                                    See page 49 for more information.

        and movement for children completing grades K-6

        ART CAMP for children completing grades 3-6
     CAMP MERCER SPORTS for youth completing grades 4-6
            Our focus in all camps will be to provide
                  positive outdoor experiences.
         DEVELOPMENT AND EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP                                        2009 CAMPING PROGRAM
    FEE: $130 per week                                                                 Let Johnson County Historical Society be your guide to sum-
    Registration packets and parent information guides are available                   mer fun in 2009! JCHS offers 3 distinct camps rooted in the
    at the Recreation Division Office and the Mercer/Scanlon Facility.                  history and cultural heritage of Johnson County. With camps
    Completed forms and payment will be accepted in person or by mail.                 focused on having fun and learning, both the child and the
                                                                                       parent will enjoy exploring the cultural heritage and history of
    Space is limited so register soon! For more information please call the
                                                                                       the Johnson County Community that they live in. Visit our web-
    Iowa City Recreation Division at 356-5100.                                         site ( to download a brochure!
    Children with special needs are encouraged to participate.
    Notify the Recreation Division in writing at least two weeks prior to              Camps are designed for students entering grades 1-4
    enrollment if your child requires special accommodations.                          and will be held Monday-Friday from 1-5pm.

                                                                                       LITTLE SCHOOL ON THE PRAIRIE
                                                                                       1876 Schoolhouse • 310 5th Street, Coralville
                                                                                       Session 1: June 15-19, 1-5pm
        SUMMER    NO                                                                   Session 4: July 13-17, 1-5pm
      PLAYGROUNDS                                                                      LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE
                                                                                       Upper City Park Cabins • Iowa City
     FOR CHILDREN COMPLETING GRADES K-6                                                Session 2: June 22-26, 1-5pm
    Younger children may attend with a participating adult.                            Session 5: July 20-24, 1-5pm
               Monday-Friday, June 15–August 7                                         HISTORY ALIVE DAY CAMPS
                          1-3:30pm                                                     JCHS Museum • 860 Quarry Road, Coralville
            Enjoy supervised activities in sports, games,                              Session 3: July 6-10, 1-5pm
             arts and crafts, nature and special events.                               Session 6: July 27-31, 1-5pm
       Parents or caregivers must register children on the first day of attendance.
                                                                                       JCHS would like to thank the Iowa City Parks and
     Children may come and go as they please so parents should use discretion.
    Playgrounds do not meet during rain and will close if rain begins after opening.
                                                                                       Recreation Department for use of the Upper City Park
           Call the Recreation Division office at 356-5100 when in question.            Cabins for our Little House on the Prairie Camps!

     CREEKSIDE PARK • FAIRMEADOWS PARK • HAPPY HOLLOW PARK                             For More Information Call: 319-351-5738
                 MERCER PARK • WILLOW CREEK PARK                                                                                                                                      17

PARK_REC_11-17_4-09.indd      17                                                                                                                           4/9/09   11:52:25 AM
   INFORMATION             ~ Registration Is Easy - Here’s How ~

                        Simply mail the completed                 Fax a completed                       You may register in                                             Visit us on the web at
                     registration form with payment              registration form to                 person by coming to the
                      (check payable to Recreation                                              IOWA CITY RECREATION DIVISION
                                                           Fax (319)356-5487
                    Division or Visa/MasterCard) to:                                                                                                                Secured for credit card payment.
                                                     Be sure to include your Visa or MasterCard located at 220 S. Gilbert Street or
                  IOWA CITY RECREATION DIVISION                                                  SCANLON GYMNASIUM/MERCER                                        Please note that Private Swim Lesson
                                                       number, expiration date and signature.                                                                     registration is not available online.
                           220 S. Gilbert Street              Available 24 hours a day!               PARK AQUATIC CENTER
                           Iowa City, IA 52240                                                     office at 2701 Bradford Drive

                                                                   For your convenience, a drop box is located adjacent to the Recreation
                                Drop Off:                                Division Office door, on the upper level of the Robert A. Lee
                                                                        Community Recreation Center at 220 S. Gilbert St., Iowa City.
                                                                                                              Registration begins May 6, with the exception of Private Swim Lessons, which
                   SPECIAL NOTE: Priority will be given to in-person and online
                                                                                                              begin May 8. Registration hours at the Iowa City Recreation Division office are
                   registration followed by fax, mail-in and drop-off registrations.                          Mon.-Thu. 8am-7pm, Fri. 8am-5pm. Registration hours at Scanlon Gymnasium/
                   Should you require a returned receipt or confirmation, please                              Mercer Park Aquatic Center are Mon.-Thurs. 5:30-8:30pm through May 22,
                   include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.                                                2009; Mon.-Thurs. 9:30am-12:30pm effective May 26, 2009.

                 Registration Form
                 PARENT/GUARDIAN First __________________________________________ Last _________________________________ Initial_____________
                                 Address_____________________________________________________________________________ Apt. #____________
                                      City _________________________________________________________ State ___________ Zip Code_________________
                 PHONE #’S            Home _______________________ ____ Work ___________ ___________ Emergency______________________________
                                      Email _______________________ Adult Birth Date ___________________________

                 ACTIVITY #’S                              PARTICIPANT NAME                                                                             ACTIVITY NAME                            FEE
                 Special     1st           2nd Choice      First                   Last                             Sex      Birth Date       Grade (Name, Day, Time)                       Activity Non-Res.
                 Accom.     Choice           (if one)                                                                       Mo Day Yr

                 CHARGE: (circle)          MasterCard              VISA                                  We Accept                                            TOTAL FEES - ACTIVITY         $
                 Card #: ___________ - ___________ - ___________- ___________                                                                                           Non-Resident        $
                                                                                                                                                                (live outside City limits
                 Expiration Date: ______________________________                                                                                         - see page 6 for explanation)
                                                                                                      MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO
                 Card Holder’s Signature: _______________________                                      RECREATION DIVISION                                      TOTAL AMOUNT DUE            $
                               SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS: SEE PAGE 7. Check box above if special accommodations are needed. FOR REFUND AND TRANSFER POLICY SEE PAGE 6. PHOTOS - Please note that activities
                               sponsored by the Iowa City Recreation Division may, from time to time, be photographed for activity guides, websites, other promotionals, group pictures or by the media. Due to the
                               public nature of our programs and facilities we cannot be responsible for photographs made by the media or others. We will, however, do our best to make special arrangements in
                               response to your needs. Should you have any such concerns, please contact the Iowa City Recreation Division in writing.


PARK_REC_44-50_4-09.indd       50                                                                                                                                                                      4/9/09         1:28:43 PM

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