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									Summer Safety Report 2009, parents of parents of summer book

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 Summer Safety Report written
 Parent Dear Parents:
 annual Summer has arrived, whether the flies summer your child healthy,
happy and enriching is our concern. In recent years, the national
security incidents in the summer students showed an increasing trend.
Children are the future, the children's safety related to a family of
well-being. Therefore, parents are busy arranging their own work, also
need to arrange your child's summer Éú»î, effectively assume the
responsibility of the child first guardian, to strengthen home-school
cooperation, strengthening of the safety knowledge of learning, ability
to improve child safety prevention to enhance safety awareness, do
Jingzhongchangming, take preventive measures.
 To this end, we have always supported our education and teaching of you
parents a few suggestions:
 1, in the summer to try to guide the allocation of time children
science, reasonable arrangements for study and rest, in earnest to
complete the teacher arrangement of subjects work and actively take part
in school activities, the general practice and community activities,
according to their interests and practice the calligraphy, learn
painting, pulling musical instruments, some small production, small
inventions. Our junior students as much at home doing some chores, learn
to do things themselves.
, To guide their children safe online, and in a civilized, not into the
business of Internet cafes, game rooms, dance halls and video room,
billiard hall. And supervise the child is not a long time watching TV,
Internet and so on.
 3, properly takes care of the family store of toxic, hazardous materials
and may endanger the child's utensils to prevent contact with flammable,
explosive, toxic and hazardous of dangerous goods.
 4, teaching children fire, electric shock, anti-gas poisoning,
 5, educate their children pay attention to traffic safety, obey traffic
rules prohibit students under 12 years of age to ride a bike
 6, well swimming safety education, child education, not alone or without
parental consent classmates circumstances unauthorized to rivers, lakes,
sea, swimming pool, to prevent accidents.
 7, pay attention to food hygiene, not eating and drinking, do not buy
dirty food and fried food, cold drink, but eating degrees, with good
awareness of food hygiene.
 8, enhance self-protection and discerning, to prevent being taken.
 9, to prevent the kids to participate in society on an illegal
organization, not involved in gambling and disguised Bo.
 10, in very much for taking more time to communicate with their
children, and relatives of children about, playing with your children
playing chess, hiking outing, let the children feel the warmth of the
family. This article from [worry document]

 also ask you to remind your children to mind:
 * is strictly prohibited without accompanying adults to the river or
river playing in the water play, to swim to the pool.
 * to watch TV or play computer every day should not exceed more than 3
hours, maintain a proper distance.
 * can not be alone at home playing with fire, gas, electricity, water,
telephone parents to keep in mind, do not open the door to strangers.
 * to go out to play or find a friend, be sure to stay with my family or
a note clearly. This article from [worry document]
 Dear parents, please meet your children's summer schools to make safety
education to your child enjoy a full, healthy and safe summer. - This
article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to
thank the original author. / Center>

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