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November 2008            Striving for Sustainability:
2                        There are a lot more of
                         us thinking about farming
                         & sustainability these
                         days. We want to know
                                                         100% of the farm’s revenue goes
                                                           back to the Cowichan Valley

                                                             more complete breakdown
                         what we’re eating, where it is
                                                             on our income, to show you
                         coming from and who is being
                                                             where we have our eggs. As
                         impacted in the process. The
                                                             you can see below, we have
                         financial uncertainty around
                                                             tried not to be overly reliant on
                         the world in the last few
                                                             one source of income.
New Board Chair...       months has brought these
                         issues into even sharper
                                                             When I look more closely at
                         focus. This uncertainty
                                                             these numbers, I see that 42%
                         impacts businesses and non-
                                                             of this budget comes directly
                         profit groups alike.

5                        At Providence, we have a
                         unique situation – we strive
                                                             from the local economy,
                                                             through sales, donations,
                                                             rentals and memberships. I
                                                             also know that 100% of the
                         for sustainability in the work
                                                             farm’s revenue goes back to
                         we do on many levels – the
                                                             the Cowichan Valley, and that,
                         fields, the forests, the people
                                                             in these interesting times, the
                         (staff, participants, volunteers,
                                                             farm will be counted on by the
                         members), financially,
                                                             community. In other words,
Providence Art Program   environmentally. We provide
                                                             your support is more important
                         an essential service for people
                                                             than ever.
                         at the farm, and it is important
                         and challenging to look at the
                                                                           Mark Timmermans
                         whole picture.

7                        In an effort to fill out the picture
                         for you, I’d like to give you a
                                                                           Executive Director

                           Community Living Contracts
                           Vancouver Island Health Authority Contracts
                                                                                  25%     Thank you:
                           Individual Contracts                                   3%
Annual Giving Campaign     Grants & Wage Subsidies                                1%
                           Gaming & Direct Access                                 7%              Thank you to the
                                                                                                 Victoria Foundation
                           Donations & Fundraising                                19%                for granting
                           Farm Rentals                                           8%               $17,000 to our
                           Farm Sales                                             14%             Farm programs.
                           Memberships & User Fees                                1%

  Greetings from the New Board Chair:                                                   by:     Jamie Lowes
                                                                                                Board Chair

Greetings All,                            members and three staff, now meets         team will focus on improving the
                                          monthly prior to Board meetings to         maintenance of the buildings, the
I am very pleased and honored             review budget, personnel, programs         land and equipment by developing an
to be serving as your Board chair         and governance issues. Gradually,          adequate infrastructure budget. It is
for the coming year. This year is         over this year, we will implement and      evident that preserving the health of
particularly notable as it marks the      use more “governance” as defined in        our land, buildings and equipment is
30th year that Providence Farm has        the Bylaws.                                vital to the spirit of our people and our
functioned as an Association                                                         activities.
for providing therapeutic           We are absolutely grateful to the multitude of
services for persons living       Association members and “friends of the Farm” I am looking forward to my role as
in the Cowichan Valley. The             who donate regularly to Providence.            chair of your Board and to working
Farm has grown from its                                                                with you (staff, Board members,
small, modest beginnings in                                                            clients and general membership) to
1979 to a large, complex organization Our annual budget is now well                    ensure that Providence Farm remains
that employs over thirty staff who         over 1.3 million dollars. Although          a viable enterprise and is truly a
deliver the varied services provided       Providence Farm is well known for its “therapeutic community”.
by each of our unique programs.            horticulture programs, we have not
The Farm is a busy and productive          yet been able to grow a “money tree”. Cheers, Jamie
place. Throughout the year, I hope to We are dependent upon a multitude
write about all of the many activities     of funding sources. The bulk of our
that take place at the Farm. In this       funding for programs
issue of our regular newsletter, I will    comes from contracts
address three items.                       with government
                                           agencies. However,
This year, the management staff            an organization our
and the Board will need to work            size must also seek
together in several areas: one, to         out numerous grants
implement the guidelines defined in        and donations as well
the Association’s revised Constitution     as conduct significant
and Bylaws, which were approved            fundraising events in
by the Membership in March, 2008;          order to maintain on-
two, to develop a comprehensive,           going operations. We
sustainable financial strategy to          are absolutely grateful
ensure that we continue to acquire         to the multitude of
the funds necessary to operate our         Association members
programs; and three, to shift our          and “friends of
focus to consolidating our existing        the Farm” who
infrastructure, buildings and programs donate regularly to                   Robert, Kori and Sam in the Farm Kitchen.
rather than starting new capital           Providence. But,
projects.                                  it takes comprehensive financial
                                           strategy and a lot of effort to ensure
The purpose of revising our                that our organization remains viable.
Constitution and Bylaws was to
ensure that the Association met
                                           By the way, we are also extremely
                                           grateful to all those persons who         Welcome Kim Hajdu:
all of the legal requirements of its       donate their time and effort helping         We’re very pleased to have Kim
“stewardship” of the lands and             with all of the activities that take place   join us on our Board of Directors.
assets of Providence Farm as well          at Providence. We could not be               Besides a youthful spirit, Kim brings
as providing a legitimate and sound        “therapeutic” without you.                   a wealth of experience in fundraising,
process for governance. As required        Concerning the need, as mentioned            event planning and new ideas to
by our Bylaws, a Management                above, to shift from starting                help the farm. Welcome Kim!
Committee, comprised of three Board new projects to taking care of
                                           what we have, the management
Running Club and Yoga at Providence                                                               by:     Colleen Davis
                                                                                                          Rehab Manager

Through the leadership of Emma                                                       care and development and so I am
Rooney, our former HT intern, a                                                      excited to begin sharing the practice
running club was developed in                                                        with folks at Providence Farm. I am
the spring for some of the young                                                     grateful for support from my teacher
men who are part of Greenways.                                                       Lilian Bianchi, who taught me to
The group eagerly met each                                                           teach yoga.
Wednesday morning, doing drills                                                      Our reused yoga mats were
and training to increase their                                                       graciously provided by Yoga Outreach
running capacity.                                                                    Canada, a not-for-profit based in
We were sad to say goodbye                                                           Vancouver that pairs qualified yoga
to Emma as she completed                                                             instructors and supplies with mental
her 7 month internship with us.                                                      health facilities, schools, shelters and
Fortunately Dwight Milford, one                                                      correctional facilities. With the arrival
of our enthusiastic and dedicated                                                    of the mats and with using donated
volunteers jumped into her                           Robert and Kyle                 ties in the place of yoga straps we’ve
leadership role.                           the kitchen crew in an hour and a half    been enabled to get started! I hope
As the fall weather set in and running     long session held in the classroom of    that in the coming year we can add to
in the rain became less fun, the           the McKinnon Building. In this series    our supplies and props. Yoga props
running club wrapped up their season       we are learning to improve our self      such as blocks and bolsters allow
with a 5k at the Cowichan Sportsplex.      awareness, relieve stress and tension,   for the practice of Restorative Yoga,
I am glad to introduce a Wednesday         increase strength and balance, work      where the body is supported into
morning yoga class that has taken          with our breath and to honour all        passive, open and relaxed postures. I
the rainy time slot of the running club.   aspects of our selves.                   look forward to building on what has
Members of the running club are            Personally, yoga has become an           begun!
participating alongside members of         essential daily tool for my own self

Bob James – In Memory:                         by:     Jack Hutton     A Special Memory: Christmas, 1980’s:
                                                                       People had left the farm for the holiday season
On November 5th the Farm lost       various stages of construction
                                                                       and Jack Pearce and I had agreed to check
a long time supporter and friend.   and fundraising activities. He
                                                                       on things during the holidays. It was probably
Bob came forward to help us         served on the Providence Board
                                                                       Boxing Day when we went to check out the main
in 1987 with the development        for a number of years and was
                                                                       building. We heard water running in the back of
of the therapeutic riding           always ready to lend a hand if
                                                                       the old chapel area. Someone had closed the
program, especially in regards      there was a job to be done.
                                                                       door leading to the back room and, thus, cut off
to running the baler at haying                                         the circulation of heat. One of the radiators had
time. We always had some            Bob and Jane have two
                                                                       frozen and cracked. We shut off the main water
pretty antiquated equipment,        daughters, Carolyn and Alison.
                                                                       line and proceeded to try to repair the problem.
but Bob managed to nurse it         The Farm is greatly indebted
                                                                       We disconnected the damaged radiator, went
through many a season. I now        to Bob and his family for all
                                                                       down to the basement and managed to maneuver
understand the term “a haywire      the hours and special efforts
                                                                       a 300 pound radiator up the stairs and into the
outfit.” Over the years, while      Bob made to make this a
                                                                       back of the chapel. Needless to say, we were
Jane managed the development        better place. His name shall
                                                                       just a bit disappointed to find that the threads
and growth of the Therapeutic       always be associated with the
                                                                       didn’t match and it wouldn’t work.. ”Providence”
Riding Program, Bob could           development of the Therapeutic
                                                                       entered into the scene when Bob James, on duty
be counted on to harrow and         Riding Program and all of the
                                                                       for the Regional District Waterworks, came by
maintain the riding rings, and      resources required to run that
                                                                       with his company truck. He had a small valve
repair fences and water lines.      special service.
                                                                       fitting that worked! If you look in the back room
                                                                       today, the fitting is still there. The radiator that
Bob was also active with us as      Thank you Bob. You will be
                                                                       didn’t work is sitting outside the main office door
a community member in the           truly missed.
                                                                       – still not hooked up!
Gearing Up Again: St. Ann’s Building Report
                                                                             by:     Carmen Timmermans
                                                                                     Project Manager

Autumn has been characterized by quiet, my
time spent with a computer and a pile of grant
applications, a big mug of chai tea and a portable
heater. But don’t be deceived by this seeming
stillness…like a duck paddling through water, things
are happening under the surface, moving the St.
Ann’s Building forward.

We have had some generous cash and in-kind
donations (see sidebar) and continue to pursue
possibilities. Our hope is to be starting later this
month with a finishing crew through a new 20-week
contract we are negotiating with Service Canada. If
things go as planned, the winter should see steady
progress towards completion.
                                                       We appreciate all contributions to this colossal
Thinking about completion and                          communal effort.
objectives, goals and strategy, I
added another thanks of my own                         A special thank you to:
today as I created the sidebar
thank-you list: that life is not an                    •   The Charros Foundation for donating $5,000 to
individual pursuit in a straight                           the building – another very kind and practical
line, with success measured by                             encouragement as we begin the finishing
quantifiable results. Instead,                             details.
I think is similar to the Autumn
hike I took last week, a group                         •   Discovery College for installing the siding
meander, with children and                                 – what a treat to have you all on site!
friends and a hint of bear in the
air, full of backpacks, backtracks                     •   Moe, John, Gary, Bob, Steve and Peter for
and tangents, tumbles and                                  installing all the lovely wood windows.
special finds and holding hands
while racing to catch-up.                              •   Neil and Joanne from Dan’s Pre-cast for
                                                           donating a septic tank and pump tank for the
                                                           building – so very generous. The tanks are in
                                                           the ground, connected and ready to go.

                                                       •   The Lohn Foundation for donating an
                                                           additional $5,000 to the building, for a total
                                                           of $8,500. Your dependable support is much

                                                       • All our supporters who have
                                                         helped us to reach our current sum
Providence Art Program:                                    by:     Michael Cousineau

A new art program was launched
on July 25th, 2008. The new art
                                         Greenways participants started
                                         coming on Thursday afternoons                           Sat. Dec. 6th
                                                                                                      9am - 3pm
program provider, who is not new         and because of increased numbers
to Providence Farm is me, Michael        have expanded their time to include
Cousineau. Some of you will know         the morning as well. Again, the art
me by that name, but as a volunteer      created by this group never ceases
at the farm, I have been known by        to amaze me.
                                                                                         AT PROVID E N C E F A R M
other names. If you need a hint,
check out the Christmas craft fair.      One favourite art project is working
Another hint: Gloria, coordinator of     with clay. Several items have
Saint Ann’s Garden Club is also my       been made and last week I had
partner in life.                         my first successful firing, meaning
                                         everything turned out perfect. I have
The art program started out as a         several more firings to do to catch
six hour venture, two afternoons a       up to the work that has been done,
week. It has grown a little since then
and I hope to see more growth in the
                                         which is what everyone has been
                                         waiting for.
                                                                                                     Craft Fair
                                                                                 •   Farm Made Products
near future. Wednesday afternoon
                                         The art studio is always open on        •   Community Craft Vendors
has Seques coming over for a little
art therapy, which I am pleased          Wednesday and Thursday should           •   Lunchroom
to say is working out very well.         anyone wish to drop by and              •   Raffle
We have ventured into various art        say hello, or want to see what’s
mediums and we have quite a few          happening.
budding artists in this group.

                                                                                       Our new Board Chair hard at work
                                                                                             in St. Ann’s Garden.

                                                                                               Santa Photos
                                                                                 • Professional Portraits with Santa
                                                                                 • $6.00 each
                                                                                 • Courtesy Andrew Leong

                                                                                                 Fun For Kids
                                                                                 • Children’s Activities
   Enjoying the New Art Program: Cara, Bella, and Heather with                   • Facepainting
                       Michael Cousineau.                                        • Santa’s Workshop
Two Kinds of Busy:                                                                        by:    Kevin Corbett
                                                                                                 Operations Manager

Lost in my anxiety I went from task     being and health, it is the second
to task, muttering under my breath      form of ‘busy’ that has the potential
about the inconvenience of the          to strip from us a sense of being
slightest interruption while trying     whole.
to get done all that needs to get
done. The entire day was spent          The second ‘busy’ manifests itself
running from here to wherever with      in being so preoccupied with
a list of ‘must do’s’ that stretched    what I have to do I become self
well beyond the hours left in the       absorbed and unable to engage
day. In my rush to get done all that    those around me in any meaningful
needed to get done I had little time    or life-giving way. Relationships
for pleasantries, not really even       can become transactional, based
hearing or waiting for a response to    on what others can do for me.
the common exchange of ‘how are         While this can be helpful in
you?’ At lunch I ate without tasting    addressing the first kind of busy,
my food and heard conversation          it leaves us sensing an increasing
around me without listening.            uneasiness of being. We can begin
                                        to normalize working and living in
While not all days are this busy,       a manner that addresses only the
or my response to them so curt,         tangible or measurable aspect of
that evening I was stopped short        what we do while ignoring the core
during the farm’s AGM (of which         of who we are and coming to know
the set up earlier in the day had       others at this level.
been a part of my harried activity).
At the close of the meeting a slide     As a community we often speak of
show depicting many of the farm’s       the fine balance between ‘people
folk and activity was presented. It     and production’. We recognize that,
was the faces of my friends and         when the farm as a workplace,
coworkers, with the many stories        becomes too focused on what we
behind them that nudged me from         have to produce, it can lose its
a place of frustration and anxiety.     sense of wellness. As individuals
The images reminded me of a             as a part of the farm, (or apart
more meaningful perspective… of         from it), the challenge to look to
a different way of seeing.              the needs of others and not just to
                                        our own can bring a richness and
One of the most common answers          depth that no list of accomplished
we give and receive, when the           work can match.
question ‘how is it going?’ begins a
conversation, is ‘busy!’ We speak       That evening, the pictures
or receive these words as if such       celebrated the people of this
a state of being holds high value       community, along with a sense
should be pursued and socially          of belonging and support that so
rewarded. I’ve been thinking about      many of us enjoy and depend on.
‘being busy’ after having just come     They reminded me yet again of
through yet another full summer         what we value and brought clarity
and I see in myself two kinds of        to what we can cloud when we
‘busy’.                                 choose to focus only on ourselves       Wish List:
                                        and our need to accomplish.             • Double Hotplate for the Art Program.
                                                                                • Warm Blankets - for the Wwoofer cabana.
The first kind of busy is that sense    Thankfully, I have found this to be
                                        a community that is gracious and        • Used Garden Tools: solid shovels, hoes,
that there is just not enough time to
                                        patient in nurturing a better way of    wheelbarrows, rakes, etc. We sometimes
do all that needs doing. While this
                                        seeing & being. I hope you have as      have big groups come to help us, and we
is a condition that needs to change
                                        well!                                   don’t want to leave anyone without a tool.
if we want to keep a sense of well
Fruits of Their Labour:                                                                  by:     Jacqui Smith
                                                                                                 Volunteer Coordinator

The annual Providence Farm                 prior by Eugene Jobagy and Jacqui,        • 60+ volunteers who join us on a
Volunteer Appreciation Tea was a           Carmen and Mark of the Providence         regular daily basis banking over 8000
feast for the eyes as well as the          staff. Gifts were presented and the       hrs yearly
stomach.                                   rest of the staff helped with serving     • 100 + Special Events volunteers
                                           tea and plating up a to-die-for dessert   supporting events like the HOEDOWN
Many hours went into celebrating the       of fresh Providence blackberries on       and Blues Fest
Fruits of Their Labour beginning with      homemade shortbread biscuits with         • Numerous social enterprise groups
the collection of over 80 fine tea cups,   chantilly cream and a ground cherry       who offer their time with projects
from local stores and community            floret to top it all off.                 around the farm
donations, by Zabrina Nelson and                                                     • Practicum students from all walks
Linda Klein. Kevin’s crew set up,          Providence Farm is blessed with an        and careers
Theresa, Devon and the Segues              amazing team of volunteers, using         • Horticultural Therapy (HT) interns
programme decorated the tables and         their wealth of skills, experience,
Tennille provided potted flowers for       energy and enthusiasm to grow and         And everyone who gives so much of
this formal tea on the lawns of St.        enhance a sense of community.             their time and effort to – the Renewal
Ann’s Garden under the apple trees of      Once again we would like to say           of Life.
our beautiful 400-acre property.           Thank You to:

The music filled the air as Monte
Nordstrom strummed his guitar
and Marilyn Rummel plucked
the strings of her harp. The 60+
volunteers and guests had a
light snack of delicious savouries
from mushroom palmiers,
and spanakopita to stuffed
cucumbers, prepared the days

                                                                       by:    Anne Brunet
Annual Giving Campaign:                                                       Finance Manager
At a time when Providence Farm             into what the charity does and where
is about to launch an Annual Giving        donated money goes. How much
Campaign, and world financial news         actually goes to program spending
is so very grim, it was comforting to      is of utmost concern to donors. The
read recently that an IPSOS Reid           trust Canadians have in charities,
Poll has found that “trust for charities   and the subsequent financial support
remains sky-high in Canada…unlike          provided to them, is vital to the
other Canadian institutions such           survival of these organizations. All
as government, justice, and news           of this holds true at Providence Farm.
media…”. Overall, the article went
on to say, at least 77 percent of          Our Giving Campaign goal this year
Canadians say they trust charities,        is $40,000. Money raised will go
and charitable leaders are trusted         toward sustaining the many programs
almost as much as nurses and               at the Farm. Without your help,
doctors.                                   much of the good work that is carried
                                           out here would not happen. When
Public trust remains high because          our brochure arrives in the mail
people see the important work that         this month, we hope you will once
charities do in their community. Also,     again dig deep, and put your trust in
many people volunteer their time as        Providence.
well, which gives them further insight
Thank you!
Thanks to:                                                                     Our Corporate Members
•Victoria Camera Service - donation of a digital camera to St. Ann’s Garden
Club                                                                           • Aquafun Family Pools & Spas
•Mill Bay Garden Club - cash donation to the Farm                              • Butler Brothers
•Nonuttin’ Foods Inc. (Duncan) for an in-kind donation of oats for animal      • Cowichan Petroleum Supplies
feed                                                                           • Dobson’s Paint & Glass
•Cowichan Lodge Ladies Auxiliary & Joan Hayden-Luck - donation of              • Dr. David L. Wakelin
televisions, DVD players, and an entertainment centre for St. Ann’s Garden     • Dr. Faulkner - Silverfern Clinic
Club                                                                           • G.M. Pace Enterprises Inc.
•Luella Buchanan - donation of a golf cart for transporting seniors in St.     • Island Savings Credit Union
Ann’s Garden Club
                                                                               • Island Tractor & Supply
•Lifetimer Boats Inc. - donation of the new cross on top of Providence House
•J&J Powder Coating – for coating the new cross
                                                                               • Ken Neale & Associates: RE/MAX of Duncan
•Ye-Old Dogwood - donation of lumber                                           • LaCroix Law Services
•Betty James - donation of lumber                                              • T Bird Services
•Ute Rosengart - donation of craft & flower arranging materials, books,        • Twin Fir Tractor
decorations                                                                    Corporate Membership in VIPCA is $100 a year.
•Donations to the Memorial Rose Garden: Nancy Wigen, Florence Henry,           For more information, call Maria at 746-4204.
Yvonne McKenzie, Roland Brown, Delta McDonell, Pamela Clement
•Donations in memory of Gary Gunn                                              Thanks to the Chef’s Harvest Table
•Vounteer hayride drivers Michael Cousineau, Paul Douville, Al Brunet and      supporters and chefs Fatima Da Silva and
Dwight Milford.                                                                Chris Szilagyi (Bistro 161 in Duncan), Matt
•Michael Command – donation of a truck to the Farm.                            Horn (The Masthead in Cowichan Bay),
•Adele Meyer – donation of a piano.                                            Brad Boisvert (Amuse Bistro in Shawnigan
•David Adams – tea cups for the volunteer appreciation tea                     Lake), Gerald Billings (Elford Farms Pastries
•Sandy Austin & Pat Fraser, who organized a large donation of teacups,
                                                                               in Shawnigan Lake), Rafael Flores (Rock
teapots, cream & sugar bowls, from the congregation of The Anglican Church
of St. John the Baptist in Cobble Hill                                         Salt Restaurant on Salt Spring Island) - over
•Sneakers Computers - for helping out with our computer challenges.            $3000 was raised for the Farm.
•Print Craft - for reducing our print costs for the Annual Campaign
•Phils Farm - for contributing to our Apple Juice making process.

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