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									                         Save Energy,
                         Save Money
                           and the
New York Energy          Environment
$martSM Programs

Presented by Lori Clark, NYSERDA Project Manager
             Who is NYSERDA?
- New York State Energy Research and Development
  Authority is a public benefit corporation established by law
  in 1975.
- Statewide administrator of System Benefits Charge (SBC),
  also called the New York Energy $martSM program.
- Funded Through the System Benefits Charge (SBC) Fund
  From Utility Customers Across New York State
- Headquartered in Albany With Local Offices in New York
  City, Buffalo and West Valley.
- Promote Energy Awareness, Efficiency, & Alternative
 What is Energy Efficiency

• Energy efficiency is doing more with the
  same or less.
• It’s NOT energy conservation.
• It’s using less energy and saving more
  money to become more comfortable,
  healthy, and safe.
Opportunities Through NYSERDA
• Existing buildings: Energy audits,
  equipment rebates, Comprehensive Home
  Assessments, Financial packaging, low-
  interest loans
• New construction - Commercial:
  Technical assistance, financial incentives, low-
  interest loans
• New Construction – Residential: Financial
  incentive for the builder
        New York Energy $martSM
•   Home Performance w/ENERGY STAR
•   Assisted Multifamily Buildings
•   Energy Audit Program
•   $mart Equipment Choices
•   Flex Tech
•   New Construction Program
•   Loan Fund
•   Energy $mart Communities
Best Approach

   A Building Performance Institute-certified
   Home Performance Contractor uses a blower
   door test to tell where leaks are.
   Home Performance with
• Provides energy efficiency
  home improvements through
  a network of certified BPI
  contractors for 1– 4 unit
  family homes
• Financial assistance available
  through low-interest loans.
• Find a qualified contractor in
  your area at
       Assisted Home Performance
           with ENERGY STAR®
 Builds on existing Home          # of People        Maximum
  Performance program but             in the          Household
  adds a grant for                 Household           Income*
  owners/renters below 80%
  State Median Income.                    1             $28,848

 Grants available for a portion          2             $37,728

  of the total workscope plus             3             $46,608

  low-interest financing.                 4             $55,488
                                          5             $64,352
 Find a qualified contractor in          6             $73,232
  your area at:                           7             $74,896                  8             $76,560
                                          9             $78,224
                                          10            $79,888
                                          11            $84,368
                                    Each Additional      $6,528

                                   *effective November 1, 2005
        Buy a New York ENERGY STAR
                Labeled Home
Uses approximately 30%
less energy than
conventionally built homes
 Lower monthly utility bills
 Tried and true
 More comfortable and
healthier home
Assisted Multifamily Building
          Program (AMP)

Hamilton, Rabinovitz & Alschuler (HR&A)

Community Environmental Center (CEC)

     Local Case Managers (LCMs)
     Six Steps
                The AMP Process
      Step 1: Intake
                                         Step 4:

Step 2: Energy Audit               Step 5: Construction/

                        Step 3:          Step 6:
                       Financial   Energy Management
                       Package       and Monitoring
      Energy Audit Program
• For businesses, not-for-profits, private
  institutions, colleges/ universities, K-12
  schools, municipalities

 • Electric bills of $48,000 or less

 • Refundable fee
  Smart Equipment Choices
         PON 968
• Equipment replacement
• Lighting, motors, HVAC, VSDs,
  transformers, commercial
  washers/dryers, etc.
• Cash back upon installation
• Up to $10,000/customer/allocation
• 35 engineering firms under contract with
• First come, first serve
• All types of energy engineering assistance is
• NYSERDA reimburses customer up to 50% of
  the study cost up to a maximum of $50,000
• Engineering feasibility and technical assistance
• Detailed analysis of specific energy efficiency projects
• Process improvement
• Rate analysis, load shapes, and energy service
• Engineering in support of project-financing proposals
• Development of long term capital budget strategies
  for the upgrade or replacement
  of energy-consuming equipment
• Retro-Commissioning of energy-efficiency measures
  in existing buildings
New Construction $ Incentives
          PON 913 extends through June, 2006

• Technical Assistance is available to help evaluate
  energy-efficiency measures and provide guidance to
  your design team on incorporating new and emerging
  energy-efficient technologies into your building.
• Funding is available to offset the additional costs
  associated with the purchase and installation of
  approved equipment.
• Assistance may also be available for commissioning
  services, advanced solar, daylighting technologies,
  and green building opportunities
 Energy $mart Loan Fund
• Can be combined with Energy Audit,
  New Construction, Smart Equipment
  Choices, Home Performance w/ENERGY

• NYSERDA buys down bank loan rate by
  4 percentage points
      New York Energy $martSM

• NYSERDA outreach contractor
• Goals:
  – Reduce energy costs in buildings
  – Spur economic development
 Contact NYSERDA…

    (518) 862-1090

  1 (877) NYSMART

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