Troubleshooting your CADD Pump

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					                                       Two-tone Alarm   Your Information
The pump will soon stop running. Replace
batteries as above.
                                                        General Practitioner                                       Troubleshooting
                                       Two-tone Alarm
                                                         Phone                                                    your CADD Pump
                                                        Specialist Doctor
This appears on the screen when the pump is
running normally.                                        Phone

                                       Two-tone Alarm   Chemotherapy Unit

Will appear if there is a kink in the line or a clamp    Phone
is closed. Check that all tubing is free of kinks and
that the clamps that are on the line are open. The      Ward
pump should automatically resume. If not, restart
the pump as described previously.                        Phone

                                       Two-tone Alarm   District Nurse

There is air in the line or the tubing is not fully      Phone
threaded through the air detector. If this occurs
press       or      to silence the alarm and contact    Community Health Centre
the nursing staff for advice.
                                       Two-tone Alarm
This indicates that the volume of chemotherapy is
getting low. An alarm will sound and the pump will       Phone
continue to run until empty.
                                                        Accident & Emergency department                           PATIENT INFORMATION
                                       Two-tone Alarm
This message indicates that the reservoir volume
is empty. Press     or      to silence the alarm        Cancer Care Nurse
and turn the CADD off.

                                                                                          PGWS Sept2007 version
                                                                                                               and contact the chemotherapy unit or district nurse
                                                                                                               immediately for further instruction.

                                                                                                               Restarting the Pump
                                                                                                               First turn the CADD on by:

                                                                                                               1. Press and hold      for a few seconds.

What is a CADD Pump?                                  Stopping the Pump                                        The CADD will power up and automatically run
                                                                                                               through its programs. Then you will need to start
Your CADD Pump is a Continuous Ambulatory             Stopping the pump stops delivery of medication.
                                                                                                               the pump by:
Delivery Device.                                      Stop your pump by:
                                                                                                               1. Press and hold
It is a portable infusion pump                        1. Press and hold
used in cancer treatment for     Can I use it                                                                  2. Hold      until you see
continuous chemotherapy.                              2. Hold      until you see
                                 in the shower?                                                                   three sets of dashes
This will be connected to                                three sets of dashes
                                 Yes. However,                                                                    disappear.
your PICC or PORT. Your                                  appear
CADD Pump is programmed          the CADD pump
                                 is not waterproof.                                                            3. After automatically
by your chemotherapy nurse                            3. STOPPED will then
                                 Keep it dry by                                                                   running through the
to deliver the correct amount                            appear.
                                 placing in a                                                                     pumps program, RUN
of chemotherapy as ordered
                                 plastic bag and                                                                  and the volume remaining will appear on the
by your Oncologist. Usually                           Once you have stopped the pump turn the CADD
                                 hanging out of                                                                   main screen, indicating that your pump is
the pump will run without any                         off by:
                                 the spray of                                                                     running.
problems and you will have it
disconnected by a nurse at       water whilst in      1. Press and hold
the end of the infusion.         the shower.                                                                   Common Messages and Alarms
                                                      2. Hold      until you
The CADD Pump remains the property of your               see three sets of                                                                   Three Two-tone Beeps
hospital - Please return after use.                      dashes disappear.                                                                         every 5 minutes
                                                                                                               The pump will still work for a while but the battery
                                                                                                               will require changing. An alarm of three two-tone
                                                      Pump still won’t Stop                                    beeps will sound every five minutes. To install new
     DAMAGED OR LEAKING PUMP                                                                                   batteries stop the pump and turn it off as described
                                                      If unable to stop the pump or turn it off, remove the
  If the pump or tubing of your CADD is                                                                        above. Replace old batteries with AA alkaline
                                                      battery. A continuous alarm will sound for a couple
damaged or leaking, you need to stop the                                                                       batteries. Do not use carbon zinc (heavy duty) or
                                                      of minutes and then fade out, - you can’t turn it off.
                                                                                                               rechargeable batteries. Replace the battery door
           pump and turn it off.                      Also close the clamps on the tubing or clamp the
                                                                                                               and the pump will automatically power up. If not,
                                                      tubing in some way to stop leakage. If you have a
                                                                                                               turn the pump on and start the pump as described
        SEE INSTRUCTIONS HERE                         Port do not remove the needle from your port.
                                                                                                               previously. All programmed settings are retained.
                                                      Place any damaged articles in a sealed plastic bag

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