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									Training opens up
brave new world
   Peter Kalbfell is a re-training                                                 the worst off. He spent four
success story. Peter trained as a                                                  years volunteering, continu-
painter and worked in his trade                                                    ally developing his counselling
for over 18 years. He loved                                                        skills and becoming a volunteer
it, had his own business and                                                       supervisor.
managed a team of eight oth-                                                         Last year, the volunteering
ers. Life was good. Until 9½                                                       turned into a part-time paid role
years ago, when he was in the                                                      and that role now involves train-    Blueprint Career Development attended the Gayndah Job Expo in Gayn-
car with his partner, it ran off                                                   ing others on how to do the job      dah on October 28. The expo was organised by Community Solutions,
the road, rolled and Peter’s life                                                  that four years ago Peter was so     Gayndah. Many Year 10 students came to view the stands and gather in-
changed dramatically.                                                              nervous about.                       formation regarding training and job opportunities for 2010. Much interest
   Peter is now an incomplete                                                                                           was shown in the School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships across
                                                                                     Training has given Peter a
quadriplegic, which means he is                                                                                         the trades as well as Business, Retail and Hospitality. Blueprint Career
                                                                                   new level of confidence and
in a wheelchair, but does have                                                                                          Development is committed to rural and regional training, as well as help-
                                                                                   as his hours increase, so does
movement in one of his feet and                                                                                         ing young people secure traineeships. This is evident by their attendance
                                                                                   his skill at his work. Peter is
one good hand.                                                                                                                                         at the Expo.
                                                                                   also looking forward to starting
   His work as a painter was
                                                                                   university in February, working
obviously over and Peter had
                                                                                   towards the USQ Bachelor of
no idea of what to do next. He
slipped into depression that got
worse as he realised that he had
no job options other than what                Petr Kalbfell . . . life changes
                                                lead to rewarding career.
                                                                                   Human Services (Counselling)
                                                                                     So, if you are wondering
                                                                                   about where to head next, think-
                                                                                                                        Pieces of paper -
he could no longer do.
   Peter and his partner moved
to Maryborough to be closer to
his family and find some peace
on their land. He was put in
                                               and angry tradie could offer but
                                               thought it was best to give it a
                                                 After going through the
                                                                                   ing you have no other options,
                                                                                   be aware that re-training can be
                                                                                   a brave new world of success
                                                                                   and confidence.
                                                                                                                        what’s the point?
                                                                                                                           By Mary Nield                       have, what industry would be
touch with Lifeline through                    course and starting to volunteer    • Lifeline’s next telephone             As someone who has worked in        ‘good’ for them, how to get into
his Community Rehabilitation                   on the phones, Peter realised       counselling course starts in         Vocational Education and Train-        training, Traineeships and Appren-
Service and signed up for the                  that others around Australia        February – if interested, give       ing for the past 10 years there is     ticeships. This is not to say that
telephone counselling course.                  were dealing with issues just       us a call. Perhaps you can be        always one question I am                          the wonderfully talented
He wondered what a depressed                   as he was and that he wasn’t        the next success story.              constantly asked?                                 people who dedicate
                                                                                                                            “What is the point of                         themselves to giving this
Bundy Robotics Challenge
  Following the primary school TREK robotics
                                                                  Apprentices                                           having all these pieces of
                                                                                                                        paper?.... I have the skills.
                                                                                                                                                                          advice are not doing their
                                                                                                                                                                          job, far from it, they are
challenge earlier in the year, a competition for
secondary students has been developed. Hosted
by CQUniversity Bundaberg and run by learning
                                                                  Kickstart Aust’s                                      I can do the job. I have the
                                                                                                                            My answer is always
                                                                                                                                                                          actually just inundated in
                                                                                                                                                                          my experience with the
                                                                                                                                                                          sheer volume of people
management staff and students, the event will be
held from 9am-2pm on Saturday, December 5,                        green future                                          simply “Can you prove you
                                                                                                                        can do the job? If all those
                                                                                                                                                                          who are seeking training
                                                                                                                                                                          pathway advice.
and entry is FREE! Call June Mogensen on (07)                        From 1 January 2010, the Rudd Government           wonderful skills and ex-                            The other problem
4150 7046 to register teams.                                      has mandated that Australian Apprentices training     perience aren’t recognised                        that the community is
                                                                                                                        and your achievements are not

                                                                  programs will include mandatory green skills as                                              facing is also the numerous ways
                    BBQ dips for                                  part of their training.                               documented how can you progress        in which you can complete your
                                                                     The Government announced in July 50,000            in your career?”                       qualifications (‘pieces of paper’)
                   Aussie outdo
                               ors                                new green jobs and training opportunities to build       It doesn’t matter which Industry    or training.
                                                                  a stronger and greener Australian economy.            you are working in - Hospitality,
              ecipe of the month                                     This $94 million investment in Australia’s         Engineering, Retail, Mining or
                                                                                                                                                                   These vary greatly from Train-
                                                                                                                                                               eeships and Apprenticeships to
These dips are great for entertaining the family, friends etc     future and major reform of Australia’s training       Business, Automotive, Construc-
                                                                                                                        tion etc.. All industries are now      Federal and State Government
and simple and easy to do in your own kitchen.                    system will help support jobs and communities                                                funded training programs such
basil & orange pesto                                              being hit by the local consequence of a severe        linked to Industry Skills Councils
                                                                                                                        which in turn are linked to the        as Productivity Places Program,
1 bunch basil – any variety but thai is the best (stems removed   global recession.                                                                            Australian Apprenticeships Access
they are bitter)
                                                                     The Australian Government is providing fund-       Department of Education, Em-
1 navel orange – zest and juice is what you need
                                                                                                                        ployment and Workplace Relations       Program, Skilling Queenslanders
1 tblsp toasted pinenuts (you can toast them on an oven tray      ing of $5 billion over four years to support Aus-                                            for Work Initiative and so on. How
at 150c for approx. 5mins)                                        tralian Apprenticeships and related programs, and     (DEEWR), previously the Austral-
1 tblsp parmesan cheese (finely grated)                                                                                  ian National Training Authority.       confusing!
¼ cup of olive oil (extra virgin is the best)
                                                                  has invested an additional $250 million to support
                                                                  apprentices during the global recession.                  It is now expected in most in-        In future editions of this won-
pinch of salt and pepper
                                                                     Apprentice Kickstart will more than triple the     dustries that you hold a certificate    derful community newspaper I
Organise all ingredients and whizz them in a kitchen blender
or barmix – if you don’t have this then finely dice all ingredi-   first-year incentive paid to employers who this        or ticket to prove your skills and     hope to shed some light around
ents with a knife                                                 summer take on apprentices in traditional trades      experience. So how do you know         the V.E.T Vocational Education
semi dried tomato tapenade                                        experiencing skill shortages.                         where to go to get the ‘pieces of      and Training)sector and associated
1 cup semi dried tomatoes (you can buy these from woolies)           The package will be available to employers         paper’ that you need?                  sectors so that together we can
2 tblp finely chopped italian parsley                                                                                                                           strengthen our community to grow
1 tsp finely chopped chilli just to spice things up a bit!         who take on an eligible traditional trades appren-       With a lot of my trainees this is
good grind of cracked pepper (to your liking)                     tice aged 19 years and under between December         where there is a gap in the system.    towards and embrace a passion for
Organise all ingredients and whizz them in a kitchen blender      1, 2009 and February 28, 2010, or until a total       They are not sure where to go to       succeeding in our chosen career
or barmix – if you don’t have this then finely dice all ingredi-   of 21,000 apprentices have started in traditional     get help with career direction,        paths and for simply to love learn-
ents with a knife
                                                                  trades hardest hit by skills shortages.               training options,what skills they      ing for the future.
                                                                     The list includes trades like butchers, bakers,
                        Contributed by Ray
                                                                  bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, welders and
                                                                  pastry cooks. About 425,000 Australians are
                                                                                                                       Who’s said that?             Success requires first expending ten
                                                                                                                                            units of effort to produce one unit of results.
                        Manning, executive                        already in Australian apprenticeships.
                                                                     For more information on Apprentice Kickstart,
                                                                                                                                          Your momentum will then produce ten units of
                        chef at Lattitude 25                      visit                                           results with each unit of effort.
                                                                  au/Australian_Apprentice/Kickstart.asp                                                                 - Charles Givens

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                                                                             counselling and support?
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