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					                       Terms and Conditions of Use of
                    The Toy Library & Portable Playgroups
•   Toy library hours of operation are from 9:30am till 3pm Monday to Friday, except public
    holidays and when the Centre is closed during the Christmas period.

•   All toys must be returned by 3pm and borrowers will be charged a late fee of $5 for toys
    returned later than 3pm.

•   Under no circumstances are toys to be taken home overnight.

•   All users of the Toy Library and Portable Playgroups are required to register.

•   All users are required to leave some form of formal identification, such as a passport or
    licence, as a deposit which will be given back when toys are returned.

•   Carers are responsible for supervision of their children while using toys borrowed.

•   It is the responsibility of the borrower to check age recommendations of toys before giving it to
    a child. This can be found in the Toy Library Catalogue for individual borrowers and on the
    inside of the lid for those borrowing a box of toys for Portable Playgroups.

•   All toys must be returned with the complete amount of pieces. Please notify staff if a piece is
    missing or broken.

•   Toys are to be returned dry. The Crows Nest Centre will arrange regular cleaning of the toys.

•   Groups borrowing a box of toys are encouraged to share with others and invite others to join
    the group.

•   Any incidents involving the toys are to be reported to Crows Nest Centre Staff and an Incident
    Report Form is to be filled out at the time of occurrence.

•   North Sydney Community Service Ltd (trading as Crows Nest Centre) takes no responsibility
    for personal injury or property damage or other damage suffered as a result of use of toys
    borrowed from the Crows Nest Centre.

•   It is the responsibility of the borrower to check that the toy is not damaged and that all pieces
    are present. Toys are to be returned in the same state as they were borrowed.

•   When toys are returned borrowers must wait until each toy has been checked by a staff
    member for deposits (licence, passport, car keys) to be returned.

Last Name: __________________ First Name:_____________________________

Address: ________________________________________ postcode: __________

Contact Phone Number: ______________________________

Email: ____________________________________________

Relationship to child/children: __________________________

Languages spoken:_____________________________

Identification type (licence/passport, etc) _________________

Identification number:________________________________

Child’s name                                  Child’s Date of Birth

Emergency contact name: ______________________________________________

Emergency contact phone number: _______________________________________

Emergency contact’s relation to you: ______________________________________

Please tick if you would like to be sent:
      Our quarterly newsletter
      Information on upcoming events

I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use of the toy library.

Name: ________________________ Signature: ____________________________


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