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									SUFI GROUP OF

 Sufi Canola Cooking Oil
        Sufi Canola Cooking Oil
   Presented to:
             Ms. Maryam Imran

•   Presented by:
             Muhammad Awais Zahid
             Muhammad Qasim Raza Mirza
             Ali Agha Qazalbash
             Tehmina Latif
              Haroon Nazir
             Abeer Khalid
             Ummara Rana
         Introduction & History

   Established in 1952 by Hadayat Ullah Sufi.
   Hamza Vegetable Oil refinery & Ghee Mills
    were established in 1992
   Initially established as Sufi Soaps.
   The Purpose and Values of Sufi group are to
    provide quality products.
   Over the years, Sufi has become a common
    household name.
                    SBUs & Product Line
                               Sufi Group

                                                                Sufi Soap & Chemicals
                  Hamza Vegetable Oil Sufi Tank Terminals
Hadayat Soap &    Refinery & Ghee Mills                          • Sufi Bath Soap
Chemicals                                                        • Sufi Powder
                                                                 • Sufi Soap
                                      •Canola Cooking Oil        • Sufi Vermicelli
                                      • Soya Bean Cooking Oil    • Sufi Mini
                                      •Banaspati Ghee            • Sufi Darja Awwal
                                      •Sun Flower Cooking Oil    • Sufi Glycerin
                                                                 • Sufi Brown
        • Safon Dish Washing Soap                                • Sufi Special Quality
        • Safon Dish Washing liquid                              • Sufi Super
                                                                 • Sufi Nirol
                                                                 • Sufi Poly Bags
             SWOT Analysis
   Strengths:
         • Quality
         • Availability of Products
         • Trade of Oriented Discounts
         • Timely Technological Advancements
           SWOT Analysis
   Weaknesses:

           • Customer Feedback
           • Misleaded Data
           • Distribution Constraints
           • Market Price-Takers
            SWOT Analysis
   Opportunities:

           • Supply in Rural Areas of Pakistan
           • Balochistan Supply
           • Differential Advantage of Product
               SWOT Analysis
   Threats:

         • Government Legislations on
           environmental Issues.
         • New Competitors in the market.
    Product, Price, Place & Promotion
   Product:

          • 100 % Pure
          • Common household name
          • The most healthiest Oil
          • Made on up-to-date technology
          • Standardization/homogeneous
          • Only Oil refined Three times
    Product, Price, Place & Promotion

   Price:

       • Relatively lower prices than competitors
       • Prices according to segments (Income)
       • Price schemes and patterns:
         according to competitor price changes
    Product, Price, Place & Promotion

   Placement:
              • Distribution Via specialized Agents

    Factory         Agents        Retailers

                  Whole sellers         Retailers
    Product, Price, Place & Promotion

   Promotion:
          • Extensive use of Media
          • Types of Media include Television,
            Radio, Banners, Newspapers,
            Billboards & Electronic Media
          • Below the line Promotion:
               Direct Advertising
Market Share Relevance in Lahore

          Sufi   Dalda   Habib   Others
                             Analyzing Current SBU’s:
                             BCG Growth-Share Matrix
                                          Relative Market Share
                                   High                             Low
                               Stars                      Question Marks
Market Growth Rate

                       • High growth & share            • Low share SBUs in high growth
                       • May need heavy                   markets
                         investment to grow             • Require cash to hold
                       • Eventually, growth will slow     market share
                                                        • Build into Stars or phase out
                         Cash Cows                         Dogs

                       • Low growth, high share            • Low growth & share
                       • Established, successful           • Generate cash to sustain self
                         SBU’s                             • Do not promise to be cash
                       • Produce cash                        sources
                            BCG Growth-Share Matrix
                           For Sufi Group Of Industries
                                        Relative Market Share
                                 High                        Low
                              Stars                   Question Marks
Market Growth Rate

                       •Hamza Vegetable Oil
                       Refinery & Ghee Mills

                        Cash Cows                     Dogs

                       Sufi Industries
    Problems With Current Marketing
   Low commissions to intermediaries due to
    long chain supply process
   Advertisement costs are very high
   Lack of special offers, discount packages
   Unable to clearly understand what
    consumers want
   Target markets are not catered with
   Customer feedback evaluation is weak
   Increase commissions for intermediaries to motivate
    them to promote our company’s name & product.
   Instead of individual product advertisement, apply
    corporate advertisements to lower costs.
   Join hands with a telecommunication company and
    offer deals and packages through SMS.
   Packaging of pillow packs should have nozzles.
   Product Line-filling Strategy should be used. New
    product should be introduced, e.g. Sufi Ghee.
   Promote by sponsoring cooking competitions in girls
   KEEP reasonable prices.

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