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Notice (announcing the death sentence with) the death penalty

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									Notice (announcing the death sentence only) of the death penalty

 notice implementing the death sentence

______ People
 ... ... (specify criminal charges , name, gender, date of birth, place
of birth, education, work unit and job or vocational).
 ... ... (a brief description of the death penalty in the criminal facts,
the nature, circumstances and harmful consequences). Court in accordance
with "The People's Republic of China Criminal Law" at the provisions of
Article ___ to ______ ______ sentenced to death, deprived of political
rights for life. The guilty ... ... (indicate whether the appeal, the
review proceedings and appeals, review of results). Court, the Court
issued in accordance with ______ execution order was ______ ______ day in
______ criminals on _____ to verify its validity, taken to his death, and
executed (using the injection method of execution the death penalty, in
the "verify the identity of" after writing "execution ground or in
designated places of detention, the death penalty by injection method").
 This cloth.

____ years ____ months ____ day
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