The ver satile, synthetic ba sed, polished plaster finish

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Sogni Line De corative Effe ct Paints                                                                       TECHNICAL DA TA SHEET 01.09

                           The ver satile, synthetic ba sed, polished plast er finish

                         VE NEXIA N FAUX is the m       odern solution to recreat e the
                         splendor of a classic Venetian stucco effect with th e
                         ma xi mum ve rsatility of use. This p re miu m quality, synth etic
                         based, smoot h polished plaster for interior applications will
                         deliver a highly spectacular, deco rative gloss finish, that will
                         bring unequalled elegance and style to any en viron me nt..

Intende d use :
Any normal, paintable int erior wall surface, either Gy psum plaster based or rendered mas onry .

Surface tre atment:
The substrat e m ust be s mooth and unif orm. Ensure that the s urf ace is, clean, dry and f ree f rom peeling
paint. In case of old and powdery walls or in pres enc e of weak paint, apply a coat of ADIFI X primer thinned
as spec if ied and allow to dry. Roller or brush apply a bas e coat of FONDO UNI VER SALE thinned with
20-30% of water. Let dry for 5-6 hours bef ore applying the finish.
Prepara tion of the col or:
The colors of Venexian Faux are obtained by adding the specif ied quantity of the conc entrated B ase
Pigments t o the White bas e as indicat ed on the Formula Guide t able in the relative color chart t hen mixing
wit h a f ly wheel drill at low speed. You can also create new colors by changing proportions as pleas ed. We
recomm end preparing the colored product at least 12 hours before us e.
Apply the f irst base c oat of colored product over the entire s urface in a t hin unif orm layer using
a stainless steel trowel wit h rounded edges and allow to dry . Proceed with the f inishing ef f ect
using the s ame trowel, apply in irregular patc hes roughly the size of the trowel itself and
smooth off each patch as y ou go. Diff erent size trowels will det erm ine a dif f erent f inal eff ect.
Giv e a f inal overall f inishing coat with a sm all quantity of product, apply ing always in crossed
mov ements. Use good press ure on the trowel to burnis h the c oating and enhance its typical
shine. Should additional protection and a higher sheen be desired, apply a prot ectiv e top c oat
of EASYWAX with a synthetic sponge and, before completely dry , buff with a sof t cloth.

Thi nni ng: Ready to use
Tec hni cal data :
          Spread rate: ........................................1.5 ÷ 2.5 sq.m./litre
          Dry ing time at 25°C: ............................3 ÷ 4 hours, touc h dry
          Recoat time: .......................................4 ÷ 6 hours minim um
          Specific grav ity : ...................................1650 ± 20 g/l
          Viscosity (Brookf ield, 20°C): .................30000 ÷ 35000 mPa.s                                  WATERBORN E
                                                                                                                 ATERBORN                    PRODUCT

          Solid contents (%): ..............................70 ± 1
          V.O.C. (EC n orm: 2004/ 42/CE) ....................65 ± 1 g/l (C at. L BA f rom 2010 m ax. v alue: 200 g/l)
Adv ices:
Do not apply with air and surf ace temperatures below 5°C or abov e 28°C. C arefully verify spread ra     tes and the surface
area to be coated to avoid running short of product during the working process and reducing the risk o differences in
tones. It is also advisable to m ix together the produ when using different lots and m ultiple cans f or the sam e job. C lean
tools with warm water. Store the product well protected from f reezing and excess heat.

Any infor matio n su pplie d wh eth er verb al or in writing, is f or guida nce only as c onditi ons and f easibilit y of use ma y be influ enced by
extern al factors be yo nd o ur control a nd is ther efore giv en in g oo d faith but with out warran ty. Adicol or reserves the righ t to modify a ny
dat a a nd i nfor matio n with out n otice. Our t ech nical service is availa ble f or any f urther det ailed infor mati on.

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