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					Yoga in Western Australia                                        Magazine December 2009

                              Sivananda Ashram
                                   Beacon Yoga Centre

       Special Points of
   •    President’s Report

   •    Swami Satyananda

   •    Residential Student

   •    Swami Suddhananda

   •    Colin Douglas-Smith

   •    Magazine Naming

   •    Xmas Eve Carols

   •    Spirit Concert

          Christmas Greetings to all seekers
        of Truth wherever they may be and in
               whatever way they seek.

                                       Sivananda Ashram
                                     Beacon Yoga Centre
              Correspondence: P.O. Box 2, South Fremantle, Western Australia 6162
                              Tel: (08) 9335 9339   Fax: (08) 9335 9261

                          PRESIDENT’S REPORT
Hari Om!

With the blessings of Swami Sivananda and Swami Venkatesananda and
nurtured by your support and love, the Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga
Centre has grown into a place of wonderful ambience.

The Hatha Yoga program has enriched the
lives of many around Perth. The books on
the works of Swami Venkatesananda collated
in the quiet ambience of this place by
Swami Lakshmi, have nourished the
contemplative minds among us and many
more around the world. Yoga day remains
popular with visitors from far and wide.

The legacy of this place is contemplation
but also teaching. It started as a hospital and became a place to
cure our Ignorance.

Many learned monks and Swamis from various orders have passed through
and conducted various workshop weekends and longer retreats. Who can
forget the visit of Father Bede Griffiths and the cheerful presence of
Swami Narasimulu.

In recent years:

Although the Ashram has continued to support Hatha Yoga classes, Yoga
day, and support spiritually inclined people to live here and contemplate,
quite noticeably the discipline and direction of learning and teaching has
been diluted or lost.

The daily management of grounds was shifted to casual residents / workers
(wwoofers). Most residents took up or have full time jobs. Attendance at
the few regular prayers had become optional.

Then during this year something began to happen. Some of the early
magic seemed to have come alive again during retreats by
Swami Satyadharma and Swami Suddhananda. Later monks from the
Ashram of Swami Suddhananda came and spent a few months here.

Strangely the visits by the monks from India were resisted by the long term
residents. This was seen as intrusive. Why? All of us, who were standing
watching this change from the sidelines were saddened by this and felt

inclined to do something to rekindle, as it were, a sense of it being the
beacon light Ashram again.

The new Committee agreed that this Ashram should once again become a
centre of learning, a centre of teaching or more broadly a centre of
spiritual excellence, reverberating with OM, where you and I the lay
visitors, family men and women and our children could come and take a
cupful of that something else home.

In addition to maintaining the current Hatha Yoga programmes and the
Yoga Day, your committee members have therefore decided to make the
following changes.

    •   Rejuvenate the strong focus on Ashram life with daily spiritual
        programmes comprising of meditation, prayers, study of the
        teachings of Swami Sivananda and Swami Venkatesananda, hatha
        yoga and karma yoga - supported by full time or almost full time
        spiritual aspirants, visiting swamis and brahmacharis. It would be
        open to visitors who desire to partake in the ashram experience. We
        are hopeful of a start in early 2010.
    •   Provide opportunities and supporting framework for hosting retreats -
        for outside groups with similar teachings and offering of our own
        tailored seminars & retreats around resources available to the I.Y.A.
    •   A full time caretaker and a housekeeper living in the Ashram.
    •   Refurbish the Ashram to expand the place to support retreats for up
        to 40 people

We have had promising discussions with local government and health
authorities about increasing the number of people who can be
accommodated at the ashram for retreats. Refurbishments will start as
soon as possible to increase bed numbers.

To this end I along with a few of the Committee members met with the
residents and explained the rejuvenation plan. Those present (and most
were) at this meeting were unanimous in their support for these changes.
The broader I.Y.A. community has been overwhelming in their support for
the rejuvenation program.

It is an ambitious programme that will succeed with hard work and loving
support from all members. It is your Ashram.

Hari Om.
Shanker Madan,
President I.Y.A.
                    Swami Satyananda
                                              At 2.00 am on December 6th,
                                              Paramahamsa Satyananda
                                              Saraswati took Mahasamadhi
                                              in Rikhia, India.

                                              Swami Satyananda was a
                                              notable disciple of Swami
                                              Sivananda of Rishikesh
                                              Swami Satyananda Saraswati
                                              was born in 1923 and at
                                              nineteen took sannyasa from
                                              Swami Sivananda at
                                              Sivananda Ashram.

                                              He went on to establish the
                                              Bihar School of Yoga in 1964
                                              and other prominent and
                                              beneficial institutions.

                                              Like Swami Sivananda,
                                              Swami Satyananda’s
                                              teachings emphasised
                                              Integral Yoga.

In 1988 he retired from yoga teaching and handed active work at his
Ashram to disciple Swami Niranjananda.

He was one of the sanyasi-scholars, who lived the life of a Brahmin and
believed in both knowledge and devotion.

Many of Swami Satyananda’s writings are available to I.Y.A. members at
the Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre library.

Paste this link into your browser and you can see a selection of videos of
Swami Satyananda on:

                        You Tube

                           IN HARMONY
                       WITH SELF AND OTHERS

Making value judgements is one of the
most undesirable things to do, even in
regard to oneself.

The great dictum “Judge not
(lest you be judged)” applies not only
to others but (also) to oneself.
This type of judgment is a waste of
time and the source of all our social

I need not judge you and you need not
Judge me. Even judging oneself is a
waste of time and can be an obstacle
to understanding. If I judge you, I
 cannot understand you and if I judge
myself, I cannot understand myself.
If I sit down here and think I am a fool,
I have judged myself to be a fool—and
so I am a fool!! But the contrary may
not be true. If I sit here and judge
myself a wise man, it may only be
that I think I am a wise man; I may
not be a wise man. So either way, this judgment is only veiling. I do not
know what I am, yet I am judging myself to be this or that!

Moreover, if I judge myself to be a sinner, it will not work. Either I will
become dejected and depressed and take some drugs or alcohol to try to
forget my sins, or my mood will suggest an explanation for my sins, a
rationalisation. (In a way rationalisation is better, because I am alert)!. If I
am too honest, then I will sit down and curse myself, “Oh, I am a dreadful
sinner” and suddenly my mind will come up with a first class rationalisation.
In these circumstances a quote from the scriptures will usually help me out.
I can do what I like—and I will always find some quotation to support me.
Even for murder!. “Anyone who is not righteous, it is better that he dies” -
and I will help him, that’s all.

                      From the Nassau Lectures of Swami Venkatesananda

                    Sivananda Ashram
                 Taking Applications Soon
The most important part of our commitment to being a centre of learning
and a centre of teaching will be the full time Sivananda Ashram residential
student program.

In early 2010 the very first applications for this new program will be
accepted. Students will learn direct from the lessons of Swami Sivananda
and Swami Venkatesananda, and visiting teachers, within a group of
likeminded people.

We are so fortunate that hundreds
of hours of Swami Venkatesananda’s
teachings were lovingly recorded and
recently digitized on CD or DVD.

On top of the recordings we also have
all of his many books and written
lessons. Enough user friendly
material for a lifetime of learning.
It will be almost like having Swami
Venkatesananda’s beautiful presence
in the ashram once again, every day
of the year.

The student program will explore all
aspects of Yoga, in other words
Integral Yoga, as espoused by the
teachings of Swami Sivananda and
Swami Venkatesananda.

Who knows, a new master may
emerge from the Sivananda Ashram,
Western Australia.

                            SHANTI MAYI
Once again Shanti Mayi will conduct one of her inspirational retreats at the
Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre in February.

Details will be available at

                    Swami Suddhananda
                   SELF-KNOWLEDGE RETREAT

This will be the first time this
authentic retreat will be made
available in Australia.

This unique event is an opportunity
to experience the same 10-day in-
tensive held annually at Swamiji’s
Ashram at Tiruvannamalai, India:

Leave the humdrum of life behind
and be immersed in the light of a
Master for 10 undisturbed days of
Lectures, Meditation, Yoga and

It could not be made easier, no
travel, Swamiji is coming to us.

       April 2nd to 11th, 2010

        Sivananda Ashram
         Beacon Yoga Centre
     151 South St. Beaconsfield WA

                          Choose from TWO options:

        Option 1 - Live In at Sivananda Ashram with all meals and retreat.
        Option 2 - Includes retreat and all meals.

Accommodation places are limited so bookings are essential.

Enquires and Reservations: Brad and Denise Cooper
Email: or Call: 0419 905816

       Swamiji’s books, CD’s, DVD’s and now MP3’s are available from the
                    Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre.

    A showing of Swami Suddhananda DVD’s is held in the Sivananda Ashram
     Library every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm. The next two evenings
                                      will be
       Thursday 17th December 2009 - Thursday 21st January 2010
             Thank you Colin Douglas-Smith
                  11 August 1918 to 20 October 2009

On 20 th October 2009, the founding president of the Integral Yoga
Association of WA (Inc) passed away in Fremantle aged 91.

Colin was the ultimate multifaceted man. From being an out-
standing sportsman and scholar at Geelong Grammar School Colin
became a submariner in World War Two, represented Australia as a
rower at the 1948 London Olympics and became a leading gyne-
cologist and obstetrician.

In 1946 Colin married the love of his life, Kathleen Aberdeen.

As a doctor he is credited with delivering approximately 10,000 ba-
bies. He had interest in Lamaze birthing techniques, an alternative
to medical intervention at childbirth, and embraced the Leboyer
gentle birthing technique. Colin spent time as deputy chairman and
chairman of the board of King Edward Memorial Hospital.

Colin wrote a book promoting yoga for women during pregnancy
and after childbirth which Swami Lakshmi is arranging to reprint.
He had a close relationship with Swami Venkatesananda and in
1972 became the founding president of the I.Y.A. Colin also sup-
ported the IYTA Teacher Training Course in WA, covering the Anat-
omy and Physiology sections.

Colin Douglas-Smith            Swami Lakshmi with the late Colin Douglas-Smith
graciously helped in the
formation of the I.Y.A. and
the Sivananda
Ashram Beacon Yoga Cen-
tre. His humbleness and
gentleness will be long re-

Colin passed away in Fre-
mantle and is survived by
his wife Kathleen, children
Sara, Lucinda, Eoin and
Julian, 10 grand-children
and 3 great grand-children.

                           Jnana Yoga Group
                               Sunday Morning

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the spiritual seeker is how to deal with
the natural concept building processes of the mind.

In spiritual life as in worldly life the framework of thoughts, feelings, ideas,
beliefs etc., form an interwoven mishmash of misunderstandings that flow into
everything that we think and do. Nowhere is this arrangement more prevalent
than in and around spiritual work where aligning oneself with a particular
philosophy, path or practice, one may quickly fall into the grip of repetitive
habit within a convenient and safe set of ‘spiritual’ values.

The workings of the mind, being subtle, are not visible or measurable in the
way that we see and measure things of the world. When the waters of mind
consciousness are stirred, old decaying knowledge rises to the surface. Through
speech and action it expresses itself in long held theories and beliefs.

But the Real is neither a theory nor a belief. Unravelling the Real from the
Unreal includes stimulating curiosity, powering enquiry, coming to an
appreciation of the nature of the mind and consciousness and transcending old
ways. This process propels a shift in understanding where the light of the Real
infiltrates the dark places and in doing so releases the Soul from the sticky
residues of conceptual thought.

The Sunday Morning Discussion Group provides a meeting point where long
held beliefs and concepts can be freely discussed and their validity investigated
within a group of like minded seekers. The spiritual teachings are shouting
loudly but the sound is muffled and we cannot always hear what they are

By exploring the teachings through meditation, reading and discussion we take
a very important step towards that realisation which is described as Jnana –
knowledge of the Absolute.

Examples of study material:

Patanjali’s Sutras – Swami Venkatesananda
Multiple Reflections - Swami Venkatesananda
Bhagavad Gita - Swami Venkatesananda
I Am That – Nisargadatta Maharaj
Prior To Consciousness - Nisargadatta Maharaj
Talks – Ramana Maharshi
Know Yourself - Ramana Maharshi
Wake Up And Roar- Papaji                                    Ray Byart
           Ashram Spiritual Activities 2009/2010
      Come along and experience the joys and inner peace of yoga through
     chanting, ceremony and discussion... All are welcome any time…
     No charge.
                                Jnana Yoga Group
              7.45 am to 9.00 am Sunday morning, Satsang Room.
        Short meditation followed by discussions arising from readings of
                  Swami Venkatesananda - Multiple Reflections
      This group will not be held on the 27th Dec 2009 or the 4th Jan 2010

             Swami Venkatesananda DVD Evening - 7pm, Library
                       Wednesday 3rd February 2010

               Swami Suddhananda DVD Evening - 7pm, Library
                       Thursday 17th December 2009
                         Thursday 21st January 2010
                        Thursday 18th February 2010

                     LIBRARY will reopen in the new year
                   5.30pm to 6.30pm THURSDAY Evenings
                        11.30am to 12.30pm FRIDAYS
                             Dates to be advised

                     Name Game Competition
Join the NAME GAME Competition to name our new magazine and you could
win a Gift Voucher for a full term of Hatha Yoga.

In early 2010 the Sivananda Ashram and the Beacon Yoga Centre will be
launching a new news and current events magazine and we invite members
to help select a name.

Be your creative best and send as many entries as you like.

If your suggestion is chosen as the title for the magazine you will win a Gift
Voucher for a full term of yoga.        or
Mail: PO Box 2 , South Fremantle WA 6162.

                Statue of Swami Venkatesananda
                             30 YEARS ON
It is hard to believe that 30 years have passed since the delivery of the
larger than life statue of Swami Venkatesananda which still stands today as
proud as ever in our Ashram garden.

Just recently on December 2nd (the anniversary of the passing of our dear
Master) a handful of devotees celebrated Puja with Swami Lakshmi leading
the group.

Later Lakshmi reflected and shared the story of the exciting day when the
statue was first unwrapped and the joy that was shared in deciding where it
should be placed. It was originally placed on higher grounds, but more
recently a new home was found outside the dinning area under the shade of
the trees.

The statue was lovingly sculptured and donated by Alison Salter from
New Zealand, who stayed at our Ashram in the presence of Swami
            December 24th
         7.30pm - 8.30pm
     Come join us this Xmas Eve
     for carols, prayer, laughter
               and joy
            Satsang room
          Please bring a plate to share for supper –
     For confirmations please call Brendan 0424 057771
           Or email
                    THE INTEGRAL YOGA ASSOCIATION (Inc)
                          WELCOMES NEW MEMBERS

Membership entitles you to concessions on Yoga Classes, Yoga Days and
Retreats. You will also receive I.Y.A. Newsletters, Magazines and the use of
the extensive I.Y.A. lending library and be up to date on the happenings at
the Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Centre.

Magazines and Newsletters are emailed or posted for those members who
do not have an email address. For reasons of environment and cost
emailing is the preferred option. The Magazine and Newsletter include
regular articles of interest and readings from our Founder and members.

                                     I.Y.A. MEMBERSHIPS

                                    1 Year                      $55
                                   5 Years                    $250
                                   Life                    $1,000

     To: The Integral Yoga Association (Inc)                     phone:       08 9335 9339
     P.O. Box 2, South Fremantle WA 6162                          fax:         08 9335 9261

I enclose $__________ in payment of my subscription for _____________

Name: ...................................................................................………...



Phones: Mobile:………………………………….…Home:………….………..…….

Email address: ……….………………………………………………………...………

                       Bali Spirit Festival 2010
If you are considering an international yoga experience in 2010, you may
be interested in the Bali Spirit Festival. This festival is held over four days
and nights, and offers a wide range of yoga, dance and music workshops
during the day, and a series of world music concerts by night. There will be
over 95 workshops and more than 20 concerts, giving plenty of choices!
Presenters come from all around the world, but a number of local teachers
and artists will also be featured. The Festival will be held in beautiful Ubud
from March 31st to April 4th in 2010.

For information about presenters, facilities, workshops and costs
check out the website:
                                Bali Spirit Festival
Start Date:         March 31st 2010

End Date:           April 4th 2010
Venue:              Bali Purnati Centre For The Arts, Bali
Event Details:
Location:           Butaun, 10mins south of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

                                Christmas Gift Idea

                      Why not give a person you love
                 a Beacon Yoga Centre Yoga Course in 2010

     Forget the clichéd gifts that are consumed & forgotten or never used.
           Give a gift that could change a life—from as little as $60

     Price range of yoga terms can be found on page 18 of this magazine

                 Call Maryke today 9335 9339 or 0404 985985
                    Or email
                       OUR XMAS RECIPE TREATS

                     CHOCOLATE DIPED CHERRIES
1. Line a baking tray with baking paper.
2. Break 200g good quality milk chocolate into pieces. Place into a
heat-proof bowl.
3. Sit bowl onto a saucepan of simmering water, ensuring that the water
doesn't touch the bottom of the bowl. Stir with a metal spoon until melted
and smooth.
4. Holding cherries (500g) by the stalk then dip into warm chocolate and let
excess drip off.
5. Place onto tray and refrigerate until set. Pile onto a large plate and

                   FRUIT AND YOGHURT SKEWERS
Ingredients -                      ( 5 minutes to prepare)
• 1 apple
• 1 pear
• 1 punnet of strawberries
• Mango
• Rock melon
• Water melon
• Peaches
• Nectarines
                 Serve dipped with your Favourite Yoghurt

Would you like to play a role in the rejuvenation of the Sivananda Ashram?
Here is your chance.

Karma yoga or selfless service for the greater good could be your key to a
happier year in 2010. Karma yoga is also a vital part of ashram life and is a
means by which you can both contribute and experience the benefits of
loving action.

The ashram community welcomes contributions across many areas
including: Graphic Design, IT, Data Entry, Web Design, Legal,
Plumbing, Electrical, Gardening, Carpentry and almost anything else
you can do. There will also be a range of renovation jobs and busy-bee

If you would like to offer a little or a lot of your time please email beacon- or call Leanne on 0407 365619.

            Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
                                 I AM THAT

The seeker is he who is in search of himself.

Give up all questions except one: “Who am I? After all, the only fact you
are sure of is that you are. The “I am” is certain. The “I am this” is not.
Struggle to find out what you are in reality.

To know what you are, you must first investigate and know what you are

Discover all that you are not — body, feelings, thoughts, time, space, this
or that — nothing, concrete or abstract, which you perceive can be you.
The very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive.

The clearer you understand that on the level of mind you can be described
in negative terms only, the quicker will you come to the end of your search
and realise that you are the limitless being.

               Beacon Yoga Timetable as of Monday 11th Jan 2010

    Monday              Tuesday         Wednesday           Thursday           Friday
     10am                9.30am            9.30am            9.30am            9.30am
Beginners/General   Preg/Post Natal   Beg's / Over 55’s     Beginners       Beginners/Gen
    Maryke          Teneal Davidson      Jill Phillips    Angela Perkins       Colleen
   4.30pm *             4.30pm            4.30pm *           4.30pm
    General            Beginners        Intermediate        Beginners
   Jane Maw         Julie Wilkinson    Donna Deeley       Teneal Davidson
    6.30pm             6.30pm *            6.30pm           6.30pm *
   Beginners             General          Beginners          General
  Gail Marlow        Tony Holmes        Sam Hickson         Bobi Ward

       For all classes marked with a * 12 months previous experience is required.


                                   Eight Week Term
           One class per week   $90 Standard or $65 Member & Concession
           Two per week         $130 Standard or $100 Member & Concession
           Three per week       $170 Standard or $130 Member & Concession
           Casual per class     $15 Standard or $13 Member & Concession

        Concession rates apply to IYA Members and concession card holders.
IYA Memberships are available for 12 months @ $55, 5 years @ $250 and Life @ $1000.

                          Membership entitles discounts to:
           yoga classes as per the concession rates above, yoga days and retreats
              together with receipt of the IYA Magazine and Newsletter

                      Yoga mats are supplied but please bring
              your own towel or cloth to cover the mat when lying down.