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									                                              THE TIDE
                                       The ROTARY CLUB of FRANKSTON Inc.
                                                            Chartered 17th May 1950
                                                     Volume 60 – Issue 37 – 25 March 2010

President Rotary International
John Kenny                                   From The President                    The increased level of graffiti around the
District Governor - District 9820                                                  City was one of the issues we raised and
                                       Last week’s presentation by Club            Council advised that they were only too
Brian Norris
                                       members on their experiences whilst on      aware of the problem and were increasing
Assistant Governor - Nepean            a 4x4 adventure in Central Australia last   funding for its removal as well as introducing
Sam Graham                             year    was   both    enjoyable      and    more security patrols.
Club President                         informative.
Peter Cecil                                                                        Council also explained the difficulty in
                                       Max      Lane   provided   background       identifying the perpetrators as they are often
Club Secretary                         information interspersed with some          masked or hooded. Any suggestions on
Max Lane                               excellent photographs taken throughout      how to combat this problem would be well
                                       the trip. Shane O’Neill explained the       received by Council.
Club Treasurer
                                       significance of the tracks that were
Tony Wells                             followed and also talked about Len          We again raised the issue of the clash on
Postal Address                         Beadell who originally surveyed the         the third Sunday in March with our Market
PO Box 278 Frankston 3199              area, mainly for the purpose of the         and the Kananook Creek Festival. We
Email                                  atomic bomb test site at Maralinga and      gained the impression that both the Mayor
                                       the Woomera rocket range.                   and CEO were sympathetic to our problem
                                                                                   and the CEO confirmed he would be writing
                                       Graham Henderson, Russell Campbell          to the Chairman of the Kananook Creek
Website                                and I then talked about our experiences     Association on this issue. I will continue to             on the trip and how it had opened up a      pursue this matter.
                                       whole new world for us.
Meetings                                                                           We also enquired if it would be possible to
Thursdays 6:00 for 6:30 pm             I can imagine that any future trips         include our fridge magnets in the next
Frankston International                organised by Shane and Maxine may           edition of Frankston City News. We were
ph: 9781 3444                          well see an increase in more Club           advised that whilst this would not be
                                       members wanting to participate.             possible, the details portrayed on the
389 Nepean Highway Frankston
                                                                                   magnet could be printed in the “News” in a
                                       Last Sunday our Farmers Market and          format that could be cut out and used as
Contact Attendance Officer             BBQ team were again in operation            reminder.
Lauro Lima on 0424 366 571 or          under the Team Leadership of Trevor by 12 noon       Andrews. Thanks to all Rotarians and        Finally, this week our meeting is a “Work
Thursday if you cannot attend.         partners who gave up their Sunday           Place      Visit”    to    David    Extance’s
                                       morning for this activity.                  SIGN*A*RAMA         at    8   Klauer   Street
This week’s meeting                                                                commencing at 6.00pm followed by dinner
                                       This month we raised a total of             at the International at 7.15 pm.
Subject: Work Place Visit – 6pm        $3457.00 which included an increase in
         (SIGN*A*RAMA)                 income from stall holders with their fees   Regards,
         8 Klauer St, Seaford          increasing from $40.00 to $50.00.
Chair:   Geoff Pledge                  I remind members about David Lee’s
                                       request for help at the Bunning’s BBQ       Quotation on Australia
             Tide Editor               this Saturday 27th March.       Help is
            Angela Cecil               needed for all three shifts between            8.00am and 5.00pm. We are fortunate
                                                                                      “I love a sun burnt country,
                                       when Bunning’s offers us one of these
                                                                                    A land of sweeping plains,
Please note articles for publication   BBQ days’s as they are a good source
                                                                                    Of ragged mountain ranges,
                                       of income. I ask members and their
must be received by email in a                                                      Of drought and flooding rains,
                                       partners to give serious consideration
format suitable for publication by                                                  I love her far horizons,
                                       where possible to support this event.
7pm Mondays.         Please identify                                                I love her jewel sea,
email as an article for The Tide.                                                   Her beauty and her terror -
                                       Last week PE Martin and I had a
                                                                                    The wide brown land for me.”
                                       meeting with the Mayor and CEO of
            Rotary Grace               Frankston City Council. Firstly our aim
For good food, good fellowship and     was to maintain the Club’s profile with                 Dorothea MacKellar
the privilege of service through       Council and then also to discuss a
Rotary, we give thanks. Amen           number of Club and Community related
 Revised RI Strategic Plan gets back to                 PICTURE GALLERY                            SERGEANT’S MESS
 basics. R I News -- 17 November 2009.                                                                (Fine of the Week)
The revised strategic plan includes three
priorities,  including  supporting    and                                                    Trevor Andrews for choosing to
strengthening clubs. At its November                                                         mow his lawn instead of going
meeting, the RI Board adopted a revised                                                      fishing with Ken Stallard and
strategic plan that comprises three                                                          Graham Henderson.
priorities, all of equal importance to
Rotary’s future.

The priorities are:

    •    Support and strengthen clubs.
    •    Focus and increase humanitarian                                                     BOOK CLUB 1 APRIL (PARTNERS
         service.                                                                                      NIGHT)
    •    Enhance public image and                                                                                                       ST
         awareness.                                                                          Peter and I will be away for the 1
                                                                                             April meeting so once again I am
                                                                                             looking for A VOLUNTEER who
Following a mandate from the Council on                                                      would collect the books from the
Legislation, the Board recently conducted         Nicola Von Hobe (Host Club Rotary
                                                                                             Wrangler’s shed and set them up
a triennial review of the plan. This review        Club of Schleswig, Germany) and
                                                                                             on that evening and return them to
included surveying 14,000 Rotarians              President Peter exchanging banners.         the shed at their convenience
worldwide     about    the    organization’s                                                 afterwards.
priorities and holding focus groups to
assess Rotary’s image in different                                                           Angela Cecil
In addition, the Strategic Planning
Committee carried out a detailed analysis
of Rotary’s        strengths,    weaknesses,
opportunities,      and    challenges   and
considered its findings in relation to the
organization’s      mission,    vision, and
strategic priorities.

The revised plan, effective July 2010,
reflects the results of this research. For
example, survey responses clearly linked                                                       GUESS WHO’S COMING TO
membership growth to strong clubs, and                                                                DINNER
external data indicated that opportunities
for service and networking are Rotary’s                       Nicole and Siri
                                                                                                        Saturday 8 May
greatest appeal.
                                                                                             Once again we are looking for
The plan also unifies the strategic direction                                                Rotarians to host 6 – 10 guests
of RI and The Rotary Foundation by                                                           for dinner.     The meal is
emphasizing the connection between                                                           supplied; all we need is your
clubs’ most popular service areas and the
areas of focus in the Foundation’s Future
                                                                                             dining table!
Vision Plan.
                                                                                             If you are able to help, please
                                                                                             see Graeme at Rotary or call
Moving forward, the Strategic Planning
Committee and the RI Board will continue                                                     Graeme or Jenny on 9787 9815
to refine the goals attached to each priority                                                or email:-
and develop tactics for achieving and           Intrepid travelers Russell Campbell, Shane
measuring success.                              O’Neill, Graham Henderson. President Peter
                                                               and Max Lane
“The revised strategic plan focuses RI’s                                                     ---------------------------------------------
efforts on the clubs and getting back to
basics,” says RI Director Thomas
Thorfinnson. “RI’s main role should be
supporting clubs and helping them to
expand their service and publicize the
accomplishments of their efforts.”

Editor's Note: The Board made some
minor final revisions to the plan at their
January 2010 meeting. The final revised
plan will be made available on the website
by the end of March 2010. A draft copy can
be found in the board minutes         from
November 2009. In the meantime, if you                                                       Diane Seiffert, Graham Henderson
have questions or need materials sooner,        A Sun Burnt Country - Boggy Hole – Finke     and Russell Campbell on an early
contact                                        River Gorge                    morning walk along the track.
                                                           Farmers Market Roster                       Directors and
Last Week
                                            Please note if you are unable to meet this
Apologies: Bob Creighton;                   commitment you are responsible for arranging a             Officers
Alan Muller; Brian Ivy; Eric Barrow;        replacement and advising the Team Leader
Terry Schneider; David Hamilton;            accordingly. Changes will no longer be noted in The        Vice President
Ken Stallard; Bob Seiffert;                 Tide                                                       Bob Seiffert
Chris Van der Laan.                                                                                    Administration
                                                            18 April          16 May        19 June    Martin James
Guests: Matthew O’Neill;                                                                               Public Relations
Christie Mantel; Chris O’Neill;               Team        Suzanne C        David H                     Suzanne Caldwell
John Lewis; Nicola Von Hobe (Rotex           Leader                                                    Membership
from Germany hosted by Rotary Club            6am –                                                    David Extance
of Frankston Long Island).                                                                             Community
                                             Set Up       Ken R            Terry S
                                             6am to       Lauro L          Alan D                      Services
Visiting Rotarians:                            8 am       John C           Bob C                       Geoff Williamson
Departing Rotarians:                         Floater      Ken R            Campbell B                  Services
Neil Black; Alan Daniel.                      7am –                                                    Alan Muller
                                               2pm                                                     International
                                               Stall      Kevin W          Brian I                     Trudy Poole
Door Roster                                  holders
                                               6.45                                                    Fellowship
                                               am–                                                     Graeme Baker
    Name        March          April         8.30am                                                    Farmers Market,
 Cashier        Ken Stallard   Graham        Gate 1       Rob Harding      Trudy P                     BBQ & Projects
                               Henderson       7.45       Bob Tanner       Peter S                     David Lee
                                              am to
 Attendance     David          Sam            11.00
                Hamilton       Jackson         am                                                      Other Officers
 Projector      Alan Muller    Tony Wells    Gate 1       Greg W           Geoff Pr                    Public Officer
                                              10.30       John L           Graham H                    Brian Ivey
Program                                      am to 2
                                             pm inc.
                                              pack                                                     John Wright
             Thursday 1 April                  up                                                      Sergeant
                                             Raffle       TBA                                          Terry Jones
 Subject      RYLA                           Coordin                                         
 Speaker      Science Students                ator
 Chairman     Trudy Poole                                                                                Siri’s Corner
                                                BBQ Trailer Roster Farmers Market
             Thursday 8 April               Please note if you are unable to meet this
                                            commitment you are responsible for arranging a
 Subject      Vocational Service            replacement and advising the BBQ Leader
              Awards                        accordingly. Changes will no longer be noted in The
 Speaker                                    Tide.
 Chairman     John Latham
                                              Name in Bold denotes Food Handling Cert. Holder

         Thursday 15 April                                      18 April      16 May        19 June
 Subject   The Media and Its                 6.00 am -          Chris V       Shane O         TBA
                                              8.00 am           Max W          Alan S
 Speaker   Tony Leonard                      7.30 am -          Peter C       Geoff W
 Chairman Bob Seiffert                       11.00 am           Angela C       Alan D
                                                                 John C       Trudy P
                                                                Kevin W       Geoff Pl
For the Diary
                                             11.00 am-       Russell C          Max L
  18 April    Farmers Market                  2.00 pm          Rob H            Bob S
                                             Inc. clean       Sorin I          John L
  25 April    Anzac Day Effort                   up           John W           Tony W
   8 May      Guess who’s coming to
              dinner                           1 pm-            Chris V       Shane O
                                              2.00am            Max W          Alan S

                                                           Mince Roster: St Paul’s
                                                   March 10                 Henderson and Kirkham
                                                   April 10                     O’Neill and Poole
                                                    May 10                       Lee and Jones
                                                   June 10                  Cartwright and Broadbent
                         PROGRAM FROM 1 APRIL TO 24 JUNE 2010

 1-Apr      RYLA                              Science students            Trudy Poole
April/May   Car Rally                                                   Alan Soderlund
 8-Apr      Vocational Service Awards                                    John Latham
 15-Apr     The Media & it's Personalities    Tony Leonard                Bob Seiffert
 18-Apr     Farmers Market                                             Suzanne Caldwell
 22-Apr     Business Legislative Council      Matt Viney                  David Lee
 25-Apr     Anzac Day Effort                                     Campbell Johns/Greg Waterland
 29-Apr     Sailing 50 Knot World Record      Simon McKeon              Geoff Pritchard
 6-May      My Driving Life                   John Latham              Campbell Bolwell
 8-May      Guess who is coming to Dinner                               Graeme Baker
13-May      Club Assembly                                                Martin James
16-May      Farmers Market
19-May      60th. Anniversary Dinner                                     Ken Stallard
27-May      Work place visit-Hank Bos Glass   Sue Kirkham                Geoff Pledge
29-May      Red Shield Appeal                                    Campbell Johns/Greg Waterland
30-May      Red Shield Appeal                                    Campbell Johns/Greg Waterland
                                              Terry and Barb
 3-Jun      Partners-Our sailing adventures   Jones                   Chris Van Der Laan
 10-Jun     The Media and Its Personalities   Tony Leonard               Bob Seiffert
 17-Jun     Farewell to inbound student       Siri Kellner                Trudy Poole
 20-Jun     Farmers Market
 24-Jun     Changeover Dinner                                      Peter Cecil / Martin James


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