; The Sun Shower
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The Sun Shower


The Sun Shower

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									                                The Sun Shower
To the left, sun. To the right, grey sky. In between, deep, dark clouds.

It is not raining where the sky is grey, but where it meets the sun with the clouds, water
hammers down. The sun shines through the droplets and makes them sparkle. The
droplets cling to the grass, looking like a thousand scattered diamonds.

The world smells fresh and new. It looks surreal. The rain beating steadily on the roof
sounds soothing. Everything is so peaceful.

There is no gushing wind or biting breeze. There is just the sun and the rain.

Everything is bright and vibrant – bursting with colour. Everything is alive and beautiful.

The sun is warm. The rain is cool. Together, side by side, they look like something taken
from the pages of a novel.

Soon the rain becomes a gentle sprinkle. Lush, glistening green leaves rustle in the slight
breeze that has just picked up.

The sun beats down and the rain softly falls and I just sit and watch, oblivious to everything
but the mystical sight before me.

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