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					                                            The Rec Wrap
                                            Autumn 2010

     In this issue...                       You asked for it!
•	   IN THE SPOTLIGHT                       When Manningham City Council recently
     Koonung Bushwalking Club and           consulted with recreation and sporting clubs
     Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club.        and groups to develop the Active for Life -
                                            Recreation Strategy you told us “we want more
•	   SELL/BUY/HIRE/SHARE                    communication!”
     An easy way of sharing resources and
                                            So, we’ve created The Rec Wrap - a quarterly
     supporting each other.
                                            newsletter to keep in touch.
•	   COUNCIL UPDATE                         This newsletter will provide information that
     The Regional and Local Community       may be of assistance to you including relevant
     Infrastructure Program in              Council news, grants information and training


                                            opportunities and local club profiles.
                                                                                                No Boundaries
     How can your group or club benefit
     from the latest grants and funding?
                                            Manningha m’s                                       By simply thinking outside of the box and trying
                                                                                                something new, East Doncaster Cricket Club

                                            Recreation Tea m:                                   have hit the wicket with inclusive sport.
                                                                                                Three years ago Club President, Darren
     Using creative ideas to canvas new
                                            We’re here to help!                                 Bourke, identified an increasing need for
                                                                                                sporting programs catering for people with
                                                                                                disabilities. The Club was successful in
                                            The team looks after a range of recreation
                                                                                                their application for a Council Community
•	   PLAY SPACE PROFILE                     and sport related matters on behalf of Council
                                                                                                Development Grant, and the ‘No Boundaries’
     Landscape Reserve                      including policy development, facility planning
                                                                                                cricket program was born.
                                            and development, planning and development
                                            for reserves, sports club and community             Darren worked with the Onemda Association
                                            recreation liaison, playground development,         (service for people with an intellectual
                                            obtaining grants for recreation, and promotion      disability) to develop a unique program
                                            of recreation opportunities for people of all       individually tailored to the ability of participants.
                                                                                                In late 2008 Brent Gutterson at Eastern
                                            Below: Front Row [L-R]: Lucinda Bakhach,            Recreation and Leisure Service (ERLS) came
                                            Stephanie Langton, Nicole McDougall, Julie          on board to help integrate the program into
                                            Wilson. Back Row [L-R] Melissa Ferris, Julia        Heatherwood School’s curriculum, and
                                            Jenvey, Barbra Gaiotto, Zac Anver.                  promote the idea regionally.
                                                                                                Head Coach, Matthew Bremner says that the
                                                                                                changes he sees in participants in just eight
                                                                                                weeks drive his love for the program.
                                                                                                Year 9 Heatherwood student Jess said of the
                                                                                                program “It was awesome, allowed everyone
                                                                                                to join in”. Fellow Year 9 student Graeme
                                                                                                agreed, “Great fun, nice coaches, they
                                                                                                conducted the activities in a fun way.”
                                                                                                For details on how your club can be more
                                                                                                inclusive contact Council’s MetroAccess
                                                                                                Officer, Nicola Wong: 9840 4467

                                                                                                                           THE REC WRAP
699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster Victoria 3108
                                                                                              Manningham City Council’s Recreation Newsletter
t (03) 9840 9333 e
                                                                                                                                Autumn 2010
                                                                                                                              THE REC WRAP
                                                                                                 Manningham City Council’s Recreation Newsletter
                                                                                                                                   Autumn 2010

                                                   In the spotlight:
                                                   KOOONUNG BUSHWALKING CLUB: “THE FRIENDLY CLUB”
                                                   The Koonung Bushwalking Club (KBC), a local Manningham based club, is a group of people
                                                   who enjoy outdoor activities. Koonung is an Aboriginal word, meaning “muddy water”, a
                                                   reference to a local creek in the area. KBC undertakes a variety of outdoor activities including
                                                   day, overnight and extended walks, base camps, cycling, canoeing and social events, along
                                                   with trips within Australia and overseas.
                                                   Members vary in age, from 40 years to 70 plus; however, people of all ages are welcome. The
                                                   club encourages new members and prides itself on being a friendly club. Walks take place on
                                                   most Saturdays and Sundays, and on selected Wednesdays throughout the year.
Above: Wonga Park Reserve walking trail.
                                                   To join the club or for further information, contact Club President, Ian Barr, on 9841 7188 or
Sell/Buy/                                          Or, check out their website online at:

Hire/Share                                         FITZROY DONCASTER CRICKET CLUB
                                                   Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club is located at Schramms Reserve, JJ Tully Drive, Doncaster.
Sell/Buy/Hire/Share gives everyone an              The Club was formed when the Fitzroy Cricket Club (formed in September 1863) and the
opportunity to post a note about anything your     Doncaster Cricket Club amalgamated in July 1986. The current club has four senior teams
group or club may want to list. It could be an     playing in the Victorian Premier Cricket Competition (formally District Cricket).
event, function, some equipment or information.
It’s a way of sharing resources and supporting     Since the merger, the Club has won two 1st XI premierships and is proud to have had four
each other.                                        Ryder Medallists – crickets’ equivalent to the Brownlow Medal. Over the years the Fitzroy
                                                   Doncaster Cricket Club has nurtured and developed many fine players who, with commitment
Email              and tenacity, get to the next level in the game to be rewarded with selection in State or
with Sell/Buy/Hire/Share in the subject line       Australian representative teams.
and include the information you would like
promoted.                                          To achieve these results, the Club continues to invite a selected number of young talented
                                                   players from local and north east suburban cricket clubs to participate in a development and
                                                   coaching program over a 10 week period during the off season.
Thu mbs up,                                        For further information on the club and contacts, please visit the website:
thu mbs down
Send us a quick email to tell us what
Manningham City Council is doing for your
club or group you are happy with and would
                                                   Council update
like to see continue, or let us know if there is   REGIONAL AND LOCAL COMMUNITY
something you are not happy with and want          INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAM
addressed or more support with.
                                                   In Round 1 of the Regional and Local
Email submissions to:                              Community Infrastructure Program (RLCIP),              the Federal Government provided one off
Thumbs up to Manningham City Council               funding of $419,000 to Manningham City
for sponsoring six nominated community             Council. The program aimed to stimulate
members. They will attend the upcoming             economic activity to address the global
Parks Victoria “Healthy Parks Healthy People”      economic crisis. Manningham based
Congress in Melbourne from 12 -16 April 2010.      projects include:
This is as acknowledgement of their valuable       •	   Reconstruction of tennis courts at
contribution to the Manningham community.               Bulleen, Donvale and Templestowe Park
                                                   •	   Domeney Reserve water tanks

Helpful links                                      •	   Ruffey Lake pathways
                                                   •	   Bulleen Park cricket nets (pictured right)
Below are links to information or resources that
may be helpful for your group or club:             •	   Doncaster Tennis Club water tanks

Manningham City Council Grants and Funding         •	   Stintons Reserve BMX track                        “start hill gate”
VicHealth                                          •	   Finns Reserve pathway
                                                   •	   Stintons Reserve spectator shelter
Sport and Recreation Victoria                               •	   Wonga Park Reserve walking track
                                                                                                                               THE REC WRAP
                                                                                                  Manningham City Council’s Recreation Newsletter
                                                                                                                                    Autumn 2010

                                                   OUR CLUB OUR FUTURE - SPORTING
Grants information                                 UNIFORM GRANTS PROGRAM
                                                   Provider: State Government
COMMUNITY FACILITIES CAPITAL                       Funding: up to $1000
WORKS FUNDING PROGRAM 2010/11                      Closes: Ongoing
Provider: Manningham City Council                  Purpose: To provide funding for local
Funding: Various                                   sporting clubs for the purchase of essential
Closes: Friday 9 April 2010                        uniform clothing and footwear.
Purpose: To ensure capital improvements            Contact: Download an application form
and development of community facilities on         from or request
Council land are assessed and implemented          a hard copy by phoning 1300 366 356.
equitably to maximize the opportunities for
community participation in a range of activities   EMERGENCY GRANT: SPORTING AND
to improve community health and well being.        RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT
Contact: Melissa Ferris, 9846 0592 or              Provider: State Government:               Funding: up to $2,000
                                                   Closes: Up to three months after the
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GRANTS                       loss or damage
Provider: Manningham City Council                  Purpose: These grants provide assistance
Funding: up to $2,000                              to grassroots sport and active recreation
Closes: Wednesday 31 March 2010                    clubs and organisations to replace
Purpose: To facilitate and support not-            essential sporting or first aid equipment
for-profit community organisations in              that has been lost or destroyed as a
Manningham to develop projects, programs           consequence of fire, flood, significant
and events that benefit and meet the needs of      storm event, theft or criminal damage.
the community.                                     Contact: Further information is available
Contact: Lisa Waters, 9840 4441 or                 from
Further information is available at                          Training                                          Get your group or
                                                   opportunity                                       club noticed!
                                                   GOOD SPORTS PROGRAM                               We saw a great idea the other day – a local
Provider: Football Federation Australia
                                                   RESPONSIBLE SERVING OF ALCOHOL                    tradie who belonged to a local footy club had
Funding: $5,000 to $20,000
                                                                                                     a magnetic sign on his tail gate that read
Closes: Tuesday 31 August 2010                     Date: Wednesday 31 March 2010                     “Acme Junior Football Club Seeking New
Purpose: The GFFF provides grants for              Time: 7pm - 10pm (registration at 6.45pm)         Members – Ph: (00) 0000 0000”. Everywhere
projects that improve the quality, safety,                                                           he drove he was promoting his club.
reliability and accessibility of facilities for    Where: Beverley Hills Junior Football Club,
                                                   Zerbes Reserve, Corner Blackburn Road             You could use creative ideas like this to
football (and other sport) in local communities.
                                                   and Saxonwood Drive, East Doncaster.              canvas new volunteers too!
The GFFF helps grassroots clubs to play a key
role in maintaining and preserving important       Mel Ref. 34 C11                                   For starters, are you listed on Council’s web
community assets.                                                                                    based Sport and Recreation Directory?
                                                   Cost: Good Sports Club Members - $30
Contact: Matt Sheppard, 02 8020 4064 or            Non-Good Sports club members - $60                To see if you are already listed and check if                                                                        your information is up to date, go to
                                                   You must be a member of a sports club to
                                                   attend these courses. You can register your
LOCAL SPORTING CHAMPIONS                           club online or by contacting the Good             To add a listing or update your current listing
PROGRAM                                            Sports Program on 9278 8103.                      contact Council’s Communications and
Provider: Australian Sports Commission                                                               Marketing Unit on 9840 5437.
Funding: $500 for individual candidates and
                                                                                                     Another idea may be to get your club featured
$3000 for team applications
                                                                                                     in Manningham Matters, Council’s community
Closes: Ongoing
                                                                                                     newsletter, published every two months
Purpose: To provide financial assistance                                                             and dropped to about 50,000 households
for junior sportsmen and women towards                                                               throughout Manningham.
the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms
                                                                                                     Contact Council’s Communications and
or equipment when competing at an official
                                                                                                     Marketing Unit on 9840 5436 and ask to be
national sporting organisation (NSO) endorsed
                                                                                                     profiled in the next edition.
state or national sporting competition.
                                                                                                     Do you have any great marketing or
Contact: Email or
                                                                                                     promotional tips? Let us know so we can
                                                                                                     share them with others!
                                                                                                                                  THE REC WRAP
                                                                                                     Manningham City Council’s Recreation Newsletter
                                                                                                                                       Autumn 2010

Profiling Manningha m’s play spaces                                                                     Sporting grounds
Take your family along and check out the recently upgraded Landscape Reserve play space in
Doncaster East. It includes a giant slide (pictured below left), basket swing, four seater seesaw,      On Tuesday 16 March, the Premier John
stepping stones, musical tyres, talking tubes, skateboard rocker and, of course, swings.                Brumby announced Melbourne will join
Landscape Reserve will keep the whole family active as the playground caters for children of            Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong in having
all ages, and adults too, with the new fitness stretching equipment (pictured) placed along the         water restrictions eased to Stage 3 from Good
paths. There is also plenty of room to kick a ball and for your dog to have a good run around.          Friday.

Landscape Reserve                                                                                       The move is a result of record investment
Landscape Drive, Doncaster East                                                                         by the Victorian Government in major water
Melway ref 34 E8                                                                                        projects, outstanding water-saving efforts
                                                                                                        by households and welcome rainfall across
For more information on Council’s playgrounds visit               the State. Councils can water three in four
                                                                                                        Council is restricted to an allocation of water
                                                                                                        to manage its fields. In response to the effect
                                                                                                        the drought is having on sporting facilities in
                                                                                                        Manningham, we have been implementing
                                                                                                        water saving initiatives on a number of
                                                                                                        our facilities including consent from water
                                                                                                        authorities to manage an allocation of water
                                                                                                        with greater flexibility, and the establishment
                                                                                                        of warm season grass species on 18
                                                                                                        sportsgrounds in three years.
                                                                                                        We believe the introduction of warm season
                                                                                                        grass species to our sportsgrounds, and
                                                                                                        removal of winter grasses and weeds will
                                                                                                        provide the most sustainable and cost
                                                                                                        effective solution in providing usable and safe
                                                                                                        playing surfaces year round.
                                                                                                        Council has gained significant experience
                                                                                                        from 18 previous projects to establish
Volunteers                                                                                              warm season grass species (couch) on
                                                                                                        sportsgrounds and these grounds remain in
                                                                                                        fair to good condition despite having limited
Recreation and sporting clubs continually reach out to current and former club members to put           irrigation opportunities.
their hand up for off field roles. Committee and match day tasks are often left to too few. Clubs
are always looking for people to get involved.
To find out how you can become involved at your local recreation or sporting club email
                                                                                                        Join our mailing list
                                                                                                        To join our mailing list and receive quarterly
                                                                                                        editions of The Rec Wrap, email your full
Nominate for Volunteering Awards                                                                        name, email address and phone number to
Do you know an organisation in your community that has supported its volunteers doing
amazing things? Is there someone who has displayed outstanding leadership in volunteering
and made a real difference in the community?
Nominate them now for the 2010 Premier’s Community Volunteering Awards. Prizes of $5,000
will go to support the work of metropolitan and regional winners in each category.
Nominations for the following awards are now being accepted:
•	   Community Volunteering Achievement
•	   Community Volunteering Leadership
•	   Young People’s Community Participation
•	   Community Volunteering New Technology
Nominations close on Wednesday 24 March 2010 so be quick and nominate an organisation
you think deserves to win!
For further information, phone 1800 092 032. Alternatively, you can nominate online at

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