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The NSW Cave Rescue Squad Inc201042825046

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									                         The NSW Cave Rescue Squad Inc
                      A Member of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association Inc
        Headquarters: Klemm St Bankstown Airport      PO Box 122 Bankstown NSW 1885
                                       Urgent S ervi ce Nu mber 0428 158 777

                                                                                   ABN 46 535 818 428

                                                                                       4 June 2005
                                            General Meeting Minutes
                                                11th May 2005

1. Opening of Meeting and Apologies
    1.1. Meeting Open: 1945
    1.2. Attendance (as per the book): Gerrard Collins, Grace Matts, Joe Sydney, Michael
         Attard, Cath Draheim, Terry Matts, Kevin Dawson
    1.3. Apologies: Andrew Baker, Marion Fisher, Bob Leys, Bruce Stewart
2. Correspondence
    2.1. In
        2.1.1. Blackwoods Application
    2.2. Out
    2.3. Matters arising from the correspondence
        2.3.1. Nil
3. Business Consequential Upon The Previous Meeting
    3.1. Minutes of the previous meeting
    3.2. Business arising from the minutes
    3.3. Open action items
4. Reports
    4.1. President
         •    Mr Tom Robinson from Queensland has passed away
    4.2. Captain
        •     Stewart from STC has passed away
        •     Foul air training, induction, teamwork weekend is scheduled and ready,
              approximately 6 people attending at this time
        •     Induction paperwork progressing
        •     Attended NSW Speleo Council meeting
                 o Has requested cave maps from clubs
    4.3. Secretary - Nil
    4.4. Treasurer – As submitted
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        4.4.1. All cheques presented were past as paid
    4.5. Equipment Officer - Nil
    4.6. Training Officer – Nil as preparing for Bungonia weekend
    4.7. ASF Liaison Officer - Nil
    4.8. NSW Speleo Council Liaison Officer – see Captains report above
5. General Business
    5.1. Why Cave Rescue?
            See attachment for discussion
            Informal meeting scheduled for June 8th to discuss.
    5.2. Training
            June training weekend rescheduled back one week to avoid clash with long
    5.3. Membership
            Application from Stuart Young accepted but noted lack of First Aid certificate
    5.4. Squad Restructure
        5.4.1. Application forms – confirmed
        5.4.2. Michie Phones
                  Joe noted that a new version was available and in testing
        5.4.3. Database – discussion document submitted by Peter Brady
6. Matters For Further Discussion
    6.1. Matters arising from the reports
        •    Nil
    6.2. Squad Statistics
            New form available soon from Kevin Dawson
    6.3. Other Business
        6.3.1. Blackwoods application form approved
        6.3.2. Rescue expo – we have accepted but will merge with the VRA if the VRA has a
              display section, else by ourselves
7. Review New Action Items
8. Meeting Close: 2120

                          SIGNED AS A TRUE RECORD OF THE MEETING
President                                Secretary                                              Date

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