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									                  Spelling and Vocabulary

       The Mummy’s Curse
             ancient        eternal         sacred
             coincidence    infected        searching
             conclusions    marvellous      spectacular
             considered     mosquito        straight
             developed      nightmare       superstition
             employer       pharaoh         treasure
             entrance       pneumonia       uncovered

Find the words from the list above which complete the following
sentences, and write out each word in the space provided.

1 The tomb discovered by Howard Carter was incredibly
______________ . (Clue: Old)

2 Although Carter did not want to jump to ______________, he
thought it might be the tomb of Tutankhamen. (Clue: Final decisions)

3 Lord Carnarvon was Carter’s ______________ . (Clue: Boss)

4 The tomb discovered by Carter and Carnarvon was that of the
______________ Tutankhamen. (Clue: Ancient Egyptian king)

5 The most ______________ find in the tomb was the golden
mummy of the pharaoh. (Clue: Amazing and wonderful to see)
6 Hieroglyphics were the ______________ writing of the ancient
priests. (Clue: Holy)

7 Lord Carnarvon cut a ______________ bite while shaving. (Clue:
Small stinging insect)

8 The bite became ______________ and made him sick. (Clue:
Caught a disease)

9 Lord Carnarvon was ill for some time, before dying of
______________ . (Clue: A illness of the lungs)

10 Was the ‘curse’ merely coincidence and ______________, or was
it real? (Clue: A fictitious belief)

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