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					The Saver Group      &
 Australian Cranio-Maxillo Facial Foundation

   Promoting Free Home
Sustainability Assessments
   Walking home owners
 through Energy and Water
Assessments and increasing
      home comforts.
The Saver Group is a Program Partner in
the Australian Government’s Green Loans

Our Assessors are ABSA Accredited, have
Police Clearances and hold contracts with
the Department of Environment, Water,
Heritage and the Arts.

Green Loans, is funding free home
sustainability assessments to show you
how to save energy and water and reduce
greenhouse gas emissions.
      Interest Free Green Loan

    By undertaking a Free Home
    Sustainability Assessment you may if
    you wish be eligible for an interest
    free Green Loan from participating
 The assessment uncovers the best
 energy and water savings options for
 your home, plus practical ideas to
 get you started.

In some cases it may be as simple as
  switching to energy efficient light
  bulbs and repairing leaking taps.
   Climate change is a serious global
    challenge for all of us. Around one third of
    our energy usage happens in homes, the
    average Australian household produces 15
    tonnes of Greenhouse Gas each year.

    By reducing your energy use at home,
    your actions can help make a positive
    impact on climate change. And you’ll save
    money too!
It is predicted that within the next 5
years, energy costs will double.

Now is the time to take advantage of
the Australian Governments free
Home Sustainability Assessments
and interest free Green Loans.
       FREE, comprehensive,
        Home Sustainability
    Assessments are designed to:

 reduce your energy and water bills
 increase the comfort of your home

 help reduce damaging carbon pollution

 offer practical advice

 increase the value of your home

 save you money $$$$$$$$$
The assessment will involve the physical inspection
  of your home and will take about 60 minutes.

Specifically looking at:
• Thermal comfort
• Water Heating
• Lighting
• Refrigeration
• Cooking
• Entertainment
• Water efficiency
• Outdoor consumption
• Waste management
There are many small changes
 you can make in the home to
  help save you energy and
   Energy Saving Light Bulbs
 Energy saving light bulbs last up to 6
 times longer than a standard light
 bulb, so you change your bulbs less

 With Energy saving light bulbs you
 can save up to 80% energy
 compared to a standard light bulb.
   Insulation provides resistance to the flow
    of heat both out of the house in winter
    and into the house in summer.

   Effective insulation will save you 60% of
    your cooling & heating costs compared to
    a uninsulated home. And provide a vast
    improvement in your comfort levels.
    Water Saving Comparisons
 Water efficient shower heads use only 9
  litres of water per minute – compared to
  20 litres.
 Front Loading washing machines use 80
  litres per wash
 Top Loading machines use 170 litres per
 Single Flush Toilets use 120 litres per day

 Dual Flush Toilets use 40 litres per day
  Draught proofing your home
 Draught proofing your doors and
 windows to prevent leaking air. In
 winter, draughts can account for up
 to 50% of heat losses in an insulated

 Youthrow away $50 for every $100
 you spend on energy.
           Shades & Blinds
 Window shadings can have a major effect
  on reducing heat transfer.
 Trees or vines on trellis can reduce indoor
  temperatures by 6-12 degrees in summer
 Pergolas

 Use heavy drapes with pelmets

 Use external roller shutters

 Secondary glazing-tints

 Winter and summer solutions
              Water Heating
   Hot water is the largest single source of a
    homes Greenhouse emissions, accounting
    for 28% of home energy use.

   Replace electric water heaters

   A solar hot water system will save
    between $300-$700 off your electricity bill
    per year.
      Commonwealth Government
   Ceiling insulation
    Homeowners can apply for up to $1,200
    assistance to insulate their ceiling
   Rainwater and greywater
    Rebates of up to $500 are available to help you
    with the cost of installing rainwater tanks or a
    greywater treatment system.
   Solar hot water
    You could be eligible for a rebate of $1,600 to
    replace an electric hot water system with a more
    efficient solar or $1,000 for heat pump hot water
   Solar energy rebates
    If you are renting or own an
         investment property
Rebates are also available for:

 Ceiling   Insulation

 Rainwater    and greywater

 Solar   hot water
       State Government Rebates
         available for the home:
   Showerheads up to $30

   Dual flush toilet systems up to $150

   Washing machines up to $200

   Rainwater tank rebates up to $1,000

   Solar hot water rebate up to $500
    Additional rebates for the Garden
   $50 rebate on the following, when you spend $150
   Organic mulch or compost
   Tap timers
   Soil moisture sensors
   Rain sensors
   Soil wetting agents
   Compost bins

   Rainwater tanks plumbed into the home
   Irrigation system controllers and drip watering
   a new $200 rebate for the purchase of approved
    pool covers and cover rollers for existing household
    swimming pools.
Home Sustainability Assessment conditions

          An applicant must be:

          •   Aged 18 or over
          •   An Australian citizen, permanent
              resident and/or an Australian
              registered charity
          •   Have an income below $250,000
          •   The dwelling owner, a trustee or renter
              listed on lease
          •   The house/property must have been
              completed and occupied for at least 12
              months (not necessarily by the
             Sustainability Checklist
   Switch off lights when leaving the room

   Switch off power points and appliances when not in use.

   Air cond thermostat set between 18-21C in winter and 25-27C in summer

   Set fridge thermostat and temperature settings at 3-5C and freezer at -15-

   Have Insulation installed in your ceiling

   Have solar hot water/energy system installed

   Replace your old globes with energy efficient globes

   Shower timer to keep water usage low

   Check and repair leaky taps to minimise water usage

   Make sure your toilets are dual flush

Use your Green Loan to purchase:
   Gas heater or reverse cycle air conditioner with a
    high star rating (min 4 stars)
   Blinds, curtains or double glazing
   Replace desktop computers with laptops
   Home office appliances with an Energy Star label
   Replace your hot water system
   New fridge with at least a 4 star rating
   Fan forced oven
   Washing machine & dryer
   Rainwater tank or grey water treatment system
   Photovoltaic panels to generate electricity
     The Green Loans Program is
       delivered in three steps.

   Step 1—Book your free home sustainability

   Step 2—Receive your tailored home
    sustainability assessment report

   Step 3—Choose which recommended
    actions you will take to improve your home

   Your household may simply accept the
report and implement minor changes. Or you
    may choose to apply to a participating
                provider for an
interest-free $10,000 Green Loan to start the
           the recommendations….
 Book your Assessment Now

         1 800 44 2520

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