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       No Fly List continued…
       Pets Join No Fly List
       Seven Wonders of the World
       Great Deals to Portugal this fall and Winter
       „Round The Rugged Rock in 2008
       The Canuck Buck goes further…

No Fly List continued…
       The no fly list is attracting some attention. In the past few weeks, Privacy
Commissioners from all of Canada‟s provinces called on the Federal Government to
reconsider the concept.

       And commentators of all sorts have weighed in on the matter, my favourite is
from a Travel Industry observer code named” Ivanna Gabalot”, and she writes:

        “Canada now has its very own “no fly list”, Pumpkins. So I‟m thinking, an evil
doer intent on annihilation might know a thing or two about flying under a pseudonym.
Just a theory.
        In the meantime, I‟m expected to share cabin space with a multitude of injurious
passengers. Here‟s my no fly list:
The 6 pack’er: frantic passenger jostling a purse, a tote, a fanny pack, 2 plastic bags,
and an indeterminate parcel wrapped in string
The jabber: you can’t be thin enough to avoid his elbow in your ribs.
The yapper: enough said.
The private yapper: full volume, on the cell phone, at the gate, in the seat before take off,
and after landing.
The beacher: tank top, shorts, flip flops, sun glasses, orders a “cerveza”. Puh-leese.
The fashion criminal: corn rows, burnt scalp, shell earrings, sweats and heels. Arrest
        Thanks to Ivanna Gabalot,

Pets Join No Fly List
         As of July 15th Bowser, or Fluffy will no longer be welcomed on Air Canada
flights, even if they are flying in the cargo compartment. After that date Air Canada will
only accept pets on more expensive Air Canada cargo flights, and as such will not arrive
on the same flight, as the owner.

Seven Wonders of the World
       You may recall that some months ago, I referred to an initiative from Lisbon to
determine the New Seven Wonders of the World through voting on line. This past
weekend the results were tabulated and the New Seven Wonders of the World are:
              Brazil's Statue of Christ Redeemer
              India's Taj Mahal
              Jordan's Petra
              Mexico's Chichen Itza pyramid
              Peru's Machu Picchu
              The Colosseum in Rome
              The Great Wall of China

       The seven beat out 14 other nominated landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower,
Easter Island in the Pacific, the Statue of Liberty, the Acropolis, Russia's Kremlin
and Australia's Sydney Opera House.

   Also among the losing candidates were Cambodia's Angkor, Spain's Alhambra,
Turkey's Hagia Sophia, Japan's Kiyomizu Temple, Russia's Kremlin and St. Basil's
Cathedral, Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle, Britain's Stonehenge and Mali's Timbuktu.

       The pyramids of Giza, the only surviving structures from the original seven
wonders of the ancient world, were retained their status in addition to the new seven after
indignant Egyptian officials said it was a disgrace they had to compete.
The campaign to name new wonders was launched in 1999 by the Swiss adventurer
Bernard Weber. Almost 200 nominations came in, and the list was narrowed to the 21
most-voted by the start of 2006. Organizers admit there was no foolproof way to prevent
people from voting more than once for their favourite.

        The traditional seven wonders were concentrated in the Mediterranean and
Middle East. That list was derived from lists compiled by ancient Greek observers around
the second century BC and aside from the Pyramids of Giza, which still exist, have all

      The original wonders included The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of
Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus,
the Colossus of Rhodes and the Pharos lighthouse off Alexandria.

      The new wonders were presented during a show which included appearances by
American actress Hilary Swank, Indian actress Bipasha Basu, and British actor Ben
Kingsley, as well as performances by Jennifer Lopez and Jose Carreras.

Great Deals to Portugal this fall and Winter
      This past season we helped several people plan vacations in Portugal, and they all
came back raving about what a wonderful place, is Portugal, in particular the Algarve.

       And now we are able to make several very special offers…

       1. Book your vacation in Portugal for travel anytime into 2008, before August
          24th, and we will do so at 2007 prices.

       2. A two week stay in Portugal in November, including flights from Toronto, a
          car and accommodation in a one bedroom suite is only $1099, plus $187 in

       3. Go away for a Looooong Time…a six week stay in Portugal…from only
          $1549/person, plus $187 in taxes, or three months from only $2449, plus same
          taxes. The fare includes flights from Toronto, transfers, accommodation in a
          one bedroom apartment, utilities and cleaning…

       To see more about vacations in Portugal, click on the following link, it will take
       you to the V website page where we have several E Brochures, select the Cover
       of JM Vacations, and you will see a very large brochure, and the tools to navigate


‘Round The Rugged Rock in 2008
             I have spoken many times in Views about the wonders of a cruise ‘Round
       Newfoundland, which we call the Rugged Rock….well it is on again in 2008.

              In 2006, and again in 2007 this sailing sold out early, very early…by March
       of 2007 this years sailing was gone. The ship is small, only about 100 passengers.

               The experience is unique and wonderful, and 9f you have any interest you
       should act soon…first call me or one of the vacation consultants here, and we can go
       over the itinerary, and details, or you can go to the V website and look at this years
       itinerary and ship details:


The Canuck Buck goes further…
        As I write this the Canadian dollar is trading at a 30 year high….1.05 USD, which is
almost on par. Regarding the Euro is the relationship is almost the same, not a 30 year high,
but trading near its peak for the year…$1CDN = .69EURO…

       This is great for us travellers…now is the time to consider a fall vacation in Europe,
when the crowds, and prices are lower, or maybe consider going to Europe for your winter
vacation, sure it is not as hot as Mexico, but Italy in February is far, far better than Grande
Prairie in February, or as some may have anytime, but we won’t go there…There are some
great values for European winter tours.

       Or consider a cruise…all cruises are initially priced in USD, so given the strength of
the Canadian Loonie…cruising, which has always been a great value is now even better.

Have a great summer, and if we can help you plan a vacation…that is why we are here…it is
the only thing we do…and remember what mum used to say about doing one thing and ding
it well…we took mum’s advice.

David Biltek
Managing Partner


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