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									 Winter 2008                                                                                               Volume 10.0
                                 Lake Villa Historical Society’s

                                   Vintage Views
Sue Cribb , President              Board of Directors:                                     Editor: Lori Heitman
Alyce Brownlee, Vice President     Betty Burns           Frank Loffredo          Lake Villa Historical Society
Elaine Teltz, Secretary            Robert Frank          Jim McDonald            113 Cedar Avenue, P.O. Box 519, Lake Villa
Lori Heitman, Treasurer            Marilyn Jeffries      Barb Venturi            847-265-8266 - e-mail
                                                                      It was in 1960 that he painted the two large murals
 President’s Letter                                                   for Hucker’s. The 1910 scene was taken from a
 Happy New Year from sunny Anna Maria Island,                         postcard. The design on the south wall shows
 Florida!!                                                            how the street looked in 1960. In 1973, Windsor
                                                                      Dalgaard, owner of Dalgaards Grocery Store on
 We are proud to welcome Marilyn Hamlin Jeffries to                   Grand Avenue decided that he wanted a mural of
 the LVHS Board of Directors. She replaces Karen                      some sort to cover the wall behind the meat
 L. Curtis who officially relinquished her position due               counter. He remembered that a local artist had
 to family commitments taking her out-of-state.                       done a similar thing for Hucker’s Garage. He
 However, Karen, a lifelong resident of Lake Villa will               contracted John Leicht of Venetian Village. The
 always be an integral part of the Lake Villa                         farm scene stretched for 42 feet across the wall.
 Historical Society!        Thanks Karen for your                     The artist worked nights and Sundays to complete
 contributions to date. We have a list of jobs for you                the project.
 to do when you return!!
                                                                      In the late 1970s, John retired from Abbott
 We were glad to receive a biography of artist John                   Laboratories. He and Louise moved to North
 Baptist Leicht from his daughter Kathy Leicht-                       Carolina. Louise died in 1999 and John died
 Gregg. John painted the giant murals in the                          January 18, 2003, one day short of his 91st
 showroom of Hucker’s Chrysler dealership in                          birthday. His daughter and her family reside in
 downtown Lake Villa in 1960. We learned from                         Auburn, WA. A collection of John Leicht;s works
 Kathy that her father was born in Germany in 1912                    are stored at the Illinois School for the Deaf
 and became deaf at the age of 4 years due to                         Museum. And now, you know the rest of the story.
 spinal meningitis. He immigrated to the United
                                                                      Be sure to stop by the LVHS on Saturday, March
 States in 1922. He moved to Waukegan, Illinois,
                                                                      15th during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade to see the
 then attended the Illinois School for the Deaf in
                                                                      90 x 48” mural on loan from Hooper School and
 Jacksonville in 1931 and then attended the
                                                                      the “new” display cases - one on loan from Ainsley
 Gallaudet College for the Deaf in Washington DC in
                                                                      Wonderling and one recently acquired from the
 1936. He met Louise Wilson of South Carolina
                                                                      Highland Park Historical Society.
 while at Gallaudet and they married in 1939. They
 moved to Venetian Village one year later and John                    We are looking for military memorabilia that we
 began a long career with Abbott Laboratories in                      can borrow and display at the 2008 LLV Chamber
 North Chicago. When it was learned that John was                     of Commerce Springfest at Lakes Community High
 allergic to Penicillin, he was transferred to the                    School March 29-30, 2008. Call Alyce at 847-356-
 Maintenance Dept. It was there that he was able to                   6100 for further information. See you there.
 develop his artistic talents.
                                                                      Sue Cribb, President

                                                                      Welcome New Members:
                                                                      Scott Bartlett, Barbara Konitzer, Brock Millsop,
                                                                      John Neff, Bruce Nelson Family, Howard & Bobbie
                                                                      Scott, Bruce Teipel, Nancy Cribb Tesch, 3 Phase
  2                                                        Lake Villa Historical Society

History On The Table                                      ornament “Prince of Peace 1955-2005”; Chain
                                                          O’Lakes Postcard History Series by Wendy
                                                          Maston and Robin J. Kessel of the Lakes Region
Salad Dressing
                                                          Historical Society, 2006; and Fox Lake Postcard
One-half cup sugar, one-half cup cream; (milk may
                                                          Historical Series by Paul J. Jakstas of the Grant
be used, but cream is better;) one-half cup vinegar,
                                                          Township Area Historical Society, 2006.
one teaspoonful mustard, one teaspoonful salt, one
egg. Beat the egg well, then stir it with sugar, salt     Kathy Leicht-Gregg – handwritten 2-page
and mustard well into the cream. Cook this mixture        biography of artist John Baptist Leicht by his
slowly, adding the vinegar a little at a time. When       daughter; b/w photo of mural and newspaper
thick enough, cool it and it is ready to serve. This is   articles.
especially nice for cabbage.- Mrs. C.B. Hamlin
                                                          A PAGE FROM THE PAST:
Roast Mudhen or Coot                                      By Karen Curtis
Skin and take breast and legs; lay in pan; put one
handful of salt, two tablespoons vinegar to one           So! You think you know where you live??? Do you
gallon of water; let soak overnight; then make            think you know just how to get around this town? I
dressing as for wild game; put dressing in pan and        thought certainly I qualified on both counts – that is
lay mudhen on top, then cover with strips of bacon;       until I read some oral history interviews at the Lake
cover pan and bake until tender.—Mrs. H.P. Lowry          Villa library. I was looking for answers to a
                                                          question that someone had asked me, when “what
Souvenir Cook Book, 1903 Compiled and                     to my wondering eyes” appeared a historical
Published By The Ladies of Lake Villa, ILL pp. 36,        interview of Anna and Charles Martin, my paternal
42.                                                       grandparents. I learned the town was relocated to
                                                          where it is now and that a great fire burned most of
                                                          the east side of the little town, which then was
Recent Donations                                          across from our present post office. Read on and
                                                          enjoy this recollection of the village.
Lake Villa Volunteer Fire Department – original
poster from November, 1919 advertising free oyster        Charles Martin came here from England in 1903
supper for the community; Tronson photo of                and hired out to work for Billy Wilmington,
downtown Lake Villa with fire trucks on display with      maternal grandfather of Delbert and Howard
firemen in uniform and spectators; glossy photo of        Sherwood, both residents of Lake Villa (the large
first Lake Villa Squad car with Fred Popp Sr. and         white house with black trim south of our cemetery).
Ervin Barnstable, Mayor.                                  Charles Martin is my grandfather and in an oral
Frank and Judy Slazes – DVD of history of Lake            history recalls much of what our town was like then
Villa Volunteer Fire Department, 2006, prepared for       (1903) and in 1958, when this visit was recorded.
Ladies Night. Each guest received a copy.
Elaine Teltz – photos from the 2006 No-Sew                “The great Lehmann Hotel, originally called the
Workshop” held at the Lake Villa District Library;        Stewart House, was built on the lake side of what
photos from LVHS booth at LLV Chamber of                  we know as Cedar Avenue and on the hillside of
Commerce Springfest, 2007.                                the Soo Line tracks. The resort hotel’s beach is on
Jay and Sue Cribb – white china mug with maroon           Cedar Lake at the end of what is now the
trim “Lake Villa – Gateway to the Lake Region.            Lehmann Park. At the time, there was an
Celebrating 100 Years 1901-2001 Centennial                underpass under the Soo tracks from the hotel to
Souvenir; Obituary of Avis Hamlin; Program from           the beach (behind Cedar Village, near the water).
2003 Athena Award Dinner.                                 This could only be used in dry times because
Janet Sheehan Eppers and family – three piece             when the lake was full, it frequently flooded.”
blue wool U.S. Navy uniform that belonged to her
Dad, Warren B. Sheehan; State of Illinois Service         “It is believed that Mr. E.J. Lehmann built a
Recognition Certificate awarded to Warren B.              splendid addition to the hotel and it was a
Sheehan, 1947.                                            clubhouse on the island on Cedar Lake, although
Karen Curtis – cardboard box with evergreen trees         we do not remember any building on the island.
from the Fair Store.                                      This information was secured from the Edna
                                                          Wallace history of Lake Villa.”
Bill and Betty Burns – Fox Lake Centennial coin           When Charles and Anna Martin were married in
dated 1907-2007; silver and gold star shaped              1910, they also remember: “Lehmann’s Livery
  3                                                           Lake Villa Historical Society
Barn was at the top of the hill close to what is now        Restaurant.. Some time after that a man named
Route 21, in the area in front of where the Baptist         Morley and a local man Carl Nader had it. The
Home (Kids Hope United signage on Rte 83) is                Rowlings General Store and barbershop was at
now. The Martins also remember that if you looked           the present site of Don Cremin’s house, the white
up what is now Cedar Avenue, the Lehmann Livery             house of the then Mayor beside the Village Hall,”
barn was right at the top and at the end of the             “After 1904 (or 1905), Gene Rowling built, what is
street.” “Lund’s Tailor Shop was where our drug             now Effinger’s Hardware (now the Artisan’s Ball
store is now (the town restaurant). It then moved to        Gift Shop). For awhile Mr. Manzer was in there
where the antique store is now on Grand Avenue.”            and also, Dixon and Churchill had a General
“There was a store, a tavern, and a barber shop             Store. About then Mr. Sugar built the brick
(run then by a man everyone called Old Man                  building where the Reinbach’s lived. Jim Kerr had
Sugar) across the street from where Father Basil’s          a grocery and hardware store in what was called
Rest Home (across from our present post office)             the Hamlin Building (next to American Family
used to be.”                                                Insurance, the three story bldg).
“For thirteen years following 1910, there was a             Pictured below is the James Kerr grocery and hardware store
creamery on the site where Sherry’s (Backstage
Grille) is now located on Grand Avenue. It was
started by the Western Dairy Company when Mr.
Ed Lehmann gave a lease on the land to be in force
as long as the creamery operated on the location.”
“In 1903 when Charles Martin came to Lake Villa,
the Wendland Building, a double door building,
(From Birth and Beyond), housed the grocery store
and the drug store. This building was originally up
the hill across the tracks and across the street from
what is now Fr. Basil’s Rest Home. Later this
building was moved to the approximate spot where
it is now. For a short while it housed a meat market
and dry goods store.
About 1913, “Snoball” Faber had a barber shop and           After the fire, Wm. G. Hucker built the building now
Bert Hooper had a drug store in the one side of the         used as the Tailor Shop and Cleaners. Before that,
double-door building. Jim Barnstable had the drug           Ben Schram, in 1903, had a barbershop there.
store but a Mr. Overton had it before Bert Hooper           This building, after Ben Schram left, was the Post
did.”                                                       Office until 1922, when the post office moved to
                                                            the Peterson Building.” “Clare Sherwood gave up
                                                            the postmaster’s job in 1934. Hattie Ballenger was
                                                            Post Mistress for about six months until Joe
                                                            Hucker, the present post master came in.”

Cedar Avenue 1914 looking from tracks toward Grand Avenue
“The village moved down the hill near the depot
after a fire in about 1904 or 1905 destroyed most of
what was the east side of the street. Where the             Cedar Avenue 1940s looking from tracks toward Grand Avenue
Reinbach Building is now was a tavern run by Tom            “At this time, 1904 or 1905, Jim Barnstable built
Brompton, earlier run by John McMahnon. Where               what is now called the Avery Building (911 Pizza).
the TV store is now was Potter’s Barbershop (Lake           Upstairs has a stage which was frequently used by
Villa Historical Society and American Family                the school for special programs. Dances and
Insurance Building). Later it was Donley’s                  wedding receptions were also held up there. In
  4                                                        Lake Villa Historical Society
the 20s, the upstairs was referred to as Barnstable
“The Johnson’s Tavern building was moved from up          Calendar of Coming Events
the hill opposite the church at the original village to   Membership meetings are held the first Tuesday of
near where the tavern is now. When the bank was           each month (except July) at the Lake Villa Village
built (Dan Venturi’s Office), the tavern (Cedar Inn)      Hall, 65 Cedar Avenue unless otherwise noted.
was moved closer to what is now Hucker’s Garage           Business meetings begin at 6:30p.m. Programs
(the Chrysler Dealer). Nelson’s Hardware was there        begin at 7:00pm and are open to the public.
once and it was also a bakery sometime during
Prohibition.”                                             February 5th - Preserving Open Space in Lake
                                                          County- Liberty Prairie Conservancy
“Lake Villa Days were held in Lehmann Park and
was for several years the social event of the year.       March 4th - Lake County History- Diana Dretske
It was widely advertised and people came from             March 15th - Open House at 113 Cedar Ave.
near and far in the area. They were entertained           during St. Pat’s Day Parade 11am-1pm
with good horse races and horse shows and then
imported floor shows from Chicago or Milwaukee.”          March 29-30th - Visit our Military Display at
Charles Martin remembers in World War I times,            Springfest at Lakes H.S.
large auctions for the war effort being held in the       April 1st - Weber Duck Farm History- William
village park. Farmers brought produce or cash             "Duke" Weber
which was donated.”

The inserted italics were placed in this text to help     Check Us Out Online!
the reader “find his way through the maze of many
different owners trying to establish business in the Click on Village History and
same few buildings.                                       Scroll Down to Historical Society.

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