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					The American Revolution

An Outline of American History: The War of Independence
Covers the events, contributing factors, and important players in the American Revolution. It includes an
introduction and essays with numerous hyperlinks to further information on a variety of topics such as the frontier
spirit of self-reliance, the first stirrings of unity, tax disputes, and the Boston "Tea Party." (University of Groningen,
the Netherlands)

History Place: Annotated Timelines on the American Revolution
Offers timelines of the American War for Independence (1763-1775), Conflict and Revolution (1775-1776), An
Unlikely Victory (1777-1783), and A New Nation Is Born (1784-1790) with concise annotations and hyperlinks to
relevant maps and articles. (The History Place, Boston, MA)

King George III
Focuses on the life of the British King who reigned during the American Revolution. It provides a biography of the
challenges of his reign (including rebellious colonies and bouts with mental illness), a color portrait, and a link to
information on his family genealogy. (Britannia Internet Magazine, Yorklyn, DE)

The Boston Massacre Trials
Examines the massacre and subsequent trials through eyewitness accounts, images, and trial transcripts. Site
includes biographies of key figures including Crispus Attucks, Captain Thomas Preston, and John Adams.
(University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, Kansas City, MO)

Liberty: The American Revolution
Site accompanies the six-part PBS documentary of the same name dealing with the American Revolution and
provides descriptive summaries of each episode as well as a "Who's Who?" section on the people of the revolution.
(PBS Online/KTCA, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN)

Archiving Early America
Provides the archives of the Early America Review, a journal focusing primarily on 18th-century America through
the media of the day (newspapers, writings, maps, and pamphlets). Primary source documents such as the
Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are featured as well as many "Milestone
Events" of the era including the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Paine's Common Sense,
and Washington's Farewell Address (DEV Communications Inc., Anna Maria Island, FL)

Forging a New Nation

Constitution of the United States
Features a complete transcription of the original Constitution and Bill of Rights, including high-resolution images of
each page. The site provides biographies of the 55 delegates to the convention, a detailed description of the
convention, and a question and answer section. (National Archives, Washington, DC)

The James Madison Center: Madison Archives
Provides a detailed biography and excerpts on Madison's political writings, beginning with the Declaration of
Independence and extending through his presidency. The site includes Madison's notes from the Constitutional
convention and his commentary on a variety of key political topics, such as voting, slavery, Native Americans, the
two-party system, and the division of power. (James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA)

Marbury v. Madison
Provides an overview of the case, an in-depth look at the issues and personalities involved in the dispute, and
printable versions of the majority and minority opinions. (, Washington, DC)

Africans in America
Provides text and resources to accompany the four-part documentary series on Africans in America. Refer to Part 2
"Revolution: 1750-1805" and Part 3 "Brotherly Love: 1791-1831" and click on Narrative for an orientation to the
history and historical resources of the period, choose Resource Bank to browse through a collection of annotated
images and documents and Teacher's Guide for advice on using the web site and TV documentary in U.S. History
classes. (The American Experience, PBS/WGBH, Boston, MA)

The Avalon Project: 18th Century Documents
Contains a large selection of 18th century primary source documents including the American Crisis by Thomas
Paine, the Federalist Papers, the state constitutions of all thirteen colonies that become the first states, the
ratification of the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, Washington's Farewell Address, and an account of
the Whiskey Rebellion. Click on the section for 19th-century documents at the top of the page for a collection of
the same caliber, including the Jefferson papers, the War of 1812 and associated documents, and 19th-century
international treaties and agreements set up by the new United States of America. (Yale University Law School,
New Haven, CT)

Thomas Jefferson: The Architect of a Nation
Analyzes his impact on American politics into the 19th century as well as the political symbolism in some of
Jefferson's architectural achievements. (University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA)

Independence National Historical Park
Explores the historical landmarks such as the Declaration House (where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of
Independence), Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and Carpenters Hall. The site also provides a map of
Philadelphia's historic area. (Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, PA)

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
Examines the role of religion in Colonial America from the 17th century through the Great Awakening to the
founding of the federal government. Site includes numerous images and primary-source documents. (Library of
Congress, Washington, DC)

History of the Constitution
Describes the evolution from the Articles of Confederation to the constitutional convention, the "Great
Compromise," ratification, and finally, the Bill of Rights. (Ben's Guide to Government, U.S. Government Printing
Office, Washington, DC)

Gateway Sites

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: American Independence
Provides direct links to primary source documents on this site and throughout the Internet on the American
Independence, the establishment of the American state, commentators on the American Revolution, Native
Americans, and slavery. (Fordham University, New York, NY)

The American Revolution
Links to sites on the American Revolutionary period from Abigail Adams to The Writing of the Declaration of
Independence as well as numerous primary source documents from the period. (Susan Pojer, Horace Greeley High
School, Chappaqua, NY)

Historical Census Browser
Provides a searchable database of historical data for the United States, and individual states and counties from
1790 to 1960. In addition to basic counts of population and housing units, each decade contains information on
race, gender, and some measure of household size and composition. Beginning with 1840, some economic
characteristics such as education and occupation are included. Later decades have many variables, including
ancestry, literacy, and income variables. (University of Virginia Geospatial and Statistical Data Center,
Charlottesville, VA)