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									                                                                 Curriculum vitae
                                                                   Dennis Dunn
Key Experience
Initially involved in multi-storey tower pre-cast and in-situ concrete construction, Dennis Dunn
subsequently specialised in the emerging industry of 'building plastics' in the design and
construction of high rise buildings, eg: flexible membranes, protective coatings, sealants,
polymer and epoxy mortars and toppings. Utilising skills gained at the work face in
construction detailing, materials handling, and specialised façade access systems, Dennis
shifted focus to the repair and refurbishment of building envelopes incorporating polymer and
other inorganic proprietary materials, as well as traditional reconstruction technology.

In 1986, Dennis formed a specialist company to undertake the complete process of repair
and refurbishment of major buildings.          This organisation developed into a leading
reconstruction Contractor in the Sydney market. Eventually selling this successful design
and contract organisation (still operating today), Dennis has spent the last 7 years consulting
on the investigation of building problems and defects, developing cost effective
Specifications, and the Project Management and Contract Administration of subsequent

Having extensive practical diagnostic skills and experience in assessing defects, Dennis is
regularly engaged to undertake Building Fabric and Structure Condition Audits for a variety of
clients including vendors, potential purchasers, etc, primarily on multi-storey, and also
industrial and commercial complexes.

Expanding on what began as a rock climbing hobby, Dennis completed the internationally
recognised IRATA industrial rope access course, allowing greater versatility and associated
cost benefits for clients in the inspection of multi-storey and other high-rise buildings.

Personally acquired skills in Digital Video technology has significantly expanded Dennis’
portfolio of diagnostic and non-destructive inspection and investigation techniques, as well as
fundamentally substantiating gathered evidence and providing irrefutable credibility to report

Dennis is also a database software solutions developer with over 20 years experience in
designing business costing, management and asset portfolio management systems.

Dennis Stephenson and Dennis Dunn have enjoyed a close working relationship for many
years, and have established a partnership in the specialised field of Remedial Construction
Project Management through the formation of Diagnostech Pty Ltd. This vehicle enables the
complementary skills, expertise and experience of Dennis and Dennis to provide a
synergistic combination of consulting services to building owners seeking real, practical, cost
effective and long term solutions to suit their specific needs.

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                                                                  Curriculum vitae
                                                                    Dennis Dunn
Relevant Project Experience
Dennis Dunn Consulting (Qld)
•   182 Dornoch Terrace, Highgate Hill - 1960s heritage residential tower facade rectification
    and refurbishment Construction Management.
•   32 Tipuana Place, Bardon - residential apartment complex water penetration diagnostic
    investigation and QBSA mediation technical expert.
•   Marriott Hotel, Surfers Paradise - condition audit, water penetration and structural
    diagnostic investigation, Specifications and remedial works budgets.
•   20 Old Burleigh Road, Surfers Paradise - facade structural rectification and refurbishment
    Construction Management.

Dennis Dunn Consulting (NSW)
•   GRW Industrial – Development of a database property portfolio management system.
•   40 Smith Street, Surry Hills – residential apartments waterproofing and structural
    diagnostic investigation and remedial Specifications.
•   123 Kurraba Road, Neutral Bay - residential apartments’ water penetration diagnostic
    investigation and remedial Specifications.

Project Consulting (NSW)
•   Commonwealth Bank – development of a database for the defects inspection, reporting,
    works specification, and contract administration of remedial works to approximately 500
    NSW branches
•   Commonwealth Bank – structure, building fabric, and essential services defects
    inspection and associated works specification of NSW country branches

Building Consultancy (NSW)
•   GRW Industrial Properties Portfolio – Development of a database asset management

Hyder Consulting (NSW)
•   Dymocks Building, Sydney – Rehabilitation of sandstone façade.
•   Carlisle Apartments, Surry Hills – residential apartments DFT claim and waterproofing,
    fabric and structural remedial works Specifications.

Arup Façade Engineering (Qld)
•   Brisbane Airport Control Tower - cabin glass replacement Project Management.
•   Chevron Renaissance, Surfers Paradise – Construction design and quality control of 3 x
    40 storey towers.
•   Brisbane Airport Qantas Maintenance Hangar - fabric and structure condition audit,
    alterations technical feasibility study.
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                                                                   Curriculum vitae
                                                                     Dennis Dunn
•   Oasis Resort, Cairns – water penetration diagnostics report and legal claim evidence
    substantiation study.
•   Centra Plaza, Brisbane - 45 storey office tower fabric and structure condition audit
•   Queensland TAFE – development of a database inspection and reporting system.
•   Queensland TAFE – structure and building fabric defect inspections of all TAFE campus
    and residence assets

Arup Façade Engineering (NSW)
•   8 Earl Street, Mosman – residential tower DFT claim, remedial works Project
•   2 Reed Street, Cremorne – residential tower waterproofing and structural rectification
    Project Management.
•   Australian Government Laboratories, Pymble – roof replacement Specifications.

Education and Professional Qualifications

Primary Qualifications
• Bachelor of Applied Science (Bldg) Honours, University of Technology, Sydney

Associated Tertiary Qualifications
• Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Partially Completed, University of Technology,
•   Scaffolding and Rigging Certificate, South Australian TAFE
•   Industrial Spray Painting Certificate, South Australian TAFE

Industry Training
• Industrial Rope Access Certificate – Level 1, IRATA
•   Various management courses – Australian Institute of Management
•   Various manufacturer product training courses

Professional Associations

•   Queensland Master Builders Association

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