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Surname                Forename                  Date        Address                    Notes
Gabbett                Augusta                   15/02/1896 Hyde Park, London           wife of Daniel Fitzgerald Gabbett

Gabbett                Daniel Fitzgerald         06/08/1898 Caherconlish House          former M.P. for Limerick (further report, 9/8/1898)

Gabbett                Edward, Rev.              18/04/1912 The Rectory, Croom          Archdeacon of Limerick and Rector of Croom; obituary
                                                                                        (funeral report, 20/04/1912)
Gabbett                Elizabeth Agnes           30/08/1919 Caherline House, Lisnagry   widow of Richard J. Gabbett; death notice

Gabbett                Emily                     01/09/1914 Dublin                      widow of late Edward Gabbett, Archdeacon of Limerick
                                                                                        (funeral report, 03/09/1914)
Gabbett                Frances Mary (nee Rich)   20/07/1905 Corbally                    mother of Poole Gabbett and daughter of late Captain Rich,
                                                                                        Woodlands, Castleconnell; obituary and death notice (funeral
                                                                                        report, 22/07/1905) (further funeral report 25/7/1905)

Gabbett                Joseph, Rev.              20/01/1885 Shelbourne House            death notice

Gabbett                Kate                      04/07/1911 Navan, Co. Meath            daughter of late Francis Gabbett, Limerick; death notice

Gabbett                Margaret                  27/03/1883 Shelbourne House            wife of Rev. Joseph Gabbett, death notice

Gabbett                Mary Caroline             06/04/1911 Co. Cork                    daughter of late William Henry Gabbett, Caherline House,
                                                                                        Co. Limerick; death notice
Gabbett                Poole                     29/12/1910 Merton Square, Kilkee       former secretary of County Limerick Grand Jury; obituary

Gabbett                Richard J.                03/11/1896 Caherline House, Lisnagry   (funeral report, 7/11/1896)

Gabbett                Robert Studdert           22/08/1899 Garrykennedy, Nenagh        Limerick family name

Gabbett                Thomas                    26/05/1887 Caherconlish                sudden death

Gabbett                Thomas                    16/08/1887 St. Michael's Lane          inquest report

Gabbett                Thomas                    10/03/1894 Catherine Place

Gabbett                Thomas Richard            08/01/1910 Cork                        son of late William henry Gabbett, Caherline House,
                                                                                        Limerick; death notice
Surname     Forename                      Date         Address                    Notes
Gabbett     Wydham, Mrs. (née Phillips)   22/12/1908 Mount Rivers                 obituary (funeral report, 29/12/1908)

Gaffeny     John Standish                 24/03/1910 Newenham Street              son of John Gaffney, corn merchant, William Street; funeral
Gaffey      male                          28/04/1914 Glin                         RIC constable; funeral report

Gaffney     Agnes Mary                    29/07/1884 Upper Mallow Street          wife of Thomas Gaffney (death notice 31/07/1884)

Gaffney     Francis                       21/10/1905 New South Wales, Australia   native of Hospital, Co. Limerick; brother of alte Alderman
                                                                                  thomas Gaffney (obituary 24/10/1905)
Gaffney     Francis                       20/01/1906 64 George Street             death notice, (further report 20/1/1906) (funeral report
Gaffney     J.                            26/10/1922 Shallee                      stationmaster, Shallee; cycling accident; news report

Gaffney     Joseph P.                     21/10/1897                              (funeral report, 23/10/1897)

Gaffney     Thomas                        19/07/1902 64 George Street             businessman and local politician; obituary (funeral report and
                                                                                   death notice, 22/07/1902)
Gaffney     Una Moira                     18/08/1910 Dublin                       daughter of James S. Gaffney, Crown Solicitor, Limerick;
                                                                                  death notice (funeral report, 20/08/1910)
Galbraith   Deborah (née Ormston)         21/11/1905 Ballinasloe, Co. Galway      daughter of John Ormston, Sir Harry's Mall, Limerick; death
Galbraith   Ellen                         21/11/1918 33, Upper Cecil Street       widow of Peter Galbraith; obituary and death notice

Galbraith   Peter                         14/03/1905 Pery Street                  son of late Peter Galbraith, Corbally Cottage; death notice
                                                                                  (funeral report, 16/03/1905)
Galbraith   Peter Edward (Eddie)          19/06/1919 Barrington Street            farmyard accident at Tuogh, Adare; death notice and news
Gale        John Thomas                   11/09/1913 2, Grattan Villas            obituary

Gale        John Thomas                   15/08/1918                              President of Limerick branch of Irish Association of Postal
                                                                                  Clerks; obituary and death notice (in memoriam, 12/08/1919
                                                                                  & 14/08/1920)

Gale        Lilian Alice                  28/02/1905 8 Grattan Villas             daughter of William and Elizabeth Gale; death notice

Gale        Maria                         05/12/1911 2, Grattan Villas            wife of John Gale; funeral report (death notice, 02/12/1911)
Surname     Forename                 Date         Address                   Notes
Gallagher   Denis                    31/01/1895 Foynes                      accidental death of a child

Gallagher   John                     25/10/1881                             railway accident

Gallagher   Michael                  20/07/1909 Crusheen, Corbally          accidental drowing at Kilkee; news report

Gallagher   Neal                     23/02/1911 3, Inglewood Villas,        former RIC sergeant; obituary (funeral report, 25/02/1911)
Gallagher   Patrick J.               26/10/1926 3, Crescent Avenue          obituary and funeral report

Gallegher   Catherine                31/03/1883 Frederick Street            widow of late John Gallegher, Arthur's Quay, death notice

Gallwey     Charles                  14/01/1892 Woodview Cottage, Athea

Gallwey     Ellen                    22/12/1906 Athea                       death notice, dau of Michael Gallwey, Magistrate at
Galvin      John                     07/10/1902 Mungret                     accidental drowning; inquest report

Galvin      M. J.                    29/10/1907                             representative of Listowel Board of Guardians on Glin School
Galvin      Mary                     02/04/1901 Roches Street               mother of Thomas Galvin of Messrs Lynch & Spain; funeral
Galvin      Mary Catherine (Rosie)   06/04/1897 Catherine Place             death notice

Galvin      Timothy                  23/05/1903 Foynes                      railway inspector; railway accident; news report

Galway      Ellen                    07/11/1895 Bow Lane, off John Street   woman allegedly killed by her daughter

Ganley      Peter W.                 24/03/1927                             post office official; obituary

Garrett     William                  18/05/1905 Farnane, Cappamore          suicide

Garry       Bridget (née Bourke)     13/02/1915 Red House, Barrington's     wife of Daniel J. Garry; announcement and death notice
                                                Bridge                      (funeral report, 16/02/1915)
Garry       D. J.                    16/06/1927 Clare and Dublin            former resident of Templemungret; buried in Mount St.
                                                                            Laurence; obituary
Garry       Delia                    06/04/1907 Templemungret               wife of Daniel G. Garry; death notice

Garvey      Henry                    17/08/1926 Henry Street                drowning; news report
Surname     Forename                   Date         Address                  Notes
Garvey      James                      16/03/1926 Newtown, Clarina           drowning; inquest report

Garvey      Timothy                    09/10/1923 Parteen                    death notice

Gascoigne   Frederick Charles Trench   13/06/1905 Leeds, England             High Sheriff, Co. Limerick 1854; announcement (will
Gason       Charles Henry              20/10/1896 Woodlands, Castleconnell   death notice

Gavin       ?                          27/11/1884 Kilpeacon                  infant dau. of Monteford W. Gavin, death notice

Gavin       Eliza                      06/01/1903                            widow of Captain Gavin, Limerick; death notice

Gavin       George O'Halloran, Major   23/10/1880 Kilpeacon                  M.P. for Limerick, (funeral report, 26/10/1880) (tribute,
Gavin       Grace Mary                 02/02/1907   Kilpeacon House          daughter of Montfried Westropp Gavin; death notice

Gavin       James                      02/11/1918 10, Dominick Street        influenza; obituary

Gavin       M. W.                      22/07/1922 Kilpeacon                  obituary

Gavin       Michael, Rev.              01/07/1919 London                     son of Captain Michael Gavin, Limerick magistrate, and
                                                                             nephew of George Gavin, former MP for Limerick; obituary
Gavin       Mrs.                       26/05/1894 Kilpeacon                  widow of late Major Gavin

Gavin       Richard                    29/09/1881 India                      son of Captain Gavin, Limerick

Gayer       Bridget                    22/07/1909 Feenagh, Co. Limerick      homicide; court report

Gaynor      Ellen (née Forrest)        04/11/1916 Chicago, USA               wife of Joseph Gaynor, formerly of GPO, Limerick and
                                                                             daughter of James Forrest, Grattan Villas; obituary
Gaynor      Garrett                    01/09/1904 North Strand               ex-RIC constable; death notice

Gaynor      John J.                    09/07/1925                            road accident; inquest report (testimonial report, 14/07/1925)

Geale       Hamilton C.                26/01/1909 1, Lion Mount, Limerick    obituary and death notice

Geary       Catherine                  18/01/1919 7, Thomas Street           wife of John Geary and mother of Frank Geary; obituary
                                                                             and death notice (funeral report & acknowledgement,
                                                                             23/01/1919) (additional details taken from Mount St.
                                                                             Lawrence burial register)
Surname         Forename                      Date         Address                   Notes
Geary           Denis                         10/09/1892 Barrington Street

Geary           John                          26/06/1923 7, Thomas Street            death notice (funeral report, 03/07/1923)

Geary           Maria                         13/05/1920 Merchant's Quay             wife of Thomas Geary, Shannon Confectionary Works;
                                                                                     obituary and death notice
Geary           Maurice P.                    30/06/1908 Kilmallock                  solicitor and local politician; obituary

Geary           Thomas                        07/12/1926 Merchant's Quay, Limerick   biscuit manufacturer; obituary and funeral report

Geary (Guiry)   Denis                         30/03/1895 Castlemahon                 missing, supposed drowned (inquest report, 9/4/1895)

Gelston         Charles St. John              20/06/1893 George Street               (funeral report, 22/9/1893)

Gelston         Edward Thomas                 05/11/1921 Lansdowne House, Limerick   death notice

Gelston         Ellen Georgina (née Croker)   10/03/1925 Lansdowne House, Ennis      widow of Thomas J. Gelston, M.D. and daughter of late
                                                         Road                        Henry Croker, Dromkeen: obituary (funeral report,
Gelston         Henry Croker                  14/12/1907 Africa                      son of Thomas J. Gelston, Limerick; death notice

Gelston         Richard Phillips              30/01/1906 George Street               doctor; son of Dr. R. R. Gelston; obituary(death notice
                                                                                     30/1/1906) (funeral report 1/2/1906) (further report
Gelston         Ringrose                      10/09/1881 George Street

Gelston         Ringrose                      15/09/1881 George Street               funeral report

Gelston         Robert Ringrose               11/02/1908 68, George Street           doctor; obituary and funeral report

Gelston         Thomas J.                     06/01/1910 74, George Street           doctor; obituary (funeral report, 11/01/1910)

Gentleman       Benson E., Rev.               08/11/1927 Bray, Co. Wicklow           Methodist clergyman; twice on Limerick circuit; obituary

Geoghan         John                          04/09/1915                             aged 12; railway accident; son of stationmaster at
Geoghan         Richard M.                    15/04/1909 Crescent Avenue             staff at Condensed Milk Company; funeral report

Geoghegan       Michael, Rev.                 04/12/1900 Mount St. Alphonsus         Redemptorist priest; obituary

George          Lieutenant                    11/09/1906 Wellington Terrace          Royal Engineers Dept, Limerick (funeral report 13/09/1906)

George          Thomas Barry                  13/03/1886 Roseneath, Corbally         death notice
Surname     Forename                        Date         Address                      Notes
Geraghty    Francis Timothy (Tim)           26/09/1925 Mount Gerard, O'Connell        obituary and death notice (funeral report, 29/09/1925)
Geraghty    Kate                            04/04/1916 Mount Gerrard, Military Road   wife of Michael Geraghty; death notice (funeral report,
Geraghty    Michael                         15/02/1921 Mount Gerard, O'Connell        company director; death notice (funeral report, 17/02/1921)
Gerardet    S. Henri                        12/06/1886 Geneva                         son-in-law of late Thomas Jervis of Limerick City, death
Gettins     male                            18/05/1909 Henry Street                   Ship's quartermaster; drowning off Germany

Gibbings    Edward                          17/04/1920 USA                            son of late William Gibbings, Kilscannel, Ardagh, Co.
                                                                                      Limerick; traffic accident; death notice
Gibbons     Patrick                         25/01/1887 Loughill, Knockaderry          accidental drowning

Gibbons     William B.                      28/01/1904 Washington, USA                former organist at St. Michael's COI, Limerick; obituary

Gibson      Ellen                           29/03/1883 Mulgrave Cottage               wife of Robert Gibson, death notice

Gibson      Rebecca                         23/01/1886 Catherine Street               dau of late Dr. Gibson, death notice

Gibson      Robert                          06/06/1914 Mulgrave Cottage               businessman and Protestant Home Ruler; obituary (funeral
                                                                                      report, 09/06/1914)
Gildea      Dorothy Katherine Elisabeth     02/12/1884 Limerick                       infant dau. of Hewitt Lifford and Katharine Gildea, death
Gildea      Hewitt Bridgeman                15/09/1883 Glentworth Street              infant son of Hewitt Lifford Gildea, death notice

Gildea      John R.                         12/01/1892                                Governor of the county prison

Gillespie   Sarah Robertina (nee Peppard)   29/05/1909 Dublin                         daughter of late John Peppard, Bushy Park, Co. Limerick;
                                                                                      death notice
Gilligan    Catherine                       19/07/1913 Merchant's Quay                wife of David Gilligan; obituary (additional details taken from
                                                                                      Mount St. Lawrence burial register)
Gilligan    David                           07/02/1922 Merchant's Quay                local politician and pig buyer; obituary

Gilligan    Gerard                          06/02/1912 Colooney Street                accidental burning

Gilligan    James                           02/02/1926                                pig buyer; obituary

Gilligan    John                            02/08/1910 Nicholas Street                Inspector of City Night Constable Staff; funeral report
Surname    Forename            Date         Address             Notes
Gilligan   John                28/02/1911                       report of testimonial

Gilligan   John                17/10/1922                       shot near Tralee; Civil War casualty; news report

Gilligan   Josephine (Josie)   03/04/1913 10, Ellen Street      daughter of Michael Gilligan; death notice

Gilligan   Margaret            29/02/1908 3, Merchant's Quay    wife of Patrick Gilligan, Assistant County Surveyor for
                                                                Clare; obituary and death notice
Gilligan   Michael             18/08/1903

Gilligan   Patrick             31/05/1910                       Assistant County Surveyor for Clare; funeral report and
                                                                death notice
Gilligan   Patrick             11/11/1913 28, Bowman Street     painter and decorator; death notice

Gilligan   Rebecca             28/08/1928 10, Ellen Street      daughter of late Michael Gilligan, pig buyer; death notice

Gilligan   Thomas              23/05/1907 17, Island Road       son of James Gilligan; obituary and death notice

Gilligan   Thomas              12/12/1911 Mulgrave Street       funeral report (condolences, 19/12/1911)

Giltrapp   ?                   03/02/1887 New Barracks          soldier, died from wounds sustained in assault; inquest
Ginnane    Annie               06/10/1904 46 Clare Street       daughter of James Ginnane of 'Limerick Leader'; death
Ginnane    Catherine           29/11/1883 Arthur's Quay         at her son's residence, wife of James Ginnane, Kildysart,
                                                                Co. Clare, death notice
Ginnane    James M.            07/05/1921 Kildysart             former Limerick Leader manager; funeral report

Ginnane    Thomas              04/04/1911 Rosshill, Kildysart   road accident; news report

Gleeson    Christopher         05/08/1913 Pennywell             accidental drowning; news report

Gleeson    Christopher         11/09/1919 15, Mulgrave Street   son of James Gleeson; obituary

Gleeson    Christopher         14/12/1926 Watergate             docker; work accident; inquest report

Gleeson    Cornelius           05/11/1918                       obituary (condolences, 07/11/1918)

Gleeson    Daniel              26/10/1926 Island Bank           pig buyer; short report

Gleeson    David               12/04/1913 Catherine Street      post office official; obituary (funeral report, 15/04/1913 &
                                                                acknowledgement, 22/04/1913)
Surname   Forename                Date         Address              Notes
Gleeson   female                  13/06/1912 Patrickswell           aged 16; accidental burning; news report

Gleeson   Helena                  21/05/1925 68, William Street     wife of Patrick Gleeson; obituary and death notice

Gleeson   Ida Blanche             21/01/1888 7 Hartstogne Street    aged 3 years, dau of J. Martin Gleeson

Gleeson   Johanna                 17/05/1884 Roches Street          wife of Thomas Gleeson, death notice

Gleeson   Johannah (née Walshe)   23/08/1924 25, Catherine Street   widow of David Gleeson, overseer at Limerick GPO; death
Gleeson   John                    12/02/1895 Clondrina

Gleeson   John Francis            05/02/1918                        Captain, Royal Munster Fusiliers; First World War casualty;
                                                                    funeral report
Gleeson   John, Rev.              24/09/1901 Dromcollogher          parish priest, Dromcollogher; peritonitis; obituary (funeral
                                                                    report, 28/09/1901)
Gleeson   Mary (née Ryan)         23/03/1918 6, Castle Street       wife of Daniel Gleeson, pig buyer; obituary and death notice

Gleeson   Mrs.                    28/09/1905 Clondrina              death notice, (funeral report 5/10/1905)

Gleeson   Sean                    24/01/1928                        aged 6; accidental drowning in King's Island; inquest report

Gleeson   Thomas                  21/07/1885 Corkamore              death notice

Gleeson   William                 25/04/1882 Barrington Street      death notice

Gleeson   William Cripps          22/05/1880 South Circular Road    death notice

Glennon   Peter                   17/11/1927 Mountrath, Co. Laois   railway accident at Ballycummin, Patrickswell

Glissan   George                  29/10/1887 Corcamore, Clarina     buried at Croagh; death notice

Gloster   Anna Vera               16/07/1904 Rockfield, Kildimo     daughter of Thomas and Susan Gloster; death notice

Gloster   Charles, Dr.            19/07/1887 Parteen                (death notice, 19/7/1887), (funeral report, 21/7/1887)

Gloster   Edward                  29/01/1899 Parteen House          doctor; funeral report

Gloster   Edward, Dr.             29/01/1889 Parteen House          funeral report

Gloster   George                  30/11/1901 Parteen House          obituary (funeral report, 05/12/1901)
Surname   Forename               Date         Address                   Notes
Gloster   Mary Jane              22/03/1898                             death notice

Gloster   Mary Josephine         09/08/1910 Parteen House               widow of George Gloster; funeral report and death notice

Gloster   Richard                12/11/1881 Rockfield, Pallaskenry      son of Captain Gloster, death notice

Gloster   Richard                20/07/1893 Rockfield, Kildimo          (funeral report, 22/7/1893)

Glynn     John                   07/10/1893 Castle Roberts              accidental drowning

Glynn     John                   04/12/1913 1, Catherine Place          suicide; inquest report

Glynn     Joseph                 11/01/1900 4 Mount Vincent Terrace     son of J. J. Glynn, asst. sec., Limerick Co. Council;
                                                                        obituary and death notice
Glynn     P.                     01/06/1912 Chicago, USA                native of Limerick; brother of late Stephen Glynn, District
                                                                        Superintendent GSW railway; obituary
Glynn     Rev.                   05/01/1909 The Priory, George Street   Augustinian priest; funeral report

Glynn     Stephen J.             16/11/1901 Edward Street               traffic officer with Waterford & Limerick Railway; funeral
                                                                        report (original report of illness 02/11/1901)
Godfrey   A.                     29/05/1923 Ballinacurra                obituary

Godfrey   Bridget                24/04/1906 Ballinacurra Weston         widow of late Michael Godfrey, death notice

Godfrey   James                  18/07/1907                             painter; fell from a ladder at Nicholas Street; inquest report

Godfrey   John                   21/03/1918 Cappamore                   homicide; news report

Godley    James                  05/07/1921 U.S.A.                      U.S. sailor stabbed during fracas aboard the West Cape
                                                                        while docked in Limerick; news report (see also, 07/07/1921)
Godsell   John                   27/06/1922 Glentworth Street           Old Fenian and former President of Mechanics Institute;
Goffe     Emma (née Gorman)      11/08/1883 Glasgow                     dau. of late Capt. D. Gorman, Limerick, death notice

Goggin    Agnes                  25/09/1906 2 Wellington Tce            death notice, (funeral report 27/09/1906)

Goggin    George McMahon         04/05/1909 Bray, Co. Wicklow           son of late William Aylmer Goggin, Glin, Co. Limerick; death
Goggin    Margaret (née Lyddy)   12/12/1903 Thomondgate                 widow of John Goggin; funeral report
Surname    Forename                        Date         Address                    Notes
Goggin     Margaret Watkins (née Ruttle)   21/10/1905 St. Stephen's Villa, North   widow of Stephen Byron Goggin; obituary and death notice
                                                      Strand                       (funeral report, 24/10/1905)
Goggin     Maria                           30/05/1907 North Circular Road          widow of W. A. Goggin, Eastwood, Glin; death notice

Goggin     Mary Ann                        28/04/1883 Kansas City                  wife of Robert Y. Goggin, native of Limerick, death notice

Goggin     Mary Elizabeth                  29/12/1925 2, Newenham Street           accidental burning; news report

Goggin     Michael                         26/09/1885 Treaty Stone                 death notice

Goggin     Michael                         26/01/1904 Thomondgate                  son of late John Goggin; death notice (obituary and funeral
                                                                                   report, 28/01/1904)
Goggin     Sarah                           05/12/1908 England                      widow of Thomas Myles, Limerick; death notice

Goggin     Stephen                         17/11/1887 Ballinasloe, Co. Galway      formerly of Clare Street; death notice

Goggin     Stephen Bryum                   09/01/1900 St. Stephen's Villa, North   secretary, Condensed Milk Co. (Cleeve's); obituary and
                                                      Strand                       death notice
Goggin     Stephen L., Rev.                11/04/1911 The Parsonage, Ballycotton   Curate at Ballycotton; son of late S. B. Goggin, Limerick;
                                                                                   obituary and death notice (funeral report, 13/04/1911)
Goggin     Stephen William, Captain        01/09/1900 Hong Kong                    formerly of Limerick; son-in-law of late Zachary Myles;
                                                                                   obituary and death notice
Goggin     Susannah                        10/12/1881 San Francisco                wife of E. W. Goggin, native of Limerick City, death notice

Goggin     William                         10/09/1904                              Captain, Limerick Steamship Company; death notice

Going      Marcella Jane                   24/01/1885 Castleconnell                dau of late Robert Going of Cragg, death notice

Golden     John J.                         08/09/1900 South Africa                 son of James V. Golden, bank manager, Limerick; death
Goodbody   Geoffrey Ellis                  11/01/1927                              soldier; son of late J. Ellis Goodbody, Limerick; drowning in
                                                                                   India (condolences, 15/01/1927)
Goodbody   James Ellis                     22/12/1914 Thornvile, Ennis Road        prominent businessman; obituary and funeral report

Goodbody   James Perry                     17/04/1923 Clara, Co. Offally           father of James Goodbody, Summerville, Co. Limerick;
                                                                                   obituary (see also, 21/04/1923)
Goodbody   Richard                         18/06/1918 Clara, Co. Offaly            miller and director of Bannatyne's, Limerick; obituary
Surname   Forename        Date         Address                       Notes
Goodwin   Catherine       26/07/1904 Arthur's Quay                   aged 16;accidental drowning; inquest report

Goodwin   Esther          13/03/1909 Rutland Street                  accidental burning; news report

Goodwin   Helen           15/07/1886 Kilkee                          wife of James Goodwin, death notice

Goodwin   James           31/03/1917 Dublin                          death notice

Goodwin   Jane            17/08/1915 Landevin, North Circular Road   widow of James Goodwin; killed in Weedon rail disaster;
                                                                     death notice (funeral report, 19/08/1915)
Goodwin   Jessie          30/08/1883 William Street                  dau. of James Goodwin, death notice

Goodwin   Robert          07/08/1884 William Street                  son of James Goodwin, death notice

Goodwin   Thomas          12/10/1912 Thomondgate                     cycling accident; news report

Goold     Augusta Jane    13/06/1893 Buxton Hill, Cork               daughter of Archdeacon Goold, Athea House

Gordon    Archibald       18/12/1909                                 son of Lady Aberdeen, Freewoman of Limerick; condolences
                                                                      from Limerick Corporation
Gore      Albert A.       16/03/1901 Whitechurch, Shropshire         surgeon; member of Limerick family; obituary (death notice,
Gore      Evelyn Esther   04/11/1915 Thornfields, Lisnagry           daughter of late Lieut-Col. Ribton Gore; death notice (funeral
                                                                      report, 06/11/1915)
Gorman    J., Rev.        28/12/1916 Newcastle West                  parish priest of Manister; obituary

Gorman    Robert          02/03/1918 Lisgard, Galbally               road accident; news report

Gough     Deborah         06/01/1880 Westland Row, Dublin            widow of Josiah R. Gough, dau. of Benjamin Clarke Fisher,
                                                                     both of Limerick, death notice
Gough     T. B            29/12/1906 Lough Quay                      local politician; pneumonia; obituary

Gough     Thomas B.       29/12/1907 Lough Quay                      obituary (funeral report, 01/01/1907)

Gould     James           19/12/1903 Corbally                        death notice

Gould     Kate            12/10/1918 3, Creagh Lane                  First World War casualties; killed with her five children in
                                                                     sinking of Royal Mail steamer, "The Leinster"; news report
                                                                     (see also, 15/10/1918)
Surname    Forename                   Date         Address                    Notes
Goulding   William                    14/07/1925                              railway official; married grand-daughter of late Sir Croker
                                                                              Barrington, Glenstal Castle
Gowing     A. D.                      20/09/1887                              Customs officer

Grace      Michael                    13/09/1898 10, Emmet Place              death notice

Grady      Johanna                    05/12/1895 Meenoline, Templeglantine    inquest into death of child

Graham     Anne (nee Hickey)          31/07/1917 Coonagh House                wife of Michael Graham; death notice (funeral report,
Graham     Denis                      09/04/1904 Caherdon                     funeral report

Graham     Elizabeth Margaret         12/04/1883 Dublin                       wife of J. P. Graham, Cappanahane, Co. Limerick, death
Graham     Mary (née Herbert)         30/01/1917 17, William Street           wife of Periam Graham; obituary (funeral report, 08/02/1917)

Graham     Sophia Mary                10/05/1887 Castlecrine                  wife of Colonel J. H. Graham; death notice (funeral report,
Graham     Thomas, Rev.               12/08/1926 Donoughmore                  parish priest, Donoughmore; obituary (funeral report,
Graham     William Joseph             20/12/1921 72, O'Connell Street         son of Dr P. F. Graham; obituary (funeral report,
Grant      Jane                       09/05/1905 Cloughjordan                 nurse to Parker family, Ballyvalley, Killaloe; death notice

Grant      John                       23/11/1916 34, Wolfe Tone Street        Engineer at the Graving Docks; obituary and death notice

Grant      Joseph (Joe)               26/07/1906 34 Colooney Street           death notice

Grant      Mary                       23/10/1924 Clareview, South Circular    wife of Peter A. Grant; obituary and death notice
Grant      Peter                      09/03/1926 Clare View, South Circular   commerial traveller; obituary (funeral report, 11/03/1926)
Grant      William Michael (Willie)   20/07/1912 Clareview, Military Road     son of Peter and Mary Grant; death notice (funeral report,
Graves     Charles, Rev.              18/07/1899 Henry Street                 COI Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe; obituary
                                                                              (death notice, 20/07/1899)
Graves     E. E.                      07/11/1903 Australia                    grandson of Richard Croker, Croom Castle, Ballinagarde
                                                                              (obituary, 10/11/1903)
Surname       Forename                 Date         Address                       Notes
Graydon       Anna Maria               19/09/1882 Dublin                          formerly of Limerick, death notice

Greaney       male                     19/02/1907 Athea                           sudden death

Greaves       G. H., Major             09/04/1885 Alfred Road Claughton           brother of Mrs MacKern

Green                                  25/01/1913 Greenmount, Patrickswell        acknowledgement

Green         Christina                20/02/1906 Limerick                        aged 2 years, burning accident (further report 24/2/1906)
Green         John                     16/12/1884 Greenville, Newport             son of late Joseph Green, death notice

Green         John                     15/01/1885 Maiden Hall                     death notice

Green         Roger                    28/03/1905 Carras, Newcastle West          accidental drowning; news report

Greene        Kitty                    11/02/1919 Charles Street                  daughter of C. Greene; accidental burning; news report

Greene        Matilda                  11/12/1883 Catherine Street                wife of George Greene, death notice

Greer         James                    28/08/1898 Thomondgate                     death notice, (funeral report, 30/8/1898)

Gregg         Eleanor                  18/12/1880 George Street                   wife of Rev. J. F. Gregg, short death notice

Gregg         Eleanor                  22/07/1920 6, Victoria Terrace             daughter of J.F. Gregg, Dean of Limerick; obituary and
                                                                                  death notice (funeral report, 24/07/1920)
Gregg         Emily Geraldine          18/01/1919 6, Victoria Terrrace. S.C.R.    daughter of late Rev. James Fitzgerald Gregg; obituary and
                                                                                  death notice (funeral report, 21/01/1919)
Gregg         Henry George Maxwell     09/12/1890                                 son of Rev. Canon Gregg

Gregg         James Fitzgerald, Rev.   31/10/1905 The Deanery, Corbally           Dean of Limerick; obituary (death notice 31/10/1905)
                                                                                  (funeral report, 04/11/1905) (condolence 2/11/1905)
                                                                                  (condolence 4/11/1905) ((tributes 7/11/1905)

Grene-Barry   Anna Maud                12/10/1918 Sandville House                 First World War casualty; killed in sinking of "The Leinster";
                                                                                  news report and death notice (funeral report, 15/10/1918)
Greo          Augustine (Gus)          17/10/1911 Griott Ville, 35 Clare Street   grocer; death notice

Greo          Thomas                   09/05/1914 35, Upper Clare Street          Assistant City Rates Collector; obituary (additional details
                                                                                  taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register)
Surname   Forename             Date        Address                      Notes
Griffin   Amy Noel             11/05/1911 Canada                        daughter of late Peter G. Griffin, Altavilla and Ballinakill
                                                                        House, Co. Limerick; death notice
Griffin   Aphra (née Massy)    03/11/1896 New York                      death notice, widow of George E. Griffin, Rathkeale,
                                                                        daughter of George Massy, Glenwilliam Castle
Griffin   Elizabeth            23/07/1914 Athlunkard Street             widow of John Griffin, Inspector of Postmen, GPO,
                                                                        Limerick; death notice
Griffin   Ellen                22/06/1909 4, Upper William Street       widow of Daniel Griffin; death notice

Griffin   Ellen                20/11/1913 Dublin                        relative of Gerald Griffin; announcement of burial (additional
                                                                        details taken from Mount St. Lawrence burial register)
Griffin   female (née Hunt)    09/11/1912 Kismet, Military Road         widow of Peter G. Griffin, Altavilla, Co. Limerick; funeral
                                                                        report (obituary, 07/11/1912)
Griffin   Frederick N., Fr.    03/01/1903 Trinidad                      of county Limerick

Griffin   Frederick N., Rev.   23/12/1902 Trinidad                      native of Co. Limerick; obituary (see also, 03/01/1903)

Griffin   George L.            11/05/1882 Pallaskenry                   son of late Daniel Griffin, M.D., Limerick, death notice

Griffin   J. J..               14/03/1898 London, England               doctor; son of John Griffin, Bridge Street, Newcastle West;
                                                                        funeral report
Griffin   John                 14/01/1897 Montreal, Canada              accidental death of Limerick native

Griffin   John                 04/05/1905 Cratloe, Co. Clare            brother of C. A. Griffin, Upper William Street; death notice

Griffin   John                 18/12/1913 Athlunkard Street             post office official; obituary

Griffin   John                 11/06/1914 Lower Gerald Griffin Street   died in fire; inquest report and death notice (funeral report,
Griffin   John, Rev.           28/10/1926 Parochial House, Adare        parish priest, Adare; obituary

Griffin   Mary                 11/06/1914 Lower Gerald Griffin Street   died in fire; inquest report and death notice (funeral report,
Griffin   Matthew              21/05/1929 Castleville, Co. Limerick     Republican and local politician; obituary

Griffin   Michael              28/02/1899 Janesboro                     farm labourer; inquest report

Griffin   Patrick              14/11/1907 Co. Clare                     sailor; accidental drowning at Foynes; news report
Surname     Forename                     Date         Address                Notes
Griffin     Patrick                      27/02/1909 Ballinacurra             death notice

Griffin     Patrick                      05/09/1929 23 Upper Mallow Street   Secretary of Limerick branch of Gaelic League; obituary

Griffin     Peter                        31/03/1921 Cairo, Egypt             Major, R.F.A.; polo accident; son of late Peter Griffin J.P.,
                                                                             Altavilla, Co. Limerick; obituary
Griffin     Peter G.                     31/10/1896 Altavilla                suicide (funeral report, 3/11/1896)

Griffin     Richard                      07/02/1899 Ballinacurra Nursery     address that of brother; death notice

Griffin     Roger K.                     15/01/1895 London                   native of Limerick

Griffin     William                      01/07/1919 North Strand             accidental drowning; news report (see also 08/07/1919 &
                                                                             funeral report, 03/07/1919)
Griffith    Christopher John Forster     30/11/1880 Barrington Street        infant son of Rev. J. H. Griffith, death notice

Griffith    George Richard               11/09/1884 Dublin                   son of late Rev. James Griffith, rector of Dysert, death
Griffith    Margaret Susanna             21/12/1880 Rathgar Road, Dublin     widow of late James Griffith, Prebendary of Dysert

Griffiths   Louis                        22/02/1898 Colooney Street          death notice

Grogan      Mrs. (nee Quinlivan)         27/07/1905 Kilrush                  Limerick family, aged 80 years

Grogan      Norah                        15/11/1900 Kilianna, Knockaderry    pneumonia; death notice

Grubb       George                       11/04/1905 Cork                     son of late Thomas Grubb, Limerick; obituary and death
Grubb       Mary                         07/10/1884 Thomas Street            widow of George Grubb, death notice

Gubbin      William Launcelotte          14/07/1925 Thanet, England          soldier; son of late Rev. George Gough Gubbins,
                                                                             Prebendary and Chancellor of Limerick; obituary
Gubbins     Alice                        29/09/1896 North Mall, Cork         daughter of Joseph Gubbins, Kilfrush, Co. Limerick

Gubbins     Arthur Gough, Rev.           29/07/1897                          died at St. Leonard's-on-Sea, Sussex

Gubbins     Charles O'Grady              12/12/1911 Kilpeacon & Maidstone,   politician; obituary
Gubbins     Dorothea Jane (née Pindon)   20/02/1883 Kilpeacon                wife of Rev. Chancellor Gubbins, dau. of late Capt. Pindon,
                                                                             Co. Westmeath, death notice
Surname   Forename                  Date        Address                       Notes
Gubbins   Edward Nugent             06/10/1908 Dublin                         son of late Rev. George G. Gubbins, Chancellor of Uregare
                                                                              and Kilpeacon; death notice
Gubbins   Elizabeth                 14/08/1886 Miltown, Bruff                 widow of George Gubbins, death notice

Gubbins   Evans H.                  18/11/1886 New Zealand                    death notice

Gubbins   George Gough              09/01/1919 New Zealand                    Private, Canterbury Regiment; grandson of late George
                                                                              Gough Gubbins, Summerville, Kilmallock; First World War
                                                                              casualty; report and death notice

Gubbins   George Gough, Very Rev.   07/04/1891 Kilpeacon                      Rector of Kilpeacon, Chancellor of St. Mary's Cathedral

Gubbins   Harriett                  29/05/1900 Dublin                         daughter of Rev. Chancellor Gubbins, late Rector of
                                                                              Kilpeacon, Co. Limerick; death notice
Gubbins   James William             27/01/1880 Lismullane, Co. Limerick       son of late George Gough Gubbins, Uregare House, death
Gubbins   John R.                   20/03/1906 Bruree                          death notice, sportsman & racehorse owner; obituary
                                                                              (funeral report & condolences, 22/03/1906) (further death
                                                                              notice 20/3/1906) (condolences 24/3/1906)
Gubbins   Joseph Launcelot          28/04/1881 Ballincolloo House, Bruff      son of late George Gough Gubbins, death notice

Gubbins   Joseph M.                 07/06/1902 Kilmallock                     son of Michael Gubbins; death notice

Gubbins   Joseph Marshal            28/05/1896 Kenmare Castle, Co. Limerick   death notice

Gubbins   Kathleen (née Fogerty)    07/02/1924 Lismuliane, Co. Limerick       wife of H. M. G. Gubbins; death notice

Gubbins   M. K. (female)            03/04/1919 Kilfrush House, Knocklong      wife of Francis Gubbins, J.P.; obituary (funeral report,
Gubbins   Mother De Pazzi           08/10/1914 Presentation Convent,          Superioress; sister of W. R. Gubbins, Chairman Limerick
                                               Hospital                       County Council; funeral report
Gubbins   Robert                    24/12/1901 Gurthakilleen, Oola            JP; funeral report

Gubbins   Thomas Wise               09/08/1904 Dunkettle, Co. Cork            son of late Joseph Gubbins, Kilrush, Co. Limerick

Gubbins   William Gough             21/08/1902 Castleconnell                  J.P.; obituary and death notice

Guerin    Clare                     11/08/1917 7, Victoria Terrace, South     daughter of Michael Guerin, Postmaster; condolences
                                               Circular Road                  (funeral report and death notice, 14/08/1917)
Surname     Forename              Date         Address                      Notes
Guerin      Eileen Mary           29/01/1914 7, Victoria Terrace            aged 12; daughter of Michael Guerin, postmaster; obituary
                                                                            and death notice (funeral report, 31/01/1914)
Guerin      female (née Aherne)   03/04/1913 Croom                          news report

Guerin      John (Jack)           07/02/1911 2, St. John's Villas           son of Michael J. Guerin; death notice

Guerin      Margaret Mary         01/04/1915 7, Victoria Terrace            daughter of M. Guerin, Limerick Post Master; obituary and
                                                                            death notice (funeral report, 03/04/1915)
Guerin      Michael J.            23/07/1912 St. John's Villas, Mulgrave    auditor for GSW railway, Limerick district; funeral report
Guerin      Mr.                   29/08/1899 Dromkeen                       solicitor; accidental drowning at kilkee; news report

Guerins     James                 25/01/1919 4, St. John's Avenue,          death notice
                                             Mulgrave Street
Guilfoyle   John                  30/08/1892

Guinane     Agnes                 10/04/1926 12, Davis Street               death notice (funeral report, 13/04/1926)

Guinane     Alice                 02/12/1911 Queen Street                   obituary (funeral report, 05/12/1911)

Guinane     Anne                  21/07/1881 Arthur's Quay                  of Kildysart, Co. Clare, death notice

Guinane     female                12/12/1911                                widow of John Guinane; announcement (funeral report,
Guinane     Henry J.              17/09/1925 Dublin                         native of Limerick; obituary

Guinane     John                  29/07/1905 Queen Street                   magistrate and local politician; obituary (funeral report,
                                                                            01/08/1905) (vote of condolence 3/8/1905) (memorial
                                                                            14/4/1906) 08/1908)
Guinane     Joseph                18/03/1919 Rathkeale                      solicitor's clerk; influenza; obituary

Guinane     Joseph                25/05/1928 12, Davis Street               gas department official; son of late Charles Guinane;
Guinane     Michael               17/09/1910 St. John's Terrace, Mulgrave   assistant manager at Cleeves; obituary and death notice
                                             Street                         (funeral report, 20/09/1910)
Guinane     Mrs (née Ferguson)    22/05/1909 10, Lansdowne Terrace          wife of Henry Guinane, Clerk of Limerick Union; obituary
                                                                            (funeral report, 25/05/1909)
Guinane     Richard               21/01/1886 Queen Street                   death notice
Surname   Forename         Date         Address               Notes
Guiney    Thady            06/05/1905 Glengort, Tournafulla   drowning; inquest report

Gullen    Frank            02/11/1918 26, Roches Street       son of W. H. Gullen; obituary

Gullen    Lily Victoria    22/06/1897 Roches Street           age 9, death notice

Gullen    William Henry    09/10/1924 Roche's Street          store manager at Matterson's; obituary and death notice

Gullen    William L.       07/01/1928 Roche's Street          office staff at Matterson's; obituary and death notice
                                                              (funeral report, 10/01/1928)
Gun       Hugh Murray      13/02/1883 Newcastle West          death notice

Gunson    Mary Elizabeth   11/10/1898 Australia               wife of William Henry Gunson, formerly of Limerick; death
Gunson    William Henry    11/10/1898 Australia               son of William Henry Gunson, formerly of Limerick; death
Guy       Mary Jane        31/01/1882 George Street           wife of Richard J. Guy, death notice

Gwynn     John, Rev.       16/10/1915                         former staff at Mungret College; First World War casualty

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