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									Policy & Service Review Scrutiny Committee, 12 th August 2008            ITEM 8

   Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy 2007-10

                     Mid Year Progress Report

Cabinet Member: Councillor Peter Mullineaux

Lead Officer: Darren Crossley, Head of Policy and Community Engagement


This report provides members of the Scrutiny Committee with an overview of the progress made
against the Council’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy 2007 – 2010.

Implementation of this strategy commenced from December 2007 and is being driven and
monitored via the Council’s Sustainability and Climate Change Project Management Group.

The strategy links to all of the Council’s Corporate Priorities but is particularly focused on Clean,
Green and Safe.


That members of the Scrutiny Committee note the progress made and support the future plans and
actions described.


Sustainability has been a key cross cutting issue for the council for several years. The first
sustainability policy was approved in January 2000.

The council recognises the important role of local authorities in tackling the causes of climate
change and in adapting to a changed climate.

The 2007-10 Strategy includes an action plan which addresses all thirteen of the objectives in the
council’s Sustainability and Climate Change Policy and, as such, is wide ranging and ambitious.

Service groups from across the council are involved in the implementation of the Strategy via the
Sustainability and Climate Change Project Management Group.


Overall good progress has been made against the key actions in the action plan.

However a numbers of actions in the first year of the plan are still to be fully implemented, these
are highlighted in the report and are the current subject of extra activity amongst the group.


1. Save it for South Ribble

The Save it for South Ribble communications campaign has been launched and is proving to be a
great success.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to save energy – which is a key part of tackling
climate change.

The first part of the campaign focuses on local festivals and galas and the campaign roadshow is
visiting events across the borough to promote the campaign. The response has been very positive
and residents have been keen to sign up to an environmental pledge which commits them to take
simple steps such as switching off lights and appliances, saying no to plastic bags and choosing
energy saving lightbulbs.

People who sign up to the pledge receive a fridge magnet which reminds them of the commitments
and a reusable cotton bag. To date over 1000 people have signed up to pledge their support to
tackling climate change.

The campaign has also been boosted by the support of a number of local supermarkets. Spar, Co-
op, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Booths and Lidl have all pledged their support to reduce the use of plastic
bags in South Ribble. A local Spar franchise has been particularly keen to work with officers of the
Council to reduce the reliance on plastic bags.

General information has also been posted on the website (www.southribble.gov.uk/climate) and a
significant number of press releases have been issued to publicise the campaign and any related
activities, articles have also been published in Forward.

The campaign will continue after the main festival season and other events are being planned. An
energy awareness week for employees is to take place in October. This will encourage employees
to save energy at work and at home.

2. Nottingham Declaration

The Council is working hard to put its own house in order and has signed up to the Nottingham
Declaration on Climate Change. This commits local authorities to addressing climate change,
setting targets, monitoring progress and sharing the results with the public. The Sustainability and
Climate Change Strategy covers all these commitments.

Solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Civic Centre kitchen. This will help to heat the
hot water and reduce demand on the kitchen boiler. Energy efficient condensing boilers are also
being installed to heat the rest of the Civic Centre and these replace inefficient 30 year old boilers.
Lighting controls are also being rolled out across the Civic Centre building.

3. Fairtrade status

Considerable progress has been made on the council’s target of achieving Fairtrade Borough
status by autumn 2008. The council now sells Fairtrade tea and coffee exclusively in the Coppice
restaurant, Worden Coffee Shop, Conservatory Bar as well as at functions in the banqueting suite.
Coffee machines in the Civic Centre meeting rooms all dispense Fairtrade drinks.

The council is also working with the Preston and South Ribble Fairtrade Group to encourage
retailers and catering outlets (pubs, cafes and restaurants) to stock Fairtrade items. The criteria for
Fairtrade Borough status includes targets for the number of businesses selling Fairtrade products
we are now close to reaching these targets for South Ribble and will be submitting our application
in September.

4. Residential Advice and Support

We have provided 94 households with advice during 2007/2008 and 70 boilers have been replaced
with grant assistance.


1. Green Travel Plan

The council’s green travel plan for the Civic Centre has been drafted but more work is needed
before it can be submitted for approval. The next step is to ask the employee panel to review the
draft. Once the Civic Centre plan is completed work will begin on a similar plan for Moss Side

The council is working with the South Ribble Partnership on developing a climate change project.
Ideas have been put forward for this but these have still to be worked up into a project plan.

More staff training on climate change has not yet been provided. However a week long awareness
raising event on energy saving is planned for October 2008 as part of the ‘Save it for South Ribble’
campaign. This will coincide with national energy saving week and is at a time of year when people
start to use their heating and lighting more.


As can be seen from the tables attached to this report the Council continues to make good
progress against the actions highlighted in the strategy.

During the next six months the Sustainability and Climate Change Group will focus on:

   The development and implementation of the green travel plan;
   Further work on the Save it for South Ribble campaign including completion of the summer
    festivals roadshow and the employee awareness week;
   Implementing more training for members and staff during September / October
   Achievement of Fairtrade Borough status (application in September);
   Re-developing the work of the Green Champions on internal campaigns such as energy saving
    and waste minimisation.

                                       SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
                                                PROGRESS REPORT – AUGUST 2008

Key actions                                        Lead      Lead       Progress as of August 2008
                                                   Officer   Cabinet
1.1 Ensure that member and officer champions       HPCE      E and GI   The Cabinet Member, Green Champions and new
continuously promote the message of                                     Sustainability & Climate Change Group continue to champion
sustainability throughout the Council                                   and raise the profile of these issues across the Council and
                                                                        with the wider community.

1.2 Communicate messages about                     PO(S)     E and GI   The ‘Save it for South Ribble’ communications campaign has
sustainability and climate change internally and                        been launched and has received very positive feedback. The
externally, and update managers and team                                campaign is on the agenda for the next meetings of the
leaders regularly                                                       Managers’ Forum and Team Leaders’ Forum.

1.3 Make best use of the employee suggestion       HPCE      E and GI   The theme for the Bright Ideas scheme in September will be to
scheme to encourage ideas about sustainability                          encourage employees to make suggestions about
and climate change                                                      sustainability and climate change.

1.4 Identify and learn from best practice on       PO(S)     E and GI   Briefings and other best practice papers are circulated to
sustainability and climate change                                       relevant Members/Officers and via the Sustainability & Climate
                                                                        Change Group.

1.5 Adopt climate change as the theme of the       HPCE      E and GI   As mentioned above, the Save it for South Ribble campaign
2008 corporate communications campaign by                               has been launched and will see the Council take its roadshow
March 2008                                                              to events over the summer, proactive press releases,
                                                                        FORWARD articles and range of other web and community
                                                                        based activities are planned.

1.6 Sign up to the Nottingham Declaration on       HPCE      E and GI   The Council signed up to the Nottingham Declaration in
Climate Change by December 2007                                         December last year.

1.7 Ensure that the Council provides input into    HPCE      E and GI   The Cabinet Member, Acting Policy Manager and Sustainability
the Lancashire Climate Change Group and its                             Policy Officer have all contributed to developing the Lancashire
subgroups, and that South Ribble is included in                         Climate Change Strategy.
county-wide initiatives and projects to address
climate change
                                      SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
                                               PROGRESS REPORT – AUGUST 2008
Key actions                                        Lead      Lead       Progress as of August 2008
                                                   Officer   Cabinet

1.8 Apply for the Energy Saving Trust’s One-to-    HPCE      E and GI   Details of the application process have been obtained. There is
one energy management programme for local                               no cost to the council for the programme although officer time
authorities by October 2008                                             will be required. The Sustainability and Climate Change Group
                                                                        have invited a member of the Energy Saving Trust to a meeting
                                                                        to give advice on the application process.

1.9 Develop a climate change forum at South        PO(S)     E and GI   The Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy Corporate
Ribble Borough Council so that key officers can                         Project Team has been established with representatives from
exchange information and ensure co-ordination                           service groups across the council. The group meets once a
of climate change policy by January 2008                                month.

1.10 Prepare baseline information for the          HOSs      E and GI   The definitions for the new national performance indicators
proposed BVPIs on climate change by Sept                                were only published by the Government in February 2008.
2008                                                                    Baselines are currently being established for NI 185 and 194
                                                                        (Carbon dioxide and air quality from council operations). NI 186
                                                                        (per capita carbon dioxide emissions from the borough) and NI
                                                                        188 (adaptation to climate change) have been included in the
                                                                        Lancashire Local Area Agreement and targets have been set
                                                                        through this process.

1.11 Enhance the existing information on           HPCE      E and GI   The Save it for South Ribble communications campaign has
climate change on the Council’s website to                              included the launch of new climate change webpages
coincide with the corporate communications                              (www.southribble.gov.uk/climate).
campaign on climate change (beginning April

1.12 Identify actions needed to adapt to climate   HOSs      E and GI   A joint County Council and Borough Council presentation was
change across South Ribble by working the                               made to South Ribble Partnership last November. South
South Ribble Partnership and other key                                  Ribble Partnership has adopted a project around climate
partners by June 2008                                                   change, which is currently being scoped and developed. The
                                                                        Council is also working on a unique new pilot with the County
                                                                        Environment Directorate; Climate Change is included in this

                                      SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
                                               PROGRESS REPORT – AUGUST 2008
Key actions                                        Lead      Lead       Progress as of August 2008
                                                   Officer   Cabinet

1.13 Implement phase 1 of the green travel plan    HPCE      E and GI   All the fieldwork for phase 1 of the Green Travel Plan around
and develop/implement phase 2 of the plan by                            employee travel to work at the Civic Centre is complete. The
March 2008                                                              recommendations/action plan is currently being worked upon.
                                                                        Phase 2 of the green travel plan will then start looking at the
                                                                        Council’s vehicle fleet.

1.14 Gather baseline information on emissions      HES       E and GI   This is currently monitored and used to asses the
from commercial vehicles by March 2008 and                              environmental performance of vehicles and when procuring
assess environmental benefits of replacing                              new vehicles.
vehicles more frequently than current rate.

1.15 Ensure energy efficiency and renewable        HPR       E and GI   To be included as the park management plans are reviewed
energy measures are included in the                                     and re-freshed.
development and management plans for major

1.16 Implement the Council’s energy action plan    PSM       E and GI   The window replacement programme has been put on hold at
within agreed timescales including:                                     present. Solar thermal water heating has been installed for the
 Window replacement programme                                          Civic Centre kitchen. Lighting controls are being rolled out
 Installation of solar thermal water heating                           across the Civic Centre. There is also more use of solar
    system for kitchen                                                  thermal energy planned at Worden Arts & Craft Centre. The
 Installation of new high efficiency                                   Civic Centre condensing boilers have recently been installed.
    condensing boilers Civic Centre
 Continue to run lighting controls on Civic
    Centre lighting and expand to remainder of

1.17 Include policies in the Local Development     HPH       R and P    Complete.
Framework (LDF) on the provision of low carbon
and renewable sources of energy. In the interim
until the relevant part of the Local Development
Framework is adopted, the target set in the
companion guide to PPS1 will be used (likely to

                                       SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
                                                PROGRESS REPORT – AUGUST 2008
Key actions                                          Lead      Lead       Progress as of August 2008
                                                     Officer   Cabinet
be 10% - following the ‘Merton Rule’). This will
secure the increasingly high levels of energy
efficiency required by Building Regulations

1.18 Carry out statutory inspections to ensure       HPH       R and P    These have been built into the Building Control Service’s day
that buildings comply with the Building                                   to day work.
Regulations, particularly those relating to energy

1.19 Ensure that all Building Control surveyors      HPH       R and P    On track.
have undergone appropriate training to carry out
energy assessments of domestic buildings by
March 2008 (and district Building Control
surveyors to be trained for commercial buildings
by March 2009)
1.20 Introduce the schools recycling service by      HS        E and GI   Service introduced.
January 2008

1.21 Contribute to the review of the Lancashire      HS        E and GI   Review complete and new strategy launched.
Waste Strategy by January 2008

1.22 Work in partnership with Enterprise and the     HS        E and GI   Joint working with Enterprise plc continues.
Lancashire Waste Partnership to achieve
strategic objectives for the waste service

1.23 Provide grant assistance and information        HPH       PH and H   The grant scheme continues and is being marketed through
to increase household energy efficiency                                   the Save it for South Ribble campaign. 70 boilers replaced
(including 70 boiler replacements 2007/08)                                2007/08.

1.24 Promote the solar thermal grant scheme to       HPH       PH and H   The grant scheme continues and is being marketed through
householders to ensure maximum take up (10                                the Save it for South Ribble campaign.
units fitted 2007/08)

                                        SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
                                                 PROGRESS REPORT – AUGUST 2008
Key actions                                        Lead      Lead       Progress as of August 2008
                                                   Officer   Cabinet

2.1 Identify more areas which can be               HS        SS         Further work is required to meet this key action. This will be
maintained as wildflower meadow on Council                              undertaken in conjunction with Lancashire County Council and
owned land by March 2008                                                other partners such as the Wildlife Trust.

2.2 Draw up proposals for climate change           HS        E and GI   Work is ongoing to establish climate change measures for our
adaptation measures in major parks e.g.,                                major parks. Significant plans have been incorporated into the
planting of drought tolerant species and water                          Worden Park development plans currently out to consultation.
storage facilities by September 2008

3.1 Provide training for councillors on climate    HPCE      C and SS   Training was provided to Members’ in November 2007.
change by January 2008                                                  Additional training is being planned for this September.

3.2 Provide training for staff on climate change   HPCE      C and SS   Training has been provided via the Managers’ Forum and
by March 2008                                                           Team Leaders’ Forum. An energy saving week for employees
                                                                        is planned for October 2008. This will be hosted by the Green
                                                                        Champions and will form part of the Save it for South Ribble

3.3 Green Champions to carry out energy            PO(S)     E and GI   Green Champions have arranged and delivered a number in
saving campaign October 2007 and, where                                 initiatives within the Council, including energy efficiency.
possible make links with energy efficiency
awareness events (see sustainability objective

4.1 Devise a methodology for climate proofing      HPCE      E and GI   Methodology still to be devised as part of service planning
services by September 2008                                              guidance for 2008/09.

4.2 Carry out sustainability appraisals of key     HPCE      E and GI   Sustainability appraisals have been carried out on the
documents such as corporate plan and service                            Sustainable Community Strategy and the Corporate Plan.
plans                                                                   More systematic approach to carrying out appraisals to be
                                                                        developed in-line with Use of Resources Assessment

                                        SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
                                                 PROGRESS REPORT – AUGUST 2008
Key actions                                         Lead        Lead       Progress as of August 2008
                                                    Officer     Cabinet

5.1 Encourage food and catering businesses to       PO(S)       E and GI   South Ribble Banqueting Suite and Worden Arts Centre sell
sell Fairtrade products across South Ribble                                Fairtrade products. Articles encouraging business have been
                                                                           included in FORWARD. We are also working with the Preston
                                                                           & South Ribble Fairtrade Group to visit businesses and
                                                                           encourage them to stock Fairtrade products. The work is part
                                                                           of the drive to become a Fairtrade Borough in autumn 2008

5.2 Work with the corporate procurement group       PPM/PO(S)   E and GI   Initial work carried out. More work is still to be undertaken.
to establish standards for incorporating
sustainability into the specifications for major

6.1 Deliver the Council’s actions in the            HS          CS         The Community Safety Partnership has met the key targets set
Community Safety Strategy Action Plan                                      out in its strategy 2005/2008.
(Corporate Plan action)                                                    The partnership has exceeded its Home Office/Local Area
                                                                           Agreement targets for British Crime Survey Comparator
                                                                           Crimes. Baseline 2003/04 4,699 offences reduced to 3,771 in
                                                                           2007/08 (target 3,994 in 2007/08).

7.1 Identify local transport issues and implement   HPH         R and P    Consultants have been appointed and are well on with the
action to maximise sustainable transport and                               study. In addition, a transportation study for the whole of
reduce traffic congestion in the area (Corporate                           Lancashire is being undertaken by the Lancashire Economic
Plan action)                                                               Partnership.

7.2 Deliver the Council’s contribution to the       HPH         R and P    South Ribble Partnership has agreed to disband this project.
South Ribble Partnership ‘Accessible
Communities’ project to improve access to
health facilities (Corporate Plan action)

8.1 Deliver the Council’s contribution to the       HRHC        PH and H   The project was evaluated during 2007 and found to be a
South Ribble Partnership ‘Health in the Home’                              success. The project team is currently looking at how partners
project                                                                    can mainstream the projects in the future.

                                                                 - 10 -
                                       SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
                                                PROGRESS REPORT – AUGUST 2008
Key actions                                         Lead      Lead       Progress as of August 2008
                                                    Officer   Cabinet

8.2 Deliver the Council’s contribution to the       HRHC      PH and H   The take up of the award has been successful in South Ribble
South Ribble Partnership ‘Health in the                                  with 8 organisations receiving the award in comparison with 3
Workplace’ project, including acting as a                                organisations in Chorley. Two organisations operate in both
community leader to promote the aims of the                              boroughs. The group are looking at ways of further promoting
project to the wider community                                           the scheme in the Chorley area. Preston Partnership is also
                                                                         interested in the project and hopes to adopt the South Ribble

9.1 Deliver the Council’s annual Action Plan for    HPCE      Leader     The actions in the Equality, Diversity and Community Cohesion
Equality, Diversity and Community Cohesion                               Strategy are currently being implemented and are monitored by
                                                                         the Equality and Diversity Member Working Group. The action
                                                                         plan will help us to achieve Level 3 of the Local Government
                                                                         Equality Standard and other statutory targets.

10.1 Provide energy efficiency advice to 80         HPH       PH and H   Provided 94 households with advice during 2007/2008
households (2007/08)

10.2 Hold 2 targeted roadshows during 2007/08       HPH       PH and H   2 roadshows held during 2007/2008.
to highlight energy efficiency/affordable warmth
and ensure links are made with climate change

10.3 Hold 4 energy efficiency training sessions     HPH       PH and H   6 session held with partners.
during 2007/08 with partners and voluntary
groups and make links with climate change

10.4 Enhance sustainability pages on website        PO(S)     E and GI   New webpages available at: www.southribble.gov.uk/climate.
by September 2008

10.5 Establish an environmental forum for South     HPCE      E and GI   To be established as part of South Ribble Partnership’s climate
Ribble, linking into the work of the South Ribble                        change project.

                                                               - 11 -
                                        SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
                                                 PROGRESS REPORT – AUGUST 2008
Key actions                                        Lead         Lead       Progress as of August 2008
                                                   Officer      Cabinet
Partnership by September 2008

11.1 Provide a pilot commercial recycling          HS           E and GI   Implemented.
service by January 2008

11.2 Investigate sources of grant funding for      HRHC         E and GI   Information provided to businesses at the annual business
businesses to increase energy efficiency/use of                            support event.
renewables by March 2008

11.3 Promote the Environment Connect               Economic     E and GI   Promoted with businesses at the annual business support
information services to businesses to ensure       Devpt Team              event and through contact with businesses. Further work in this
information is available to SMEs                   and PO(S)               area is planned for later this year.

12.1 Continue to take a leading role in            HPH          R and P    We are continuing with the joint working on the Core Strategy
influencing regional and sub regional activities                           of the LDF and the 3 Councils and the County Council have
on issues such as regeneration, economic                                   agreed to establish a Joint Planning Advisory Committee to
development, housing and the Local                                         streamline the process. Similarly the 3 Councils are working
Development Framework (Corporate Plan                                      on a Central Lancashire Housing Strategy to input into a
action)                                                                    Lancashire Housing Strategy. We have also begun the
                                                                           process of preparing for a co-ordinated Central Lancashire
                                                                           input into the Lancashire element of the Single Integrated
                                                                           Regional Strategy as proposed by the Government. A new
                                                                           economic action plan is being developed with the South Ribble
                                                                           Economic Partnership, which will identify partnerships, issues
                                                                           and strategies for development. This will be used to influence
                                                                           and seek funding from local, sub regional and regional

                                                                 - 12 -
                                         SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2008
                                                  PROGRESS REPORT – AUGUST 2008
Key actions                                       Lead         Lead        Progress as of August 2008
                                                  Officer      Cabinet

13.1 Implement South Ribble Partnership’s         HRHC         PH and H    Actions associated with the Cultural Strategy continue to be
Cultural Strategy and annual action plan                                   implemented with positive results. The Sport and Physical
                                                                           Activity Alliance has now received an award of £146k to spend
                                                                           on projects over the next three years. This year the multi sector
                                                                           alliance has delivered projects with all the borough's special
                                                                           needs schools, four secondary schools and 38 primary
                                                                           schools. This work impacts on 3,030 children during
                                                                           curriculum time and 720 who have attended new after school
                                                                           sports clubs.

Abbreviations                                         Lead Officers

BVPI Best value performance indicators                HOS Head of Service
CHD Coronary heart disease                            HPCE Head of Policy and Community Engagement
CO2 Carbon dioxide                                    HPH Head of Planning and Housing
HECA Home Energy Conservation Act                     HRHC Head of Regeneration and Healthy Communities
LAA Lancashire Local Area Agreement                   HS Head of Streetscene
LDF Local Development Framework                       PO(S) Policy Officer (Sustainability)
NI National Indicators                                PSM Property Services Manager
SME Small and medium enterprise

Cabinet Members

C and SS Corporate and Support Services
E and GI Environmental and Green Issues
PH and H Public Health and Housing
R and P Regeneration and Planning

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