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					                    Stratford Climate Action Network
                             Tues 16th Oct 07
                    Methodist Church Hall, Stratford

   1. Dave Passingham, Friends of the Earth
   2. Arnrid Wood, Tree Warden Scheme
   3. Joyce Powell, Eco-congregations & Methodist Church
   4. Ken Walker, Eco-congregations
   5. Betty Walker, Eco-congregations
   6. Emma Clarke, Warks CC
   7. Cindy Musgrave, WEEAC, LA21 / Sustainable Action Stratford
   8. Ruth Woollacott I, Alcester Business group
   9. Arjuna Biswas, Stratford Voice + Oxfam
   10. Tom, Oxfam
   11. Rowan, Oxfam
   12. Sarah, Oxfam
   13. Leslie Turner, Long Itchington (LIFE)
   14. Pam Reason, Bishops Itchington Eco Schools
   15. Lila Morgan, LA21 / Sustainable Action Stratford
   16. Rosemary Ratcliffe, Heart of England Housing Association
   17. Philip Morris, Quakers
   18. John Carrier, Snitterfield Action Climate Change
   19. Duncan Parker, Snitterfield Action Climate Change
Margaret Anderson, Meryl Rice, Sheila Sandle, Heather Gerard, Lim & Evelyn
Ho, Denise Kelly, Carol Chollerton


Long Itchington (LIFE)                They have 40 subscribers and 10
                                      They held a successful Environment Day
                                       in the summer at which Sir Howard
                                       Dalton FRS, Chief Scientific Adviser to
                                       DEFRA spoke
                                      They are running a mini “plastic bags”
Eco-congregations                     They have audited their energy saving
                                       measure and found that they had savings
                                       of up to 40% for the Church buildings
                                      They are petitioning for a 10p tax on
                                       plastic bags
                                      Church garden. Now grow plants that
                                       require less water and they’ve added
                                       compost to retain moisture.
                                      Lim Ho has proposed that the Network
                                       hold an Eco-Fair hosted at the church.
                                       He has produced a document outlining
                                       the idea
Oxfam                                 Oxfam is reducing the use of plastic
                                       bags and is providing cotton branded
Fair Trade Town                       Stratford is now a Fair Trade Town
                                      They are interested in a joint forum with
                                       us on the effects of Climate Change and
                                       Fair Trade on developing Countries

Alcester Business                     In response to the speakers at the Waste
Network                                & Recycling Forum businesses in
                                       Alcester have sourced a local recycling
                                       company who can collect and recycles
                                       waste. Business waste can now be
                                       recycled and it is also saving the
                                       businesses money.
Green Team                            Sent apologies as 20 of them were on a
                                       trip to an eco house in the north of
Quakers                               Have for a long time been working to
                                       stop climate change
                                      They have their own carbon footprint
Snitterfield                          They had a successful launch event in
                                       the Village Hall earlier in the year
                                      They run a village plastics + other
                                       recyclables collection for non-doorstep
                                      They are campaigning for households to
                                       convert to “green energy” – they get a
                                       donation to their funds for each new
                                       converted house
                                      They have organised recycling at the
                                       school and Brownies
                                      Promote solar panels
LA21 / Sustainable Action             Have set up a not for profit company with
Stratford                              the aim of obtaining funding for
                                       environmental projects.
                                      Green Champions are one of the projects
                                       applied for
WCC                                   Switch it Off Campaign for November
                                      Biomass Conference at Moreton Hall
                                      Climate Change Champion

Future Forum Topics
Effects of Climate Change and Fair Trade on developing Countries
Transition to a Low Carbon Stratford by 2050. Action: DP
A discussion was held on Lim’s proposal. Some people felt that it should be
limited to the New Town part of Stratford . It was proposed that a well known
speaker be invited. It was decided to leave it to the organising committee to
discuss further.

Plastic Bags
It was proposed that we run a “plastic bag free town” campaign similar to that
in Modbury see Several villages said they
were already doing this in their areas. It was suggested we need to run an
education campaign on plastic bags. It was decided to leave it to the
organising committee to discuss further.

Organising Committee
Dave Passingham, Arnrid Wood, Ruth Woollacott, Arjuna Biswas, Lila
Morgan, Lim Ho to meet to organise future events. (The next meeting was
arranged for 7.30, Monday 12th November at Arnrids house in Shottery Rd ).