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Massage Therapy

Spa and Esthetics


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Table of Contents
Massage Therapy
Portable Massage Tables                              1
Massage Tables and Stools                            2
Massage Chairs and Disposable Face Rest Covers       3                     Massage Therapy
Linens and Linen Rental Service                      4
Hot Stones                                           4
Massage Accessories, Charts and Models               5
Biotone® Oils, Lotions and Cremes                    6
AquaOil®, Massage Oils and Lotions                   7
Body Cushion and Warming Devices                     8

                                                                           Spa and Esthetics
Spa and Esthetics
Spa Tables                                           9
Biotone® Spa Products                                10
Esthetic Tools and Equipment                         11
Thai Stem                                            12
Solerra Sunless Tanning                              12
Infrared Saunas                                      13
Spa Relaxus                                          14                    Chiropractic

Chiropractic Tables, Clinic Paper                    16
Clinic Equipment, Pillows and Products               18
Chiropractic Devices and Products                    19

Physiotherapy                                                              Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy Supplies                               20
Yoga Products and Ambiance                           21

                                                                                   PORTABLE MASSAGE TABLES

Earthlite ™                                                                                                       Stronglite ™
L-9602B       Harmony III ™ Package                                                                               L-9800PKGL           Classic ™ Deluxe Package
The Harmony III™ is an economically priced full size massage table. Featuring extra thick foam, easy set-up       A great package price! Comes with Satintouch
and a two year structural warranty (available in Teal, Agate Blue, Black and Burgundy in Ventura vinyl.)          Black or Navy Blue Vinyl and sturdy oak hardwood.
                                                                                                                  Manufactured with box-beam and finger-jointed
                                                       Specifications and Features                                construction. Lifetime warranty.
                                                       • Weight: 29.5 lbs
                                                       • Width: 29”
                                                       • Adjustable height range: 23” - 34”                       Specifications and Features
                                                       • 2.5” foam system                                         • Weight: 34lbs
                                                       • Squeakproof                                              • 30” Classic Deluxe Massage Table with Reiki
                                                       • Designed for easy set-up                                    endplates and Shiatsu cable release
                                                       • Deluxe Two-way adjust headrest, cushion and              • Safety lock support system
                                                          carry case included                                     • Adjustable height range: 22” – 35”
                                                       • Limited lifetime warranty.                               • Two knob leg extensions
                                                                                                                  • 3” foam system
                                                                                                      $459        • High-gloss lacquer on oak hardwood
                                                                                                                  • Embroidered carry case with Stronglite logo
                                                                                                                  • Deluxe Two-way adjust headrest, cushion and
Earthlite ™                                                                                                          carry case included
                                                                                                                  • Limited lifetime warranty.
L-9601RASP             Avalon ™ Package                 Specifications and Features
The Avalon™ portable massage table offers superb        • Weight: 32 lbs (28” width)
value and unparalleled performance to the massage       • Width: 28” and 30“
professional and serious student.                       • Adjustable height range: 23” - 33”
                                                        • 2.5” foam system
                                                        • Shiatsu cable release system
                                                        • Squeakproof
                                                        • Half & Haf Reiki/Standard end panels
                                                        • Headrest outlets on both ends
                                                        • Designed for easy set-up                                Shown in
                                                                                                                  Navy Blue
                                                        • 450lb working weight for strength, stability & safety
                                                        • Deluxe Two-way adjust headrest, cushion and carry
                                                           case included
                                                        • Limited lifetime warranty.
        Shown in
        Raspberry                                                                                     $599                                                   $599

Earthlite ™                                                                                                       Stronglite ™
L-96SH        Spirit II ™ Package                                                                                 L-9831        Versalite ™ Package
                                                       Specifications and Features
The balanced design and style of the Spirit™ makes it • Weight: 32 lbs (28” width)                                Versatility and stability of our new Versalite with
the best you can buy. It is absolutely squeakproof and • Width: 28” and 30“                                       added luxury and comfort! While the sporty,
has reinforced ribs. The professional’s massage table. • Adjustable height range: 23” - 33”                       lightweight design is still apparent, we’ve upgraded
                                                       • Luxurious 3” 3-layer foam system                         this limited edition table for added style and
                                                       • Shiatsu cable release system                             comfort.
                                                       • Squeakproof
                                                       • Reiki endplates optional                                 Specifications and Features
                                                       • Headrest outlets on both ends                            • Weight: 29lbs (29” width)
                                                       • Designed for easy set-up                                 • 3” Deluxe Foam
                                                       • 450lb working weight for strength, stability & safety    • Ecological PVC-free EnviroLeather fabric
                                                       • Deluxe Two-way adjust headrest, cushion and carry        • Telescoping legs for easy height adjustments
                                                          case included                                              (ranges from 22” – 32”)
                                                       • Limited lifetime warranty.                               • Strong, 500 lb. working weight capacity
        Shown in                                                                                      $985        • Deluxe Two-way adjust headrest, cushion and
        Hunter Green                                                                                                 carry case included
                                                                                                                  • Limited lifetime warranty
Earthlite ™
L-96HL        Luna ™ Package
The advanced engineering team used dynamic load and finite element analysis to optimize the design of this
super-strong, lightweight, reiki-ready aluminum frame. Russian Birch Tri-tech platform design coupled with
ballistic cordura nylon to provide a strong, durable, super-lightweight platform.
                                                        Specifications and Features
                                                        • Dimensions: 30” x 73”
                                                        • Weight: 26.2 lbs
                                                        • 2” Pro-Lite Foam Cushioning
                                                        • Warranty: Limited Lifetime on Frame, 3 years on
                                                           Foam and Vinyl
                                                        • Reiki-Ready Superlite Frame Design
                                                        • 450lb working weight for strength, stability & safety
                                                        • Deluxe Two-way adjust headrest, cushion and carry
                                                           case included
        Shown in
        Hunter Green
                                                        • Limited lifetime warranty.                 $785                                                    $785

                                            MASSAGE TABLES AND STOOLS

Ann Unicare ™                                                                                                      Astralite ™
L-9315             Maternity                                                                                       L-9900P        Lumina III ™ Deluxe Package
The oval-shaped opening is large enough for the most advanced pregnancy and adjusts with a wide,                   This ultimate aluminum table package is the ideal
comfortable, softly padded supporter. The insert restores the table to standard use. Choice of 28” or 30” wide     way to pamper your client. Weighing only 24
by 73” long. Includes a neck recess. Structural lifetime guarantee. Made in Canada.                                pounds, it features 2.5-inch deluxe foam, a choice
                                                                                                                   of Baltic Blue, Juniper or Berry Ultra Leather fabric,
                                                        Specifications and Features                                a full tilting headrest with cushion, carry case and a
                                                        • Weight: 40lbs (30” x 70” or 73” table)                   lifetime warranty.
                                                        • Adjustable height range: 22” – 33”
                                                        • working weight: 650lbs
                                                        • 3” triple wrap ultra cell foam
                                                        • Includes standard headrest, cushion and carry
                              Optional deluxe           • Lifetime Warranty
                              2-way adjustable
                              headrest $95                                                              $995

Ann Unicare ™
L-9300PT Premier Package                                                                                                                                     $1,449
The Premier is just perfect for the beginning           Specifications and Features
Therapist. The frame is made of Canadian Hard           • Weight: 30lbs (28” table)
                                                        • Available width: 28”
Maple. It has everything one can expect for a
professional table.                                     • Length: 73”
                                                        • Adjustable height range: 22” – 33”                       We offer pneumatic rolling stools, with or without
                                                        • Working weight: 575lbs                                   back support, along with our folding stool. One year
                                                        • 2.25” double wrap medium density foam                    warranty.
                                                        • Includes standard headrest, cushion and carry
                                                        • Lifetime Warranty                                                              L-9621
                                                                                                                                         Earthlite Folding Stool
                              Optional deluxe                                                                                            $111
                              2-way adjustable
        Shown in Teal         headrest $95                                                              $625

Earthlite ™                                                Earthlite ™
L-9626E            Ellora ™                                L-9626E        Ellora ™ Salon Option
The Ellora™ massage table is silent electric               The Ellora™ salon table is dsigned for comfort,
designed for comfort, long lasting reliability,easy        long lasting reliability, easy care and great
                                                                                                                                         Relaxus Rolling Stool
care and great performance. Lifetime warranty on           performance. Easily lifts 450 pounds. With a                                  (blue only, 3” foam)
the frame and a 2-year warranty on the motor and           lifetime warranty on the frame and a 2-year                                   $95
controls. The Ellora™ features unparalleled                warranty on the motor and controls, be assured
performance, clean lines and excellent quality.            that the table will serve you well for years to come.
                                                           The Ellora™ Salon table is a superb value with
    Specifications and Features                            unparalleled performance and quality. ADA
    • Weight: 185lbs (30” x 73” table)                     compliant.
    • Lift capacity: 450lbs
    • Available widths: 28” 30” and 32”
                            ,                              Specifications and Features
    • Adjustable height range: 17” to 36”                  • Weight: 185lbs (30” x 73” table)                                            L-9622
    • ADA Compliant                                        • Lift capacity: 450lbs                                                       Earthlite Rolling Stool
    • Deluxe Two-way adjust headrest and cushion                                   ,
                                                           • Available widths: 28” 30” and 32”
                                                           • Adjustable height range: 17” to 36”                                         $135
    • Lifetime warranty on frame
    • 2-year warranty on motor & controls                  • ADA Compliant
                                                           • Lifetime warranty on frame
                                                           • 2-year warranty on motor & controls

                                                           Optional Extra
                                                           Foot Pedal $219

                                                                                                                                         Earthlite Rolling Stool
                                                                                                                                         with Back
Tilt option $175                                                                                                                         $195
Optional Extra
Foot Pedal $219

                                           $2,150                                                     $2,600

                                          MASSAGE CHAIRS, DISPOSABLE FACE REST COVERS

Stronglite ™                                                                                       Disposable Face Rest Covers
L-9840E    Ergo Pro ™
                           A lightweight, completely adjustable and ergonomically                  SANIFRC-4421 Fitted Disposable Covers
                           engineered Aluminium massage chair assures the                          50 pc     $24
                           client’s correct alignment. Carry case included with
                           peek-a-boo wheels.

                           Specifications and Features
                           • Weight: 19lbs
                           • Adjustable height range: 19.5” to 26.5”
                           • Ultralight Aluminium Frame
                           • Includes carry case & sternum pad
                           • Lifetime warranty


Earthlite ™                                                                                        L-9630       Flat Disposable Covers
L-96VA     Vortex ™        In a Vortex, where the magnetic fields converge, there
                                                                                                   100 pc       $33
                           is a powerful energy that many believe has healing
                           qualities. A professional massage therapist uses the
                           massage chair to focus and channel healing energy
                           from his or her hands to the client. That’s why Earthlite
                           has named our their new chair, “Vortex” - a place of
                           energy and healing.

                           Specifications and Features
                           • Weight: 15lbs
                           • Oval tube, aircraft aluminum frame design
                           • Natursoft™ Vinyl
                           • Functional design folds and totes easily
                           • Includes carry case & sternum pad
                           • Lifetime warranty                                             $560

Earthlite ™                                                                                         ProLite
L-9628     Avilla II ™     This chair offers advanced flexibility. The seat, leg                    L-9051 Navy
                           an armrests are redefined and reshaped for more                          An ergonomically designed chair for proper
                           support and comfort with the “Soft Support” dual                         alignment and comfort. The ProLite Chair
                           layer cushioning system. Compact and easy to set up.                     combines simplicity with versatility, allowing
                           Adjustments can be made while the client is in the                       accommodation of a wide range of clients.
                           chair. An essential oil well and detachable pouch (for                   includes a carry case a strap.
                           jewellery & watches) puts the client at ease. Aerospace
                           carbon fibre construction.                                               Specifications and Features
                                                                                                    • Weight: under 20lbs
                           Specifications and Features                                              • Supports 250lbs
                           • Weight: 26lbs                                                          • Headrest, cushion and carry case included
                           • Fits small child to 350lb adult                                        • One Year Warranty
                           • Removable pads & Includes deluxe padded
                              cordura roll-away carry case
                           • Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Looking to Rent for a Special Event? Think of Relaxus!
Whether you plan to rent for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, give us a
call and we can set you up with one of our many tables and chairs!

                          One Day              3 Days            One Week              Per Month
Massage Chairs            $25                  $45               $75                   $150
Massage Tables            $25                  $45               $75                   $150

* We also rent BodyCushion®, Invertrac™ and Inversion Tables. Call to inquire!                                                         $389 (1+)
** 60% of rental fees can be applied towards purchase of equipment.                                                                    $349 (3+)

                                             LINENS AND HOT STONES

    Linens by Relaxus
    Want the most luxurious experience available? Start with our Deluxe Table Warmer, add a Deluxe Fitted Fleece
    Pad, top that with one of our Flannel Sheet Sets and finish with a Fleece Blanket.

                Flannel Face Rest Covers                                         50/50 Poly-Cotton Blend Sheets
                Available in White or Natural Cream: Fitted 1-piece;             Available in White or Natural Cream
                Fitted 2-piece; Flat; Apron.
                                                                                 Fitted (44” x 84”)
                1x         3x          12x       24x                             1x          3x             12x      24x
                $4.50      $4.25       $4        $3.75                           $14         $13.30         $9       $8

                                                                                 Flat (50” x 90”)
                Flannel Sheets                                                   1x           3x            12x      24x
                Available in White or Natural Cream
                                                                                 $12          $10           $9       $8                   Robes, Slippers and
                Fitted (44” x 84”)                                                                                                        towels available in
                1x          3x         12x       24x                             Fleece Accessories
                $18         $17.10     $13.50    $12                                                                                       a variety of sizes.
                                                                                 Table Pad                  $42
                Massage Flat (50” x 90”)                                         Face Cover                 $19
                1x        3x          12x        24x
                $13       $12         $9         $8.50                           Steri-Pillows
                Spa Flat (70” x 90”)                                             Small        (9” x 12”)             $8
                1x         3x          12x       24x                             Large        (19” x 27”)            $15
                $18        $17.10      $15.25    $13

                Flannel Pillow Cases                                             Blankets
                Available in White or Natural Cream
                                                                                 Fleece Snuggle             Beige    $30
                Small      $4                                                    Cotton Weave               White    $20
                Large      $6.25                                                 Duvet                      White    Various Sizes. Call for pricing.

                                Linen Rental Services available for Lower Mainland area
                        Let us take care of your linen and laundry needs with weekly delivery.
                                    Convenient and affordable! Call us for a quote!

    Stones, Roasters, Accessories
    Stones by Alexandra
                                                                                                                                     Why Basalt Stones?
    AT1000       Basalt Stone Set (50pc + DVD)                         $185                                                          They are very dense, heat
    AT-2000      Marble Stone Set (5pc)                                $165                                                          quickly and distribute heat
    AT-2001      Marble Trigger Set (2pc)                              $47                                                           evenly.

                                                                                                                                     Why Marble?
    TH Stones                                                                                                                        They are hand crafted
                                                                                                                                     specifically    for   massage,
    THST50       Basalt Stone Set (50pc + DVD)                         $169                                                          delivering coolness and chilling
    THCHK        Chakra Set (7pc)                                      $37                                                           quickly for re-use.
    THWD         Chakra Quartz Attunement Wand                         $35
    THCLM        Cold Marine River Stone (7pc)                         $55

    Chakra Stones are beautifully patterned, smooth semi-
    precious stones; staying easily in place on the client’s body
    during treatment. Available flat or round.

    Various sized stone sets available ie. 6 medium or (10) toe
    stones pedicure set, etc. Call for quote                                                    L-9128L           Salon Pro ™ Roaster (18 Quart) $115
                                                                                                L-9128            Salon Pro ™ Roaster (12 Quart) $89

                                                       MASSAGE ACCESSORIES, CHARTS AND MODELS

Table Carry Cases                                                                                              Headrest Platforms and Cushions
Assure that the condition of the massage table                                                                 Choose from standard (one-position) up to deluxe
remains beautiful with one of our carry cases.                                                                 with lift and tilt. We offer a broad range of headrests
consider our table cart, a convenient rolling model.                                                           for superior comfort. As each manufacturer has
For ideal fit, measure length, width and foam                                                                  different requirements, please
thickness.                                                                                                     contact us to discuss specifics.

                                                        Relaxus                                                Platforms from $45 to $99
                         Basic             $59          L-9606T       Table Warmer $138                        Cushions from $45 to $99
                         Deluxe            $150
                                                        Ensure your client’s comfort with our deluxe
                                                        electric table warmer. It gently heats with pressure
                                                        from body weight.
                                                                                                               Oil Holsters with Bottle
                                                                                                               Single        $10
                                                        Quantity discounts available. Please inquire.          Double        $15

                         L-9120                         Relaxus                                                Plastic Bottles with Flip Cap
                         Table Porter $125              L-9853M       Space Foam Cushion                $50    4oz, 8oz, 500ml, 1litre $1.50 each
                                                        Do you think Memory                                    8 oz Pump $1.50 each
                                                        Foam Headrest cushions                                 4 litre Pump $4.50 each
                                                        are just too expensive?
                                                        Check out the Relaxus
                                                        Space Foam Cushion. It is                               Relaxation CDs and Sets
                                                        made out of high quality                                We offer a wide variety of musical selections to suit
Charts                                                  memory foam giving the                                  your preferences.
                                                        ultimate “ooooh-factor”
L-12700       Muscular                     $26          for your clients!                                       CD Compliations from $10 - $25
L-12704       Skeletal                     $26
L-12706       Nervous System               $26                                                                  L-0204 Eastern Harmony (5CDs) $25
                                                        Professional Laundry Detergents                         L-0226 Well Being (5CDs)      $25
                                                        L-6880        Clean Again (1 quart) $14
                                                        L-6880G       Clean Again (1 gallon) $35

                                                        Table Cleaners
                                                        Keep your vinyl sanitary and supple. FDA approved.
                                                        BN30475       Benefect           $59
                                                        (4 litre)
Trigger Points                                          L-2192     Genie Plus            $18                    Hydrocollator ®
(2pc)       $44                                         (700ml spray)                                           For the larger clinic. Hot clay treatment packs
                                                                                                                on demand.
                                                        L-2196        Genie Plus         $38
                                                        (4 litre)                                               L-2152       E-1 Non Insulated          $599
                                                                                                                With 4 standard hot packs 6” x 10”
                                                        L-2193     Genie Wipes $15                              L-2155       E-2 Non Insulated          $1,185
                                                        (Anti-microbial pop-up towlettes)                       With 6 standard hot packs 6” x 10”
                                                                                                                L-1008       HotPacTM         10” x 18”   $39
                                                                                                                L-1010       HotPacTM         10” x 24”   $49
Size: 20” x 26” - Light lamination with grommets                                                                L-2153       HotPacTM         10” x 12”   $24
                                                                                                                L-2154       HotPacTM         5” x 12”    $22
Models                                                  Bolsters                                                L-1002       Neck             24”         $29
                                                        We offer a complete line of bolsters made with          L-2158       HotPacTM         15” x24”    $60
BA0SA20      $140                                       environmentally friendly, CFC free foam.                L-2160       Terry Cover                  $40
Skull                                                                                                           Standard foam filled
                                                        L-9855                (8” x 26”)            $42
BA0SA82 $149                                            L-9616F               (6” x 26”) black      $42
Knee with Ligaments                                     L-9606F               (8“ x 26” fluffy)     $52
                                                        L-9803HALF            (3” x 6” x 26”)       $38.50
L-12706 $185                                            L-9629N               (3” x 6” x 13”)       $34
Spine, Flexible with stand

Many more models available.
                                                        Many more shapes and sizes available.

                                           BIOTONE MASSAGE PRODUCTS

BIOTONE ® Massage Products

BIOTONE®, North America’s leading
manufacturer of professional massage
products, offers these premium formulas
giving maximum performance and client

BIOTONE® has continued to introduce a
variety of textures, glides and effectiveness
suited to various massage techniques.

Dual Purpose Creme™                                                     Oils
An ultra rich, smooth consistency for even application. Equally                                         8oz     68oz           1 gallon
suited to body, hands and feet, it provides effortless glide and non
greasy finish. Unscented, it contains extracts of arnica and ivy.       Revitalizing                    $8      $38            $53
                                                                        All Purpose
7 oz refillable tube                    $15
14 oz                                   $18                             Nutri-Naturals®                 $11     $38            $58
68 oz                                   $55                             Carrot and Avocado
1 gallon                                $89
                                                                        Herbal Select™                  $12     $42            n/a
                                                                        Extracts and Botanicals
Deep Tissue™ Massage Lotion
A non greasy, smooth texture, allowing minimum glide and
maximum friction. Formulated for deep tissue, stimulating and           Clear Results™                  $14     $50            $76
                                                                        Jojoba and Aloe. Won’t Stain!
neuro massage techniques, it offers the therapist complete control.
Unscented and contains aloe.
8 oz                                    $7.25                                                           8oz     68oz           1 gallon
68 oz                                   $26                             Nutri-Naturals®                 $11     $38            $60
1 gallon                                $49.50                                                          8oz     32oz
                                                                        Polar Lotion®                   $15     $47
Advanced Therapy™ Massage Products                                                                      4oz     32oz
The following Advanced Therapy™ formulas are hypoallergenic,            Herbal Select™ Face             $10     $36
containing no drying alcohol, mineral or nut oils and fragrance free.                                   6oz     32oz
Based with apricot, grapeseed and sesame oils, they are excellent       Herbal Select™ Foot             $12     $35
for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Advanced Therapy™ Massage Gel                                           Cremes
                                                                                                        8oz     68oz           1 gallon
8 oz with pump             $10
                                                                        Nutri-Naturals®                 $15     $60            $96
68 oz                      $36                                                                          7oz     15oz           1 gallon
1 gallon                   $54                                          Herbal Select™                  $10     $36            $93
Advanced Therapy™ Massage Lotion
8 oz with pump             $10
68 oz                      $32.50                                       Pump            for 1 gallon    $5.50
1 gallon                   $54

Advanced Therapy™ Massage Creme                                                                                         See Page 10 for
16 oz with pump            $22
68 oz                      $45
                                                                                                                         BIOTONE SPA
1 gallon                   $86.50                                                                                      product offering.

                                                                      AQUAOIL, MASSAGE OILS AND LOTIONS                                                                 

AquaOil ® Proudly Australian
There is no other oil like it. Pure, natural and totally water dispersible. AquaOil massage and body oils have been developed to meet the highest
expectations of professional therapists. Made and sourced in Australia, AquaOil uses only high-grade natural vegetable oils. It is unique with its 100%
water dispersible properties. Easily washing out in water, AquaOil prolongs expensive linen life without staining, leaving oil residue or lingering
odour. Call us for a free sample and brochure. Distributed exclusively in Canada by Relaxus Products.

Original Blend
A pure, 100% soya bean oil enriched with vitamin E
for superior lubrication and skin absorption. Lightly
scented, it leaves skin moisturized, silky and soft.
Suitable for all skin types.

Sweet Almond
A light and rich blend of Sweet Almond and Vitamin E,
it is rich in protein, virtually odourless and nourishing
to the skin. Suitable for facial application.

Muscle and Joint
A 100% soya bean oil blended with essential oils of; pine,    AQ001    Original             50 ml       Sample      AQ080      Healing Blend           50 ml       Sample
rosemary, wintergreen, black pepper and eucalyptus and
Vitamin E. This blend helps to relieve stiff joints, muscle   AQ005    Original             2 litres    $40         AQ084      Healing Blend           2 litres    $42
aches and increase body movement.                             AQ006    Original             4 litres    $60         AQ085      Healing Blend           4 litres    $84
Healing Blend                                                 AQ007    Original             10 litres   $185        AQ086      Healing Blend           10 litres   $225
A blend of soya bean (80%) and macadamia (20%)
plus essential oils of; Tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint
and jasmine with added Vitamin E. Balancing for the           AQ020    Sweet Almond         50 ml       Sample      AQ040      Body Blend              50 ml       Sample
mind, body and soul with its uplifting and nourishing         AQ024    Sweet Almond         2 litres    $49         AQ044      Body Blend              2 litres    $48
                                                              AQ025    Sweet Almond         4 litres    $85         AQ045      Body Blend              4 litres    $90
Muscle & Joint                                                AQ026    Sweet Almond         10 litres   $234        AQ046      Body Blend              10 litres   $254
100% soya bean oil blended with essential oils: pine,
rosemary, wintergreen, black pepper and eucalyptus.
A stimlating, anti-inflamatory formula for sport,             AQ070    Muscle & Joint       50 ml       Sample      AQ060      Organic                 50 ml       Sample
excercise and remedial massage.
                                                              AQ074    Muscle & Joint       2 litres    $45         AQ064      Organic                 2 litres    $44
Body Blend                                                    AQ075    Muscle & Joint       4 litres    $94         AQ065      Organic                 4 litres    $84
Light, soothing and nutirent richoil blended with 60%
apricot kernel and 40% macadamia oil.                         AQ076    Muscle & Joint       10 litres   $248        AQ066      Organic                 10 litres   $220

Holly Oil                                                                         Myo-Ther ™ x
Holly Oil is derived from a cold press process. The oil comes from the            Creamy and hypo-allergenic with long lasting lubricating qualities. This massage
branches of the holly plant and is then de-ionized. A water based Vitamin         lotion will not stain most materials.
E, (Cyclo-Alocaine) is then added along with Jojoba as a therapeutic
moisturizer and to add glide. This non nut-based oil is unscented and non-        L-2195           Massage Lotion             120 ml          $5
staining. Holly Oil has an unlimited shelf life and is the perfect carrier for
essential oils. Holly oil is non-comedogenic. It will be absorbed by the body     L-2197           Massage Lotion             1 litres        $22
with no ill effects, similar to the property of a Sweet Almond oil.               L-2198           Massage Lotion             4 litres        $55
LAX-6604          4oz                  $3.50
LAX-6608          8oz                  $5.50                                      Tournesol Oil
                                                                                  Sunflowers (Tournesols) convert the energy of the sun into a silky oil, rich in minerals
LAX-6605          500ml                $7                                         and vitamins A, E and D. Blended with pure filtered Canadian water and natural oils.
LAX-6601          1 litre              $11                                        Hypoallergenic, contains no mineral, nut or peanut oils.
LAX-6640          4 litres             $42
LAX-6610          10 litres            $95                                        Classic Performance Massage Oil
                                                                                                   500mL          2L
                                                                                  Classic          $12            $38
                                                                                  Also available in Ginger Snap, Citrus Alive, Body Warmer and Lavender.
Carrier Oils*                                                                     Dual Performance Massage Lotion
These high quality oils are the perfect compliment to your treatment service
                                                                                                   500mL          2L
offering. Choose from the following carrier oils in a variety of sizes.
                                                                                  Classic                         $33
                                                                                  Also available in Citrus Alive, Body Warmer, Lavender and Organic.
Sweet Almond            Grapeseed Oil
Apricot Kernel          Avocado Oil                                               Ultra Performance Massage Gel
Jojoba Oil                                                                        500mL            2L
                                                                                  Classic       $16.50            $43
*1 litre and 4 litres available. Call for current pricing.                        Also available in Citrus Alive, Body Warmer and Lavender.

                                                  BODY CUSHION AND WARMING DEVICES

A contoured positioning device, allowing your client to relax in a more natural position, experiencing greater comfort.

L-92M*                bodyCushion™                           3 pc set (A,B,C)                                  $330
L-92PF*               bodyCushion™                           4 pc set (A,B,C,D)                                $400
L-92PGB*              Pregnancy bodyCushion™                 4 pc set w/ adjusters (A,B,C,D,E,F)               $490
L-92ADJ               Caddy Bag w/ adjusters                 (E,F)                                             $199
                                                                                                                         B                        C                  D
                  A                                                  C

* Leg Bolster available: split or one piece.

    Therabath ®
    Professional, hospital grade paraffin bath with auto thermostat. Provides thermal moisture
    therapy. Includes 6lb unscented paraffin. Lifetime warranty.

    L-2070            Wax Unit w 6lb starter Kit                                    $199
                      Wax Refills 6lb box                                           $30
                      Lavender, Peach, Melon, Unscented
                      Wax Refills 1lb bag                                           $5.75
                      Lavender, Peach, Melon, Unscented
    L-20600           Liners for Mitts/Booties 100ct                                $15
    L-20596           Hand Starter Kit                                              $39
                      1 pr mitts, 100 liners, 4oz hydrating cream, 4oz sanitizing spray
    L-20596           Foot Starter Kit                                              $39
    L-20598           Mitts - Insulating 1 pair                                     $29.99
    L-20599           Booties - Insulating 1 pair                                   $29.99
                      1 pr booties, 100 liners, 4oz hydrating cream, 4oz sanitizing spray

     * Leg Bolster available: split or one piece.

    TheraTherm                                                    Thermophore
    Digital Moist Heating Pad                                     Moist Heating Pad
    This moist heating pad includes a digital controller,         This hot pack has a special tightly-woven flannel
    allowing the user to set the temperature and time             cover. When the unit is turned on, the surge of heat
    of the treatment.                                             into the cover traps humidity allowing the heat to
                                                                  penetrate body tissue deeper than dry heat.
    L-2161             14” x 27”         $115
    L-2162             14” x 14”         $95                      L-055           14” x 27”        $99
    L-2163             4” x 17”          $75                      L-066           14” x 14”        $89
                                                                  L-077           4” x 17”         $69

                                                                                                                         L-9606T        Table Warmer          $138
                                                                                                                         Ensure your client’s comfort with our deluxe
                                                                                                                         electric table warmer. It gently heats with pressure
                                                                                                                         from body weight.

                                                                                                                         Quantity discounts available. Please inquire.

                                                                                                                  SPA TABLES

Earthlite™                                  Earthlite™                                   Earthlite™                                      Earthlite™
L-9626     Ellora™ Salon Option             L-9631 Calistoga™ Stationary Salon           L-9631 Calistoga™ Portable Salon                L-9631 Calistoga™ Lift
The Ellora™ Salon table is designed         Our Calistoga™ Stationary lends simple       Our Calistoga™ Portable allows you              The open design allows maximum
for comfort, long lasting reliability,      elegance to your salon or day spa.           to take the luxury of salon treatments          leg and knee room while maintaining
easy care and great performance.            Complete with everything you need;           right to your client’s needs. Complete          exceptional strength and maintenance-
Easily lifts 450 pounds. With a lifetime    salon pillow, side arms, and footrest.       with; salon pillow, side arms and               free stability. A full 12-inch height range,
warranty on the frame and a 2-year          Hard maple construction and easy-to-         footrest. Ideal for facials, reflexology, and   controlled by one pedal, will let you
warranty on the motor and controls,         use adjustments. The luxurious foam          massage. Easily transported and stored.         ideally position your client.
be assured that the table will serve        system allows your client to relax in
you well for years to come. The Ellora      complete comfort.                            Specifications and Features                     Specifications and Features
™Salon table is a superb value with                                                      • Weight: 45lbs (25” width)                     • Lift capacity: 400lbs
unparalleled performance and quality.       Specifications and Features                                                 ,
                                                                                         • Available table widths: 25” 27”               • Weight: 185lbs
ADA compliant.                              • Weight: 185lbs                             • Adjustable height range: 23” to 33”                                       ,
                                                                                                                                         • Available table widths: 25” 27” & 30”
                                            • Available table widths: 25” 27” or 30”     • Length: 61”                                   • Adjustable height range: 25” to 37”
Specifications and Features                 • Adjustable height range: 17” to 36”        • Cradle Lock Cable System                      • 3-layer, 3” foam
• Weight: 185lbs (30” x 73” table)          • 3-layer, 3” foam                           • Limited Lifetime warranty on frame,           • Limited Lifetime warranty on frame,
• Lift capacity: 450lbs                     • Lifetime warranty on frame                    arrests. footrest & salon pillow; 2-year        armrests. footrest & salon pillow; 2-
• Available widths: 28” 30” and 32”                                                         warranty on motor & controls.                   year warranty on motor & controls.
• Adjustable height range: 17” to 36”       Optional Shelf        $159
• ADA Compliant                             Cabinet Base          $249                   L-9638SP Case          $169
• Lifetime warranty on frame
• 2-year warranty on motor &

Optional Foot
Pedal $219

                             $2,600                                      $1,339                                         $1,299                                         $3,539

Earthlite™                                  Living Earth Craft™                          Galaxy                                          Earthlite™
L-9604 Sedona™ Stationary                   L-9520 Cloud 9 Lift                          GX3939 Spa Pedicure Chair                       L-9626E Ellora™ Lift
As functional as it is beautiful, your      The Cloud9™ is the ultimate in versatility   This spa chair is attractive and                The Ellora™ massage table is silent
clients will love the special 3-inch        and comfort. Fully articulates with the      ergonomically designed. This versitile          electric designed for comfort, long
thick, three-layer foam system.             push of a button allowing the ability to     bed is height adjustable with a fully           lasting reliability,easy care and great
Standard features include rounded           raise and lower the leg section.             adjustable back and legs rests and face         performance. Lifetime warranty on the
corners for better access and working                                                    opening for face-down treatments.               frame and a 2-year warranty on the
ease, headrest outlets at both ends of      Specifications and Features                                                                  motor and controls. The Ellora™ features
the table and a hardwood shelf. A fine      • Weight                                     Specifications and Features                     unparalleled performance, clean lines
piece of furniture for your office, home,   • Deluxe 3” Salon Foam                       • Weight: 185lbs (28” x 73” table)              and excellent quality.
clinic or spa.                              • Neck Roll & Salon Pillow                   • Lift capacity: 300lbs
                                            • Rounded Corners                            • 360° swivel                                   Specifications and Features
Specifications and Features                 • Footrest & Side Arms                       • Available widths: 28” 30”
                                                                                                                 ,                       • Weight: 185lbs (30” x 73” table)
• Weight: 105lbs                            • EverSoft Vinyl                             • Manual pump hydraulic lift                    • Lift capacity: 450lbs
• Available in 28” 30” & 32” widths         • Hand Control                               • Limited Lifetime warranty                                             ,
                                                                                                                                         • Available widths: 28” 30” and 32”
• Adjustable height range: 23” to 33”       • ADA Compliant                                                                              • Adjustable height range: 17” to 36”
• Hard maple construction                   • Limited Lifetime warranty                                                                  • ADA Compliant
• Lifetime Warranty                                                                                                                      • Deluxe Two-way adjust headrest and
                                                                                                                                         • Lifetime warranty on frame
                                                                                                                                         • 2-year warranty on motor & controls

                                                                                                                                                                   Optional Foot
                                                                                                                                                                   Pedal $219

Optional Deluxe
2-way adjustable
headrest $95

                             $1,150                                      $7,325                                         $1,250                                         $2,325

                                            BIOTONE SPA PRODUCTS

     Retail Packaging

                                                                                                  Preview Collection
                                                                                                  L-6660        $99

                                                                                                  Experience the BIOTONE ®
                                                                                                  SPA line yourself using the
                                                                                                  Preview Collection. Kit
                                                                                                  includes 16 full body
                                                                                                  treatments and trial
                                                                                                  sizes with a variety of
     Call for a complete                                                                          customized scents.
     BIOTONE ® SPA Catalogue.

 BIOTONE , North America’s leading manufacturer of professional massage products offers
 this beautifully crafted Spa Treatment line with Retail sizes for your clients to enjoy at home.

 Exfoliants *                                                                          Finishing treatments
 Micro Buff ™ Body Polish (unscented)                                                  Smoothing Body Butter (unscented)
 Tiny man-made pliable plastic beads in combination with a rich Body Butter make       A velvety rich massage butter that will caress the skin.
 this an ideal preparation to exfoliate, sun damaged, dry and sensitive skins.
                                                                                       L-6626A    45oz       $70
 L-6619     34oz        $56                                                            L-6626     125oz      $112
 L-6618     120oz       $114
                                                                                       Replenishing Light Massage Oil (unscented)
 Exfoli-Sea ™ Salt Glow (unscented)                                                    A light oil ideal for full body massage, finishing, aromatherapy or stone massage.
 Dead Sea salts with a rich blend of oils to exfoliate and polish the skin.
                                                                                       1 Gallon   $75
 L-6617     53oz        $59
 L-6616     187oz       $112                                                           Hydrating Lotion
                                                                                       Choose from these aroma formulas: pomegranate and cranberry, green tea and
 Body Wrap Treatments *                                                                lime leaf, mango and mandarin, milk and honey or lavender and calendula.
 Acti-Sea ™ Body Mud (unscented)                                                       1 Gallon   $75
 Biotone’s most effective treatment for smoothing, stimulating and detoxifying,
 it contains a mix of live Fr ench seaweeds. Submerge the body in pure marine
 actives to stimulate, firm and moisturize.                                            Enhance your treatments with BIOTONE SPA
 L-6615     45oz        $89                                                            Customizing Complexes
 L-6614     168oz       $249
                                                                                       Therapeutic Complexes
 Black Baltic ™ Body Mud (unscented)                                                   100% pure essential oils and specialty plant extracts.
 This unique black mud utilizes organic colloidal European Black fresh water silts
 to improve skin texture and extract impurities that damage and weaken skin.           Signature Complexes
 This intricate mix of organic plant substances, fatty and amino acids, vitamins and
 minerals deeply hydrates and enhances normal cell function.                           Botanical Extracts & Light Aromas
                                                                                       Pomegranate and Cranberry Milk and Honey
                                                                                       Green Tea and Lime Leaf Lavender and Calendula
 L-6613     45oz        $89
                                                                                       Mango and Mandarin
 L-6612     168oz       $249
                                                                                       2oz contains 1,360 drops         $58
 European Rose ™ Body Mud (unscented)
 From the region of Provence in France, the soothing sun-dried Rose Clay is infused
 with powerful derivatives of deeply hydrating apricot and wheat amino acids. This
 treatment is deeply hydrating and renewing. Perfect for dry, delicate, weathered        Invite your clients to extend the benefits of body treatments to their
 or aged skin.                                                                           own homes!
 L-6611     45oz        $89                                                              Exfoliants, lotions and rich body butters in professional formulas are
 L-6610     163oz       $249                                                             available in retail sizes. Customized with tantalizing aromas and botanical
                                                                                         extracts, they keep skin looking and feeling its best between spa visits.
 * exfoliant and mud treatments are easily applied and removed in either a dry
                                                                                         Salt Glow 20oz           Hydrating Lotion 8oz             Body Butter 8.5oz
   or wet room setting.

Treatment accessories such as disposable poly sheets, disposable underwear,
mixing bowls and thermal blankets and more also available – please inquire.                                                         Exclusive territories still available.
   All items carry a one year warranty,
   except where indicated (* 5-year).                                       ESTHETICS TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT

 Towel Warmer
 Twelve or twenty-four towel capacity
                                            Instrument Sterilizer
                                            Safely sterilizes all instruments.
                                                                                      Equipro Wax Pots                                    Solo Pil Standard
                                                                                                                                          For lukewarm or hot
 with temperature control.                  GX3700             $439                                                                       wax. Precise thermostat.
 GX3800        (12 towel) $479                                                                                                            Heats rapidly. 250 watts.
 GX3801        (24 towel) $549                                                                                                            3 5/8” diameter.
                                                                                                                                          BR1050         $189*
                                                                                     Duo Pil Maxi
                                                                                     Same as BR1050 but with
                                                                                     two tanks and thermostats.
                                                                                     2 x 3 5/8” diameter.
                                                                                     BR1055         $339*
                                                                                                                                                 * 5 year warranty.

Equipro                                    Equipro                                   Mobile Utility Tray
                                                                                     On casters with thRee shelves
                                                                                                                              Utility Table
                                                                                                                              On casters with two shelves and pull
Utility Cart                               Magnifying Lamp                           and electric outlet extension.           out drawers.
Two box shelves with outlet for            For utility cart.
magnifying lamp. 27”H x 14”W x 25”L.                                                 GX3910         $239
                                           BR2505              $429*
BR2500         $299*

                                                                                                                                                  GX3900       $259
                                                                                                                                                            no outlet

                                                                                                                                                  GX3905       $279
                                                                                                                                                        with outlet
* 5 year warranty.                        * 5 year warranty.

Manicure Table                             Deluxe Manicure Table                     Portable Pedicure Stool                 Portable Mini Foot Spa
Basic table with one drawer and wrist      Three drawers, two cabinets and lamp.     Two drawers and esthetician seat. Has   Whirlpool foot spa suitable for
bolster. 32” x 22” x 7”                    Equipment organizer.                      adjustable elevated foot bolster and    small spaces. Requires no plumbing.
BB1105         $129                        BB1100          $579                      extension for foot bath.                Adjustable footrest.
                                                                                     BB1000         $279                     GX3938       $1,750

Esthetician Stool
Height: 21” to 27”
                                           Portable                                  Portable Facial Steamer
                                                                                     Adjustable to any
                                           Magnifying                                                                        Facial Steamer
GX1075         $195                                                                  position and height.
                                           Lamp                                                                              Deluxe model. Please inquire
                                                                                     Portable on twin wheel
                                           Adjustable arm                                                                    for features.
                                                                                     caster base.
                                           with 5x Diopta                                                                    BR2000           $989*
                                           magnification.                            GX3550         $499
                                           Easy roll stand.
                                           GX3560          $324

See our
selection                                                                            Aroma F acial Steamer
of stools                                                                            Adjustable to any
on page 3                                                                            position & height.
                                                                                     Portable on twin
                                                                                     caster wheel base.
                                                                                     GX3500         $689

                       We now carry the quality esthetics instruments by MBI!
                       Nippers, Clippers, Pushers and Tweezers. If you need it, we
                       have it. One more way we are your One Stop Shop!

                                                                                                                                                 * 5 year warranty.

                                           THAI STEM MASSAGE PRODUCTS, SOLERRA SUNLESS TANNING

 Herbal Thai Stem Massage Products

Herbal Stems are traditional massage tools used in
Thailand since ancient times. Like other forms of                                                          Luk Pra Kob Hot Compress for Body
massage, they help release toxins, increase circulation,                                                   Ingredients: Zingiber montanum Rose (Plai), Turmeric,
relax muscles, and work out painful knots. Stem                                                            Kaffir Lime, Cryptolepis Buchannai Roem, Curcuma
Massage differs because they combine soothing heat                                                         Aromatica Salisb, Patchouli and Camphor.
with therapeutic natural herbs and essential oils. These
healing oils and resins are absorbed into the blood                                                        White Clay Stem for Face or Body
stream through the epidermis and react with the body                                                       Ingredients: Purified White Clay, Aloe Vera Extract,
chemistry in a sympathetic and gentle way. Stems can                                                       Turmeric, Plai, WanHang Kam (Curcuma Aromatica),
be just used in massage or be incorporated with other                                                      Mangosteen Peel, Tamarind Leaves, Somsiel (Bauhinia
treatments such as facials, body wraps, etc.                                                               Malabarica).
Stems are moistened and steamed before being                                                               Coconut Stems for Face or Body
gently rolled over the targeted area. As the stem cools,                                                   Ingredients: Shredded coconut.
they can be left on aching spots a little longer. Once
completely cooled, simply give the stem(s) to your client                                                  Sesame Stems for Face or Body
to keep. Although the stems can be used up to 3-5 days,                                                    Ingredients: Whole Sesame Seeds and jasmine rice.
for sanitary purposes, should not be used on other
clients. The clients do not only receive a lovely massage                                                  Thai Steam Tent
(or facial) but they take the items home providing a                                                       A unique aromatherapeutic steam tent. Kit comes
value-added perception. The following pages describe                                                       complete with unbrella canopy, box stool, snap-together
the various stems, and their uses. The also give item                                                      floor panels, steamer. Ask us about training packages.
numbers and how they are sold (either individually or in
pairs). For prices, please contact your local supplier. On                                                 Contact Lily for more information 1.800.663.2225 ext 213.
the back provides precautions as well as information of
product use and training.

 Solerra Sunless Tanning Science

                                                                       Solerra Sunless Lotion                                   Palms
                                                                       SSL320 32oz Lotion: $45.00                               SSPC3 32oz Cream: $26.50
                                                                       SSL50 5.5oz Lotion: $13.99                               SSP2 2.5oz Cream: $6.00
 Leading the Sunless Evolution!                                        ($28.99 MSRP)                                            ($12.00 MSRP)
 Solerra® applies science to beauty in advanced                        SSA50 5 oz Aerosol: $15.50
 patented formulas to deliver a luxurious                               ($31.00 MSRP)
 sunless tanning experience. Surpassing
 excellence with the perfect blend of fun
 and sophistication, Solerra® defines sunless                           Xfolia
 tanning in the Professional Salon Industry.                           SSX3 32oz Xfolia:      $26.50                   Xfolia
                                                                       SSXF5 5.5oz Xfolia:    $8.50                    SSMC Mitt Combo: $9.50
                                                                       ($16.99 MSRP)                                   ($18.99 MSRP)
 • 100% UV-Free
 • Pharmaceutical-grade formulas
 • Patented Technology
 • Super long-lasting: 7-10 days                                Solerra Solar Shade: SPF 15+ or 30+
 • Streak-free                                                                                                                    Drench
                                                                The best sun protection you can find. Advanced SPF                 SSD5 5.5oz Drench: $8.50
 • Hypo-allergenic                                              technology providing long-lasting sun protection.
 • Anti-Aging Essentials                                                                                                          ($16.99 MSRP)
                                                                Water-proof resistance won’t wash-off due to
                                                                perspiration and prolonged water activity. Non-
 Spray on sunless tanning is quickly becoming                   greasy formula will not seep into eyes. UVA/UVB sun
 a staple in many spa and salon environments.                   protection. Rated: “Very Water Resistant”
 It is 100% UV free, gentle and promotes
 healthier skin by minimizing exposure to                       SS1550 5.5oz SPF 15+: $8.50                               Solar Drench
 the sun’s harmful rays while allowing for that                 ($16.99 MSRP)                                             SSD50 5.5oz Solar Drench: $8.50
 healthy glow we all love to show off.                          SS3050 5.5oz SPF 30+: $9.50                               ($16.99 MSRP)
                                                                ($18.99 MSRP)
 Our Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP)
 system is fast, efficient and customizable
 to each and every body that walks through             Back Bar Pack                                             XT Professional Spray Tan Starter Kit
 your door. Solution is valuable and you               Add this luxuirous hand-applied tan                         Orrfer the best Spray Tan in 5 minutes! Easy
 do not want it to end up on the floor.                 service to your menu!                                        application means faster service for on-the-
 The Solerra XT system utilizes 85% of the                                                                           go clients - or regulars!
 product used per treatment. Learning is easy          SSPAK    $120
 and customizing is a breeze!
                                                                                                                      SSXTL $1365

        Call Leah (ext.231) for
        more information on
     demonstrations and training!


                            INFRARED SAUNAS
O`SAUNA Therapeutic Infrared Saunas

In an infrared sauna, the body is warmed up directly by the emission of the infrared waves without
increasing the room temperature. Penetrating the skin up to 4 cm deep, the warming effect
happens at the very heart of the muscular tissue thus stimulating a profuse sweating effect up to
three times superior to traditional saunas.

The radiant energy of O’SAUNA therapeutic sauna works by resonance frequency on the cellular
membrane itself bringing you an in-depth detoxifying effect. The temperature is generally
maintained between 120°F to 160°F or 50°C to 70°C contrarily to conventional steam saunas that
attain peak temperatures reaching up to 220°F or 105°C.

The therapeutic effects of this powerful tool on the health of the human body largely surpass the
simple relief of stress, fatigue, chronic pains, arthritis, muscular pains and respiratory problems. In
fact, O’SAUNA fulfills its therapeutic virtues on weight control, the elimination of cellulite, the repair
of damaged tissue, the strengthening of the immune system, the increase of blood circulation and
the quality of the skin to name a few beneficial effects.

Capacity                      1 to 2 persons                   3 to 4 persons
Dimensions                    4’2’’ w. X 4’2’’ d. X 6’9’’ h.   6’8’’ w. X 4’2’’ d. X 6’9’’ h.
# of Heaters                  7 or 9 elements                  9 or 14 elements
Weight                        275 kilos / 600 lbs              340 kilos / 750 lbs

Type of Infrared Elements     100% ceramic infrared elements
I. R. Wavelength              5,6 - 15 microns
Temperature                   75˚F - 190˚F / 25˚C - 90˚C
Voltage                       110 volts
Unique to O’SAUNA             4” thick Cedar walls
                              Grade A Canadian Cedar interior
                              Infrared ‘head’ element
                              Interior electronic control
                              Full length door with tempered glass
                              AM/FM/CD Stereo
                              Customizable exteriors (cedar/maple/bamboo)                       Custom built from $5900

RELAXUS Infrared Sauna

                                                                Are you looking for a new tool to ease body aches and pains? Do you offer
                                                                detoxifying services for your clients? The Relaxus Infrared Therapeutic
                                                                Sauna may be the answer!

                                                                These sauna operate at a lower temperature than regular dry saunas,
                                                                making for a more comfortable experience, while receiving all the health
                                                                benefits, and more! The Infrared emit light waves to create heat, promote
                                                                circulation and stimulate the body to detoxify naturally.

                                                                Our Infrared Sauna:
                                                                • Hemlock Panel construction
                                                                • High quality craftmanship
                                                                • Automatic thermostat for constant temperature
                                                                • Timer and buzzer: buzzer sounds 5 minutes before the end of session
                                                                • Digital sensor and thermometre
                                                                • Infrared heating pipes
                                                                • AM/FM Sterio w/CD player and built-in speakers
                                                                • Design for 1 to 2 persons, easy for packing and installation
                                                                • Easy to assemble, just 15 minutes, no need for professionals
                                                                • Effective at lower temperatures, 43˚C - 66˚C (or 110˚F - 150˚F)
                                                                • Set up indoors or outdoors
                                                                • Plug into 110V-240V home outlet
                                                                • Reading lamp
                                                                • Fresh air accessible through ceiling ventilator
                                                                • Disassembled into 6 easy-to-reassemble pieces
                                                                • Heating by infrared tube, clean and convenient
                                                                • No special maintenance

                                                                Regular $2,800

                                  SPA RELAXUS

      Back Brushes /                                                                        Sisal Dry Brushes /
      Brosse pour le dos                                                                    Brosses en sisal
         L5775 White Bath Puff/                                                             L-5760   Brush w/Handle
               Houppette Blanc
         L-577 Loofah                                                                       SPR      12 @     48 @
         L-578 Natural Bristle                                                              $3       $1.50ea $1.25ea

      SPR       6@      24 @                                                                L-5762   Dry Brush Small
      $4.50     $2.25ea $2ea                                                                SPR      6@       24 @
                                                                                            $10      $5ea     $4.50ea

                                                                                            L-5763   Dry Brush Large
                                                                                            SPR      6@       24 @
                                                                                            $12      $6ea     $5.50ea

                                                               Natural Soft Bristle /
                                                               Poil naturel doux
Long Reaching Back Brushes /
Brosse à manche pour le dos                                    L-5761   Wood Handle
                                                               SPR      6@      24 @
L-5764    Back Brush 68cm                                      $6       $3ea    $2.50ea
SPR       6@       24 @
$12       $6ea     $5.50ea                                     L-5766   Large Round
                                                               SPR      6@       48@
L-5765    Back Brush 46cm                                      $7       $3.50ea $2.25ea
SRP       6@       24 @
$10       $5ea     $4.50ea                                     L-5767   Duck Shaped
                                                               SPR      6@      48@
                                                               $5       $2.50ea $2.25ea

                                                                                          Spa Relaxus Product
                                                                                          Displayer /
                                                                                          Présentoir Spa
                                                                                          Relaxus et enseigne

Inflatable Bath Bolser             Deluxe Terry Cloth Pillows                               THE DEAL / PRIME
/ Coussinet gonflable              / Oreiller de Bain                                       Purchase $500 of Spa Relaxus
                                                                                           products and received free
L5755                                                                                      displayer and sign.
with removable washable cover     L6850    White
                                  L6851    Sage                                            Achetez pour 500$ de
                                                                                           produits Spa Relaxus a
SRP       6       12
                                  SRP     6        24                                      recever un présentoir et en
$5        $2.50ea $2.35ea                                                                  seigne.
                                  $6      $3 ea    $2.75 ea

                                                                                                     SPA RELAXUS

Many more items for resale at                                                                          HOME SPA MAISON
                 Foot Care / Soins de pieds                                                                  L5772 Small Dry Brush for Feet
                                                                                                             Brosse pour pieds
                 L5768     Pumice/Brush Foot Pierre Ponce
                                                                                                             SRP        6@      48 @
                 L5769     Nail Brush with Handle/                                                           $5         $2.50ea $2.25ea
                           Brosse pour les ongles
                                                                                                             L-580      Heel File 31cm/ 12” Lime à talon
                 L5771     Lava Pumice Stone/
                           Pierre ponce à la lave
                                                                                                             SRP        6@      48 @
                                                                                                             $5         $2.50ea $2.25ea
                 SRP       12 @    48 @
                 $3        $1.50ea $1.25ea

Spa Slippers /                                        Acu-Reflex
Pantoufles Spa                                         Massage Sandals /
L5777   Medium                                        Pantoufles « Acu-Reflex »                                        Sisal Bath Glove /
L5779   Large                                         Perfect for spa’s or home. Machine washable.
                                                                                                                     Gant de crin
                                                      NAVY     WHITE
SPR     6 PRs@ 48 PRs@                                                                                               L5770
                                                      L-590    L5900      S
$5      $2.50ea $2.25ea                               L-591    L5901      M
                                                      L-592    L5902      L                                          SRP      12@     60@
L-588A Sisal                                          L-595    N/A        XL                                         $3       $1.50ea $1.25
SPR     6 PRs@ 48 PRs@                                PER SIZE PER COLOUR
$5      $2.50ea $2.25ea                               SRP      1 PR    4 PRs      24 PRs
                                                      $15      $7.50   $7 ea      $6 ea

                                                                                                                     Ramie Wash Cloth /
Full Face Gel Mask /                                  Deluxe Gel Eye Mask /                                          Débarbouillette en ramie
Masque gel pour le visage                             Masque Yeux
                                                                                                                     L5840   Wash Cloth
L5776                                                 L5773                                                          L5841   Soap Sack

SRP     6@       24@                                  SRP       6@         24@                                       SPR     6@      48@
$12     $6ea     $5.25ea                              $7        $3.50ea    $3ea                                      $2.50   $1.25ea $1.10ea

                                          CHIROPRACTIC TABLES

Zenith®                                                     Zenith®                                                   Zenith®
Hylo 225                                                    Hylo 440                                                  Hylo 210
The deluxe Zenith® HYLO 225 table incorporates              This popular pneumatic model has all four drops as        Designed to fit your patients and your treatment
both TERMINAL POINT® CERVICAL, DORSAL and                   standard features.                                        needs. Anatomically correct cushions adjust to
PELVIC DROPS to provide versatility with value for a                                                                  support patient comfortably for relaxation and
wide range of techniques.                                   •    Weight: 440lbs depending on options                  better results. You’ll feel the difference, and your
                                                            •    Height: 22” minimum, 28” maximum                     patients will request the Zenith Hylo for their next
•    Weight: 395lbs                                         •    Width: 24”                                           treatment.
•    Height: 22” minimum, 28” maximum                       •    Length: 80”
•    Width: 24”                                             •    Shipping and applicable taxes apply. Prices based    •   Shipping and applicable taxes apply. Prices based
•    Length: 89”                                                 on 13% USD exchange.                                     on 13% USD exchange.
•    Shipping and applicable taxes apply. Prices based      •    Warranty: 1 year parts                               •   Warranty: 1 year parts
     on 13% USD exchange.
•    Warranty: 5 year limited parts

$10,145                                                     $15,715                                                   $7,327

Elite                                       Elite                                       Elite                                        Elite
Stationary                                  Pump                                        Electric Elevation                           High Low
Choose the ideal height - from 18” to       Gentle pump action foot pedal allows        A quiet, smooth and powerful motor           A vertical tilt table custom built
28” for your working comfort.               smooth height adjustment from 20” to        lets you adjust your table height from       to accommodate the diversified
                                            26” or 18” to 24”                           20” to 27” with a simple tap on a foot       techniques used every day.
Optional equipment includes:                                                            switch.
• Drops: Cervical, Lumbar, Pelvic,          Optional equipment includes:                                                             Optional equipment includes:
  Thoracic                                  • Drops: Cervical, Lumbar, Pelvic,          Optional equipment includes:                 • Drops: Cervical, Lumbar,
• Breakaway Thoracic section                  Thoracic                                  • Drops: Cervical, Lumbar, Pelvic,             Pelvic, Thoracic
• Leather upholstery                        • Leather upholstery                          Thoracic                                   • Breakaway Thoracic section
                                                                                        • Leather upholstery                         • Leather upholstery

from $1,235                                 from $2,185                                 from $2,810                                  from $4,055
with cervical drop                          with cervical drop                          with cervical drop                           with cervical drop

Elite                                       Chattanooga                                  Earthlite                                   Lifetimer
High Low & Elevation                        CH-1050 ErgoBench                            L-9660 Apex                                 LT-500 Portable
A High Low, vertical & elevating table      The Chattanooga ErgoBench table              With its modern design and seamless         The worlds’ most adaptable modular
custom built to accommodate the             features a headrest with face slot           upholstery, the Apex features heavy-        table. Quick to convert. Versatile.
diversified techniques used every day.      and lowered, angled armrests for             duty metal construction, 3” specialized
                                            maximum patient comfort. Optional            foam and extra cushioning on the            • Weight: 35 – 43lbs (with options)
•    Drops: Cervical, Lumbar, Pelvic,       tilting headpiece.                           headpiece.                                  • Dimensions: 21” x 66”
     Thoracic                                                                                                                        • Carrying case with wheels (optional)
•    Breakaway Thoracic section                                                                                                      • Warranty: limited lifetime
•    Leather upholstery                                                                                                                                          Also available
                                                                                                                                                                from Lifetimer:
                                                                                                                                                                  LT-50 $599

                                            $1,150                                       $925                                        from $999
from $5,600                                                                                                                          Call Jay for information
with cervical drop
    Shipping and applicable taxes
    apply. Prices based on 13%                                                CHIROPRACTIC TABLES, CLINIC PAPER
    USD exchange.                                                                                                                                                                   

Hill Laboratories
HA90C Adjustable                                                                                                                          Air Drop
Relaxus offers the Hill line to our discriminating professional clients who appreciate
the design benefits, durability and quality that Hill Laboratories has offered to the
healthcare industry for three generations.

The basic HA90C is equipped with a face cut-out, paper roll, armrest, a corded foot
pedal and a choice of base and upholstery colours.
                                                                                                                                          Select 1 or up to 4 drops from
Customize the HA90C by choosing a headpiece style, thoracic, pelvic, armrest and                                                          the side mounted control panel.
ankle support option to suit your needs.
Specifications and Features                                                                                                               Airflex
• Weight: 200lbs
• Foam densities:medium density 2.5”thickness and 24”width is standard.
   Specify soft or firm density on any table section at no extra charge.
• Optional widths: 22” 27” or 30”
• Lifting Capacity: 450lbs
• Base: Beige or Gray telescoping base, constructed of fire-rated                                                                         Air-powered flexion distraction
   acrylic thermo-plastic.                                                                                                                with optional Air-drop system.
• Table Top Length: 5’10” with drop away foot becomes 5’1”
• Slide out foot: Removed, minimum 5’1” inserted, 5’4” extended, 6’4”
                                           ,             ,                                                                                Anatomotor
• Warranty: One year on all parts and labour.
• Options: Air activated pelvic drop
             Air activated thoracic drop with release
             Air activated thoracic breakaway
             Cervical drop
             Tilt-raise headpiece and more
                                                                                                                                          Features roller massage and full
                                                                                                                                          traction, with passive range of motion.
from $2,255
Visit our website for additional models.

                       Headrest Paper                                         Crepe Paper                                           Medical Table Paper
                       1 case $55 each 3 cases $49 each                       1 case $42 each                                       1 case $55 each
                       8.5” smooth paper rolls, 24 to a case, 320’ per roll   3 cases $39.99 each                                   3 cases $49 each
                       12” smooth paper rolls, 12 to a case, 248’ per roll    8.5” crepe paper rolls, 24 to a case, 225’ per roll   18” smooth table paper, 12 to a case, 131’ per roll

Leander®                                                                                                                                              900 Series
Since 1981, Leander® Health Technologies Corporation has been manufacturing
customized, quality exam and treatment tables for health care professionals.

900 Series                                                  900Z Series
Standard features include:                                  Standard features include:
• Motorized continuous passive motion (CPM)                 • Electrical variable speed (EVS)
• Flexion/distraction                                       • Flexion timer
• Lateral flexion                                           • Dual on/off foot switches
• Hinged cervical section Specifications and                • Separate patient “off” switch
   Features                                                 • Commercial grade vinyl upholstery
• Weight: 165lbs standard, 190lbs all options               • Full three year non-prorated warranty
• Height: 18.5” – 24” or 21” – 29”                             (cushions – 1 year)
• Foam densities: regular & optional extra firm             • “One-Touch” ergonomic controls for:
• Length: 70” retracted, 90”extended                           (hinged cervical and ankle sections, T-bar,
• Lifting capacity: 350lbs                                     face cushions, and lateral flexion)
• Warranty: Full three year, non pro-rated
   warranty (cushions – 1 year)                             from $6,470
• Cervical drop
• Tilt-raise headpiece
                                                                                                                                                             900Z Series
from $5,650

    Our professional staff is trained to assist you in custom designing                                                                              Table Cleaner
                                                                                                                                                     will keep your table
    a table offering options and features to suit your needs.                                                                                        vinyl clean and supple.
    Leasing or payment plans available.                                                                                                              $15

                                         CLINIC EQUIPMENT, PILLOWS AND PRODUCTS

Hill Ultrasound                           Zenith® Ultrasound                         Chattanooga                                 Chatttanooga
HF27                                      ZC2                                        Ultrasound Therapy                          Intelect Legend XT 2-Channel
Hands-Free Ultrasound                     Features Include: exclusive AUTO STIM      The Legend combo 2-channel unit             Combination
allows extended                           PLUS therapy management control,           offers the convenience of a full-
treatment time                            finger tip controlled sound head,          featured electrotherapy stimulator and      With a proven record of
without the worry of                      pre-warming sound head, 1 & 3 MHz          ultrasound in one unit. Easy to use 1-2-    helping patients to recover
heat build-up, and                        Ultrasound; 6 duty cycles, excellent BNR   go software makes this unit a pleasure      quickly from injury, clinical
labour associated                         & ERA, clinical protocols programmable     to use. Features include, interferential,   ultrasound is a staple in
with conventional                         presets and user friendly menu.            premodulated, Russian and high-volt         physical rehabilitation and
ultrasound. Video                         Warranty: 4 years parts and labour.        waveforms. Two year warranty on unit        a fixture of the physical
available.                                                                           and one year on the ultrasound head.        therapy office. Chattanooga
                                                                                                                                 Group      offers    flexible
                                                                                                                                 ultrasound systems with
                                                                                                                                 dual frequency operation
                                                                                                                                 that can function alone
                                                                                                                                 or in combination with
from $2,710                               $2,820                                     $2,095                                      For more information please contact Jay
                                                                                                                                 (800) 663-2225 ext 228

                                   Shipping and applicable taxes apply to the items listed above.. Prices based on 13% USD exchange.

Neck Tech Pillow                           An Min Makura                             Ultrasound Gel & Lotion                      Gowns
Designed to promote correct cervical       100% pure premium-grade buckwheat                                                      Patient gowns with Velcro closure.
position, relieve muscle strain and        pillow. Chiropractic design.                                                           Available in green, pink, blue or white.
                                                                                     Blue       All Purpose Gel
provide comfort and support.
                                                                                                1 x 5L       $15
                                           L-690     SPR             $25             Blue       All Purpose Gel                   $11.50 each SM / MED / LRG
L-691      Standard     SRP $68                      Pro $19         8 @ $11                    2 x 5L       $29
           Pro $43      8 @ $25
                                                                                     White      Opaque Lotion                     Goniometer
L-694      Queen        SRP $75                                                                                                   Manual angle measurement devices.
                                                                                                250ml        $2.90
           Pro $56      8 @ $28
                                                                                     White      Opaque Lotion
L-6940     High DensitySRP $85                                                                                                    CH-43057        Stainless 6”        $48
                                                                                                4L           $14
           Pro $64      8 @ $35                                                                                                   CH-43058        Plastic 12”         $34
                                                                                     White      Opaque Lotion
L-692      Knee Tech SRP $25                                                                                                      CH-43059        Plastic 8”          $17
                                                                                                2 x 4L       $28
           Pro $19      8 @ $12                                                                                                   CH-43060        Plastic 6”          $12

Therapeutica® Pillow
Unique, tri-level design, two correct
pillow shapes incorporated into one
pillow, giving the user support for
side and back sleeping. Sizes: from
child to extra large. 5 year warranty.

                     Size          SRP        Pro       5@         10@
        IC-1009      Child         $85        $64       $55        $52
        IC-1010      Petite        $85        $64       $55        $52
        IC-1012      Average       $95        $72       $59        $54
        IC-1014      Large         $105       $79       $62        $58
        IC-1015      X-Large       $115       $87       $63        $60

Therapeutica® Back Support
Anatomically designed to support the spine,
providing greater comfort and free movement for
the shoulder blades.

              Pro       3@       6@
IC-1000       $69       $65      $60

                                                                     CHIROPRACTIC DEVICES AND PRODUCTS

                                                                                                                               Gel Packs
Reflex Gun                                   Thumper® Pro                            Mini Thumper® Pro                                       SRP        Pro          12 @
New and Improved!                            Variable-speed professional hand        A professional strength massager
                                             held back and body massager.            in a personal, self-use size using the    L-1630**      $6.50      $4.75ea      $4 ea
A reflex gun adjusting tool with thrust
range 0 – 32lbs. One year warranty.          Defeats muscle tension with a           same patented Thumper® percussive         L-1632*       $13        $9.75 ea     $6 ea
                                             unique patented percussive stroke.      stroke.   Temperature         overload    L-1635*       $13        $9.75 ea     $6 ea
                                             Burnout protected, self cooling         protection. Two year warranty
Cervical Rubber Tips (5 pcs)
BAREFC $26.95                                •   Light-weight with a 12’ cord
                                             •   Two year warranty

                                                                                                                                 L-1632              L-1630      L-1635
                                                                                                                                 10” x 12”           6” x 10”    6” x 18”

                                                                                                                               * Volume pricing available.
$245                                         $389                                    $255                                      ** Custom orders available.

Invertrac™                                                  Inversion Table                                           General Physiotherapy
Spinal inversion is of great benefit in the long-term       The Inversion table allows the forces of gravity          G5® GK-3®
management of chronic recurrent chiropractic                to work for you rather than against you. Traction         A quiet & powerful massage machine designed for
cases. The Invertrac™ offers a safe, affordable and         relieves pain, regenerates discs, relaxes muscles,        rugged use in the office, clinic, school, gym, training
comfortable way to invert in the privacy of a patient’s     clears muscle congestion and improves blood               room or home. Stand mount or portable versions
own home. Portable. Sturdy construction makes it            circulation.                                              available. The GK-3® incorporates a dial-controlled,
an ideal unit for the professional with limited office                                                                variable-speed output, with speeds from 20 - 60
space. Adjustable user dimensions, balanced for                                                                       cycles per second.
safety and hand grips
for safe mounting and
dismounting.       Height
adjustment knob allows
easy fold-away.
                                                                                                                      range of
                                                                                                                      & accessories
$259                                                        $325

Biofreeze®                                                 Orthogel™ – a more natural alternative                     Laser Light Therapy
Biofreeze® is a unique, effective analgesic                Offering an advanced pain relief gel which is              Laser Light Therapy is a physical modality that
formulated to provide a variety of benefits for            greaseless, stainless and has no lingering odour.          emits photons (light) in very specific regions of the
pain relief, exercise / training and overall comfort.      The OrthogelTM formula is of the highest quality           electromagnetic spectrum. Laser Light Therapy is
Biofreeze® contains ILEX, an herbal extract from a         containing; ILEX, menthol, camphor, OptiMSM,               the most researched and published modality in
south American holly shrub. Ilex has been used by          PureflexTM , Glucosamine, WokvelTM, Boswellia              physical rehabilitation and has demonstrated a
the Paraguay Indians to enhance the effects of their       Serrata, curcumin, aloe and vitamin E.                     multitude of clinical benefits that include relieving
medicines for centuries. Biofreeze® does not use                                                                      pain from minor muscular and joint aches, pain and
waxes, oils, aloe or petroleum. The result is a fast-      3oz roll on            $11.45*                             stiffness associated with arthritis, relaxing muscle
acting, deep penetrating, long lasting pain reliever.                                                                 spasms and increasing local blood circulation.
                                                           4oz jar                $12.25*
                                                           16oz                   $38
3oz roll on            $11.56*
                                                           32oz pump              $65
4oz tube               $11.56*
                                                           1 gallon pump          $174
16oz pump              $25
32oz pump              $45
1 gallon pump          $140

*   applies to
    purchase of 6                                                                                                     For more information
    pieces per size                                                                                                   please contact Jay
    or more.                                               * applies to purchase
                                                                                                                      (800) 663-2225 ext 228
                                                             of 6 pieces per size or more.

                                              PHYSIOTHERAPY SUPPLIES

Exercise Balls                                   Your Height          Ball Size       Sissel® Balance Fit                         Balance
All our exercise balls are anti-burst, safe      4’8” – 5’5”          55cm            This product involves “active sitting”      A balanced fitness program must
and durable. They will support a weight          5’6” to 6’0”         65cm            to optimize posture and support back        include regular balance training. Helps
of 350lbs.                                       6’0” to 6’5”         75cm            muscles. New and improved design            reduce injuries and enhance
                                                 over 6’5”            85cm            with thigh-support. Use the round side      sports performance. Increases user
Sissel®                                                                               forward for active sitting and the thighs   confidence in sports and daily living.
ABS Green 55cm         $37                                                            upport forward for stable sitting.
ABS Aqua 55cm          $39                                                                                                        Classic Balance Board
ABS Sky Blue 65cm      $45                                                            Children’s:       12”       $38             FTBALC
ABS Orange 75cm        $50                                                            Adult’s:          13”       $40             16”          $39
                                                                                                        15”       $49
Gymball            SRP       PRO     4@
L-2201 Gymball
55cm (purple) $30            $22     $13                                                                                          Rocker Board
L-2601 Gymball                                                                                                                    BARB20
65cm (silver)  $34           $25     $15                                                                                          20” Tri Level $79

Quality exercise bands at a great price! Purchase                                                                                 Wobble Board
individually or a Multi-Purpose Combination
Rack space saver. Wall mount Band storage rack
                                                                                                                                  BAFW16     16” Tri Level        $69
                                                                                                                                  BAWB20     20” Tri Level        $79
also available.                                                                      Foam Rolls
•    Highest quality, thickness-consisten                                            FTFR6          3” x 36”      $25
     natural latex band                                                              FTFR6          6” x 36”      $35
                                                                                                                                  Slide Board
•    Available in 5 industry standard
     resistance levels                                                                                                            BASL7                           $265
•    Unique dispenser packaging for                                                  Seat Solution                                7- foot board with boots
     individual sales                                                                Orthopedic seat cushion helps relieve
                                                                                     lower backache. Great for home, work
                                                                                     or in the car.
                                                                                                                                  Slant Board FRSB                $119
Yellow - Light; Orange - Medium; Green - Heavy; Blue - Extra Heavy;                  L-1310          $8.50
Purple - Special Heavy; Silver - Super Heavy; Gold - Ultra Heavy
                                                                                                                                  Tape, Accessories &
Body Swinger                                                                                                                      Spray
Recommended by Tai Chi instructors.                                                                                               Poly/cotton    tape, stretch   tape,
Helps improve circulation, increases energy.                                                                                      cohesive bandages, tape underwrap,
                                                                                                                                  heel and lace pads, moleskin rolls,
                                                                                                                                  skin lubricating ointment and spray
L-830           $55
T.E.N.S. Machines                              Electrodes                            Acu Shiatsu Bar                              Johnson and Johnson®
Provides       effective pain                  ASC065       Gel Patch 1.75” circle   Apply pressure to trigger points using
management without the risks                   Each         $17.99                   the unique handles and acu-pressure
                                                                                     nodules. Comes with three attachments.
associated with drugs.                         ASC066       Round 2.75”              Booklet included.                            Carpal Tunnel Support
                                               4 pc         $21.40                                                                Unisize – right or left.
Epix XL                             $635       ASC067       Reusable Cloth Square              SRP         Pro      6@            CR-279807
ASC064 Bio Dual Channel             $159       Each         $15.00                   L-5301    $27.50      $13.75 $12.50          $13.99
RE-1000 NeuroTrac Dual                         ASC068       Butterfly 4” x 6”
Channel                             $159       each         $20.00

Other models available.
                                                                                                                                  Call for details and pricing.
Please inquire.
                                                                                                            YOGA PRODUCTS AND AMBIANCE • 21

Relaxus Yoga Mats
Assorted colours to choose from.                                                                                                   Yoga Blocks
                SRP        Pro                                                                                                     Blue and Purple available.
Mats            $29.99     $22.50                                                                                                                SRP       Pro
                                                                                                                                                 $9        $6.75
Call to inquire about larger orders,
or private label.
                                                       Relaxus OHM Mats w/ Bag
                                                       100% Cotton yoga rug and bag.
                                                                             SRP             Pro                                  Yoga Straps
                                                       L9036 Sky Blue        $29.99          $22.50                               Blue and Black available.
                                                       L9037 Plum            $29.99          $22.50                                             SRP         Pro
                                                       L9038 Forest Green $29.99             $22.50                                             $12         $9

                                                             Relaxus OHM Bag
                                                             100% Cotton yoga mat carrying bag.
                                                                               SRP     Pro                                         Yoga Mat Wash
                                                             L9045 Sky Blue $11        $8.25                                                        SRP      Pro
                                                             L9046 Plum        $11     $8.25                                                        $11      $8.25
                                                             L9047 Black       $11     $8.25
                                                             L9048 Cream       $11     $8.25

    Himalayan Salt Lamps
                                        SRP      Pro                                 Yin Yang Candle Holder
    L-0150      Tea light (1 - 1.5kg)   $10      $7.5                                                 SRP      Pro
    L-0151      Mini Lamp (3kg)         $24      $18                                 L-8790           $9       $6.75
    L-0152      Lamp (5kg)              $34      $25.50
    L-0153      Feng Shui Ball (4kg)    $42      $31.50
    L-0154      Lamp (10kg)             $60      $45

                                                                    Wind Chime Gong                                             Zen Table Gong
                        L-0150          L-0153                                SRP     3@         12 @                                     SRP       Pro
                                                                    L6677 $64         $31        $30                            L6673     $42       $31.50

       Floor Cushions                                     Meditation Cushions (sqr)                                  Meditation Cushions (rnd)
                  SRP        Pro                                              SRP     Pro                                               SRP        Pro
       L-6766     $24        $18                          L-6765 Shiraz       $30     $22.50                         L-6760 Gold        $30        $22.50
       L-6762     $24        $18                          L-6767 Karachi      $30     $22.50                         L-6763 Green       $30        $22.50
                                                          L-6769 Chakra       $30     $22.50                         L-6764 Orange      $30        $22.50

       L-6766                                              L-6765                                                                       L-6763

                                                                                    L-6767                             L-6760
                         L-6762                                      L-6769                                                                      L-6764
                       Professional Organizations
                       Supported by Relaxus Products Ltd.
                       Alberta Chiropractic Association
                       American Massage Therapy Association
                       Association of Massage Therapists
                       and Holistic Practitioners
                       BC Chiropractic Association
                       Canadian Health and Food Association
                       Esthetique SPA International
                       Massage Therapy Association of Alberta
                       Massage Therapy Association of BC
                       Physiotherapy Association of BC




                        COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS

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