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									          Isle of Man Yoga Network
                                                                                                        Issue 18, January 2008

                                                    Promoting Yoga in the Isle of Man

         Ruth Gilmore                                                                 Yoga dates at a glance
  Yoga, Anatomy & Physiology                                         Dates for 2008:
                                                                     25 Jan: Gary Carter. Fri eve 3 hour class at
Ruth Gilmore will be visiting us again on the 9th                    Karma.Contact Sammie on 660033 or 470522.
and 10th of February 2008 at Thie Ellyn,
Withington Road, Douglas.                                            26 Jan: Gary Garter. Sat 3-6pm. Zoë’s Yoga
                                                                     Studio. Contact:652288 (day) or
The Saturday workshop „Yoga for a Healthy Heart‟
will include a talk as well as an                                    25-27 Jan Brightlife Yoga retreat with Esther
                                                                     Jones. Contact Brightlife, Tel. 880318.
interactive       yoga    session.
(suitable for all levels)                                            9 & 10 Feb 2008: Ruth Gilmore Workshops
                                                                     Yoga for a Healthy Heart. (Sat & Sun) Sun counts
Sunday‟s workshop will count as                                      as IST) IOMYN Booking form enclosed.
in-service training (now CPD) for
teachers although it is also open                                    1-2 Mar 2008: Gary Carter Anatomy series 1*.
to students with a keen interest in                         Tel:01273 711414
developing their knowledge of
                                                                     15-16 March: Scott Johnson Yoga at Karma.
yoga. A booking form is enclosed
with this newsletter.                                                12 April Zoë‟s Wooden Spoon Charity Yoga Day.
                                                                     Call Zoë on 625588 e:
About Ruth: Ruth Gilmore PhD lectured at the
Queen's University of Belfast for many years, in                     18-20 April Brightlife Yoga Retreat with Ruth White
both Physiology and Anatomy before taking early
                                                                     26-27 April: Gary Carter Anatomy series 2*.
retirement in order to devote more time to yoga.
Ruth is a qualified yoga teacher with additional                     9-11 May Kundalini Yoga weekend at Brightlife
training and expertise in the use of yoga to help
with various medical conditions. She is well known                   23 May IOMYN AGM – Venue TBC
for her skills in relating Anatomy and Physiology                    12-19 May Yoga in Turkey with Geoff Powell
to yoga in a relevant and user-friendly way. Ruth                    15 May – 5 June Yoga in Greece Ruth White.
has worked for over a decade with the Yoga
Biomedical Trust (YBT) at the Yoga Therapy                           28-29 June: Gary Carter Anatomy Series 3*.
Centre in Islington, London, and for several years                   27-29 June Brightlife Yoga Retreat Esther Jones
with the Life Centre, London (LC). She is a senior
tutor on YBT/LC's Yoga Therapy Diploma as well                       18(eve) & 19 July – Ruth White Yoga for Backs
as teaching training days and seminars in the UK.                    IOMYN: Booking form in next newsletter
She runs her own studio in Belfast
                                                                     21 Sept: Local Yoga Day: TBC
( and writes a regular
                                                                     1/2nd Nov 2008 Gary Carter Anatomy Series 4*.
column in Yoga and Health magazine.
                                                                     Mid November : IOMYN Workshop TBC
                                                       Yoga Network Committee Members:
          Heidi Danaher (Newsletter Editor/Events/M‟ships)461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                          Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 18, January 2008

Chairman’s Message:                                                     This is also an opportunity to say hearty
                                                                        congratulations to Esther Jones, who has
Namaste and Happy New Year!                                             received her Yoga Therapy Diploma from the
                                                                        Yoga Biomedical Foundation Trust, Islington,
I have a New Year resolution suggestion for all                         London and is now included on the National
our members. If you are organising events                               Health Service register of Complementary and
pertaining to yoga, please resolve to let us know.                      Alternative Therapists. Esther recently returned
Only in this way can IOM Yoga Network fulfill its                       from London having completed further teacher
role as a source of information as to what is going                     training with Rod Skyper. She thoroughly enjoyed
on. As the poet John Donne wrote: „No man is an                         it and is looking forward to sharing her
Island, entire of itself‟. This holds true in the world                 experiences with her students.
of Yoga, where students need teachers, teachers
need students, and those who organise events                            Congratulations also to committee members Linda
need people to attend them.                                             Greggor and Heidi Danaher on completing
                                                                        additional specialist training in Pregnancy Yoga
IOMYN was formed in 2004 to connect everyone                            with the British Wheel of Yoga. Both are now
interested in yoga in the Isle of Man, the aim                          teaching in Douglas. Heidi has recently started a
being to ensure that people know what is going on                       new Pregnancy Yoga class on Saturday
and don‟t miss out. We aim to be a source of                            mornings. If you have completed any courses or
information, helping people find what they are                          gained any new qualifications recently, don‟t
looking for, from what teachers operate in your                         forget to let us know.
area to which ones specialise in pregnancy yoga,
yoga for children, yoga for older people….etc.                          The committee looks forward to seeing many of
In other words, to be of benefit to everyone.                           you at one or both of Ruth Gilmore‟s workshops.
                                                                        There will be a raffle on the Saturday for the Manx
We are not affiliated to any organisation and are                       Heart Support Group. Raffle prizes are welcome!
certainly not in competition with anyone. So this is                    In the meantime, may I wish you a Happy, Healthy
a plea for you to keep us up to date. If you are                        and Peaceful 2008.
organising a special class, workshop or a course,
or simply wish to advertise your regular classes,                       Om Shanti
let us know. It is only with your co-operation that
we can be effective as a network. There is no                           Sue Woolley                               (BWY Dip. chairman)
charge other than your membership fee. All you                                                         
have to do is pick up the phone (contact numbers                        All events are on a first come first booked basis. If
on the back page) or send us an email.                                  you require a booking confirmation please include
                                                                        a SAE.
As well as making resolutions, the New Year is                          Newsletters are issued at least quarterly. If you
also a time to reflect on the year gone by. IOMYN                       know anyone who would like to join please ask
organised several successful workshops during                           them to contact or
2008 and our final event was with Geoff Powell, a                       call 461461 for a form.
very accomplished teacher who somehow brings
out the very best in his students. Thank you Geoff                      Members of the IOM Yoga Network receive a
for being such a good friend to IOMYN.                                  regular newsletter detailing details of Yoga events
                                                                        on the Isle of Man. Membership costs £6 and can
A raffle on the day raised £75 for the Hospice and                      be added to the booking form. You are required
this was doubled by Manx Telecom, enabling us                           to be a member in order to attend any events
to send a cheque for £150. Many thanks to MT                            organised by the Network.
and all who brought prizes or bought tickets.                           Note: IST (In service Training) is now referred to
                                                                        as CPD (Continued Professional Development).

                                                    Yoga Network Committee Members:
       Heidi Danaher (Newsletter Editor/Events/M‟ships)461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 18, January 2008

    Geoff Powell Teacher Training                                                 Update: Gary Carter’s
                                                                                  Anatomy course 2008:
For those budding yoga enthusiasts who would
like to train to teach yoga or perhaps simply to                        Gary Carter has now confirmed the dates for his
deepen their knowledge and experience of yoga                           „Structural, Functional and Experiential Anatomy‟
Geoff is planning to run his Antara Yoga Teacher                        course which he will be running on the Isle of Man
Training course on the Island. There are already a                      over six weekends starting in March 2008. Those
number of students interested and if just two more                      who have already put their names down will be
sign up then the course will be going ahead. If                         receiving details of the course programme
you are interested or know anyone who may be                            separately. Please note that bookings for the
please ask them to contact Geoff directly by e-                         course are made directly with Gary‟s centre
mailing or call Geoff on                      Natural Bodies in Brighton. You can contact
01286 650647.                                                           the centre by calling 01273 711414 or by e-
                                                                        mailing for a full course
            Yoga for Everyone…                                          description and early booking discount.
               by Janet Thompson
                                                                        Alternatively you can find out more if you come
I often wonder why we have so many members                              along to the two 3 hour classes being held on
and yet it is very often the same people who                            Friday 26th January at Karma or Saturday 26th at
attend the day courses we arrange with visiting                         Zoë‟s Yoga Studio Braddan.
                                                                        Gary will be running sessions for both old and
When I think back to the first „yoga day‟ I attended                    new students and will also have details of his
I remember wondering why anyone would want to                           course available. This will be an ideal opportunity
spend a whole day doing yoga, really it was just                        to experience Gary‟s teaching style and find out
something I did one evening a week, rather like                         about the course.
doing a pottery/language/embroidery course at
the college. However I went along out of a sense                        This experiential anatomy course is normally held
of loyalty to my teacher (Anita Falconar) who was                       in London so this is an ideal opportunity to enjoy
obviously very enthusiastic and couldn‟t                                Gary‟s training on the Island without worrying
understand why anyone would not want to spend                           about additional travel expense or child-minding.
a day with a highly qualified, experienced skilled
(and often very colourful!) yogi. Since then I have                     Gary Carter Anatomy Training Days:
never willingly missed an opportunity to enjoy the
many and varied courses on offer. There is                              25 January: 3 hr class @ Karma, Douglas
always something new to learn and every teacher                         26 January: 3 hr class @ Zoë‟s Studio, Braddan.
has their own idea about how to pass on their
knowledge. If you‟re new to yoga all the better –                       Anatomy Series:
the more experienced the teacher the easier it is                                1. 1 and 2 March 2008
                                                                                 2. 26 and 27 April 2008
for them to include all levels of ability in their
                                                                                 3. 28 and 29 June 2008
sessions. Perhaps you‟ve been to an event before                                 4. 1 and 2 November 2008
or fancy trying something new this year. Why not                                 5 & 6. 2009 Dates TBA
give it a try, forget the husband/children/shopping
for a day, learn something beneficial, enjoy a                                                         
delicious lunch and meet lots of new, likeminded

                                                    Yoga Network Committee Members:
       Heidi Danaher (Newsletter Editor/Events/M‟ships)461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 18, January 2008

      IOMYN Yoga Philosophy                                              £90,000 for local causes. The money raised
                                                                         has gone towards the outdoor play area at
Continuing with our theme „working through the 8                         Rebecca House Children‟s Hospice and to
limbs of yoga‟ in this issue we are looking at the                       fitting out activity rooms in the Project 21
Niyamas or spiritual observances (the second                             Centre, the new home of five Manx charities:-
limb of yoga):                                                           Manx Mencap, the Manx Gateway Club,
                                                                         Down‟s Syndrome Isle of Man, Isle of Man
The five niyamas are:                                                    Special Olympics, and Autism in Mann.
Saucha: Cleanliness                                                      Zoë will be taking the Yoga sessions which are
Santosha: Contentment                                                    suitable for all ages and abilities. Beginners are
Tapas: Discipline, spiritual austerities                                 welcome and Yoga mats are available for use.
Svadhyaya: Study of sacred scriptures/one‟s self                         Zoë has been involved in Yoga for the past
Ishvara pradidhana: devotion or surrender                                twelve years. She was introduced to Yoga
                                                                         through Simone Sorrell who is an osteopath
                       ‘Tapas’                                           and Yoga teacher who teaches a Dynamic
                                                                         Style of Yoga. When Simone left the Island Zoë
Far removed from the Spanish style snack you                             completed a Teacher training course with Ruth
may receive in a bar on holiday the third Niyama                         White who teaches Iyengar style Yoga and who
„tapas‟ translates as „discipline,‟ or literally „heat.‟                 worked as a senior teacher with Iyengar. Since
This means being in control of ourselves, rather                         Zoë began teaching she has continued to
than being a victim of desires, in order to train                        extend her knowledge of Yoga through
the mind. This Niyama is particularly relevant in                        residential courses with both Ruth White and
the New Year at a time when people are often                             Geoff Powell who also trained with Iyengar and
planning resolutions or committing themselves to                         runs his own Yoga Centre in North Wales.
a healthier lifestyle. Provided the objective is                         Additional short courses with Ruth Gilmore both
realistic, and there is a moderate balance                               on the Island through the Isle of Man Yoga
between indulgence and abstinence, then it is                            Network and in London through the Life Centre
this kind of „discipline‟ which is the key that will                     have broadened her knowledge of anatomy and
help us to achieve our goals.                                            yoga postures.

If you wish to read more about yoga philosophy                           The day will be held at Zoë’s Yoga Studio,
you can borrow books from the IOM Yoga                                   Ballastowel Farm, Braddan on Saturday 12th
Network Library. Please contact Linda Greggor by                         April. 10.15am-4pm.
e-mailing or tel. 844270.
                                                                         A buffet lunch will be provided by The Sefton
                                                                       Hotel, consisting of fresh salmon and Manx
                                                                         cheese platters with a selection of salad and
                                                                         fruit followed by dessert. After lunch there will
                                                                         be the opportunity to go for a walk through the
                                                                         fields which have lovely views of the Central
    Charity Yoga Day                                                     Valley and the mountains – waterproof footwear
                                                                         might be a good idea!
 Zoë Campbell is holding a Yoga day in aid of
 the Wooden Spoon Charity which supports                                 10.15 – 10.30 Arrival
 disadvantaged children and young people. The                            10.45 – 12.30 Yoga
 local branch of the charity has been established                        12.30 – 14.00 Lunch
 for three years and in that time has raised                             14.00 – 15.45 Yoga

                                                    Yoga Network Committee Members:
       Heidi Danaher (Newsletter Editor/Events/M‟ships)461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 18, January 2008

The cost for the day including the buffet lunch is                      study the philosophy and physiology of yoga...
£35 and all proceeds will go directly to the Charity                    and began to seriously consider teaching yoga
so cheques should be made payable to The                                myself – I wanted to share my enthusiasm with
Wooden Spoon. To book your place or for more                            others and hopefully enrich their lives as a result!
information call 652288 during office hours or e-
mail Zoë on                                            The opening of Karma Yoga in Douglas in Autumn
Places for this event are limited so do book early.                     2006 marked a turning point for me, finally giving
                                                                       me the opportunity to attend regular classes in a
                                                                      pleasant environment very close to where I work,
                                                                        on Athol Street. Sammie Walker‟s teaching was a
          How I came to Yoga                                            real inspiration to me at this time and I resolved to
            By Dave Sykes                                               follow Sammie‟s example by studying Sun Power
                                                                        Yoga – a style combining traditional Sivinanda
„I have to admit up until a few years ago my                            yoga with a more flowing, high energy approach.
(uneducated) view of yoga was pretty similar to
that of James Nesbitt‟s character in the recent                         I completed an intensive Sun Power Yoga
Yellow Pages TV adverts – “a lot of ladies going                        Teacher Training course during the Summer of
“mmm” – how hard can that be?”                                          2007, on the beautiful island of Lesbos in Greece.
                                                                        The training was extremely intense, starting
Since being at school I‟d punished by body in just                      before dawn each morning, with several hours of
about every way imaginable – rugby, martial arts,                       asana practice, karma yoga, classroom training,
athletics, weight training, extreme sports... you                       practical training and homework each day –
name it and I‟d had a go at it – and I‟ve had the                       frequently it was past midnight by the time we had
broken bones and t-shirts to prove it! But I was                        completed our homework only to start again at
conscious that I was beginning to feel the strain –                     6am the next day! During the training I gained a
years of lifting weights had strengthened my                            massive amount of knowledge and confidence,
muscles, but lack of adequate stretching was                            got a healthy tan and lost around half a stone – it
restricting my flexibility and I had a number of                        was a great experience, but not for the faint
niggling joint problems. I realised that I needed to                    hearted!
do something about this and almost on a whim
decided to try some yoga classes to see if I could                      And now? Well I still lift weights several times a
regain some of my lost range of movement.                               week, but I spend more time on my yoga practice
                                                                        – it may be controversial, but I believe that the two
At this stage I was extremely lucky to run into                         disciplines work well together and I feel in the best
Esther Jones. Esther was running lunch time                             shape – mentally and physically – that I‟ve been in
drop-in classes at my local gym at the time and I                       for most of my adult life. „
quickly settled into a regular weekly routine –
Thursday‟s became my “yoga day”. And over the                           Dave now teaches a regular Friday evening
coming months yoga became a bigger and bigger                           class at Karma Studio in Douglas.
part of my life – taking additional evening classes,                                                   
incorporating yoga stretches into my weight
training regime and attending weekend retreats.                         Perhaps Dave‟s story has inspired you to think
To my joy I discovered that the mental focus, body                      about writing your own review? If you would like to
awareness and discipline developed through                              share your story of how you started yoga please
martial arts could be directly applied to yoga                          e-mail or call Heidi on
practice. This was when something “clicked” for                         461461. We already have a couple in the pipeline
me – yoga was no longer just about regaining my                         from members who have found that once they
flexibility, it became part of my life. I began to                      start writing it becomes an interesting personal
explore the different styles of yoga asana and                          journey.

                                                    Yoga Network Committee Members:
       Heidi Danaher (Newsletter Editor/Events/M‟ships)461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 18, January 2008

      Age is no barrier to yoga                                                Pregnancy Yoga Benefits
                                                                                   by Heidi Danaher
Yoga is the secret of staying young, physically
and mentally, judging by a group of over 60s in
                                                                        „Yoga gives me an energy boost. Its good to keep
Ramsey who meet every Wednesday morning
                                                                        active during pregnancy and yoga is especially
(except during TT week) at Close Woirrey, near
                                                                        good to keep everything moving, right up to the
the bus station. The instructor is Helen Percival,
                                                                        birth.‟‟ Says Yvonne Moore, mother of nine, who
who is about to celebrate her 85th birthday. Helen
                                                                        clearly knows a thing or two about being pregnant.
taught in Laxey before establishing a group in
Ramsey. She says: „It got me through arthritis and
                                                                        Attending a regular yoga class during pregnancy
other ailments. I am sure it‟s been a tremendous
                                                                        has numerous benefits for both mother and the
help‟. George Thompson holds the distinction of
                                                                        unborn baby. Simply taking time out to relax and
being the oldest member of the group. He is still
                                                                        acknowledge the changes which are happening in
sprightly at 92. He said: „I started yoga when I was
                                                                        the body can ease anxiety and help women to
70, with Jacqui Lloyd-Davies, then with Sue
                                                                        embrace the journey into motherhood.
Woolley and now with Helen. It has kept me going
and I am still pretty flexible‟.
                                                                        Classes for pregnant women are specifically
                                                                        tailored to meet the needs of the students. Many
This group is quite an inspiration to us all – and
                                                                        of the yoga poses can help ease common
proof that age is no barrier when it comes to yoga.
                                                                        complaints associated with pregnancy such as
                                                                        back pain, nausea, tiredness and heartburn. Also
                                                                        issues related to pregnancy are discussed which
                                                                        wouldn‟t normally be covered in a regular mixed
                                                                        yoga class.

                                                                        Although practicing yoga does not guarantee an
                                                                        easy birth it can equip mothers-to-be with the
                                                                        tools to be able to deal with major life changes
                                                                        such as giving birth and becoming a parent.
                                                                        Breathing techniques learnt in class can be used
                                                                        during labour. This can help calm the mind and
                                                                        relax the body to conserve energy between

                                                                        By far the most popular part of the class is the
                                                                        relaxation time. A quiet oasis away from the
                                                                        busyness of the outside world provides time to
                                                                        connect and tune in with the life growing inside.
Ramsey Yoga Circle: (Left to right) Val Crane,                          One, mother of three said, „Classes were relaxed
                                                                        and sociable, I particularly enjoyed meeting other
Sue Bishop, Helen Percival, Betty Rush,
                                                                        pregnant ladies as well as having time for myself
Margaret Nowak and George Thompson.
                                                                        to listen and say hello to my unborn baby.‟

                                                                        Much like Aqua natal classes Pregnancy yoga is a
                                                                      great way to keep active when perhaps a regular
                                                                        workout routine may not be appropriate in the
                                                                        later stages of pregnancy.

                                                    Yoga Network Committee Members:
       Heidi Danaher (Newsletter Editor/Events/M‟ships)461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
 Issue 18, January 2008

                    IOM YOGA NETWORK LOCAL CLASSES 
      Below is a list of some of the yoga teachers working in the Isle of Man. Please send any updated
         information ( venue/class changes) or ring Heidi on 461461.

           Zoë Campbell Karuna Cert.                                            Iyengar Inspired Hatha Yoga
           Ballastowel Farm, Braddan.                                        Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher
            Tel: 625588 (Office hours)                                        All Abilities – Beginners welcome
            E-Mail:                                            Braddan – Tues. & Wed. eve
                Christina Clayton                                                          Hatha Yoga
        37 Clybane Rise,Farmhill, Braddan                              Classes: Karma Yoga & Pilates Studio, Douglas
  Tel: 613124 or 482782. Email:                                    Beginners/Intermediates
                     Vicki Cox                                                       Sivananda Classes.
         Santa Fe, Old Laxey Hill, Laxey.                                          Braaid Hall, Weds eve.
                    Tel: 434831                                                       Private one to one.
Heidi Danaher BWY Dip. Karuna, Yogabugs Cert.                                       Hatha Yoga. All levels
Pregnancy Yoga Cert.. Anatomy & Physiology Dip.                          Monday eve: Ballacottier. Tues eve: Laxey
  Hazel Bank, Minorca Hill, Laxey. Tel 461461.                         Pregnancy Yoga Saturday morning.( Douglas)
             E-mail:                                                   Also Children‟s yoga
      Vino Frances Kundalini Yoga Diploma                                                Kundalini Yoga
 23 Derby Square E-Mail:                          Saturday Mornings 9am-10.30am. Mixed ability.
                    Tel: 484185                                                          Private classes.
            Linda Greggor BWY Dip.
           Email:                                           Hatha Yoga. Mixed Style. All Levels.
              Tel: 844270 or 456782.                                         Classes: Douglas, Peel and St John‟s.
                                                                                     Yoga for Pregnancy
 Eileen Hayward 3 Raad ny Gabbil, Ballalough,                                          Pranayama yoga.
                  Castletown.                                                Classes: Castle Rushen High School,
                  Tel: 822772                                                        (Thursday evenings)
          Candice Jones BWY Dip.
                  Tel: 437826                                                  Hatha Yoga. Mixed style. All levels.
         E-Mail:                                                   Private classes

        Esther Jones, Yoga Therapist                                          Vinyasa & Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy
  Flat 23 Derby Square, Douglas, Tel: 416654                                Classes The Gym Ramsey, Mon/Fri eve                                                   Private classes
                 Barbara Thorn                                                        Hatha/Pranayama
        31 Ballakermeen Drive Douglas                                        Classes: Douglas and Onchan area.
                Tel: 614676, Email:                                                Private and IOM College
       Dave Sykes Sun Power Yoga Dip                                        Karma Yoga & Pilates Studio, Douglas
                    Tel: 491901                                                         Intermediates
   Samantha Walker BWY Dip/Yoga Alliance                                    Karma Yoga & Pilates Studio, Douglas
          Tel: 663300 (mobile: 470522)                                  Sun Power Yoga (Ashtanga,Shivananda,Hatha)
            E-Mail:                                             Classes for all levels inc private.
                                                    Pregnancy and post natal
       Sue Woolley BWY Dip. & Karuna                                                     Hatha Yoga.
              ( Ruth White) teacher.                                                 Classes: Ramsey
     Arbory, 3 Brookfield Terrace, Ramsey,                                   (Mon & Tues evenings, IOM College)
      Tel: 815705. Email:
       Contributions to the newsletter on yoga topics / recipes are very welcome. Send them to

                                                     Yoga Network Committee Members:
        Heidi Danaher (Newsletter Editor/Events/M‟ships)461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                        Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 18, January 2008

BOOKING FORM           Ruth Gilmore: Yoga: Anatomy & Physiology:
 th           th
9 & 10             February 2008
                                                                 IOMYN Members                                    Non-Members
Saturday, 9 February: Yoga for a Healthy Heart ( for all abilities)
THIE ELLYN, Withington Road Douglas 10-4pm                             £35                                               £41
                                                                                                              (includes membership )
Sunday, 10th February: CPD Training Day Yoga and the Cardiovascular System
Suitable for teachers and those wishing to deepen their experience of yoga and the heart system.
THIE ELLYN, Withington Road                              10-4pm                                  £35
    10am-12.30pm                     Interactive yoga practice and lecture
    12.30-1.30pm                     Lunch
    1.30pm – 2.15pm                  Talk
    2.30 pm- 4pm                     Release postures/breathing & relaxation

         Faith Lunch: please bring something to share (or your own packed lunch)
         Tea/Coffee etc. will be provided. IOMYN Yoga related Library will also be available
         On the Saturday there will be a raffle in aid of the Manx Heart Support Group.
                            Please Book Early to Avoid Disappointment
Please reserve me a place on the following yoga events: -

Saturday, 9th February: RUTH GILMORE WORKSHOP             £35
(** Please note: There will be a £10 discount if booking both workshops**)

I am a member of IOM Yoga Network (IOMYN)

I would like to renew/become a member of IOMYN                              ( £6)
(Please note that in order to participate in the workshop you need to be a member of the IOMYN)
I enclose my cheque made out to the ‘IOM Yoga Network’ to the value of £ ………………
NAME: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

ADDRESS ……………………………………………………………………………………………….


TEL No/s……………………….. E-MAIL ……………………………………………………………..
Preferred form of contact for newsletter: (please tick)            Post               E-mail
Please send your cheque to: Mrs. J. Thompson, Cott ny Greiney, Beach Road, Port St. Mary, Isle of Man. IM9
5NF. Telephone: 835524 after 4p.m.
I understand that the cost of the day is returnable in the event of any course cancellation.
I also understand that the fee is non-returnable in the event that I am unable to attend.
Note: No receipts will be issued, assume you are booked on the course unless you hear otherwise.

                                                       Yoga Network Committee Members:
          Heidi Danaher (Newsletter Editor/Events/M‟ships)461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                          Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).

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