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									                                              Lourdanian Weekly
                                              Lourdanian Weekly
                                                     Lourdes Hill College...
                                 Promoting initiatives to foster a culture of academic excellence
                                            A Gateway School to the ICT Industry

                                Date: 23 July 2008                                                                      Issue: 21
                                Dear Parents and Friends,
                                 Welcome back to Semester 2, Term 3! We extend a special          Such was the RoboCup event that featured our own students
                                 welcome to our new girls and their families trusting that        and twelve other schools and held at Lourdes Hill College
 Absentee Telephone              each girl will experience a genuinely warm welcome of            last week. Totally Wild came and filmed an extraordinary
   No. 3399 0555                 Benedictine Hospitality. We also welcome back Mr Terry           example of the thinking power of young minds. Good luck
     Meetings                    Niebling and Mrs Noelene Rouse from leave in Term 2.             to our girls as you practise your robotics for the State wide
       Tennis Club                                                                                competition later this year!
                                 I invite you to picture this….Forty girls with great joy, but
      Monday 28 July             definite signs of fatigue, wheeling their luggage though         I invite you to picture this……One hundred and seventy
       7.30pm SLRR
                                 the International Arrivals Lounge at Brisbane airport –          Year 12 girls with heads down and concentration evident
         Events                  pleased to be reunited with family, but overjoyed at the ski     as they embarked on the most serious of practice QCS
   Year 11, 2009 Subject         trip experience that was offered to the girls thanks to the      examination experiences prior to the “real thing.” Well
  Display & Information          generosity of Mrs O’Neil, Mrs Tickner and Ms Ferguson.           done Year 12!
    Evening in the GSC
                                 Congratulations to all girls on your learning, your sharing
     Wednesday 30 July                                                                            I invite you to picture this…….A highly spirited group of
        5pm - 7.30pm             and your co-operation!
                                                                                                  LHC students taking off with staff for a weekend of athletics
Includes parent information      I invite you to picture this…..Two staff and ten excited girls
 forums with Mr Niebling
                                                                                                  training at Tallebudgera in preparation for the forthcoming
  at either 5pm and 7pm.
                                 taking off from Brisbane Airport for four days in Sydney as      Athletics Carnivals, the first being next Friday 1 August.
 Current Year 8 and Year 9       part of the International Benedictine Youth Congress with        I congratulate all involved for your commitment to fitness
  students are also invited      students from the other nine Australian Good Samaritan           and excellence in athletics!
to attend with their parents.    Colleges and international students from Benedictine
                                 schools through the world. I congratulate our girls, thank       And finally, I invite you to picture this……LHC staff
  Set Planning Interviews        our staff and give a special “Thank you” to Good Samaritan       demonstrating to one another new sophisticated ICT teaching
         for Year 10             Sister Mary McDonald for leading this great spiritual            skills that have been learned in the course of last week and
  Tuesday 12 August 2008                                                                          now ready for use in the classroom. Serious professional
      3.30pm onwards.            adventure. I also congratulate those 14 LHC students who
                                 took part in World Youth Day events in both Brisbane and         development for staff took place all of last week following
  Year 10 students discuss
their SET Plans and subject      Sydney and encourage each one of you, strengthened in            last Monday’s Staff Retreat Day at Mercy Place Bardon.
     selection for 2009.         your Catholic identity, to continue to witness to your living    At this gathering we were helped by Good Samaritan
                                 faith, especially amongst us here at school.                     Sister, Margaret Malone to reflect further on Benedictine
                                                                                                  Values. Such is the richness of the spiritual tradition that we
                                                                                                  embrace at Lourdes Hill. Should any parents wish to explore
                                                                                                  the learning of this tradition a little more, you can hear an
                                                                                                  excellent interview with Abbot Christopher Jamieson from
   Feast Days for July                                                                            Worth Abbey in the UK. His theme was “finding sanctuary
     23rd ~ St Bridget                                                                            in a hectic world” about which he has just written a book.
24th ~ St Sharbel Makhlouf                                                                        The interview can still be heard by going to the ABC’s
      25th ~ St James                                                                             website: then click onto the program
26th ~ Ss Joachim & Anne
                                                                                                  “Life Matters.” Once there you can bring up the program
                                                                                                  for 15th July 2008 and this interview is the second segment
Get inspired…. Join                                                                               of the program.
the community choir,
TRIBOLOGY, and sing                                                                               I know that I have not captured all that happened in the
songs inspired by the            Georgia Bale with Gertrude, our new Benedictine friend from      holiday period, but what I have enabled you to glimpse
musical traditions of the                                                                         is certainly testimony to the expressions that I have heard
                                  Uganda in Africa, at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney.
world.     Sing out at the                                                                        – “LHC is like a mini-city.”….”LHC never shuts down!”
top of your voice, hum,          I invite you to picture this…..Approximately forty girls
chant, move, stomp, play                                                                          As I mourn this week the death of a very beautiful friend,
                                 stretched out on yoga mats being led into the relaxation and
drums, shout and laugh
your way through songs           fitness of yoga by one of our parents, with other parents        a Sacred Heart Sister, Mollie Ahern, I give thanks to God
about freedom, justice           supporting the experience in the preparation of lunch, and       for the life-giving experiences of friendship that we enjoy.
and a message of peace.          teachers and coaches building on the yoga with fitness and       I first met Mollie at Archbishop Rush’s funeral some nine
Rehearsals are Wednesday         skills training. All of this was taking place at Tugulawa last   years ago when we happened to sit beside one another.
evenings 6.30pm- 8.00pm          week gearing up for the Term 3 rowing season. I commend          God gifted me abundantly in this extraordinary educator
in the Chapel at Lourdes                                                                          who previously had spent thirty years serving the people of
Hill College. RSVP Terri
                                 all for yet another demonstration of parents, staff and girls
                                 working together in the cause of education. Good luck to all     Africa. Her creative mind, deep faith and genuine humility
Hartung on terri@cbq. or just turn up.          for this rowing season!                                          taught me much.
All welcome; parents and
                                 I invite you to picture this……Ninety six young students          May you also be blessed with such friends.
friends as well as students
are encouraged to come           in three classrooms buzzing around with what seems like                                                Mrs Mullins
along.                           leggo, all purposeful with stage props, sets and costumes.

                                    LHC...A Good Samaritan Catholic Secondary School for Girls
                                               Community & Culture
                                             From Deputy Principal – Student Services
                                             International Benedictine Youth Congress
                                       Important Changes to the Bus Fare Assistance Program

From Deputy Principal – Student Services                                              International Benedictine Youth Congress
Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews                           Our trip to Sydney for the International Benedictine    people from many lands, it really is a small world
Thank you to all the parents who attended the 1st           Youth Congress during the holidays was a                after all. For us as pilgrims, we felt extremely lucky
session of Parent/Teacher/Student interviews. Bookings      wonderful opportunity for us to get to know fellow      to celebrate the very strong links and a great sense
can still be made for the 2nd session of Semester 1         Benedictines from all over the world. Held at the       of unity between people from around the globe that
interviews that closes online on Thursday 31st July.        Collaroy Centre in Sydney from Thursday 10 July         comes from our common Benedictine, Catholic
Session Two: Monday 4th August – Semester 1                 to Monday 14 July, this was a great pre-World Youth     traditions.
Reports 3.30pm – 8.00pm                                     Day event that involved a memorable sharing of
Interviews are to be booked directly online through the                                                             We were very sad to farewell so many new-found
                                                            love, laughter and life.
LHC website.                                                                                                        friends as the buses pulled away from Collaroy on
LHC Talent Contest - Finals                                 The Lourdes Hill College participants from Year         Monday and our Benedictine colleagues from all
Congratulations to all students who competed in the         11 were Georgia Bale, Erin Molloy, Larissa Blake,       over the world went on to continue their adventure
LHC Talent Contest Finals. We appreciated the effort        Jessica Peters, Bridget Wood, Chynna Galon,             as World Youth Day Pilgrims.
and time taken to prepare these acts. The results of the    Grace Hillier, Alexandra Kirkegaard, Alannah
finals were:                                                Ryan and Elisa Jones. Each of these girls was a
1st place – The Doona Dancers – Sarah Eastgate,             wonderful ambassador for Australia. Our group of
Regina Akacich, Deena Lynch, Jess Zachar, Shelby            Benedictines from LHC was accompanied on the
Graham & Laura Truscott                                     trip by Natalie L’Huillier, College Chaplain, and
2nd place – Rope Skipping – Jenna Frampton & Erin           Julie Allen, Assistant Principal, Faith and Mission.
Smith                                                       All of our representatives exhibited qualities of
Congratulations to all the staff who presented two          friendliness, faith, openness and humour, and made
outstanding staff acts this year.                           a great effort to get to know others despite some
Finalists – Emma McAllister & Leana Critchell, Lauren
                                                            language challenges.
Paszkowski, Sophia Amarandos
House Talent Contest                                        The IBYC attendees shared daily Eucharist, very
Congratulations to the House Coordinators, Home             meaningful Prayer Liturgies, concerts, a bush dance,
Group teachers, House Leaders & students on their           music from a second bush band and a rock band, a
outstanding effort in the 2008 House Talent Contest.        “dance-off” with a fantastic DJ, as well as outings
The House Spirit was dynamic and every student                                                                      Ms Allen pictured with Gertrude from Uganda in
                                                            to a Wildlife Park and a bush picnic. Our own
enjoyed being apart of this event. The results were                                                                 Africa, at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney.
                                                            Natalie ran a bush meditation workshop which was
announced on the last day of term 2:                        a real treat for Aussies and non-Aussies alike. We
 Lee          1st   Beck         4th    Roche      7th      also attended a range of workshops, for instance on     WYD
 Hendriks     2nd   McKee        5th    D’Arcy     8th      art, including indigenous art, origami and mandala      We know we will be hearing much more from our
                                                            making, climate change and its effects on island        World Youth Day Pilgrims who attended all the
 Healy        3rd   Cullen       6th
                                                            nations like Kiribati, surfing, and prayer practices    festivities in Sydney last week with their parishes,
House Spirit                                                like Lectio Divina and “PrayerNet”, along with a        deaneries and families. These pilgrims have been in
During our last day of school we had our Mass for           huge variety of other opportunities. We participated    our prayers and thoughts during the past week, and
Sharing. In our weekly College assemblies we had            in a highly competitive “mini-Olympics”, in which       I know these students will be sharing lots of stories
been practicing and singing hymns in preparation for        soccer and volleyball were played in earnest. We        over the coming weeks. World Youth Day Pilgrims
the Mass. Mrs Mullins listen to all the houses efforts in   also took in scenic coastal walks and visits to local   from LHC were: Amanda Colch, Brianna O’Regan,
singing the hymns with passion & spirit. House spirit       coffee shops, and of course meal times presented        Kelly Jackson, Amy Jackson, Natasha Skitmore,
can be displayed at the upcoming Athletics carnival         opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and           Anna-Marie Gador, Emma Price, Jemma O’Connor,
by either participating or cheering their house on. The     lots of conversation. We met delegates from all         Gabriella Fernando, Ashleigh McAuliffe, Jessica
results were:                                               the other Australian Good Samaritan Schools             Meyer, Kimberly-Ann Noronha, Jessica Pyke,
Hendriks     1st    Beck        4th    D’Arcy     7th       (Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong Colleges              Sarah Eastgate, Ellen Eastgate and Maria Urbina.
McKee        2nd    Lee         5th    Healy      8th       were all represented), as well as young people and
                                                                                                                    We know you will have had a wonderful time,
                                                            their teacher leaders from Kenya, Tanzania, South
Roche        3rd    Cullen      6th                                                                                 girls, and we hope these exciting World Youth Day
                                                            Africa, Uganda and the Sudan, Sri Lanka, England,
LHC Athletics Carnival 2008                                                                                         experiences have filled you with the power and the
                                                            the USA, Germany, Kiribas, the Philippines and
The LHC inter-house athletics carnival that will be         Chile. Our experience made us feel an incredibly        gifts of the Holy Spirit!
held at State Athletics Centre, Nathan (formally know       close connection to the world-wide Church and we                          Julie Allen, Assistant Principal,
as QEII/ANZ Stadium) on Friday 1st August 2008.             realised that while our planet houses many different                                    Faith and Mission
Attendance is compulsory and parents are welcome to
attend the carnival.
1. Transport will be provided for students to and from               Important Changes to the Bus Fare Assistance Program
the College.                                                From Semester 2, applications can be made online - the aim is to have no more paper forms at all and
2. Any students wishing to travel to and from ANZ           faster processing.
Stadium with parents/guardians MUST supply a note
to their House Coordinator by Wednesday 30th July.
                                                            You can either apply online yourself, or you can bring your application form to school as usual, and we
                                                            will enter it online for you.
Students must be collected no later than 2.15pm.
3. Students who travel with the school on the bus are       There will be a strict deadline for applications! If you don’t get the information for Semester 2 in by
expected to travel on the same bus back to LHC. If you      October 31 2008, then you will miss out.
are picking your daughter from ANZ Stadium a note
                                                            There is a ‘trial’ application form on the web right now. If you would like to test it out go to: www.qcec.
must be supplied to the House Coordinator by Wed
                                                   and follow the link under ‘Catholic Education’ to Student Travel Assistance. Let us
30th July. Students will need to retain the signed note
                                                            know what you think about it and we will pass your comments on.
to show staff on the day of the carnival.
More information will be in next weeks newsletter.
                                             Learning & Teaching
                                                        Business Education Department
                                                             Science Department

                                 Financial literacy for life                                                          Science News
What is financial literacy?                                                                                 Siemens Science Experience
                                                                 High Distinction   Madeline Bass,          The Siemens Science Experience, a three-
                                                                                    Shelby Clark            day hands-on science, engineering and
Financial literacy is about making informed judgements and
                                                                   Distinction      Stephanie Argumedo      technology programme, will be conducted
making effective decisions when using or managing money.
Financial literacy is an essential life skill for all young        Distinction      Sharna Armstrong        again in Australian universities in 2008/2009
Australians.                                                                                                for students who will be entering Year 10
                                                                   Distinction      Zoe Beggs
                                                                                                            in 2009. Each programme includes a wide
                                                                   Distinction      Reily Bibby             variety of practical activities, together with
In the Business Education department we seek to encourage
the development of the financial literacy skills of our            Distinction      Beth Carlson            interesting presentations by leading scientists
students.                                                          Distinction      Tori Chandler           and engineers. These programmes are run
                                                                                                            during the January holidays.
                                                                   Distinction      Maddison Daley
This year we have again involved the junior business students      Distinction      Adelaide Doran
in The Australian Financial Literacy Assessment (AFLA)                                                      It is a Rotary Youth Services Project and
which is a national online assessment. This assessment is          Distinction      Grace Dugger            fully supported by the Australian Science
an initiative of the Commonwealth Bank Foundation and              Distinction      Nicole Emery            Teachers Association. The cost of the three-
is developed and delivered by Educational Assessment                                                        day programme is $105. Local Rotary
                                                                   Distinction      Katija Kressibucher
Australia (EAA). The Assessment is available online for                                                     clubs are often willing to pay this fee.
                                                                   Distinction      Laura McDade            Further information is available from www.
Year 9 and Year 10 students and is designed to benefit student
learning across a number of disciplines. The assessment            Distinction      Lily Mills     and application
includes questions on a range of topics using practical and        Distinction      Grace Newnham           forms are available at my office. I will assist
real-life situations.                                                                                       in making contact with local Rotary clubs.
                                                                   Distinction      Josephine Stanbrook
                                                                                                            Early application is advised.
                                                                   Distinction      Catherine Young
On completion of each assessment, students receive
immediate result summaries showing their total score. The             Credit        Alexandra Ainsworth     Any Year 9 student is welcome to attend.
students’ teachers then receive instant notification about            Credit        Alisara Alcaide
the students’ scores and information about each student’s             Credit        Sheldon Brockett
specific answers. At the end of the post-learning assessment
                                                                      Credit        Daniella Brown Kelly
cycle, we are able to see an online summary of our students’
results with some comparative data and a description of our           Credit        Amelia Burton
students’ improvement over time.                                      Credit        Maddison Crowley
                                                                      Credit        Claudia Duckworth
The information provided by AFLA as a needs analysis is
                                                                      Credit        Elsie-Mary Felix
to focus on specific areas of financial literacy education
which then enables us as teachers to develop teaching and             Credit        Bridget Harding
learning programs designed specifically for the needs of our          Credit        Alexandra Harris
students.                                                             Credit        Alice Hillier
                                                                      Credit        Samara Ibrahim          University      of     Queensland       Science
We have completed the pre-testing assessment and attached
is a table highlighting the students who received outstanding         Credit        Sheena Luu              Ambassadors
results.                                                              Credit        Courtney McCaul         This year, due to the large number of quality
                                                                                                            applicants, Lourdes Hill College nominated
                                                                      Credit        Jessica McQueen
                                                                                                            two students to serve as University of
                                                                      Credit        Rhianna Murphy          Queensland Science Ambassadors. Bridget
                                                                      Credit        Sarah Norris            Wood and Dana Flynn have since been
                                                                      Credit        Brianna O’Regan         appointed to the role and we congratulate
                                                                                                            them on this appointment. The girls will take
                                                                      Credit        Sarah Paterson
                                                                                                            on the key role of assisting in the promotion of
                                                                      Credit        Lilian Pearce-Perry     Science in the College. I personally thank the
                                                                      Credit        Francesca Rizzo         many applicants for the enthusiasm shown.
                                                                      Credit        Kate Ryan
                                                                      Credit        Emily Samuel            National Science Week
                                                                      Credit        Kristen Scott           2008 marks the 11th year of National Science
                                                                                                            Week. This week, from 16th to 24th August,
                                                                      Credit        Kahmeqa Taylor
                                                                                                            aims to give all Australians a chance to
                                                                      Credit        Claudia Teh             experience science first hand. Our College
                                                                      Credit        Monique Tsang           Science Ambassadors are preparing activities
                                                                      Credit        Gabrielle Van Haeften
                                                                                                            to be carried out in this week that are designed
                                                                                                            to further promote the growing interest in
Congratulations to these students who received outstanding results and my thanks go to our Business         Science at LHC. Students are encouraged to
Education teachers, Mrs Talina Rose, Ms Jenny Clark and Ms Anne Rynne.                                      watch notices for further information.
                                                                                      Mrs Jean Lee
                                                                     Business Education Coordinator              Mrs Raelee Lewis, Science Coordinator
                                                         Sport @ LHC
                                                           Athletics Action
                                                 Pierre De Coubertin Award Winner
                                                       Come & See LHC Shine
                                                         Come & Try Kayaking

                        ATHLETICS ACTION                                                         COME & SEE LHC SHINE
We are about to hold our last major sporting carnival for 2008. In just                           Friday 18th—Sunday 20th
over one week, on Friday 1st August, Lourdes Hill College will be holding           Athletics Camp—Tallebudgera Outdoor Recreation Centre
the Athletics Carnival at the State Athletics Facility (old QE11). All girls
are expected to attend the carnival and actively participate in at least two                       Friday 18th—Sunday 20th
(2) events. All the traditional events are conducted as well as an ‘open to
                                                                                                       LHC Rowing Camp
all’ 800m walk, steeplechase and the big sister/little sister 400m run/walk.
These events provide a great opportunity for all students to participate in
healthy, fun activity and show their team spirit. The students have attended                           Monday 21st July
House meetings on Tuesday and indicated which events they will enter. All                         Vicki Wilson Netball Carnival
age group events are open to each student and, as a consequence, the House
with the most active participants will be victorious. Parents are welcome at                          Wednesday 23rd July
the carnival and anyone wishing to assist could contact Mrs Mayfield.                                Round 6 BSGSA Sport
After school training for the carnival will continue on Tuesday (22/7/08),                   Senior Soccer v Mt Alvernia @ Zillmere
Thursday (24/7/08) and Tuesday (29/7/08) and all students are welcome.                Junior Soccer v Stuartholme @ Bowman Park, Bardon
This training is held at the AFL fields from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Girls are to                  Senior & Junior Netball—Downey Park
cross Hawthorne Rd at the lights and walk to the fields with other students.                 Intermediate Netball—Metro Coorparoo
The second UQ Athletics Meet is to be held on Friday evening July 25th.
Bus for this leaves at 3.10 and returns at 7pm. Selections for the Catholic                            Friday 25th July
and regional events are made on the basis of performances at the Interhouse
                                                                                                 UQ Athletics Meet—Full Squad
Carnival. We look forward to yet another fun filled athletics season for
                                          Deann Mayfield HPE Coordinator                              Saturday 26th July
                                                                                                    BSRA Rowing Regatta #1
                                                                                                    Wednesday 23rd July
On assembly we will recognize our Year                                                              Round 7 BSGSA Sport
12 student, Kathleen Dunn, who is the                                                    Senior Soccer v Brigidine @ Easts Soccer Club
Pierre de Coubertin Award winner for 2008.                                               Junior Soccer v St Rita’s @ Easts Soccer Club
Kathleen was presented with her Award at
                                                                                            Senior & Junior Netball—Downey Park
the Awards Presentation Ceremony on June
                                                                                            Intermediate Netball—Metro Coorparoo
28th by the Rod Welford MP (Minister for
Education, Training and the Arts) and a guest
Olympian. This award, an initiative of the                                                            Friday 1st August
Olympic Committee, recognises Kathleen’s                                                         LHC Athletics Carnival—QE II
participation and achievement in HPE and                                        Mrs Charmaine Ferguson, Sports Development Officer
Sport throughout her time at Lourdes Hill
and her demonstration of endeavors which                                                          COME & TRY KAYAKING
are consistent with the Olympic movement.                                      We would like to encourage as many girls to come along on Saturday
The Award, named after the founder of the
                                                                               26th July (Week 1, Term 3) to try kayaking with our Canoe Club.
modern Olympic Games, promotes the
                                                                               Our new Canoe Coordinator has put together a exciting, action filled
importance of participation in sport and
                                                                               semester two schedule for our kayakers.
physical activity. Kathleen has demonstrated perseverance, teamwork,
sportsmanship and fair play through participation in a variety of sports.      So what are you waiting for, no experience necessary, come along and
Kathleen has enjoyed many sporting and PE opportunities at LHC including
                                                                               experience this great social sport of kayaking.
track and field, AFL, touch football and hockey. She has demonstrated
that not only is she good at sports but that she is a ‘good sport’ and has
been a role model for younger students. We recognise Kathleen’s efforts
and achievements and the example she has set in supporting de Coubertin
message that ‘the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the          Mrs Charmaine Ferguson, Sports Development Officer

                                   Tuckshop Roster ~ Week Commencing Monday 28 July
                                                                      It would be appreciated if helpers could be at Tuckshop
    Monday 28 July - S Jackson, S Pyke, K Victorsen, C MacArthur It would be appreciated if helpers could be at Tuckshop by by 9am.
    Tuesday 29 July - Anyone available - please phone                 9am. Please phone Eva Jager 3399 0446 if you are unable
                                                                  Please phone Eva Jager 3399 0446 if you are unable to attend.
                                                                      to attend. Tuckshop Volunteers MUST sign-in/out at the
    Wednesday 30 July - J Burke, J Parker, R Zahnow               Tuckshop Volunteers MUST sign-in/out at the Front Reception
                                                                      Front Reception Office and receive their badge. Volunteers
    Thursday 31 July - C Ensinger, F DiNardo, M Burnett           Office and receive their badge. Volunteers are required to wear
                                                                      are required to wear closed in shoes.(A Work Place Health &
                                                                  closed in shoes.(A Work Place Health & Saftey Requirement.)
    Friday 1 August - L Campbell, L Heffernan, T Cornell, D Caswell   Saftey Requirement.)

                                             86 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne Qld 4171
                                            86 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne Qld 4171
                                           86 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne Qld 4171
           Tel: 61 7 7 3399 8888 Fax: 61 7 7 3899 1007 Email: Website:
          Tel: + 61 3399 8888 Fax: + 61 3899 1007 Email: Website:
         Tel: + + 61 7 3399 8888 Fax: + + 61 7 3899 1007 Email: Website:

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