Manly West Primary School P_C Meeting by decree


									                     Manly West Primary School P&C Meeting
                            Tuesday 23rd February 2010
Meeting opened at 7.45pm, Library

Chairperson: Rhonda Costin

Attendance: Adrienne Bruce, Amanda Farrar, Cath Williams, Cathy Gardener, Cathy Wood,
Chris Buck, Kay Manettas, Kerry Prince, Liz Troy, Martina Levy, Matthew Gwynne, Melita
Abrahams, Penny Myerscough, Rhonda Costin, Roger Croker, Carmel Demery, Diana Begg-Smith,
Marcella Vincent, Lesley Sargeant, June Low
Apologies: Melissa Havranek, Helen Davison, Tania Landsdorff, Michelle Parker

Minutes of previous meeting to be read and accepted by two members of the P&C:

Minutes acceptance moved by _Cathy Wood____, seconded by _Liz Troy_______.

Correspondence: P&C 2010 Handbook and CD and notification of the annual conference on 23rd-
25th July in Parramatta.

Special Business:
    Vacancies: The Resignation of Sarah Dowse (Vice President) was acknowledged. Carolyn Miles,
       currently on the exec has taken up the VP position leaving one exec position available. Amanda
       Farrar was voted onto the executive committee

      2010 School Contribution levies. A letter will be sent out with the term account – detailing the
       requested contribution of $75 per child to a maximum of 2 children into the building fund. This
       contribution will fund the refurbishment of the toilet block.

      The format of the contributions for entertainments during the year was discussed. Whilst it was
       agreed that it is a good idea to not be continually scrabbling around for a few dollars for the various
       events, a little more detail was requested. Adrienne explained that the majority of events are mostly
       unknown at this point but agreed to explain a little more in this week’s newsletter

Principal’s report: Sharon Sands

We have welcomed a number of new staff to our school. Lisa Greco, Lyndell Lutton and Sam Luff
have been appointed following interview and Felicity Miles and Poly Vescio have been appointed.
Twenty nine classes have been formed for 2010.The increase in numbers has led to an increase in
entitlements and these should assist the administration in the short term. In the longer term a 2nd
Deputy Principal will be appointed if numbers are maintained. The Assistant Principals will continue
to coordinate stages.

The My School website demonstrated that Manly West continues to have excellent results. However,
it is a ‘snapshot in time’ and does not reflect the multitude of good programs that are present in so
many of our schools. At Manly West we will continue to provide the range of programs that enrich
every student’s learning.

Students were very engaged from day 1 of the term. The opportunity to meet and work with all
teachers on each stage allowed for an easy transition to their new classes.

The planning and preparation on the last days of 2009 allowed for cooperative programming and
shared responsibilities of curricula to be ensured for 2010. Once again the staff has established a
strong sports’ program for students, a range of dance options are available, choir will now be offered
and band is as popular as ever. Our relief from Face 2 Face programs include Music, PDHPE,
Library and Science.
Properties work continues and the steel structure for the hall will be up in a couple of weeks. The
computer and IWBs should be fully operational under the new operating systems this week. Bitumen
resurfacing will occur over the next 2 months. Solar panels will be installed on the old school hall.]
Staff are currently finalising specific school targets in literacy, numeracy and environmental
education in order to prioritise programs and allocate resources appropriately.

Finance: Roger Croker

      Each P&C subcommittee is on track to achieve budgeted contributions to P&C in 2010;
      P&C funds on hand are $81,566 ($32,000 of this was earmarked in 2009 as a contribution to
       refurbishing the toilet blocks)
      The funding application for refurbishing toilet blocks was rejected in December 2009. We are
       working with Mike Baird to highlight the urgent need for funding with relevant personnel.
      Finance committee recommends P&C approve the recruitment of gardener for 4 hours every
       2 weeks at $30/hr totaling $2880 pa (excluding 2 weeks over Christmas holiday period)

Events: Cath Williams
Cath described in detail the events for this and next term as follows:
   1. 25th March Dance-a-thon
   2. 13th May Golf Day
   3. 26th June Cocktail Party
   4. Mothers/Fathers Day stalls
She also highlighted the need to get sponsorship for the Golf Day and made a suggestion that
perhaps classes or years could get together and sponsor a hole.

Environment: Please see appendix: proposal from Tania Landsdorff-Reidy on the recruitment of a

Motion: We propose that a gardener be hired for 4 hours every two weeks at $30 per hour
excluding 2 weeks over the Christmas period.

Proposed by: _Rhonda Costin__Seconded by Amanda Farrar__ Result__Majority vote in favour

Canteen: Kay Manettas
   Report on latest staff training and goals for 2010. Staff have been on a safe food handling
     course and Shona has additionally attended a course.
   Solution to the lining up problem:- if the front of the canteen was changed so that there
     were three separate lines, separated by bars and steps at the front instead of the side it
     could be a good solution. The verandah is in bad condition anyway – filthy underneath and
     so many holes the kids loose their money. There was a suggestion that the extra volunteers
     could be used to police the lines but it was not thought likely that parents would come in for
     half an hour to shout at the kids!
   This is my interpretation of what was discussed - Martina Levy

                                  5-6 Counter            3-4 Counter                K-2 Counter

       OH&S Policy: does the canteen need a separate OH&S policy? There is currently none –
        should the canteen follow the P&C policy or the school’s policy? Action: Adrienne, Kay and
        Roger Bolton to follow up.
       There is no standard evacuation procedure notice in the canteen, unlike all other areas of
        the school. Action: Adrienne to go through with Kay.
       Online Ordering System: the Munch Monitor system was investigated but it is expensive
        and they apparently wanted to implement more than just ordering lunch online. Harbord
        Public School use a different system. Action: Kay to visit Harbord Public and have a look

BASC: Matthew Gwynne
   Sarah Peters has reported that 2010 numbers are again strong with some 280 children utilising the
     BASC over the 5 days (10 sessions).
   There are waiting lists on most sessions, notably Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (20).
   At present part of the Toon Room is being utilised for an Y1 class which is impacting on the available
     space for BASC - the 8yo + group which numbers approximately 60 children utilises this space. BASC
     staff are monitoring the situation to ensure that the amenity of the children is not being adversely
   Long term BASC employee Neil Roxburgh has taken up a full time teaching position. His role is being
     advertised, and will be filled in due course.
   Out-of-hours use of BASC – It has been noticed that a regular Manly Council Precinct meeting is
     utilising the Yambalin building on a regular basis (Monthly/Thursday’s 7.30pm). In addition, due to the
     Y1 class occupying the Toone Room, a Saturday morning dance class is to be held in the Yambalin
     Centre. Our primary concern is that the Yambalin Centre contains confidential information relating to the
     BASC users, and the general protection of that information. While acknowledging that the Toone Room
     use is likely to be temporary, the BASC committee and BASC Co-ordinator consider that any out-of-
     hours use of the Yambalin Centre should be communicated, and some element of control implemented
     over out-of-hours access (i.e. procedures for the issuing & return of keys, notification of who has access
     to alarm codes etc).

Band: Michelle Parker
   Martina reported that Michelle had told her that all was going well, all new instruments,
      books and other equipment such as stands had been purchased.
   The dates for the Band Camp at Collaroy have been confirmed as the 18th-19th May and the
      Yamaha competition is 10th-24th June.

Uniform: Liz Troy and Amanda Grant

We got off to a busy start at the beginning of the school year – thanks to Sarah Dowse and the
volunteers from last year who ran the shop so smoothly and made the transition to a new team so

We have a new Shop Manager, Heather Beard. Heather’s role is a part time paid position. Grainne
Keaney is continuing as Treasurer and her experience and expertise have been invaluable.

The uniform stock is valued at around $30,000 for insurance purposes. The last stock take was in
October 2009 and since then the stock has fluctuated considerably, higher sales with the Kindergarten
orientation but lots of new stock arriving. We will endeavour to carry out a further stock take this
term to ascertain current levels and advise if $30,000 is sufficient cover.

Other Business:
   Roger Croker raised the issue of ‘Sick Classrooms’ and reported that a number of the
     classrooms were very warm because the pilot lights on the gas heaters were left on. Sharon
     stated that all heaters had been replaced to eliminate the types of unflued heaters that were
     causing the ‘sick classroom’ phenomenon and says that she is continually reminding teachers
     that there should be cross ventilation in the classrooms but said that she would investigate.
     Action: Sharon to check with Phil about the pilot lights being left on.
       Carmel Demery asked that, given the current shortfall in allocated funds, whether the
        school would be able to refurbish the toilets within the next 12 months. Sharon responded
        saying that she was getting a scope of works done which would then go out to tender to
        local businesses. Local MPs are involved in raising the issue and the school may get some
        money back from the government as a co-contribution so YES the toilets should be
        refurbished in the next 12 months.
       Named Tiles around the old hall: Liz Troy wanted to ensure that the tiles purchased by
        families around the old hall would not be lost or hidden when the hall is divided into
        classrooms. Action: Sharon to ensure that the tiles will not be hidden or, if so, be saved and
       Boats on Harland Road at the North side of the cemetery. These are currently using up
        around 10 or more parking spaces and are creating a hazard. If we talk to the
        council/precincts we must make sure that the parking restrictions are only to 4 hours as
        soon there will be nowhere to park long enough to do the canteen/class room activities.

Close of meeting: 9:05pm


To:              Manly West P&C Executive Committee
cc:              Sharon Sands, Adrienne Bruce, Amanda Farrar; Helen Davison; Cheryl Rose
From:            Tania Landsdorff-Reidy, Coordinator, Environment Committee, 2008–09
Re:              Gardener for maintenance of school’s natural environment
Date:            8 February 2010

I would like to propose that the P&C fund the cost of hiring a casual gardener for four hours every two weeks to maintain
the school’s natural environment and garden areas.

One of the important features of Manly West Primary School is its abundant and picturesque natural environment.

        The DET’s Environmental Education Policy for Schools states that:
         Students spend over a quarter of their school time in the outdoor area of the school.
         School grounds as outdoor environments have become increasingly important to children in modern society.
         The design and management of school grounds convey messages to children that influence their attitude and
         Children receive these messages from a range of indicators which define the cultural context of the
         School grounds can affect staff, parents and the wider community.
         It is within the power of those who manage schools to determine the quality of their school grounds.
        Throughout 2008–09 the Environment Committee supported the DET’s policy through its work on improving
        the ecology and quality of the school grounds. As a result the school was the recipient of the Manly Council’s
        Best Sustainable Garden award in 2009.

        Many resources, valuing thousands of dollars, were invested into the Manly West grounds to achieve this award,
         Monetary contributions by the P&C and the school
         Donations and free educational programs from Manly Council
         Donations from Bunnings
         Donations of plant material by nurseries and private individuals
         1000 hours of weekend volunteering by teachers, parents and students
         Class time grounds activities carried out by students and their teachers.
         Many hours of ongoing gardening maintenance work by Environment Committee members.

        As with any garden in an urban environment, the school’s natural environment needs to be protected and
        maintained or it will diminish. Two-hour, once-a-term working bees that depend on the availability of parental
        volunteers are not sufficient to do this. Environment Committee members have spent many hours outside of
        working bees maintaining and caring for the school’s gardens and native vegetation to ensure they continue to
        flourish. It is too onerous for parents. Manly West needs a dedicated garden maintenance person if it wants to
        maintain the quality of its natural environment and gardens. As you are aware, the school’s current grounds
         personnel are not assigned to carry out gardening duties (with the exception of lawn mowing carried out by Phil

      I ask the P&C to consider the following proposed arrangements for a school gardener:

          Weed removal – over the past two years a huge amount of noxious and many other weeds, from large shrubs
           to grounds covers, have been removed throughout our school grounds.
          Pruning and removal of dead/dangerous branches to ensure aesthetic appeal, safety and traffic control.
          Fertilising & mulching.
          Clearing of footpaths – only around garden areas, i.e. not in centre court area or around oval.
          Watering – mainly during the establishment period of new plantings.
          Outdoor Numeracy & Literacy Centre – this area is in need of high maintenance. It is not a natural
           environment and plants rely on small pockets of soil which must be managed in relation to nutrient and water
           supply. This area will not survive if left to its own devices.

       The gardener would work under the supervision of both a school representative and a parent representative. Both
       the school and parent representative need to be involved in grounds management planning, i.e. through the
       Environment Committee and/or School Council, and the parent representative would need to have knowledge of
       gardening/horticulture. I put forward the following representatives:
       1. School: Adrienne Bruce
       2. Parent: Tania Landsdorff-Reidy

       Advertise the position through the school’s newsletter.

       Recruitment within a period of four weeks from approval by the P&C. Gardener to commence ASAP after

         $30/hour. At this rate a casual gardener working four hours every two weeks would cost $2880 p.a. (excluding 2
         weeks over the Christmas holiday period).

Our school is so fortunate to have such a beautiful nourishing environment that benefits students, staff, parents, the
community and our native wildlife. I urge you to support this proposal.

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