Alaska Community Forestry Grants

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					        Alaska Community Forestry Grants
The Division of Forestry has granted $540,000 to local governments and community organizations since
1991. Local donations and in-kind services bring the total benefit to communities to $1.45 million. Grants
fund projects that create an appreciation for the benefits of trees, awareness of best management prac-
tices, and lead to local programs that are effective, efficient, and meet local needs for resource manage-
ment. Most funds were provided to the state through the USDA Forest Service.

                  2007 Grants
      $16,050 granted / $52,762 local match

Alaska Reforestation Council &
Fairbanks Arbor Day Committee                       $500
Organized, advertised, and funded tree plantings at 10
schools, 2 parks, 3 military bases, UAF, and TCC Tribal
Hall. Promoted maintenance of public trees.

Alaska Vocational Tech. Center, Seward $2,200
Held workshop on tree planting, maintenance, and
pruning for the public while planting trees at AVTEC.       Sitka’s tree inventory and management plan led to
                                                            setting priorities for tree planting. Replacing high
Anchorage Park Foundation                           $500    maintenance and unhealthy trees along Harbor
                                                            Avenue, the city’s gateway, was at the top of the list.
Produced a radio PSA to promote Arbor Day and the
benefits of trees and to publicize Anchorage’s designa-
tion as a Tree City USA.

Boy Scout Troop 367, Palmer                         $500
Planted trees at the Veterans’ & Pioneers’ Home in
Palmer. A ceremony honored veterans and pioneers
and provided training for Scouts and the public on tree
selection, planting, and care.

Chitina Trad. Indian Village Council              $1,200
Planted trees at new Chitina Wayside for a windbreak
and beautification. Demonstrated proper planting at
community Arbor Day celebration and provided infor-
                                                            Scouts learn to plant trees and improve the grounds
mation on using trees as screens and buffers from           of the Veterans’ and Pioneers’ Home in Palmer.
wind, dust, snow, and noise.

Homer Soil & Water Conservation Dist. $2,000
Installed interpretive display in Homer Demonstration
Forest arboretum. Tested effectiveness of different
mulch types for reducing weeds around seedlings.
Held work parties in the demonstraton forest.

City of Hoonah                                      $900
Sponsored variety of educational events, seedling
plantings, and forestry activities for children preschool
through high school. Added trees to those planted in
                                                               Helping create nonprofits ensures ongoing
2006 in new community park.                                    local support of community trees and forests.
Juneau Urban Forestry Partnership                $2,650
Led 6-hour tree class/field trip for summer camp chil-
dren. Held a public workshop to plant trees and shrubs
at Treadwell Arena. Recoginzed volunteers by award-
ing tee-shirts to promote tree planting and JUFP.

Metlakatla Indian Community                      $1,600
Expanded the tree planting along the breakwater
begun in 2006. Residents contribute to purchase of
planter boxes and trees, which are planted as memori-
als or dedications. Trees were planted at a community
Arbor Day celebration.

City & Borough of Sitka                          $2,000
                                                            Volunteer foresters inventory trees in a Fairbanks
Replaced 30 diseased and high maintenance trees with
                                                            North Star Borough park. Data gathered was used
27 large crabapples along Harbor Avenue and around          to develop a management plan.
Harrigan Centennial Hall. This highly visible gateway to
the city was a top priorty for landscape improvements.

City of Wasilla                                  $2,000
Held an Arbor Day celebration for the public and stu-
dents, purchased 10 trees and 1,000 seedlings to plant
in parks. Sponsored a poster contest and classroom
activities with the theme, Trees are Terrific and Forests
are too.

                  2006 Grants
      $7,010 granted / $19,076 local match                  Grants to Metlakatla supported the memorial tree
                                                            program. Residents donate funds to build planters
Craig Middle School Garden Club                    $900     and plant trees along the breakwater. Everyone
                                                            turns out on Arbor Day to plant and celebrate trees
Planted trees on school grounds and cared for trees         and those the trees memorialize.
already in place.

Homer Tree Stewards &
Soil & Water Conservation District               $1,310
Purchased equipment for planting and maintaining
public trees by trained volunteers. Prepared pruning
and safety kits for use by Community Tree Stewards.

City of Hoonah                                   $1,200
Held an Arbor Day celebration and educational activi-
ties, and planted trees in a new community park.

Juneau Urban Forestry Partnership                  $600
Planted trees in a downtown park and purchased signs
                                                            Homer Tree Stewards purchased pruning and
with the new JUFP logo to increase awareness of the         safety equipment for volunteers to use in caring for
group and urban forestry.                                   public trees.
Metlakatla Indian Community                       $1,500
Planted trees in raised planters along the breakwater.
Community members sponsored trees by donating
funds for trees and ongoing maintenance.

City of Wasilla                                   $1,500
Held Arbor Day celebration and demonstration of
proper tree planting. Purchased seedlings for planting
on public lands. Sponsored an Arbor Day poster con-
test for students.

                  2005 Grants                              The Alaska Vocatonal & Technical Center in Seward
                                                           offered public workshops, led by Community Forest-
      $5,960 granted / $19,299 local match                 ry staff, on tree planting, pruning, and maintenance.
                                                           The trees transformed the grounds at the center.
Alaska Boreal Forest Council                      $1,000
Planted 15 trees in two Fairbanks parks during Arbor
Day celebrations.

Homer Soil & Water Conservation Dist.               $760
Sponsored a week-long Arbor Day celebration with tree
planting demonstrations, a guided hike on the Homer
Demonstration Forest Nature Trail, and clean-up of the
HDF arboretum. Matching funds purchased 1,100 trees
that were given to residents.

Juneau Urban Forestry Partnership                 $1,200
Planted trees in highly visible park in downtown as part
of Arbor Day celebration.

City of Wasilla                                   $3,000   School children learn to plant trees at a park in
Purchased a GPS unit for use in updating and main-         Fairbanks. The Fairbanks Arbor Day Committee
                                                           has a long history of planting trees in more than a
taining the tree inventory; held tree planting, pruning,   dozen locations each Arbor Day.
and care training; and printed tree guides for city and
public use. Organized a city-wide Arbor Day celebra-
tion and gave away tree seedlings.

                  2004 Grants
     $62,854 granted / $103,133 local match

Fairbanks North Star Borough                    $25,000
Purchased GPS and GIS equipment to establish and
maintain a tree inventory, wrote an urban forestry man-
agement plan, and printed A Guide to Tree Identifica-
tion, Planting, and Care for Fairbanks area residents.
                                                           Juneau Urban Forestry Partnership members
                                                           celebrate Arbor Day by planting trees at Juneau’s
                                                           Gateway Park.
Homer Soil & Water Conservation Dist. $7,500
Revised and updated the Homer Demonstration Forest
Management Plan and worked with high school stu-
dents to create a nature trail guide for the forest.

Juneau Urban Forestry Partnership                 $5,914
JUFP partnered with the Parks Department to update
the tree inventory and incorporate it into the city’s GIS
database. It also incorporated as a nonprofit to pro-
mote and support urban forestry in Juneau.

City & Borough of Sitka                         $19,440
Conducted an inventory of public trees, prioritized tree
                                                             Volunteers, businesses, and government agencies
planting needs, completed several large plantings, held      came together to celebrate Arbor Day and plant
Arbor Day celebrations, sponsored tree and landscape         trees and shrubs in Hoonah’s new park. The trees,
contest for business and home owners, and produced           near a picnic area and trail, provide shelter, sea-
a brochure, Right Tree - Right Place, which the electric     sonal color, and a windbreak.
utility sent to all customers.

City of Wasilla                                   $5,000
Purchased trees for the new memorial Garden of
Reflection created in Iditapark for those grieving a loss.

                                                             Sitka Tree & Landscape Committee members help
                                                             plant the 27 trees that transformed a major down-
                                                             town street.