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Joomla Customization, Joomla Web Development, Joomla Component Development


Ashi Software offers Joomla Web Development, Joomla Customization Services and Joomla Component Development services. Read Information about JOOMLA-A True Flexibility of Good CMS System.

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									Joomla Customization – A True Flexibility of Good CMS System

Amongst the 50+ Open Source Content Management Systems, popularly known as open source CMS,
based on the PHP platform and MySQL Database, Joomla! is one of the most successful and popular
CMS systems. Undoubtedly occupying the position amongst the top three most sought CMS systems,
Joomla! Is convincingly a versatile CMS system. Standing tall, in almost all the charts, Joomla!,
according to the Gartner Report, has second highest average weekly download. It is most commonly used
CMS system.

Joomla! Has one of the highest groups of developers, community, Forums and other resources that assist
the programmers and developer community as a whole for their various technical problems and software
development needs. Joomla! Has a huge base of modules and components that act as Add-ons for various
functionalities or in other words the Plug inns. In most of the cases, the commonly needed features like
events, calendars, blogs, photo gallery, news and now even the social networking sites are available
through these ready to use modules and plug-inns.

Joomla! Customization would essentially mean altering the core base modules and components which
already exist with standard Joomla! Editions. There could be the following possibilities while looking at
the Joomla! Customization:

      Joomla! template customization
      Joomla! core or standard code customization
      Joomla! modules and components customization
      Joomla! plug-inns customization

In case, if the specific needs of the functionality are not met with the available standard open source
codes of the Joomla! plug-inns or modules, then altogether new module or plug-inn can be developed and
integrated with standard Joomla! CMS.

Owing to this rich flexibility and highly adaptable feature of customization, Joomla! has been popularly
used for creating different types of websites and web application like Government websites, NGO
websites, Church websites, small business websites, online publication websites, corporate websites, E -
commerce websites, educational websites, personal websites, portals etc.

The author of this article has been involved with various Joomla Customization projects with Joomla end
users in USA, Canada, and Australia & Europe. Ashi software is always there to serve you for any kind
of Joomla website development, Joomla customization services and Joomla support & maintenance

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Joomla Customization – A True Flexibility of Good CMS System by Ashi Software

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