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									Saranac Community Schools
Board of Education
Meeting #20

The regular meeting of the Saranac Community Schools Board of Education was held on
Thursday, June 1, 2000 in the Board Room, Saranac High School, 150 Pleasant Street, Saranac,

President Yaw called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Present: Culver, Jones, Leslie, Richter, Sigafoose, Simpson and Yaw.
Absent: None

Dave Benjamin led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes from Regular Meeting #19 were approved as written.

ADDITIONS & DELETIONS: Action Item 8.a., Retirement Resolution was changed to
Retirement Resolutions.

“DID YOU KNOW”:              …Maury Geiger is coaching his daughter’s softball team, and will
                               be a little late tonight.

                                 Elementary School students will enjoy their field day

                                 Teachers are moving into new classrooms for next year. They
                                 will be in grade level wings.

                                 Kindergarten Round-up is scheduled for June 13, 14, and 15.
                                 There are about 100 youngsters so far, approximately 80 of
                                 whom are kindergarten age. Those numbers don’t include PPI
                                 or DK.

                                              …The ag class did some landscaping around the
                                High School building, and it looks great! The students worked
                                very hard.

                                 Principal Bouck shared a copy of Sunday’s Commencement

                                Mr. Szczepanski told board members that the Conference track
                                meet went very well. He said he was pleased with and grateful
                                for the number of people who helped out. The District
                                competition is at Pennfield on Saturday.

                                 Cory Ellison made it to State competition in track, in the 200
                                 meter. Competition will be at Comstock Park Saturday.

                             …Tomorrow is the 8th grade Cedar Point trip, leaving at 5:30 a.m.
                                       and coming back at about 11:00 p.m.

                                      444 awards were given out at the Middle School this year.

                                      There are three half days next week, and students at the Middle
                                      and High Schools will be taking exams.

                                      8th grade students put together a surprise party for Kim Paton,
                                      Terry Abel, and Dave Benjamin. It was very nice.

                                  …President Yaw extended congratulations to Patrice Mason, Jeff
                                    Caudell, Karen Rohrer and Joanne Cahoon. Our physical
                                    education program was selected to receive Level 4 District
                                    recognition in the Governor’s Council Exemplary Physical
                                    Education Awards Program and will be presented that award
                                    at a special event next fall in Lansing.

STUDENT REPORT: Ryan McCollum reported that the Student Council adopted their new
budget. The Constitution has been ratified. If a member is absent four times or is ineligible
three times, they are automatically off the Council.

On June 28, members are “Going to Bat for Kids” at the Whitecaps game. Students will be
selling raffle tickets, proceeds from which go to Catholic Social Services programs.

COMMENTS FROM GUESTS: Scott DeVries was present and referred to the list of
extracurricular positions being presented tonight and specifically to Soccer Coach Dan Thomas.
He mentioned several incidents and asked board members to take “a good long look before
making a decision.”

Sharon Blanchard pointed out that the Saranac High School sign needs to be painted.

She also announced that Senior Parents of the Class of 2000 raised about $8,000, all of which
has been used on the upcoming “All-nighter.” Everything is ready for the event.

RETIREMENT RESOLUTIONS: Motion by Leslie and supported by Culver that the Saranac
Board of Education approve the following resolutions honoring David Benjamin, Terry Dawson,
Terry Able and Shirley Jackson in recognition of their retirement from Saranac Community
WHEREAS:      David Benjamin began his time at Saranac Community Schools as a student, graduating with the
             Class of 1961, and

WHEREAS:      He joined the staff in 1973 as a teacher of science and social studies and challenged and excited his
             students with numerous experiments and special projects, including the launching of rockets in the
             School’s yards and fields, and

WHEREAS:       He became a high school counselor here in 1976 and as such assisted many students in preparing
             for their future, as well as handling the problems of youth, and

WHEREAS:       He was named Assistant High School Principal in 1984, providing service and support in that role
             to students, parents, and staff, and

WHEREAS:      In 1988, he became principal of the Middle School where he has now served for twelve years and
             provided important leadership in the implementation of the middle school concept, and
WHEREAS:        He has now decided to realize yet another goal of life, namely retirement,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Saranac Board of Education thanks Mr. Benjamin for his
many years of excellent and dedicated service and wishes him well in retirement.
WHEREAS:         Mr. Terry Dawson, fresh out of college, began his teaching career at Saranac Jr./Sr. High School
                 some thirty-one years ago, and now, with his plans to retire, will leave a big void in our school
                 family, and

WHEREAS:         It is obvious he enjoys teaching. His students will attest to the fact that he is an excellent
                 professional educator. His ability to assess their needs and teach to those needs is commendable.
                 He is genuinely interested in the young people who pass through his classroom year after year, and
                 works tirelessly to help them achieve all that they can be, and

WHEREAS:         Mr. Dawson also served the students of this district for many years as an Athletic Director, coach
                 of various sports, Honor Society sponsor, and class sponsor, and no matter what the job, he did it
                 most ably. His organizational skills go unsurpassed. Things tend to run like clockwork when
                 Terry is in charge, and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That this Board of Education go on record as officially recognizing the
achievements of Terry Dawson and express our gratitude and thanks for a job well done. We wish him well.

WHEREAS:         Thirty-one years ago, a young man from nearby Lowell, Michigan came to Saranac Jr./Sr. High
                 School to embark on a teaching career; that teacher was Mr. Terry Abel, and

WHEREAS:         A most capable teacher he proved himself to be. From the very beginning he was described by
                 administration as “an excellent young teacher; quite impressive”, and

WHEREAS:         Mr. Abel is highly respected by the students and serves as an excellent role model for them. In
                 his letter of resignation, he stated “I feel privileged to have been given the chance to teach and
                 coach many excellent students.” Communicating with any one of those students, one realizes
                 immediately that they feel privileged to have known him as well, and

WHEREAS:         He has always demonstrated a keen awareness for his students’ needs and has successfully
                 satisfied those needs. In their quest for learning, he has proven himself fit for the challenges of
                 young inquiring minds. He is a credit to the teaching profession, and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That with his approaching retirement, this Board of Education go on
record as officially recognizing the many achievements of Terry Abel, and express our gratitude and thanks for a job
well done. We wish him well.

WHEREAS:         After twenty-five years, Mrs. Shirley Jackson plans to retire from the field of education. One of
                 Saranac’s own, some remember her as “Shirley Ann”, a student at Saranac Community Schools,
                 and of course she has touched the lives of many others as “Mrs. Jackson”, the teacher or “Coach”,
                 the leader of champions, and

WHEREAS:         Her hard work and dedication to her profession has benefited not only her students through the
                 years, but the entire school system. The late Mrs. Harker once said of her, “Mrs. Jackson is a
                 person who has the whole school system in mind when making a decision, not just her own
                 classroom”, and

WHEREAS:         She has many deep ties to Saranac Community Schools. She followed in her mother’s footsteps,
                 when she chose the teaching profession. After graduating from Saranac High School with the
                 Class of 1961 and then from Central Michigan University in 1965, she earned her teaching
                 certificate in elementary education. Her father served on the Board of Education for many years.
                 Her husband and children, like her, are all graduates of Saranac High School, and

WHEREAS:         She is a person of high moral character, serving as a role model for many young people, and
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That this Board of Education go on record as officially recognizing the
achievements of Shirley Jackson. She leaves with our wish for a long and happy retirement. We hope the years
ahead will be a time of joy, good health and accomplishment.

The resolutions were unanimously approved by the Board, signed, and will be framed and
presented to each of these individuals.

AWARD SCHOLARSHIPS: The guidelines for the Morris and Simpson Scholarships state that
the Board will determine the recipients. Motion by Simpson, supported by Sigafoose and
unanimously approved that the Saranac Board of Education grant five $1,000 Cecil S. &
Katherine E. Morris Scholarships to Heidi Brogger, Erin Davenport, Marcie Frazer, Luke
Glashower, and Tara Powell, and one $1,000 Steven M. Simpson Memorial Scholarship to Resa
VanKuiken, as recommended.

SUPERINTENDENT’S EVALUATION: Motion by Culver and supported by Jones that the
Saranac Board of Education’s evaluation of Superintendent Chadwick’s performance be
approved. Motion carried unanimously. President Yaw told Chadwick “We are very satisfied
with your performance, and applaud you for the number of hours you give above and beyond
what is expected. You are an excellent role model for all our students.”

BUDGET HEARING RESOLUTION: Motion by Simpson and supported by Culver that the
Saranac Board of Education approve the attached resolution setting the Public Hearing for the
2000-2001 budgets. Motion carried unanimously.

1999-2000 BUDGET REVISIONS: Superintendent Chadwick presented the 1999-2000
General Fund, School Service and Debt Funds, with proposed revisions, stating “We will
continue to refine these numbers before making our final revision proposal at the June 15

2000-2001 BUDGETS: Chadwick presented a draft of the 2000-2001 General Fund, School
Service and Debt Funds budgets. A hearing on these budgets is scheduled for the next meeting,
June 15. Following the hearing, the Board will be asked to adopt the budgets.

NATURAL GAS LINE EASEMENT: Consumers Energy would like to extend natural gas to
the Clarksville and Morrison Lake areas and plan to come off of the line that goes down Mill
Street in Saranac. They want to head south from that line along Pleasant Street and straight
south to Weeks Road, and would need an easement from the School to do so. The Board will
take action on this proposal at their next meeting.

CURRICULUM COUNCIL UPDATE: Principal Bouck reported on the work of the
Curriculum Council, telling board members there are six subject areas and all teachers are a
member of one of the six committees. The goal was to articulate our local curriculum. This
year money was spent for social studies. Next year purchases will be made for language arts;
then the next year we will focus on science. Bouck praised the curriculum chairpeople, saying
they did a “super job of getting things done and keeping people on task.”

NON-UNION SALARIES AND WAGES:                   The Administrative and Support Staff Committee
of the Board met and prepared a wage proposal for the 2000-2001 year for employees not
covered by a bargained contract. The proposal suggests a 2.75% wage increase, with some
receiving an additional one time check in December. Richter asked why instead of the
December check, we don’t roll it all in together. Chadwick will bring back two proposals to the
next meeting, one with the money rolled in and one with it pulled back out and the separate
December check. Yaw told members if, in the meantime, they have any questions or
suggestions, to call Superintendent Chadwick.

2000-2001 EXTRACURRICULAR POSITIONS: The SEA Master Agreement requires the
appointment of individuals to extracurricular positions by June 30th for the following year. A
list of those positions and the people recommended to fill them was presented. Jones said he
understood some people on the list weren’t coming back Szczepanski responded that there are
some that he has heard from verbally, but has nothing in writing. The SEA Master Agreement
states “Teachers who do not intend to perform the extracurricular assignment for which they are
currently under contract shall notify the superintendent by May 20.” The Board will take
action at their next meeting.

ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING DATE: Board Policy 1300 states that “The organizational
meeting of the Board shall be held within the first two weeks of July.” Chadwick is suggesting
July 6 as the date for that meeting. The Board will take action to set a date at the June 15

are required to annually renew our membership in the Michigan High School Athletic
Association.     At their next meeting, the Board will be asked to approve a resolution to do that.

The minutes of the Executive Session dated May 18, 2000 were approved as written.

BOARD REQUESTS/REPORTS: Members asked Principal Bouck to consider ways to
shorten the High School awards program in the future.

The Administrative & Support Staff Committee will set a time to meet and discuss a proposal for
Superintendent Chadwick’s salary.

Board members were reminded of the year-end staff lunch next Tuesday.

Prior to the June 15 board meeting, at 6:45 p.m., there will be a reception for Mike (Sigafoose) in
recognition of 18 years of service on the Board, and for Dave (Benjamin).

At 9:15 p.m., a motion was brought by Leslie, supported by Simpson and unanimously approved
that the Saranac Board of Education go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing
negotiations. They returned to open session at 9:49 p.m. and there being no further business to
come before them and no objection, the meeting was immediately adjourned.

                                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                                     Donald Leslie, Sr.

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