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									                                                                                             356 Oxford Street West
                                                                                             London, ON N6H 1T3
                                                                                             Tel: 519-473-2222
                                                                                             Fax: 519-472-4045

                                             Retirement Homes
                                             in London and Middlesex County

      • Retirement/residential homes are privately owned and operated facilities providing personal
        care and some health care. Costs vary and are paid by the resident.
      • All of these retirement homes, except Mount Brydges Rest Home and Restview Retirement
        Home, can provide short stay or respite care depending on available space and level of care
      • Address Retirement Home enquiries to:
                 Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA)
                 Retirement Home Complaints Response and Information Service
                 2390 Bristol Circle, Unit 6, Oakville, ON L6H 6M5
                 Toll free: 1-800-361-7254 Fax: 905-829-1594
                 Email: Website:

London Retirement Homes
Amica at London                   164 beds                   Chelsey Park Retirement Community*
517 Fanshawe Park Rd W Phone: 519-657-7096                                  104 suites and 214 apartments
London, ON N6G 0C1       Fax: 519-657-5217                   312 Oxford St W          Phone: 519-432-1845
                                       London, ON N6H 4N7          Fax: 519-432-7548

Ashwood Manor                                     72 beds    Grand Wood Park                113 beds
79 David St                          Phone: 519-652-9006                               27 apartments
London, ON N6P 1B4                      Fax: 519-652-2592    81 Grand Ave        Phone: 519-432-1162
                               London, ON N6C 1M2    Fax: 519-432-4005

Central Park Lodge*                 89 beds                  Highview Residences                       48 beds
279 Horton St          Phone: 519-434-4544                   35 & 41 Capulet Walk        Phone: 519-657-4468
London, ON N6B 1L3       Fax: 519-673-4971                   London, ON N6H 5W4             Fax: 519-657-0915
                          Secure residential care for individuals with early
                                                             to mid-stage Alzheimer Disease.

Chartwell Select Riverside Retirement                        Horizon Place Retirement Residence*
Residence*                          138 beds                 (Meadowcroft)                       80 units
201 Riverside Dr         Phone: 519-432-7909                 760 Horizon Dr         Phone: 519-641-6330
London, ON N6H 1E5         Fax: 519-438-5118                 London, ON N6H 5G3        Fax: 519-641-0570

For more health services information visit                                          CCAC PCS1012 – Last Modified: 09/09
Kensington Village*                144 beds                      Richmond Woods                   130 suites
1340 Huron St          Phone: 519-455-2001                       200 North Centre Rd     Phone: 519-850-5060
London, ON N5V 3R3        Fax: 519-455-1570                      London, ON N5X 0B1        Fax: 519-850-5061

Longworth Retirement Residence* 126 suites                       Royalton Retirement Residence London
600 Longworth Rd      Phone: 519-472-1115                                                            146 suites
London, ON N6K 4X9       Fax: 519-472-1132                       609 Wharncliffe Rd S     Phone: 519-777-8280
                                  London, ON N6J 2N7
Manor Village at Historic London (The)                                     ** Opening Fall 2009 **
230 Victoria St         Phone: 1-888-706-2667
London, ON N6A 2C2                                               Trafalgar Terrace                           49 beds
                                96 Ridout St S                Phone: 519-672-9000
             ** Opening Fall 2009 **                             London, ON N6C 3X4              Fax: 519-433-1832

Maple Village for Seniors*           50 beds                     Waverley Mansion*                          65 beds
722 Hamilton Rd          Phone: 519-451-8411                     10 Grand Ave                   Phone: 519-667-1381
London, ON N5Z 1T7         Fax: 519-453-2580                     London, ON N6C 1K9               Fax: 519-667-9601

Meadow Park Retirement Lodge*     52 beds                        Windermere on the Mount          89 suites
1210 Southdale Rd E   Phone: 519-686-0484                        1486 Richmond St      Phone: 519-432-9863
London, ON N6E 1B4      Fax: 519-686-9932                        London, ON N6G 2M3      Fax: 519-432-3587

Queens Village for Seniors*          67 beds
518 Queens Ave          Phone: 519-433-4066
London, ON N6B 1Y7         Fax: 519-433-0731

Middlesex County Retirement Homes
Countryside Manor                   12 beds                      Restview Retirement Home           32 beds
24264 Coldstream Rd, RR 2                                        139 Main St           Phone: 519-227-6767
Ilderton, ON N0M 2A0   Phone: 519-666-1873                       Lucan, ON N0M 2J0        Fax: 519-488-0392
                          Fax: 519-666-1829
Mount Brydges Rest Home            20 beds
22417 Adelaide Rd      Phone: 519-264-1012
Mount Brydges, ON N0L 1W0

* ORCA member

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                          shall not be held responsible for the individual’s use of this information.

For more health services information visit                                                 CCAC PCS1012 – Last Modified: 09/09

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