Payne Springs Community Ctr by lifemate


									1A. Payne Springs Community Ctr
Payne Springs City Hall
9692 Hwy 198 903/451-9229
Mayor I.D. Meredith 903/451-3695
Mayor Protem Rodney Shane Rendberg
Council People Louise Byers 903/451-2451
Rodney Rendberg – 903/451-9419
Dan Johnston – 903/451-9955
Wiater HelleBrand – 903/451-2852
Rodney Shane Rendberg # ? U.L.
Emergency Mitigation Coordinator
John J. Lashwa (?) 903/451-4350
Sue Barnett City Sec. 903/451-2117
Payne Springs City Hall
Community Center and Fire Dept are at G.P.S. Position Approx : Latitude 32-16-18
North, Longitude 096-03-31West
Fax # City Hall 903/451-0137

2A. The Payne Springs City Limit & The Payne Springs Area are 2 different entities
conjoined by only by the telephone company Sprint & the 911 Board

The Length of the city limits along SH198 from the Bridge over Cedar Creek Lake from
Gun Barrel City to the Canry City Bridge is approx 10 miles. Also on 316 North at CR
2584 and CR 2501 including CR’s 2530, 2515, 2516, 2529, 2931, 2930, 2852, 2507
which constitute approx 10 miles.

There are 5 subdivisions in the city limit:
   1. South wood Shores
   2. Cherokee Hills
   3. Delmar Ests
   4. Bandera Bay
   5. Oakwood Shores

Population approx 689 souls.

3A. Mostly a quite reserved community: Resort and retirement area around the east side
of Cedar Creek Lake. Most subdivisions are occupied /w what we call weekender who
have permanent homes elsewhere and homes around the area here also as vacation home
est. who are not residents and do not vote here.

In the Payne Springs area are 56 subdivision and 2 cities each incorporated, in the area
codes of 430 and 903 451 being the Payne Springs 1st 3 digits.

There is approx 20.5 miles of water front in the Payne Springs area and approx 15,000
people at any one time.
The Fire District area is approx 35 sq mi from the Gun Barrel Bridge to the Carney City
Bridge on SH 198 to 316N the Railroad tracks.

4A. To the large culvert on CR 2930 or Peach Tree Lane north toward Hwy 334.

1B hazardous Chemical Companies: (companies that contain Hazardous materials)
Denbridge H2S Plant on Hwy198S 1.6 mile from city hall to Payne Spring City Limit
and .5 miles from City Limit to Entrance of H2S plant. (16401 CR 2854) contac #903-
451-3004 Jeff Munns. Address Eustace 75124

2. In city limits next:
   International Boating Center
   12778 Hwy 198 Owner James McKean
    Emerg # 451-3495 Home, Business: 451-3817, Petroleum Products Acetylone and
    O2 Bottles Etc.

3. Texas Hydro Sports
   12844 Hey 198 Owner John McKean
   451-9000 Business, 887-1788 Emergency# Home
   Petroleum Products, Acd Tylene and O2 Bottles

4. Country Power Sports
   13114 Hwy 198 Owner David Notingham
    Business #451-2221 Emergency # Home 451-3085, Cell 880-5648
    Petroleum products, acetylene and O2 Bottles

5. Cedar Creek water sports
   13240 Hwy 198 Owner Kenneth Napps. (903) 872-4239 or 880-2716
   Petroleum Products, Acetylene & O2 Bottles.

6. Smiths General Store
   10997 Hwy 198 Owner Mike Smith
    Business 451-2048 Home 451 4094, Emergency number
    Petroleum Products, Aerosal Prod. Gas Station

7. Merchants Auto Trim & Upholstery Shop
   10998 Hwy 198 Owner Tommy Merchant
   Business 451-5571 Emergency # cell 477-4380
   Polyurethane Foam, cleaning solvents etc.

8. Country Side Grocery
   13174 hew 198 Mgr Kayla Arnold
   Business # 451-3368 Emergency # 451-9855 or (214) 316-3436
   Gas station, Petroleum Products, Aerosols

9. Stop Fast Marina – Shell Station
   10100 Hwy 198 Owner Jag Mail
   Business # 451-9145 Emergency # 880-8501 Cell
   Gas Station, Petroleum Products Aerosols

10. Don Co Welding
    10901 Hwy 198 Owner Don Smith
    Business # 451-2531 & Emergency # Home
    Acetylene and O2 bottles.

11. Payne Springs Water Supply
    Frazier Lane CR 2515
    Business 451-5360
    Emergency #:
    Dink Carson-451-2147
    James Pelham-451-9012
    Maint Man Bobby Cates Emergency # 1-800-540-0423
    Main Hazardous material (Chlorine Gas)
    Payne Springs Water Coop buy from Tecon Water 1-800-460-8261

1C Churches with in the city limits for MTG Areas

   1. Lighthouse Baptist Church
      Pastor Charley Woodard
      10720 Hwy 198 Church # 451-4787
      Emergency# Home 451-2868

   2. Harbor Baptist
      Pastor George Yargor
      12059 Hwy 198 Church# 451-4171
      Emerg. Home 451-3230 Cell 880-6776

   3. Payne Springs Baptist
      9720 Hwy 198 Pastor Herschel
      Church and Home Emerg. Bau com 451-2443

   4. Payne Springs United Methodist
      Pastor James Jones
      9667 Hwy 198 Church#451-2978
      Home # 451-4336 & Buddy Cochran Emerg.# 451-9062

   5. Payne Springs Assembly of God
      Pastor Mark Vaughan
      5503 SH 316/ Corner 198 & 316 Church# 451-2176
      Home 451-9282 Emergency# cell 880-3718
   6. Empty Church – Up For Sale
      9251 Manning Ranch Road

1D. Some things I have found are not all in our city limits but can and do sometimes
affect our city and or ETJ from the unincorporated areas.

2. Flood plain areas from east of CR 2930 at the large culvert to west of CR 2930 and
onwards to Hwy 198 north and Cedar Branch Park Road at HWY 198 culvert.

3. There are definitely flood plain and swift water rescues done at these above areas.

4. These flood plain roads are sometimes a hindrance to emergency vehicles such as
EMS, fire and rescue and sheriff and DPS officers.

5. Other flooding roads are CR 2530 from 198 to Double Bridge Road also some of these
roads do not drain rapidly enough or not completely and leave standing water for
mosquito breeding and stagnate water, which would then go into Cedar Creek Lake ours
and Tarrant County water supply

6D Dead trees on county roads in city limits sometimes in storms drop limbs that hinder
emergency vehicles.

7. businesses burning hazardous materials such as polyurethane foam which turns into
mustard gas while being burned, tires, insulation etc.

8. Illegal dumping of trash and debris on side of the roads that could lead to surface
water contamination.
9. The state of Texas has put off the widening and straightening of HWY 198 through
Payne Springs till 2010 to which a bond has already been paid for and property surveyed.

10. Fire hydrant at HWY 198 and Enchanted Oak Drive has not been replaced yet after
about 2 years byEast Cedar Creek water supply.

11. Lack of code enforcement for Henderson County, Sheriff Dept and constable offices.

12. The city has sought the cooperation and communication with the Payne Springs VFD
and Henderson Rural Fire District #2. Commissioners to no avail. “We are responsible
to no one”.

13. The VFD should have MSDS sheets on the hazardous chemicals in each of the
businesses in its area, and catastrophe plans need to be shaped with the city
administrators, councilman, people emergency mitigation coordinator, and emergency
coordinator of Henderson County.

14. The fire department has 55 gal drums of used oil and open pans that flood used oil
onto the ground when it rains.
14D This used oil contaminates ground surface water as well as the run off into the
streams and lake. The concrete pad, driveway at the rear of the building on the east side
is soaked with oil, and is covered with debris and trash and is a public nuisance, to
habitation of rats, mice, and other undesirable vermon and viruses and bacteria due also
to standing water.

16. The Den Bridge has plant has a census about every 2 years of public around plant in
their red area.

17. Entrance to Cherokill Hills subdv. And SH 198 culvert needs to be widened by state,
hazardous to all vehicles especially emergency vehicles.

18. The H.M.C. of Payne Springs City attended the HCRFD#2 commissioners mgt to
share info, to no avail. All requests for info were laughed and no effort on their part to
cooperate or communicate was made. Their attitude is they are responsible to no one and
aren’t responsible to any one per their fire chief, executive board president, and the fire
district @2 commissioners! Including the city of Payne Springs, the county, state or even
FEMA or the federal government.

19. All the gas well heads in the Payne Spring area are plugged and not in use as of this
date 7/30/03 per Jeff Munns of Denbridge and the Rail Road Commission. LWells
owner – Bill Ross Baytech 903-597-3741.

20. Underground gas lines are in use all over the area, in the city limits and out.

E1 The Texas Dept of Housing and Community Affairs no longer exists turned into the
Office of Rural Community Affairs, or ORCA at 1-800-544-2042. Al Lewis or Sam
Teesen Exec Director that governs rural fire districts and are soon to be emergency
services districts, Sept 1, 2003.

E The lack of the cooperation and communication of the fire district commissioners and
the Payne Springs volunteer fire dept has jeopardized the fulfillment of all the
information requested by all of the authoritative organizations requesting it. FEMA,
Homeland Security, ETCOG, SFASU, Forest Resources Institute and Gary Traylor &

The Payne Spring City has gone to the limit to try and resolve this attrosity to no avail
and are not accepting any responsibility for the lack of action of the Dist Commissioners
and/or the PSVFD

Their liability remains solely in their hands not the citizens of the Payne Springs area that
they volunteered to protect.

Singed: John Lashwa - 451-4350
John Lashwa
E.M.C. for Payne Springs City

John Lashwa
Coordinator: Payne Spring

How many stations –locations
*equip – jaws AED’s Generators, portable pumps type and GPM’s list major fires past 5
*Hazardous business i.e. hzs plant, boat places etc. map location
location of hydrants wet and dry on map
Equipment make model GPM
Gallons carried. Special equipment aboard, types of vehicles pumpers tankers etc.

Maps of fire area assigned by H.C. Commissioners Judge or Courts etc.
Maps of fire dist II
Station locations. Area covered in sq miles as prescribed by TDHCA, Austin, TX.

PS. This is some of info requested by these organizations from your fire dist
commissioners. The fire dept. exec. Board..

I phoned his office in Tyler 8/19/03 approx 3:30 pm. And according to my conversation
with Gary Traylor this afternoon the PSVFD and F Dist Comm. might hinder this city
and Enchanted Oaks City and the unincorporated area from receiving financial assistance
in the event of an emergency or catastrophe.

If there are some conscientious people out there that can volunteer some time to help
their fellow citizens, put your name in the hat to the county judge an county comm. To be
appointed to replace the present f. dist commissioners.

Signed: John J. Lashwa

cc: Payne Springs Mayor and city Council
Sue Henderson, Forest Resources Institute
Gary Traylor & Associates
Henderson County Fire Marshall
James Buchanan

P.S. we are included in the Henderson County Plans!!

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