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                 February 2008 E-Newsletter

During this Lent, Pax Christi Florida joins Pax Christi USA in inviting members and
friends to begin and end each day with prayer and meditation.

                                Lenten Prayer
                            During this season of sacrifice,
                              enable me to sacrifice time
                                     and possessions
                                      and securities,
                                   to do something…
                             something about what I see,
                      something to turn the water of my words
                             into the wine of will and risk,
                        into the bread and blood and blisters,
                             into the blessedness of deed,
                                  of a cross picked up,
                                   a saviour followed.

  Excerpt from Catch Me in My Scurrying found in Guerillas of Grace by Ted Loder
Additional peacemaker resources for your Lenten journey:
Reflection Booklet
    Invited to Transformation: Reflections for Lent 2008, available from Pax
      Christi USA
Peace Prayers
    A Prayer for Unity in a Time of War - by Kathy Kelly, founder of Voices for
      Creative Nonviolence
    The Muslim, Jewish, Christian Prayer for Peace
Prayer Services
    Lead Us From War - A Service of Repentance (done for the 4th anniversary of
      the Iraq War; needs to be updated to read 5th anniversary)
    Litany of Repentance from the Fruits of War
    Stations of the Cross - Written by Fr. Sebastian Muccilli. These Stations are
      dedicated to all of the victims of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, both
      civilians and military.
Weekly Lenten reflections
    To be posted on PCUSA’s Web site ( each week
      starting Monday, February 4...

Cost of Iraq War as of Feb. 4, 2008
             Total Number of U.S. soldiers killed:         3,945
             From State of Florida:                          167
             Total Number of U.S. soldiers wounded:       29,038
             Estimated Iraqis killed:                  1,173,743
             Financial Cost to U.S. Taxpayers: $491,800, 000,000+

Quote of the Month
“As Wendell Berry puts it, “We must learn to live poorer than we do.” The
call to a simpler lifestyle is partially prompted by the observation that the
world is at war because parts of the world are literally sucking the life out of
the other parts, like the Death Eater characters out of a Harry Potter novel.
The history of exploitation is the history of war. Our lifestyles require the
plunder of the earth, require the cheap labor of other places, and require
the poverty of others. Our lifestyles require a war in Iraq. There is no other
way to put it. For us to live as we live in this country, we need to dominate
others so that they can not use the limited resources that we want.”

Source: Culturing Peace: With Justice, With Prayer, With Each Other, Without
Weapons by Jack Jezreel. To read full article, click here.

Pax Christi News
Local, National & International
   Pax Christi Florida Announces 2008 Retreat
More information will soon be posted on PCF’s Web site and brochures should
            be in your mailbox within the next couple of weeks.
++Register early as on-site housing and plenary space are limited++

       News from Pax Christi Florida Local Chapters
Pax Christi Tallahassee
Contact: Janet Kurisko (
    The peace cranes and explanations that were handed out after our Peace
      Mass in December were overwhelmingly appreciated. Also we are
      experiencing even greater interaction between the FSU students and Pax
      Christi members. I believe we are effectively creating a greater awareness of
      social justice issues in our daily Mass community.
    Pax Christi members celebrated Martin Luther King Day by attending Mass
      and marching in the city- sponsored walk to the capitol. We were very
      inspired by the number of young people who attended.
    Pax Christi Tallahassee was also represented at a lecture offered at FSU
      regarding Torture: Our National Policy. We were heartened to hear such
      highly-distinguished former military personnel speak so convincingly and
      knowledgeable in favor of a national policy against any use of torture (military
      or CIA) by the US.
    We had a lively and emotional discussion of our "topic of the month - human
      rights" at our regular monthly meeting. A copy of the bishops’ position on
      torture, a prayer, and PC recommended Web site were sent via e-mail to our
    Our latest endeavor is to show a film about torture and to provide a follow-up
      panel discussion at St. Thomas Moore on February 25 from 7pm to 9pm.

Pax Christi St. Leo
Contact: Sr. Mary David Hydro, OSB (
    We had our 11th Thanksgiving Meal for the Poor and Lonely and fed many
      hungers of 347 persons. (25 meals -Boys' Village correctional; 25 to Spouse
      Abuse Center; 15 to a community of disabled; 50 home deliveries & the rest
      had a sit-down dinner at St. Anthony parish) Sisters did all the cooking--
      peeled 150 lbs of potatoes.
    We also celebrated Christmas with Adopt A Family by giving gifts of clothing
      and toys to two families with five children. Additionally, we gave alternative
      Christmas gifts by donating funds to local charities in the name of friends and
    Our January 2008 Community Day gave input to all the Sisters on eco-justice
      re: water.
    Several from our house will be part of the Walk for Respect Life in St.
      Augustine on Jan. 20th.
    We are preparing to be part of American Cancer Association Relay for Life
      April 12-13 here in San Antonio, FL Our team is being formed and we are
      going to solicit donations.
    Sometimes we are so busy we don't make a monthly meeting --then we have
      "Virtual Meetings" where info is passed on & actions are suggested.
    We continue to sign petitions (Hometown Democracy; objecting to use of
      methyl iodide as a pesticide...) call our Senators/Representative about issues
      like the Jubilee Act, peacekeepers in Darfur; pray for peace (we have had
      Peace Compline each 3rd Fri. of the month since the war started.)

Pax Christi Northeast Florida
Contact: Nancy O’Byrne (
Two members attended the Kings Bay alternative New Year’s celebration. Our next
meeting will be February 10.
Pax Christi Tampa Bay
Contacts: John Stewart ( and Anne Richter (
    Anne Richter sent the PCF state coordinator a copy of their flyer for Martin
      Luther King Day.
    Anne also attended the January 26 Peace Pole planting ceremony at Breyers’.
    The Pax Christi Tampa Bay newsletter includes a sharing of 19 items of
      interest around the area, their own and actions of their network members. If
      you would like to be on their email list, send your name and email address to

Pax Christi Manasota
Contact: Russ Banner (
    Donna Marie Marcantonio has agreed to co-lead our chapter meetings,
      learning as she goes. She will be an enormous help, and is already
      enthusiastic in doing what she can.
    Following the opening of the Jan. 27 meeting with prayerful reflection, Russ
      Banner introduced the guest and speaker for the evening, Jim Delgado,
      attorney-at-law, Mexican-American, and enthusiast/activist in immigration
      issues. A lively discussion followed Jim’s talk.

Pax Christi Palm Beach
Contact: Maureen Dorney O’Connell (
    Our visitor at the January 8 meeting was Jill Hanson of El Sol Day Labor
      Center in Jupiter. She informed us of the activities of hiring migrant workers,
      education and social contacts that happen at the Center.
    For our February meeting the group will discuss Jack Jezreel’s keynote
      address given at the PCUSA National Assembly last summer. This article is
      now available on Pax Christi Florida Web site ( An
      action for Lent will be chosen from our reflection on the address.
    Members will receive copies of the PCUSA Lenten booklet for prayerful
      reflection during this season.
    Members are to discuss designing a banner for our local PC chapter, to be a
      gift of Pax Christi Florida.
    Announcement of a Thomas Merton talk and Contemplative Retreat on Feb.
      15 and 16 by Jonathan Montaldo of the Merton Institute for Contemplative
    The January meeting ended with a call to sign the Blessed Franz Jagerstatter
      2008 Lenten Fast and Pray petition to Break the Silence of our Catholic
    Our monthly meetings take place at 7:00 p.m. the 1st Tuesday of each month
      in the Ministry Room of St. Ann Church’s Gymnatorium in West Palm Beach.

                           Pax Christi USA
After Crossing the Line
Statement by Pax Christi USA National Council Member, Diane Lopez Huges, of
Illinois following her witness at the School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, GA. To
read, click here.

New Organizing Toolboxes for Starting Pax Christi Groups!
      Local Groups: Creating a More Peaceful, Just, and Sustainable World
      High School Chapters: Blessed Are the Peacemakers
      College Group: Know Justice, Know Peace

These resources are FREE to Pax Christi USA members interested in starting a new
Pax Christi group in their community, high school or campus. Contact Johnny
Zokovitch at 352-219-8419 or to request a toolbox.

Host a Movie Screening and Speaker on Immigration
Pax Christi USA, in partnership with the Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) is
making The Invisible Chapel (, from Gatekeeper
Productions, available for screenings by local groups, parishes, college campuses,
and community organizations. They are also working to make the director, John
Carlos Frey, speakers from MACC, and Pax Christi USA available to attend and
participate in the question and answer sessions following the screening of the film.
To schedule an event in your area, contact Johnny Zokovitch at 352-219-8419 or

                  Pax Christi International
Pax Chisti International ~ Newsletter no. 169~ February 2008.
To read, click here.

Study Resources
Economic Cost of War:
One day of the Iraq war costs the U.S. $720 million, in addition to the tragic loss of
lives and the destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure. The American Friends Service
Committee (AFSC) has developed a program called “The Economic Cost of War” to
highlight the economic cost of the war and demand that Congress shift war funding
to support human needs here and real solutions in Iraq. For downloadable resources
on this project, and to sign a petition demanding a de-funding of the war, go to
AFSC’s website at

Two New Articles Make It Plain: It's time to end slavery and
sweatshops in Florida's fields!
      Slavery in the Union
      End the new slavery

"Is Not This the Sort of Fast That Pleases Me?"
"It is clear that the kind of fasting God wants from us during this Lenten season has
more to do with sacrificial love than with things. What we are to let go of in a special
way during Lent are things like clenched fists, wicked words, the yokes or burdens
we place on others, and a self-centeredness that prevents us from responding to the
needs of people who are hungry or homeless, sometimes even in our own families."
The rest of the essay explores ways of putting this into practice. To read the full
essay, click here.

More articles of interest:
    Bishops urge voters to make up own minds
      US Policy On Haiti Needs Adjusting, Congresswoman Says
      Poor Haitians Resort to Eating Dirt
      Living My Prayer by Sister Helen Prejean
      Make Poor No. 1 Priority, Say U.S. Bishops
      A Surge of More Lies by Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Florida

Faith in Action!
Long Sleeve Relief Drive for Florida Farmworkers
The Florida Catholic is coordinating its third annual statewide collection and
distribution of long-sleeve shirts to protect farmworkers from scratches, sunburn,
insect bites and exposure to agricultural chemicals in the fields. The newspaper
encourages parishes, schools and faith-formation programs to organize local
collections of long-sleeve cotton shirts for men and women as Lenten almsgiving
projects. Individual readers also are asked to donate clean, new or used, preferably
100-percent-cotton shirts. The drive will run from Ash Wednesday, Feb. 6, to Holy
Thursday, March 20. Those interested in organizing a local collection may contact
Florida Catholic Parish Services Manager Mary St. Pierre at, making sure to give their names, the names of
their organizations and contact information. Local shirt-drive organizers and
individual donors may take shirts to one of many drop-off sites throughout the state,
including Florida Catholic offices and parishes and outreach centers that serve
farmworkers. If the nearest drop-off site is too far away, the Florida Catholic can
arrange a pickup or reimburse donors for mailing costs. Drop-off sites are still
needed in the Miami area. Updated information on local collections and drop-off sites
will be posted at Those with questions or concerns may
call the Florida Catholic at 407-373-0075 or toll free from outside the Orlando area
at 1-888-275-9953.

Please see the Feb. 8-14 issue of the Florida Catholic for an in-depth look at this
year’s Long Sleeve Relief campaign.

You Can Help the Gainesville Catholic Worker (GCW)
The GCW is in need of a few things at the house in case anyone has the means:
    Teas of all flavors and kinds
    A welder to fix their kitchen sink
    Drinking glasses (made of sturdy glass)

Call Johnny Zokovitch at 352-219-8419; Checks can be
made payable and mailed to the Gainesville Catholic Worker, 218 NW 2 nd Ave.,
Gainesville, FL 32601.

Sign Breaking the Silence Petition
A Statement and Invitation by the Franz Jagerstatter Committee. To read the
petition and add your signature, click here.

Five Years Too Many!
Go to DC or Organize Local Action to Bring Iraq War to an End

March 19, 2008
    5th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq,
       beginning of the 6th year of war and occupation,
       beginning of the 6th year of senseless death and massive destruction.
       167 soldiers from Florida have lost their lives.

2008 is a critical year in the efforts to bring an end to the war and occupation in
Iraq. This is the year the anti-war movement must up the ante, pull out all of the
stops and build so much pressure that the war will finally be brought to an end.

United for Peace and Justice is calling for and supporting a set of activities on and
around the 5th anniversary that will manifest the intensifying opposition to the war
and help strengthen our movement. We invite you to work with us to ensure the
success of these actions.

Pax Christi USA Resources Marking 5th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq:
    Lead Us From War - A Service of Repentance (adapted from last year)
    Litany of Repentance from the Fruits of War
    Bulletin insert template for announcing your events
    Press Release template for use in secular and diocesan newspapers
    Tips for Meeting with Congressional Representatives

Living Green
Plant trees to clean our air and fight global warming:
   1. Replant National Forests – support programs to help replant trees on areas
      denuded by wildfires, insects and disease. One acre of young, thriving forest
      absorbs six tons of CO2 and puts out four tons of oxygen each year. To learn
      more, click here.
   2. Plant Around Your Home – shade and windbreaks will save you money and
      reduce air-polluting energy production. But the key is not only more trees
      over patios, driveways, and the house, but their careful placement.
      Windbreaks can reduce heating bills 10-20% while reducing the need for
      more C02-producing power generation. Plant on the side of prevailing winter
      winds and use conifers but not where they will shade your house in winter.
      Incorporate fruit trees when possible to grow your own food.
   3. Guard Streets, Avenues and City Park Trees – large shade trees are
      being lost and often replaced with concrete, crushed rock or nothing at all.
      The loss of trees in Washington, DC, alone is said to add 540 tons of
      particulate pollution to the air each year. Adopt a block or a park and work
      with your city officials to make sure there is a net increase in trees – and that
      large-maturing species are planted where space allows and where they will
      not conflict with overhead wires.

For an explanation about how global warming occurs and to receive more
information about how you can help counter its threats, click here.

Source: Arbor Day January/February 2008.


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