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DecemberJanuary Newsletter - Pac by fjwuxn


									Managers Corner

   Dear Members,

          id you know that moderate exercise can help boost your
          immune system and prevent a cold from occurring? With
         colder weather upon us, there are several things that you
   can do here at the Club to avoid getting (or giving) colds and flu.

   Many of these practices can also prevent MSRA, a staph bacterium
   usually associated with hospitals and nursing homes, which has been surfacing in school settings recently.
   While health officials confirm that the risk of contracting MSRA in gyms is low, the Club continues to
   do its part by wiping down all equipment frequently and eliminating props, such as yoga mats, that are
   more difficult to clean.

   Here are some things you can do to help yourself and your fellow members:

   • Wipe down all exercise equipment after use—this includes cardio and weight equipment, exercise mats,
     Spinning bikes, etc.
   • Use the anti-bacterial hand sanitizers located in the group exercise studios and Fitness Center
   • Practice common etiquette—use a tissue to clear your nose/throat and refrain from using Club towels or
     the showers

   If you have symptoms of a cold with no fever (i.e., symptoms are above the neck), then moderate exercise
   is safe. If your symptoms indicate the flu (i.e., muscle aches, tiredness, swollen lymph glands), then you
   should wait a few weeks before you are feeling better to resume exercising.

   And of course, be sure you eat a balanced diet, get adequate sleep and avoid too much stress.

   In a recent New York Times article, Dr. Kent Aftergut, assistant clinical instructor of dermatology at
   the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, suggests sanitizing fitness equipment before use
   or put a towel over the bars. Dr. Kent also recommends not staying in hot sweaty clothes, which can be
   a breeding ground for bacteria, and using an antibacterial soap. Other suggestions include washing your
   hands often, using your own yoga mat and showering with flip-flops.

   We encourage you to use these tips to ensure your good health over the holiday season.

   Have a happy holiday! We look forward to serving you in the New Year.

   Erin Rucker Oto                                    Terry Romero
   General Manager                                    Assistant General Manager

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                                                                         Pacific Athletic Club is proud to announce the launch of our new website at
                                                                Here are a few key features we think you’ll enjoy:
                                                                         • Improved navigation to explore all of PAC’s resources easily
                                                                         • A photo gallery of our favorite programs and areas of the Club
                                                                         • A special section dedicated to Kids & Youth programs and facilities
                                                                         • A monthly calendar of events highlighting all the activities around the Club
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         Situated on almost ten acres in Redwood
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         considered a “sports resort”
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T idb it s for the N ew Year
If you are like most, you spend the holidays contemplating what nutrition
and fitness changes you’d like to institute when the New Year hits. For some
of us, it’ll be spending more time at the Club, others will work on eating
smaller portions, and still others will work on one particular part of their
diet such as calories, vegetables or fats. No matter what your 2008
nutrition plans are, below are some tidbits to get you thinking.

… An average bagel is 300 calories or equal to 3 or 4 slices of bread.
… Broccoli is a good source of calcium in case you don’t like to drink milk.
… The average calorie need of an adult male is 2,500 per day. Female is 2,000.
… Bananas are a great source of the mineral potassium but so are potatoes.
… Smoothies often have 400 to 450 calories – the amount found in 6 pieces of fruit.
… Butter and margarine have about the same amount of fat and calories – just different kinds of fat.
… The average person eats less than 2 servings of vegetables per day but the goal is to have 3 to 5 servings per day.
… The nutrition in your meal can be judged by how many colors are on your plate. The more color, the more nutrients.
… Low fat cookies often have the same amount of calories as regular cookies. They replace the fat with more sugar!
… Wheat bread and white bread are the same thing except wheat bread has added molasses or caramel coloring
  to make it look dark like whole wheat bread.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with PAC’s Dietitian Toni Bloom, call (650)593-4900, x311.

                                                  NEW E-MAIL SERVICE! Your monthly Club statement can be directly sent to your e-mail.
                                                    Members who wish to have their statements sent electronically can contact the business office
Seminars & Athletic Events                            via Otherwise, we will continue to send your paper statement.

Take Control of Your Mood Today                                       Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks
December 11, Tuesday. Psychotherapist Ellen Resnick, a                December 13, Tuesday. Meet at 5:00pm. Bus leaves at 5:30pm.
specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, will help you dis-        Cost: $60. Includes ticket, pre-game dinner and transportation.
cover some excellent tips to help you cope this time of year.
                                                                      2008 WAGA Schedule
Meditation for Health & Peak Performance                              The 2008 WAGA Tournament Schedule has a full slate of
January 8, Tuesday. Time: 6:30–9:30pm. Cost: $35. Don’t               events running from February through August. Look forward
wait for a crisis to learn how to beat stress. Become one who         to making 2008 your best golf year ever.
can face challenging situations with calmness and clarity.
                                                                      Range Balls and Golf Lessons
Ageless Beauty                                                        PAC members receive an exclusive discount on range ball
January 9,Wednesday. Time: 6:30–8:00pm                                value cards at Mariners Point. You can purchase $150 worth
So many fresh choices for your face! Dr. Mary Lynn Moran, a           of range ball credits for $110. Mariners Point also offers les-
facial plastic surgeon, will review all of your options for you.      sons at a discount: $49 for 30 minutes and $90 for one hour.

What’s Eating You?
January 15, Tuesday. Psychotherapist Ellen Resnick will help          Seminars & Athletics Information
identify your triggers for overeating and teach you how to            Please sign up at the Activity Information Center. For more information,
break unhealthy food habits.                                          please contact the programs office at (650)593-5700.

PACIFIC CURRENTS                                                                                                                 December/January   3
Group Exercise

                                                                                               12-Week Coaching Circles for Women
                                        Fitness                                                January 8–March 25, Tuesdays
                                              without Borders                                  Cost: $799 before January 5, $874 after
                                                                                               Wanted: Powerful women who are ready
                                        Have you ever thought “I want to incorpo-
                                                                                               to manifest their goals. Join our “Law of
                                        rate an effective fitness routine into my life,
                                                                                               Attraction” women’s support group and
                                        but don’t know where to start”. Well, here’s
                                                                                               plan the best year of your life. Melissa
                                        the program for you. This 5-week program
                                                                                               Redd, Total Wellness Coach and founder
                                        targets the beginner and includes aero-
                                                                                               of Redd Coaching will take you through
                                        bic, strength, and flexibility training in a
                                                                                               this program where you will determine
                                        non-intimidating, safe environment. Karin
                                                                                               your unique talents and use our struc-
                                        Heller designed this program specifically for
                                                                                               tured program to manifest your goals and
                                        those individuals who have a difficult time
                                                                                               desires. Receive two individual coaching
                                        staying fit on a regular basis. Her thought-
                                                                                               sessions and 12 group coaching sessions.
                                        ful and kind approach will lead you to
                                        increased endurance, muscle mass, aerobic
                                                                                               12-Week Coaching Program to
                                        capacity, and self-confidence.
                                                                                               Health & Happiness
                                        January 8–February 7, Tuesday & Thursdays              January 9–March 26, Wednesday
                                        Time: 1:15–2:30pm. Cost: $169. Includes a              Cost: $799 before January 5, $874 after
                                        pedometer and binder for fitness tips.                 Team up with Coach Melissa Redd and
                                                                                               find your health turning point before you
                                                                                               hit a CODE REDD crisis. Is your health
Cross-Training                                PowerFit Training                                in the green, yellow or red? Learn how to
December 11 – January 10; Tuesday &           January 7–February 8, Mon-Wed-Fri.               build healthy habits and empower your
Thursday. Time: 9:00–10:00am in the gym.      Time: 9:30–10:45am. Main Gym.                    emotions one week at a time. The results
Cost: $185. Drop-ins welcome. First time is   Cost: $75-1 day, $135-2 days, $170-              will be weight loss, energy to make your
free. Contact Breanne Feudale x363.           3 days. Instructor: Jenna Castillo               goals happen, and a happier, more joyful
Stop working out and start training! Cross    This training is for anyone that has hit a       you. Receive two individual coaching ses-
training will challenge you both mentally     fitness plateau and is looking for a way to      sions and 12 group coaching sessions.
and physically, while getting you in the      break it. Jenna Castillo is a mixed martial
best shape of your life. Experience an ar-    arts fighter and has competed internation-       Stephanie Herman Style
ray of full functional movements at high      ally. She is a powerhouse of enthusiasm          Ballet Technique
intensity to improve your speed, power,       with a love for fitness. Training combines       Meets on Mondays. Time: 12:30–1:30pm.
agility, coordination, endurance and more.    boxing, kickboxing, self-defense moves           Studio 2. Cost: 4 classes $60, $20 drop-in
                                              with core, agility and cardio work.              Incorporate innovative dance movements
Introduction To Yoga                                                                           with body alignment and intricate muscle
January 5, 12, 19 & 26, Saturdays             Kids Tae Kwon Do                                 isolation. Develop your fullest potential,
Time: 11:00am–12:30pm in Studio 2             Begins January 8. Time: 4:00–5:00pm              lengthen and strengthen your core, release
Cost: $149. Includes a yoga mat               Ages 5 & up. Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays          tension, and build stamina through grace
Instructor: Diane Milner                      Studio 2. Cost: $79 per month. Contact           and charm. You will feel like you’ve had a
Based on B.K.S. Iyengar teaching, this        Breanne Feudale x363                             professional dancer’s workout.
introductory series will teach how yoga       Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that
strengthens and stretches the body, and       literally translates to the art of kicking and
quiets the mind. The four 90-minute           punching. It is character-
classes will include standing poses to gain   ized by fast high kicks,
flexibility and strength, seated poses,       weaponless self-defense,
forward bends to calm the mind, back          gaining confidence and
strengthening, relaxation and                 maintaining mental and
breath awareness.                             physical health.

4   December/January                                                                                                      PACIFIC CURRENTS

                                                San Diego Junior Open
                                                Six PAC juniors with Head
                                                Pro Richard Elliott traveled
                                                down to Southern California to
                                                compete in the San Diego Junior
                                                Open. All players performed
                                                exceptionally. Highlights
                                                include: Bransten Ming winning
                                                the Boys Under 11, Gabriel Morgan winning the Boys Under 11 Consolation, Ethan
                                                Ming took 3rd place in the Boys Under 15, and Todd Lavine was a finalist in the
                                                Boys Under 19. Patrick Smith, Boys Under 11, and Milo Watanabe, Boys Under 17,
Youth Programs Begin in January                 also performed creditably in their respective divisions. The tourney was great fun and
January 21–February 22                          experience for the PAC juniors as they are now planning on playing in an upcoming
Join us for our new youth programs              event in Portland, Oregon.
designed to increase aerobic capacity,
lean muscle mass, mental focus, and             National Junior Rankings                          Col. Bud Thompson Memorial Open
emotional development in a support-             Congratulations to our PAC juniors who            November 30–December 2
                                                achieved national rankings this year.             This is a United States squash sanctioned
ive, non-competitive environment.
Designed for ages 8-13, these weekly                                                              tournament and will host 8 men’s and 4
                                                Division       Name              Ranking          ladies’ divisions. Entries close November
45-minute classes include yoga, athletic
                                                Under 11   Bransten Ming, age 10    1
conditioning and spinning and meet on                                                             26, 2007. Download an entry form online
                                                Under 11   Gabriel Morgan, age 9    6
Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from                                                                at
                                                Under 11   Patrick Smith, age 10   13
3:40–4:25pm. Complimentary for family           Under 13   Bransten Ming, age 10   46
memberships; $40 indiv/couple member-           Under 13   Gabriel Morgan, age 9  113             Squash Information
ship per 5-week session. Contact Jennifer       Under 15   Ethan Ming, age 13      55             Please sign up for all events at the Activity
Bouchard (650)593-4900 x384.                    Under 17   Milo Watanabe, age 15  201             Information Center. For more information please
                                                Under 19   Todd Lavine, age 17     69             contact the Squash Office at (650)622-9097.
Salsa Partner Dance Lessons
January 25– February 15, Saturdays                               LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS
Time: 7:00–8:00pm. Studio 2
Cost: $59. No partner necessary
This class, taught by Vera Quijano,
renowned salsa dance instructor, is for
the beginner student with very little or
no dance experience. Learn the basics
of salsa dancing including turn patterns,
timing and some stylization. Meet new
friends, get a good workout, and go on          Open Draw (l to r) : Runner-up: Jeff Schroeder,   A Draw (l to r) : Winner: Evan Goldberg,
a salsa “field trip” to try our new moves                  Winner: Hiro Notaney                        Runner-up: Andrew Bullen
out on the town.

Group Exercise Information
Please sign up for all events at the Activity
Information Center. For more information
please contact Group Exercise at (650)593           B Draw (l to r) : Runner-up: Ed Diller,         C Draw (l to r) : Winner: Ron Marsh,
4900 x384.                                               Winner: Sandesh Patnam                          Runner-up: Gerado Fries

PACIFIC CURRENTS                                                                                                                December/January   5

Get off to a
Self-Defense                                  Total Core Training                          Teen Weight Training
Cost: 12 sessions $820, 6 sessions $465 or     January 8–February 7, Tuesdays &            January 8–February 7, Tuesdays & Thurs-
single session $90. Contact Breanne Feudale   Thursday. 10:00–11:00am. Cost: $185          day. 4:30–5:30pm. Cost: $230. Ages 12-16
x363. In a real world situation, an attack    Contact Rich Kinder x318.                    Contact Rich Kinder x318.
is over within a few seconds. These few       Focus on core control using body weight      Learn proper weight training technique
seconds are crucial in determining life or    exercises with medicine balls and stabili-   and your teen will be better prepared for
death. Learn how to punch, kick, knee         ty balls to build strength and endurance.    the demands of recreational and sports.
and elbow your way to safety while build-
ing lean muscle and increased confidence      Group Training for Weight Loss               Kids Core & Cardio Program
                                              January 7–February 1. Monday 6:00–            January 8–February 7, Tuesdays & Thursday
Women On Weights                              7:05pm, Wednesday 6:00–7:05pm and            Ages: 8-12 yrs. 3:30–4:30pm. Cost: $185
January 7–February 6, Mondays &                Friday 5:30–6:35pm. Cost $280               Contact Rich Kinder x318.
Wednesdays. 10:30–11:30am.                    Contact Julia Blanton x348                   Focus on fun and functional exercises to
Cost: $228 Contact DeAnn Teixeira x361.       Achieve weight loss improving health         improve health and conditioning with car-
Building muscle using proper weight           and fitness through the combination of       diovascular, strength, flexibility and core
lifting techniques is the best way to keep    cardiovascular exercise, weight training,    training. Learn how to use cardio equip-
healthy metabolism.                           nutrition and lifestyle modification.        ment and Keiser “air” weight machines.

Boot Camp                                     Uncovering the Myths of Nutrition            Family Fitness
January 7–February 8, Mon-Wed-Fri.            January 15, Tuesday. Time: 7:00–             Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays
7:00–8:00am or 9:30–10:30am. Cost:            9:00pm. Cost: $25. Contact: Julia            3:30–4:30pm. Ages 8-16.
$195. Contact DeAnn Teixeira x361.            Blanton (650)593-4900 x348. Fitness &        Complimentary to family memberships
Did you know the average Boot Camp            Nutrition Coach Julia Blanton teaches        Build on developing a healthy lifestyle for
participant loses 2-3% body fat and           you how to eat for improved health,          life long fitness with PAC trainer Dionna
increases strength 25-50%? Get stronger,      pleasure and natural weight manage-          House. Parent and child workout together
faster and leaner in PAC’s popular class.     ment. Healthy snacks served.                 learning correct lifting techniques, nutri-
                                                                                           tion tips and setting goals.

    I lost 100 lbs at PAC!                                                                 Health Hawks
    Jack Kingsley weighed 350 lbs when he started training with                            Meets Wednesdays 3:30–4:30pm. Ages 6-11
    personal fitness trainer Claude Maugein. By following a well-                          Complimentary to family memberships
    designed, progressive training program and incorporating                               A program where kids participate in daily
    smart dietary guidelines, Jack now weighs 250 lbs. Jack has                            physical exercise through fun, innovative
    acquired many new habits that continue to insure his goal                              activities. Contact: Breanne Feudale x363.
    next year of dropping below 200 lbs. He also is the first to say
    it was much easier than he thought. Anyone can accomplish
    anything they desire provided a few key ingredients are
    present. By the way, if you see Jack, ask him how much he                              Fitness Information
                                                                                           Please sign up for all events at the Activity
    weighs – he gets a kick out of that! Look for a seminar in                             Information Center. For more information
    January about “How Jack Did It”. Contact Claude Maugein                                please contact the Fitness Office at (650)593-
    at (650)593-4900 x366 for more information.                      AFTER                 4900 x255.

6   December/January                                                                                                        PACIFIC CURRENTS

Make Swimming More Fun
Each year more people swim more than
any other sport. Here are some different
ways to make swimming more entertaining.
1) Switch speeds. Don’t swim the same
pace for the entire workout. Mix it up with
slow, medium and fast laps.
2) Use the clock. Swim 50 yards, take a
10-second rest and repeat 8-10 times.
Keep your times consistent. Intervals keep
you honest and keeps your heart rate up.
3) Vary your strokes. If you normally
swim freestyle choose a different stroke or
work on different sets of muscles.              Swimming truly is a sport for life. Children have a natural affinity for the
4) Use toys. Kickboards and pull buoys          water and are drawn to its beauty, soothing properties and its potential for pure joy.
are fun to use, give you variety and helps      Whether it’s a trip to the ocean, a lake or a pool, there’s nothing like the exhilaration
you to focus on specific muscles.               of kicking, splashing and jumping around in the water. As we get older, the fitness
5) Try Masters swim practice. It’s free         and therapeutic benefits of the water continue to draw us in. And for good reason.
for members and offered 17 times a week.        Swimming is one of the most effective non-impact overall body workouts around.
You do not have to be a “master” at
                                                The best times to swim laps at the Club are weekdays 7:00–10:00am, 1:00–4:00pm,
swimming. All levels are welcome.
                                                or 7:00–11:00pm and weekends from 2:00–9:00pm. Also, please share lanes on busy
                                                days. Have a great workout and enjoy a sport for life!
Important Pool Reminders
• There will be no lifeguards at any of
  the pools until May 2008.                   Polar Bear Swim Dare                           Holiday Workout Schedule
• Winter pool temperatures: main lap          December 21, Friday                            November 22, Thursday Club Closed
  pool 80 degrees, rec pool 88 degrees,       Time: 12:00–2:00pm. Ages 5-10. Free            November 23, Friday   Masters 8:30–10am
  back pool 83 degrees                        to family memberships, $20 indiv/couple                              Water Fitness 10–11am
• The back lap pool is reserved for           memberships.                                   December 24, Monday Masters 8:30 –10am
  adults over the age of 16 only from         Dare to brave the cold icy waters?                                   Water Fitness 10–11am
                                                                                             December 25, Tuesday Club Closed
  September through May.                      Your child will enjoy swimming and
                                                                                             December 31, Monday Masters 8:30–10am
• Children under 5 are not allowed in         games with our staff. Exercise, fun, hot
                                                                                                                   Water Fitness 10–11am
  the hot tub.                                tub time and prizes for everyone.
                                                                                             January 1, Tuesday    Masters 8:30–10am
                                                                                                                   Water Fitness 10–11am
Adult Swim Lessons                            Private & Small Group Lessons
Did you know that 46% of Americans            Private and small group lessons are            These are the only classes offered on these days.
are afraid of swimming in deep water and      available with flexible scheduling.            Classes on all the other days will follow our
39% of adults are afraid to put their face    Children’s group swim lessons will             regular schedule.
in the water? PAC swim instructors are        begin February 4th.
trained and ready to help you overcome
your fears. This is a great time to begin
lessons because the tent
is up over the rec pool
and the water is calm,
quiet and warm.                                                                              Aquatics Information
                                                                                             Please sign up for all events at the Activity
                                                                                             Information Center or online at www.pacclub.
                                                                                             com. For more information please contact the
                                                                                             Aquatics Office at (650)593-7165.

PACIFIC CURRENTS                                                                                                              December/January   7

Member/Guest Mixed Doubles Tournament
Thank you so much to all of you who came out to play and support our “Pink Ribbon” Tournament this year
as we raised $600 for the American Cancer Society. Congratulations to the winners and finalists listed below.

Flight A: Greg Dorn/Whitney Wood def.           Flight B: Carlos Bolanos/Lisa Kerns def.        Flight C: Mike Rudolph/Geri Crane def.
Anthony Paz/Bronwyn Hogan                       Michael Shpizner/Stephanie Elkins               Gary Roslow/Holly Roslow

2007 Member/Guest Doubles Tournament

Women’s Flight: Laurie Merrill/Margaret          Men’s A Flight: K.C. Corkery/Tom Myers         Men’s B Flight: Ken Walter/Rick Raybin def.
Berry def. Linda Difuntorum/Janice Carter        def. Martin Mulligan/Greg Dorn                 Glen Neilsen/Craig Ortiz

                                                                                  2008-09 Tennis & Squash Directory
                                                                                  Ever need to find a player? Want to be on the tennis
                                                                                  roster? Provide your information at the Activity Info
                                                                                  Center or e-mail Let us know
                                                                                  of any additions or changes by January 7, 2008. If you
                                                                                  want to advertise your business, please contact Paul
                                                                                  Allam. This publication is mailed to your home and is a
                                                                                  “must have” for all PAC tennis players. It is also a great
                                                                                  way to “connect & advertise” with other Club players.

                                                                                  2008 SAP Open
                                                                                  Don’t miss your chance to watch World Class Men’s
                                                                                  Tennis up close at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. This
                                                                                  year promises to be an ever hotter tournament with
    Congratulations to PAC 2.5 Women’s Team for winning both the dis-             Roddick, Blake and the Bryan Bros. (our U.S. Davis
    trict and sectional championships and being the first PAC team ever           Cup Squad). Discounted tickets are available for the
    to reach the USTA National Tournament in Palm Springs. Congrat-               second round matches on February 21, quarterfinals on
    ulations to all the ladies, including captain Nounie Siy and co-captain       February 22, semifinals on February 23 and the finals
    Val Sweeney, as they finished 3rd in their flight at Nationals.               on February 24.

8    December/January                                                                                                          PACIFIC CURRENTS

PeeWee Winter Tennis                                                                      Don’t Become A Statistic
Begins January 10, Thursday                                                               Heart disease and strokes kill one in
Indoor courts. 7-week session includes 1 make-up                                          every 3.7 men and one in 2.4 women
Two classes each Thursday: Class 1: 4:00–4:45pm. Class 2: 4:45– 5:30pm.                   and continues to be the leading cause of
Cost: $125 or $22 drop-in. Saturday PeeWee clinics will begin again in early March.       premature death. However, recent research
Our classes feature a variety of drills and games designed to improve coordination        has proven to be beneficial in the early
and focus. Small group activities provide a fun learning environment that will be a       detection and intervention of coronary
solid foundation for any sport. This popular program, directed by Lindsay Montero,        artery disease. The Framingham Study has
is a wonderful way for kids to develop a lifetime love for tennis.                        shown that the higher the total cholesterol
                                                                                          level, the higher the subsequent rate of
Junior Winter Class Schedule 2008                                                         coronary disease in men and in women.
Classes begin the week of January 7. Includes 7 classes with one make-up class.           Individuals with cholesterol values over
PeeWees. Ages 4–6. Thursday: 4:00– 4:45pm, 4:45–5:30pm. $125.                             300 mg/dl developed coronary artery disease
Level 1: 1st–2nd grade. Monday or Tuesday, 3:45–4:30pm. $125                              90% of the time; however, this group only
Level 2: 3rd–4th grade. Monday or Tuesday, 4:30–5:45pm. $180                              represents about 3% of the population.
Level 3: 5–6th grade. Wednesday, 3:45–5:00pm or Thursday, 5:00–6:15pm. $180               The occurrence of coronary disease in
Level 4: 7–8th grade. Wednesday, 5:00–6:15pm or Thursday, 3:45–5:00pm. $180               individuals with cholesterol values less
Level 5: High School. Friday, 3:45– 5:00pm. $180                                          than 150 mg/dl was non-significant. Most
Level 6: Jr. Tournament Academy. Players obtain advanced playing standard                 of us fall in an “in between category” with
to participate. Contact Head Pro John Hubbell.                                            cholesterol levels between 150 and 300
                                                                                          mg/dl, where you cannot be sure that you
2008 Lesson Rates                                                                         are going to be free of disease. Learn more
Director of Tennis & Head Tennis Pro: Private: $88 per hour; $55 for 30 min.              about your heart disease risk through these
Semi-private: $55 per hour per person. Associate Pros: Private: $78 per hour; $50         BaySport programs:
for 30 min. Semi-private: $50 per hour per person. Group Lessons: 4 students: $45
per student for 90 min; $32 per student for 1 hour. 3 students: $53 per student for 90    The Complete Medical Profile. BaySport’s
min; $41 per student for 1 hour lesson.                                                   Executive Physical Examination offered for
                                                                                          $725 (normally $795) from December to
                                                                                          February. Exam includes a comprehensive
                                                   Holiday Egg Nog Mixer
                                                                                          physical examination, diagnostic treadmill
                                                   December 7, Friday
                                                                                          evaluation, complete blood panel, vision
                                                   Time: 6:00pm. Indoor courts
                                                                                          and hearing screen, urinalysis, and
                                                   Watch the tennis staff for the
                                                                                          pulmonary function testing.
                                                   final tennis exhibition of the
                                                   year and some fast-hitting             Berkeley Heart Lab’s Advanced
                                                   doubles action. Later join us          Cardiovascular Diagnostic Blood Tests. Cost
                                                   for some holiday cheer as we           $445. These ACD tests go much further
                                                   serve complimentary hot apple          than the basic lipid panel to uncover an
                                                   cider, egg nog and Paul’s world        inherited abnormality that may increase
                                                   famous Scottish shortbread.            heart disease risk. These tests have
                                                                                          identified inherited abnormalities in 80%
                                                   Tennis Information                     of patients with heart disease.
                                                   Please sign up for all events at the
                                                   Activity Information Center. For
                                                   more information please contact
                                                   the tennis office at (650)593-4999.

                                                                                          BaySport Information
                                                                                          To schedule an appointment or for more info,
                                                                                          please call BaySport at (650)593-2800.

PACIFIC CURRENTS                                                                                                       December/January   9

                        Winter Camps                                                        Winter Baseball Clinics
                        December 24-28 and December 31–January 4. Ages 4 –9.                Dates and times will be posted at
                        Age 4 are limited to half day camp. Cost: Half Day 8:00am–
                        12:30pm, $165 or $45 per day. Full Day 8:00am–3:30pm.               Sharpen your baseball skills and play
                        $265 or $70 per day. Extended care is available for an additional   games in this fun clinic with Coach
                        fee. No camp on December 25 and January 1.                          Mike Montalbano.
                        Join the fun with various activities including arts & crafts
                        and swimming in our covered pool. A healthy lunch will be           Sports Sessions
                        provided daily by the Dining Room.                                  Session 1 cost: $36 family membership, $40
                                                                                            indiv/couple membership.
                        Home for The Holidays                                               Session 2 cost: $48 family membership, $58
                        December 4–20, Tuesday & Thursday                                   indiv/couple membership.
                        Time: 3:30–5:00pm. Ages: 4-6
                        Cost: $75 family membership, $80 indiv/couple membership            Little Niners Flag Football (Ages 3-6)
                        ‘Tis the season to be crafty! Create thoughtful, homemade           Session 1: Mondays, December 3–17
                        gifts for the holidays and experience the joy of giving.            Session 2: Mondays, January 7–28
                                                                                            Time 3:30–4:15pm in the main gym.
                        Evening with Santa                                                  Skills introduced include throwing,
                        December 15, Saturday                                               catching, defense and running routes.
                        Time: 5:00–9:00pm. Ages: 4 and up in the KidSpace. Ages
                        6 wks-3 yrs old in the Children’s Center. Special infant care       Big Bears Basketball (Ages 5-7)
                        available for infants 6 weeks to 17 months old. Cost: $30 family    Session 1: Mondays, December 3–17
                        membership, $35 indiv/couple membership. Pizza dinner.              Session 2: Mondays, January 7–28
                        Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is coming to PAC! Come have a                 Time: 4:30–5:15pm in the Kids Studio
                        great time decorating cookies and holiday ornaments.                Improve on the fundamentals of the game
                        Take a picture with Santa and bring home a photo ornament.          such as defense, offense and team strategy.

                        Shopping Days in KidSpace & Children’s Center                       Little Bears Basketball (Ages 3-4)
                        Every Monday and Friday in December                                 Session 1: Wednesdays, December 5–19
                        Time: 9:00am–1:00pm. Cost: $30 family membership, $35 indiv/        Session 2: Wednesdays, January 9–30
                        couple membership. 25% off addit. siblings                          Time: 3:30–4:15pm in the Kids Studio
                        Enjoy a fun-filled morning with games and activities                Focus on the basic skills such as dribbling,
                        while you take care of some holiday shopping.                       passing, shooting in a fun environment.

                        World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinics                                    Little Tikes Soccer (Ages 3-6)
                        January 12-February 2, Saturdays                                    Tuesdays or Thursdays
                        Time: 11:00–12:00pm. Ages 7-12.                                     Session 1: December 4–20
                        Cost: $70 family membership, $85 indiv/couple membership.           Session 2: January 8–31
                        Location: Main gym                                                  Time: 3:30–4:15pm. Lawn or Kids Studio
                        These sessions involve teaching new and inexperienced               Skills introduced include kicking,
                        players the fundamental skills of soccer while helping to           shooting and dribbling techniques.
                        develop the individual skills and tactics of more experienced
                        players. All sessions will be run by the World Cup Soccer           Pretty Pointers Ballet (Ages 3-5)
                        Camp staff. Your child will receive the highest level of            Wednesdays, January 9–February 30
                        instruction and attention in a fun and safe environment.            Time: 3:30–4:00 in Studio 2
                                                                                            Saturdays, January 12–February 2
                                                                                            Time: 1:30–2:00 in Studio 2

10   December/January                                                                                                     PACIFIC CURRENTS
                                                 Children’s Center

Mad Scientist                                    Just Kids Camp
January 10–31, Thursdays                         January 7–June 6, Monday–Friday
Time: 4:30–5:15pm. Ages: 6-8                     Ages 3-5. Time 9:00–12:00pm. Cost: Full week $120 family membership,
Cost: $34 family membership, $44 indiv/          $130 indiv/couple membership. Daily: $30 family membership, $35 indiv/couple
couple membership.                               membership. Hourly: $12 family membership, $14 indiv/couple membership.
Young scientists will experiment and             This camp provides a strong foundation in the basics of physical movement
create various projects, including making        and social activity through sports, organized games, obstacle courses to
your own “ph” indicator, test tap water,         develop motor skills, music and movement, story time, arts and crafts, and
grow test tube creatures, capture a              more. Snack included for daily or weekly signup. Must be potty-trained.
rainbow in a test tube, create silly slime,
carbonation launch and learn about the           Baby Signs – Introductory Workshop
science of acids and bases.                      For more information please visit our website at
                                                 Babies already sign when they cry, lift their arms to be picked up, point to a
Little Picassos Art Class                        toy, or simply blow you a kiss. Wouldn’t it be nice to know more precisely
Ages: 3-5. Every Thursday, January 17            what your baby is trying to tell you? Baby Sign Language allows parents to
–May 29. Time: 12:45–1:30pm. Cost:               communicate long before babies can verbalize their wants and needs. This
$145 family membership, $165 indiv/              workshop introduces more than 40 signs that are based on American Sign
couple membership. Learn about world-            Language and is designed for babies up to 18 months.
renowned artists such as Monet, Van
Gogh, Da Vinci and Michelangelo and              Tumble Tots
create your own works of art. Dress              January 7–February 11
ready for a mess!                                Age: 10-20 months. 11:00–11:30am in the Kids Studio.
                                                 Complimentary for family memberships, $60 indiv/couple membership.
Little Amigos Spanish Class                      Families participate in circle time, music, parachute games and explore
Ages: 3-5. Every Tuesday from January            individual movement. Tumbling equipment is geared for small children.
15–May 27. Time: 12:45–1:30pm. Cost:
$145 family membership, $165 indiv/couple
membership.                                      Children’s Center Information
Activities include singing, art, storytime,      The Children’s Center is for ages 6 weeks to 4 years old and is open 8:00am–8:00pm
creative movement, games and more to             Monday–Friday and 8:00am–5:00pm on weekends. Sign up for programs at the Activity
make learning Spanish fun.                       Information Center or in the Children’s Center. For childcare reservations, call direct
                                                 during business hours at (650)593-1313 or book on-line at
The following programs are ongoing.
For more information, please visit our
website at
                                                Holiday Hours for KidSpace and Children’s Center
Kids Night Out       Birthday Parties           December 24, Monday 8:00am-1:00pm
Parents Night Out    Mornings Away              December 25, Tuesday CLOSED
Movie Night          Afternoons Away            December 31, Monday 8:00am-1:00pm
Power Hour           Busy Bodies                January 1, Tuesday 9:00am-5:00pm

KidSpace Information
Please sign up for all events at the Activity
Information Center. Monday-Friday 8:30am-
8:00pm. Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm. For
more info contact KidSpace at (650)232-1451.

 PACIFIC CURRENTS                                                                                                            December/January   11
     Community Outreach

     Making Wishes Come True Again
     This year’s Mr. PeeWee Benefit at Pacific Athletic Club raised
     more than $90,000 for the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish
     Foundation. Highlights include the Winemakers Reception,
     Black Tie Dinner and Pro Am Tennis Tournament. At the
     Black Tie Dinner, VIP Wish Kid Jericho Rajninger told of his
     wish to build a robot for other sick kids at UCSF Hospital. The
     Pro Am tournament featured tennis legends such as Scott Davis,
     David Pate, Don Johnson, and Bob Lutz. Paul Goldstein and
     Kannan Ayyar defeated David MacPherson and Michael Kaiser
     in the final match. We would like to thank all of our sponsors                       VIP Wish Kid “Jericho Rajninger and family
     for their generosity.
                                                                                        Thank You from Make An Impact
                                                                                         On behalf of Pacific Athletic Club, we would
                                                                                          like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who
                                                                                            supported our Make An Impact fundraising
                                                                                             efforts benefitting the American Cancer
                                                                             Society. Together we raised over $27,000 for breast cancer
                                                                             research, patient services, education and advocacy. Pacific
                                                                             Athletic Club is grateful for your continued support of our
                                                                             outreach programs. Western Athletic Clubs matches 100%
                       2007 Pro Am Tennis Players
                                                                             of all donations made to American Cancer Society. This
      For more information on Community Outreach at Pacific Athletic Club,   match contribution will help local innovative research and
             please contact Shelly Alifano at (650)593-4900 ext. 227.        program initiatives based on exercise and cancer treatment.

     Pacific athletic club
     200 Redwood ShoReS PaRkway
                                                                                                                          First Class Mail
     Redwood city, ca 94065                                                                                              U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                                          San Mateo, CA
                                                                                                                          Permit No. 820

December 24, Monday 5:00am–5:00pm
   December 25, Tuesday CLOSED
December 31, Monday 5:00am–5:00pm
 January 1, Tuesday 7:00am–8:00pm

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