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									                       CITY OF SHAWNEE
                        OCTOBER 5, 2000

Committee members present were: Doris Yantis, Donna Sawyer, Joyce Thompson,
Claudia Vines, Amy Murphy, Elaine Copp, Greg Springston and Tony Schroeder. Also
present were: Neil Holman, Parks and Recreation Director and Tonya Lecuru, Deputy
Parks and Recreation Director.


      Joyce stated that on page 2, line 5 it reads “anywhere” and it should read “any

      Doris Yantis, seconded by Tony Schroeder, moved to approve the minutes as
      corrected. The motion carried 7-0.


      Neil asked the board if they would be willing to take on the responsibilities and be
      on the Tree Board. He said some of the responsibilities of the Tree Board would
      be to handle any requests that might come in regarding trees in the City. Neil said
      that during the last storm there were a lot of power outages especially in Ward 4.
      He would like to send a letter to KCP&L from the Tree Board and have Council
      send a letter requesting that they keep the trees trimmed up and stay on a three
      year cycle. He said the Tree Board would also sponsor Arbor Day. Neil said the
      meetings would be held in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation meeting.

      Claudia asked that at the next meeting the board could receive a copy of the Tree
      City USA requirements and the Tree Board Ordinance.

      Doris said she would agree as long as it was in conjunction with the Parks and
      Recreation board meeting and not a separate meeting.

      Joyce Thompson, seconded by Claudia Vines, moved to have the Parks and
      Recreation Advisory Board serve as the Acting Tree Board to handle current
      concerns until the Tree Board Ordinance and Tree Board requirements can be
      obtained. The motion carried 7-0.

      Neil said Councilman Boettcher would like the Tree Board to look at the City’s
      requirements, if any, and then write a letter asking KCP&L to trim trees by
      overhead lines to minimize power outages during future storms. He said to also
      request that KCP&L work with the residents in doing the trimming and stay in the
      three year cycle.
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     Greg asked if KCP&L have to report where they will be in the City.

     Claudia suggested having KCP&L give the City a schedule for trimming trees.

     Joyce Thompson, seconded by Donna Sawyer, moved to recommend that the
     Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Council each write a letter to KCP&L
     requesting that they work with residents when trimming trees around overhead
     lines, and to stay on the three year schedule. The motion carried 7-0.


     Neil said the committee could stand behind the original recommendation or try to
     work with Council on what they want.

     It was stated there was some confusion as to what direction the Mayor and
     Council wants the board to go. It was stated that politically three pools are
     needed but whether the funding is there is another story. It was mentioned that if
     all three pools are needed then they need a timetable and more input as to what is

     Amy asked if according to the survey there is support for three pools.

     Neil said there was support for three pools. He said Councilmen Boettcher
     suggested taking the East pool out but doing all the improvements to the park,
     plus providing a shuttle bus to the pools from there and possibly a couple of other
     sites in the City on the east side. Neil said there is a bus for sale that the City
     could obtain.

     Joyce said her understanding is that Herman Laird Park should be a centerpiece
     for the City, so we should be looking at things that would work there not just
     water attractions. Joyce presented some pictures with ideas for covered and
     uncovered pools and shaded areas.

     It was stated that Council would have to allocate money for another design.      It
     was stated that the Mayor would like a pool there.

     Neil said he doesn’t see making money on the pools, he would be happy to break
     even. He said he feels the pool fees according to the proposal from $80 to $100
     would not be realistic because the surrounding cities are at $80. Neil said taking
     out the tennis courts could cause the City trouble down the line due to the lack of
     tennis courts, because residents do use them.

     There was some discussion about the tennis courts at John Lynch and
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    Claudia said according to Councilmen Segale the Parks and Recreation board is a
    planning board and it is up to the Council to figure funding, so maybe the board
    should say what we want and let them figure the money.

    Neil said he agrees with the Mayor that the West pool should be done first. Neil
    said that because of our bonding status the City could now bond up to $10 million
    where previously it was $1 million a year.

    There was discussion about the order of improvements for the pools and different

    Joyce said she doesn’t feel the City should give up on Tomahawk to go into
    partnership for the third pool. She said the County has the most land there
    because they just bought the farmstead at the top of the hill.

    Neil asked where the pool would go.

    Joyce said they might have to give up part of the golf course, maybe use some of
    the farmstead for a golf course.

    Tonya said she didn’t know how that would work because they already have the
    stable in.

    It was mentioned that if the residents are going to drive to Tomahawk they could
    drive to the East or West pool as easy, so it would make more sense to put it out
    further west. There was discussion as to location possibly being west of I-435 or
    possibly on Monticello.

    Neil said Council wants the board to come up with a phase or timetable, and have
    it ready by January, 2001. Neil explained the possible start date and how they
    would handle keeping the pools open or closed depending on the situation.

    Doris asked the time frame from start to finish of the project.

    Tonya said construction would start in September and open in May.

    Doris asked whether there would be a year or two to purchase land and then
    implementation or then implementation of the updating of the East pool and then
    purchase land for a west pool in the same time frame, and then implementation of
    development for a west pool.

    Tonya said the purchasing of land for the western pool would be whenever the
    opportunity arises.

    Donna suggested doing the West pool in 2001, East pool summer of 2002 and the
    far west pool September 2002 as a guide to having the land purchased. She asked
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    if the East pool is closed for the entire summer after the West pool is renovated,
    what effect do you think that will have on the long term population of the East
    pool if those residents become accustom to travelling to the West pool.

    Neil said there would be totally different features at both pools.

    It was mentioned that residents from around the West pool would probably try out
    the new East pool.

    Greg said he would like to see attendance figures with the existing fee schedule.
    He said Lenexa and Merriam both have nice pools and are still charging only $80.
    Greg said he did not feel residents would pay the $100.

    Joyce said senior citizens get a free membership and she does not feel they are
    necessarily the needy population. She said even though seniors are on a fixed
    income it may be at a pretty good level, and people in Shawnee traditionally live
    within their means. She said she does not feel seniors should be free just because
    they are old.

    Tonya said that the senior population has the greatest amount of discretionary
    income of any age group.

    Greg suggested a reduced fee like the other cities instead of free.

    Claudia says she feels the board needs to decide if they want to go ahead with the
    Councils recommendation to come up with a phase in timetable for all three
    pools, or do we want to stick with the original recommendation of eliminating the
    East pool.

    Two plans were suggested one figuring all three pools, and the other eliminating
    the East pool. It was also mentioned to stay with the original recommendation
    and put it on a timetable, and that a study be implemented to look at the entire
    Herman Laird Park and possibly include a water attraction.

    Joyce said she feels the West pool should be done according to the design in
    September, 2001, and then at the same time, do the demolition part of the East
    pool which would have the building site ready, and may make it possible to do in
    one season. She said it would then give some time to look at the whole park for

    Joyce suggested having the Mayor respond in writing to their questions.

    There was discussion about funding for the pools whether it was through bonds or
    general revenue. The purpose of the 1/8th cent sales tax was also discussed.
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     Tony said he would prefer the Mayor to come to the meeting rather than
     submitting answers in writing.

     Doris Yantis, seconded by Donna Sawyer, moved to request Mayor Allen attend
     the November 2, 2000 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting to further
     clarify what is expected of the board regarding the pool study. The motion
     carried 7-0.

     Claudia Vines, seconded by Tony Schroeder, moved to recommend to Council to
     start renovation to the West pool in September, 2001. The motion failed 2-5.

     Neil said they would like to wait to tear out the East pool until after the West is
     completed so it will not leave the residents in the eastern part of town without a
     pool for two summers.

     It was mentioned that it would be nice to have the Mayor’s input before they
     make a final recommendation.


     a) Gamblin Park

         Neil said that the City received a 50/50 grant for Gamblin Park in the amount
         of $23,489.85. He said they would start on the park next year. Neil said
         Gamblin Park is located at 62nd and Monticello next to the school. He said
         with the City’s portion would amount to about $47,000, which would include
         playground equipment, rubber and sidewalk. He said it would be along the
         line of Douglas Highlands Park.

         Doris mentioned the park at K-7 and Santa Fe in Olathe is great and would
         be a good park to look into.

         Neil said Olathe put that park in and a skate park with their 1/8 cent sales tax
         which amounts to millions a year. Neil said they have the signs ready for the
         1/8 cent sales tax to be put up and the Cougars Committed to the Community
         are going to put the signs up throughout the City.

         Neil said he sent off the grant for Frenchman’s Creek, and there are plans for
         Herman Laird Park to have a new shelter to match Old Shawnee Town. He
         said work is starting now to reshape the road. Neil said the Optimist Club
         has $27,000 that they would like the City to match for a new playground at
         Herman Laird Park, which might be possible if we get the grant. Neil said
         they want to wait on the 1/8 cent sales tax to see about the matching funds.

     b) Arbor Day
PARKS & RECREATION              OCTOBER 5, 2000                                PAGE 6

         Neil said Arbor Day would be October 28, 9:00 a.m. at Douglas Highlands
         Park, 63rd Terrace and Switzer. He said there would be donuts and coffee,
         plus a fire truck and a Boy Scout troop.

         Tonya mentioned that on October 28 there is also a Craft Fair at the Civic
         Centre and Halloween Party at Old Shawnee Town.

     c) Hockey Rink – 71st and Quivira

        Neil said Mrs. Taylor has requested lights for the hockey rink at 71st and

        It was stated that was part of the agreement with the neighbors that there
        would be no lights on the hockey rink.

        Neil said the tennis courts are lighted there but they are down the hill and not
        were they would bother the neighbors. He said it would cost about $8,000 to
        $10,000 for lights.

        Tonya thanked everyone who helped with the open house, Tour de Shawnee
        and the Great Grillers contest. She said they were all a great success and that
        she would have the financial statements for each event next meeting. Tonya
        mentioned that there would be a Craft Fair on Saturday, October 28 from 9:30
        to 5pm. She said volunteers would be needed.

        Joyce asked about using some of the Volunteers in the Parks people.

        Tonya said that list is out dated some of the people have moved out of the
        City. Tonya said she wants to revive the VIP list for future events.

        Joyce asked how much was raised from the raffle of the BBQ grill.

        Tonya said about $500 and Ken Thompson was the winner. She said about
        350 people judged the People’s Choice award.

        Claudia complimented staff on a good job at the Open House, Tour de
        Shawnee and the BBQ contest.


     a) Newspaper Insert and Program Brochure

        Doris Yantis complimented Neil and Tonya on the Journal Herald insert and
        the Fall Parks and Recreation brochure.
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The next Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting is November 2, 2000, at
Shawnee Civic Centre, 5:30 p.m.


Donna Sawyer, seconded by Doris Yantis, moved to adjourn. The motion carried 7-0.

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