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					Kapiti College 2009
Adult and Community Education – Term 1
P O Box 2003                                                    
Raumati Beach                                                      

Ace Priorities
    Raising foundation skills
    Encouraging lifelong learning
    Strengthening social cohesion
    Targeting learners whose initial learning was not successful
    Strengthening communities by meeting identified community learning needs

Kapiti College is a smoke free environment
Please Read Carefully
    Enrolments close one week prior to class commencing
    Open to those over 16 years who are not currently enrolled at school
    Please note the starting date, time, and venue
    No enrolment confirmations will be sent
    You will be advised if a class is full
    Refunds – full refunds for classes that do not start
             refund less $10 administration fee for withdrawal before a class begins
             no refund once a class has started
    Courses are held at the college unless otherwise stated. Directions to classes held at the college will be given
    at the college on the day of the first class. If you are unfamiliar with the college please arrive in plenty of time to
    consult the map in the first car parking area you come to.
    A copy of the College Charter is available from the school office
    Term 2 2008 will be advertised March 25 2009
    Community groups applying for funding in 2009 should have their applications in by October 20.

To meet lifelong learning needs by providing accessible ACE programmes for our community.


1101 Men’s keep fit                                                       Peter Hawes
Fitness class for men. Designed to offer a variety of activities to help improve fitness and teach stretching
and flexibility techniques so participants can create their own programme at home.
                              Starts Monday January 26 from 7-9 pm $80
                                                              40 weeks Gymnasium
1102 Pilates Styled core abdominal work with stretching                   Gayle O’Connell
An exercise class to cater for all fitness levels. Incorporates abdominal and core muscle work for tone,
strength and posture, and Yoga styled stretching for relaxation and flexibility. Please bring a mat and small
cushion. Comfortable clothing – no buttons or zips.
                                      Starts February 9 from 7-8.30 pm $40
                                                               8 weeks E5
1103 Beaded Jewellery                                                Andrea Mark
This course is for those who want to make their own beaded jewellery. Designs and techniques will be
demonstrated. Materials can be purchased from the tutor. Bring along your own beads, jewellery findings,
buttons, paua pieces etc. Some tools supplied.
                                     Starts February 9 from 7-9 pm $50
                                                           6 weeks College Library
1104 Road Code Awareness for Adult Drivers                           Keith Huxford
Are you a safe driver? Do you know all the new road rules? What is your level of crash risk? This hour and
a half could help save your life.
                                       February 23 from 7-8:30pm $5
                                                            I night E3

1105 Creative Woodturning                                               Chris Jackson
See what you can make out of wood! Discover a new hobby or expand a recent skill. All ability levels
catered for. Guidance on using a range of equipment to complete woodturning projects. Materials for the
first night will be provided. Safety glasses provided, face mask advised at own cost
                                   Starts February 9 from 6.30-9.30pm $75
                                                              8 weeks D2

1107 Drawing and Painting                                             Lynda Mapplebeck
For those with some experience – an opportunity to explore exciting ideas through drawing and painting.

                                    February 9 from 1:30 – 4:30 pm      $45 per term ($160 for full year)
                                  9 weeks a term(35 weeks in total)     Rita King Cottage

2101 Leadlighting/Stained Glass                                       Greg Brough
Learn the techniques of glass cutting and making fantastic stained glass panels, or restoring an old
window. Suitable for both beginners and those with previous knowledge. Additional material costs
dependent on size of project and coloured glass content. $10 discount for returning students.
                                    Starts February 10 from 7-9 pm $70
                                                           8 weeks D2

2102 Yoga: Ease your body and calm your mind                              Ruth Diggins
Despite popular misconceptions, Yoga is not about becoming a human pretzel. Yoga is about consciously
linking the body with the breath to still the mind. If you can breathe you can do yoga. Regular practice of the
physical and breath movements is known to bring improved health in mind and body, increased energy,
well being and confidence. Yoga mats supplied. Students to bring cushion and blanket for relaxation. As
this is a physical practice please do not eat prior to class.
                                 Starts February 10 from 7 – 8:30pm $40

                                                             8 weeks    A6

2103 French 1                                                         Carol Dee
The course is designed for those who have little or no previous knowledge of French. The emphasis will be
on speaking and understanding simple phrases. Students will work from the book Champion 1.
                                 Starts February 10 from 7-9 pm $45 per term or $160 for year
                                                          32 weeks B12

2104 Get Me into Business                                             Maurice Broome
This course provides some (but not all) knowledge, skills and techniques needed in a small business –
goals, market research, budgets, cash flow, and cashbook and tax issues. Bring pens, pencils, and a folder
for handouts and paper.
                               Starts from February 3 from 7-9 pm $60
                                                            7 weeks E4
2105 Parents as Driving Teachers                                       Keith Huxford
A session for those parents who intend to teach their teenagers to drive. Best practice tips to allow the
Learner to develop appropriate skills and knowledge for the safe operation of a motor vehicle will
be provided during the session.
                                        February 24 from 7 – 9 pm $10
                                                              I night   E2

2106 Self Defence for Women                                            Andrew Salton / Annaliese
Don’t be a victim. Build your self esteem and self confidence while learning how to protect yourself and
others with basic self defence techniques that really work. Please bring a blanket, a pen and notebook.
                                 Starts February 10 from 7- 9.00 pm $50
                                                             8 weeks College Library

2107 Sewing Workshop                                                   Joy Fairburn
For people who wish to make a garment of their own choice. Assistance will be given in choosing a fabric to
fit a pattern and all steps toward completing a finished garment. You provide the fabric (and pattern); we
supply the equipment and skills.
                                     Starts February 10 from 7-9 pm $55
                                                             8 weeks E2

3101 Piano and Keyboarding                                           Mila Smolyanskaya
Tuition from a professional Russian music teacher. Class breaks for school holidays.
                                     Starts February 4 from 7-9pm $90
                                                         13 weeks Music room

3102 French 2                                                        Carol Dee
This course is designed for those with some prior knowledge of French. The emphasis is on conversation
and the basics needed for travelling in France.
                         Starts February 11 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm $45 per term or $160 for year
                                                         32 weeks B12

3103 Exploring Italian Cuisine                                            Peter Lockett and David Heather
Continuing on the journey of the Taste of Marseille, Madrid and Milan, Pietro and Danny concentrate their
attention on Italy starting in the South. There will be a selection of menus for 6 weeks of the course and
two speciality weeks exploring Italian Cuisine. A five course meal will be prepared and shared – an extra
cost each week for ingredients.
                       Starts Wednesday February 11 from 7-9.30pm $60
                                                               8 weeks E1

3104 Japanese for beginners                                        Koichi Tomita
Because of increasing commerce and tourism in both countries, many people will have opportunities for
personal contact and communication with Japanese people. This course will enable you to communicate
more effectively with Japanese people and enjoy Japanese culture and language. Bring pens and
notebook. No experience needed just enthusiasm!
                        Starts Wednesday February 11 from 7-9pm $45
                                                        8 weeks B11
3105 Patchwork and Quilting                                             Kathleen White
Classes in patchwork and quilting using traditional and modern methods. Techniques in hand and machine
work will be covered and students will be taught to work with and coordinate colour. Suitable for beginners
or experienced quilters, using traditional methods. N.b. no classes in school holidays. Materials and tools
will be advised by tutor – a sewing machine in good working order is advisable.
                          Starts Wednesday February 11 from 7-9pm $80
                                                           32 weeks E2

3106 Patchwork and Quilting                                              Kathleen White
As above
               Starts Wednesday February 11 from 10 – 12noon             $80
                                                   32 weeks              Rita King Cottage

4101 A Taste of the Riviera Part 1                                       Dianne Chiessi

Travel from Italy to France then Spain and enjoy the similarities of the cuisine and foods unique to each
part of the Riviera. Cook and share these foods and learn a little culture too. The class prepares 8 dishes,
which are then eaten together in a congenial atmosphere - please enrol promptly as there are more people
than spaces. Students to purchase ingredients each week.
                                    Starts February 12 from 7-9 pm $60
                                                            8 weeks E1

6102 Massage Course                                                     Robyn du Chateau
Tight shoulders and stiff neck? Learn one of the oldest forms of healing…massage. Please bring two
towels and a pillow. Oils are included in course cost. Participants need to be able to bend easily and be
capable of kneeling or sitting on the floor. One hour break for lunch. Tutor massage practitioner since 1987.
                                        March 7 from10:30 to 4:00pm $45
                                                          1 Saturday Tutor’s studio

6103 Hand Crafted Jewellery                                               Shaun Wakeford
Have you ever wanted to make and gift a carved Taonga, a Gem set, silver ring or personalised charm
bracelet to that special person in your life? Come along and learn the skills whilst making fabulous
jewellery! Basic materials for your first project provided. Additional materials available from tutor. Please
bring a small sketchbook/visual diary, and lunch.
                          Starts February 21 from 10:00am – 4:00pm $95

                                                          5 Saturdays    D1

6104 Piano and Keyboarding                                           Mila Smolyanskaya
Tuition from a professional Russian music teacher. Class breaks for school holidays.
                                   Starts February 7 from 10 – 1pm $90
                                                          13 weeks Music room

6105 First Aid – Workplace Comprehensive                              Margaret Domett
The essential course for all those who need and want to be ready to help others in an emergency. Practical
and enjoyable, with non-written assessments, the course teaches the skills and action plans needed for
immediate emergency care. The certificate is valid for two years, meets the requirements of workplace First
Aid and covers NZQA modules 6400, 6401 and 6402.Most important for child care workers over 40 years
old. Please bring a pen.
                      Starts 21 March and 28 March from 9 - 5pm $85
                                                            2 days E2
6106 First Aid – Refresher                                            Margaret Domett
This course is for those whose practising certificates have recently expired or are about to. Please bring a
                                           28 March from 9 - 5pm $42.50
                                                              1 day E2

6108 Oamaru Stone                                                        Donna Clarke
A two-day workshop. Tutor will supply stone at cost to students ($50 - $100 depending on size). Students
are to come to class with some idea of what they wish to do as this makes it easier at the start to begin the
sculpturing process. Tools can be hired from the tutor ($5) Students provide dust mask, safety glasses and
wear old clothing to work in. You will be sent confirmation - bring lunch.
                                  March 21 and 22 from 9am to 5pm $85
                                                               2 days Tutor’s studio

6109 Oamaru Stone                                                       Donna Clarke
                                  April 18 and 19 from 9am to 5pm       $85
                                                           2 days       Tutor’s studio
                                                              2 days    Tutor’s studio

6114 Basic Italian Level 1                                              Dianne Chiessi
A beginners course introducing language and structure towards further study with useful vocabulary fir
travellers in everyday situations. Bring pen and paper.
                                 Starts February 14 from 10-12 noon $50
                                                            8 weeks E4


7105 Mosaic a Paver                                                    Jan Cox/Pauline Patterson
A one-day workshop – you will mosaic a round paving stone using broken tiles. No experience or
artistic ability needed – just enthusiasm. An additional materials fee of $35 to be paid to tutor on day.
A class for everyone. Bring lunch.
                                            March 29 from 9-6 pm $40
                                                             1 day Kapiti Arts & Crafts Rooms

7106 Defensive Driving                                                 Keith Huxford
Days to be arranged. Please contact Keith Huxford on 2994307           $160
Official LTSA certificate issued on completion
                                     9 hour comprehensive course.      A4
Enrolment Form
Send your fees (cheque made payable to Kapiti College and crossed) together with the completed form below to:
Community Education Co-ordinator
Kapiti College
P O Box 2003
Raumati Beach

All enquiries contact the Co-ordinator on 9025121 ext. 869

Kapiti College is a smokefree environment

Surname ___________________________ First Name _________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

Phone (home) _______________________ Phone (work) _______________________

Email _________________________________________________________________

  Code       Name of course                               Fee

Send your completed enrolment form, plus payment by cheque (payable to Kapiti College) to:

Community Education Co-ordinator
Kapiti College
P O Box 2003
Raumati Beach

Details required for Ministry of Education statistics:

Ethnicity                                                           Sex

Asian       European       Maori       Pacific Islander     Other       Male    Female

Open to those over 16 not currently enrolled at school

16-19          20-29           30-39           40-49            50-59          60+