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                     Minutes: Wednesday March 1, 2006 - 7:00 p.m.
                       Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy
                                   3430 East Danish Road
                                  Sandy, Utah 84093-2139
District One & Two       District Three        District Four   District Five
Merrill Stillman*        Tod Young (Chair/ TR)* Nancy Winter* Susan Vogler (Vice Chair)*
                         Spencer Mortensen*     Craig Bishop Alan Buchanan (Secretary)*
                                                              Brian Pugh*

1) Call To Order 7:00
      a) Welcome by Chair
      b) Pledge of Allegiance

2) First Business

   a) Sheriffs Report – Corbett Ford.
      a. Granite West January 2006 report has 67 calls for Service, resulting in 46
         cases. (Up 50% from December 2005).
      b. Five suspicious Activity cases resulted in 6 cases.
      c. Three public peace „mental psycho‟ calls resulted in 3 cases.
      d. Five public civil order calls resulted in 4 cases.
      e. Five car prowl calls resulted in six cases
      f. Two burglary forced-entries resulted in two cases
      g. Four reportable traffic accident cases resulted from 3 calls.
      h. Most thefts can be avoided by using safe practices. If you must leave items in
         a vehicle on the street, lock them out sight in the glove box or trunk. Open
         garage doors are an open invitation for theft.
      i. Identity Theft continues to rise. Please shred all critical documents. Do not
         give out vital information over the phone. Susan related a recent scam
         involving her mother and going around her neighborhood presenting
         themselves something to the effect of „Starving College Students‟. She had
         an extremely difficult time getting rid of them.
b) County Mayor‟s Office – Ann Ober
      a. Ann was not in attendance.
c) Sandy City water tank presentations and discussion.
      a. Shane Pace – Sandy City Public Utilities
         Sandy City is proposing replacing or supplementing the current 1.5 million
         gallon water tank built in 1970 with a 5 million gallon water tank. The larger
         tank has been in the Granite master plan since 2000. The larger capacity is
         needed because the current tank typically fills and drains four times a day.
         Cal Richardson‟s property was stated to be Sandy City‟s preferred location.
         But in order to verify the site was acceptable, a seismic survey would have to
         be performed. Documented faults exist next to Cal‟s property, but no
         „apparent‟ faults exist on the site without further surveys. This would involve
         significant trenching to eliminate the risk of locating the water tank on top of
         dangerous faults. Five other locations were also considered including: 1) The
         former Jeffs property; 2) in Glacio Park; 3) The Despain property; 4) The
         Boulders area; and 5) a Chrome Springs location. In addition to being
         physically large enough to fit a 5 million gallon structure, some of the other
          selection criteria included: successful seismic survey, piping & booster station
          right-of-ways (preferably within +20 ft elevation of the Pepperwood tank), and
          safety from EPA contaminants. Sandy City indicated that they were glad to
          have Bruce in attendance, because Cal had been difficult to deal with in the
          past. The Council asked if condemning the property using eminent domain
          was being considered. Sandy City replied that they hoped it could be
          resolved by mutual agreement, but all options were being considered.
       b. Bruce Richardson (Cal‟s son) – property owner
          Bruce indicated that there are some very active faults in the area, and offered
          to point them out to anyone interested. He read an editorial from the Sandy
          Journal periodical that questioned the wisdom of building the tank near the
          Southeast corner of Wasatch Blvd and South Little Cottonwood Canyon
          Road. He suggested locating the tank in the old Jeff‟s compound. According
          to the maps brought by Sandy City, there were three known fault lines that
          the connecting pipelines would have to traverse. Bruce indicated that there
          were two inclined faults that meet at some unknown distance below ground
          level that make the location particularly unsuitable. In the meeting, Sandy City
          raised their offer for the property from $650K to $1M. Bruce Richardson
          indicated that it was more than about money. In addition to public safety,
          there is the family house, the workshop, relocation, etc. to be considered.
       c. Chad Evans – Granite Water Co. & neighbor
          Mr. Evans outlined his family‟s friendship with Cal Richardson over the years.
          It was his family that sold Cal the property decades ago. Chad has witnessed
          the residential growth in recent years, and the increased demand for water
          has placed increased demands on the community.

3) Council Business
      a. Application #22474 9361 S.N. Little Cottonwood Road (discussion only)
          Single-family residence in the FR-20 FCOZ Zone (Irv Eastman). This is a
          portion of the 27 acres owned by Robert & Richard Despain. The zoning
          change would be to FR10 (1 building on 10 acres). It would include an
          easement for access to the proposed Bonneville Shoreline Trail, but the
          location of the easement remains nebulous. Approval has been received from
          the EPA. 52,000 tons of material will be remediated. Cultural, Gentech,
          seismic, water (Telford tank), etc. studies have been completed. Neighbors
          have been notified as required and the 30-day review period has started.
      b. Application #22872: 3601 E. Little Cottonwood Road (The “Cocur Ame” PUD
          subdivision in the former Jeffs property (Recommendation required) The
          GCC had given conditional approval of the proposal presented to them by the
          previous developer. The latest plat maps showed significant unit growth to
          about 3,000 square feet dwellings with a 2-car garage on a 10,000-ft2 lot
          (R110). It was mentioned that the originally approved concept of an upscale
          low-maintenance retirement community could turn into ski/snowboarder
          rentals. No provisions are apparent for guest parking and lighting was an
          issue. Concern was expressed that both entrances would be blocked during
          canyon closures for avalanche control, adding to the existing community
          safety hazard. So. Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd is dangerous without adding
          a fourth intersection to the blind curve near where it intersects Little
          Cottonwood Lane and Alta Ridge Drive. Has anyone looked into using the
          unimproved alley from Little Cottonwood Lane that leads to the water
          company monitoring building east of the Smart‟s home for alternate access?
          More clarifications are needed. Nancy Winters proposed that the GCC
          request a 30-day delay for review, seconded by Spencer Mortensen, and
          unanimously approved.
       c. Application #22826: 10658 S. Dimple Dell Road: „Lucky Chance‟ PUD
          subdivision (6 5 lots), Jeff Horsley (recommendation required). Joan &
          Sherwin Knudsen sold the 5.97 acres of property to Jeff. The proposed PUD
          development of 5 lots would require no rezoning. The entrance to the
          property is located north of the „corner‟ in Dimple Dell, and visibility was
          mentioned as a possible issue. Since no zoning changes were required, the
          recommendation for approval was put to a vote. Susan proposed that the
          development be approved as presented. Merrill seconded the motion, and
          was approved unanimously.
       d. Report from the 2/14 Planning Commission Meeting: Omitted for lack of time.

4) Council Business           9:05 PM
    1. Review & approve Secretary‟s minutes.                      Omitted: lack of time
    2. Treasurer‟s Report.                                        Omitted: lack of time
    3. ACCT Notes                                                 Omitted: lack of time
    4. Committees:
          a. Planning & Zoning:             (S. Mortensen)        Omitted: lack of time
          b. Parks: Geologic View Area (S. Vogler)                Omitted: lack of time
    5. Lobbying & phone tree:               (T. Young)
    6. A GCC website „Money Mailer‟ advertising concept was presented by Tod as a
       potential method for spreading community awareness.        (Decision item)
                  1. $325/ea mailing for 10,000 mailers.
                  2. Mailers are targeted for local area
       Merrill moved that the council approve that the GCC mailings, and Spencer
       seconded the motion. The council unanimously approved sending out the

5) Adjourn 9:10 PM

   Council meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month unless prior notice is
   published on the Web site. Please submit new agenda items to any member of the
   Council at least one week prior to the date of the next meeting.

   ACCT Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the North
   Building room N4017, Salt Lake County Center at 2001 South State Street in Salt Lake

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