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                               TUESDAY, April 28, 2009


         PRESENT: Commission Chairman Richard Folk, Commissioners Maxine Miller,
         Shelley DeAtley, Deanna Kinziger, Urban Forester Phil Shinn, Council Liaison
         Jim Kleeburg, Americorps Volunteer Dustin Hagemann, Staff Liaison Lynn Moss,
         and visitor Kathy Roberts
         ABSENT: Commissioner Dennis Hastings and Kirk Steadman


         Minutes from March 24, 2009 were approved as written.


         Mr. Shinn told the Commission that the Daughters of the American Revolution
         had been in touch with him almost a year ago about planting a tree in one of the
         City Parks. They along with the Mr. Shinn and the Urban Forestry program
         decided that in conjunction with Earth Day and Arbor Month a tree would be
         planted at the Veterans Home. Mr. Shinn and Dustin Hagemann were there as
         representatives of the City of Lewiston as well as Councilman Jim Kleeburg.
         Dustin spoke about the origins of Earth Day, children from Fingerprints School
         and Day Care came across Eighth Street. They were welcomed by residents of
         the Veterans home. A representative from the Arbor Day Foundation was
         present to award Lewiston with there twenty first Arbor Day Award and fifteenth
         Arbor Day Growth Award. Councilman Kleeburg accepted the award and read
         the Arbor Day Proclamation. Commissioner Folk asked who the representative
         from the Arbor Foundation was; his name was Bill Coates from Moscow. There
         was a tree planting at Modie Park on Saturday as part of Arbor Day, as there has
         been since 1996. An Armstrong Maple was planted in the Ceremonial Tree
         Ring. Mr. Shinn said that part of the obligation for the Arbor Day awards is the
         Arbor Day celebrations, and that Nez Perce County also had a couple of
         different Arbor Day activities with tree plantings in at least four different areas.
         The spring planting for 2009 is going to start out at the bridge approach replacing
         approximately fifty trees that have died both before and since the walk through
         last summer. The tree species selected for the area are fairly tall and lean so
         should work for ITD’s purposes. The process for planting on the approach is
         fairly complicated with rules and regulations imposed by ITD for everyone’s
         safety; engineering has helped with a plan. Ten Zelkovas have been planted in
         the Community Park parking lot along with a new drip irrigation system, five
         Apollo Maple trees on D Street, and several Legacy trees dispersed throughout
       the park system. The trees at the site of the Community Park parking lot were
       required by city code to be in compliance with the parking lot shade tree
       ordinance. Mr. Shinn and Mr. Moss talked about some of the future plans for the
       Park Avenue and 10th Street entrance to the Community Park.
       Mr. Shinn talked about the condition of some of our right of way trees under
       Avista power lines and what poor shape most of them are in. He read a
       brochure in Spokane through Community Canopy about a cooperative program
       with Avista that will help with the removal and replacement of some of these
       trees. Mr. Shinn and Dustin met with a representative from Avista, he will help
       them identify some of the most problematic trees and then help the property
       owner remove and replace these trees.


       Mr. Moss shared with the Commission everything he could about the appraisals
       on the land owned by the Cemetery and LCSC that have been earmarked for a
       possible land trade. The idea has been presented to City Council and it will now
       be up to the College and Council to make a decision to move forward or not. Mr.
       Moss distributed copies of 2003 survey done by a University of Idaho student,
       Amy Fisher, regarding the general public’s opinion on the then current status of
       the Normal Hill Cemetery. There was some discussion about that survey and
       questions on if it was considered to have some validity today. There was
       discussion about implementing a buy back program, reclamation of abandoned
       graves, a reduction in the cost of the niches on the outside of the Mausoleum,
       and installing light in the Mausoleum. The last item Lynn discussed was
       Gretchen Kingsbury’s retirement and how the department might reorganize to
       better cover all of the duties she had taken on during her thirty years of
       employment with the department. The Cemetery walk through is scheduled for
       Tuesday May 19, 2009.


       Mr. Moss introduced Kathy Roberts who is a Landscape Architect student from
       the University of Idaho and was looking for a senior project. Mr. Moss suggested
       that she might take a look at the fifty-five acres currently owned by the College
       and see what a Cemetery might look like in that space. Ms. Roberts presented
       her senior project to the Commission.


       There being no further business to come before the Commission, the meeting
       was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Linda Rape, Recording Secretary                             Date

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