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									                                     ASHLAND TOWN COUNCIL
                                  Tuesday, April 17, 2007 – 7:00 p.m.

The meeting of the Ashland Town Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17, 2007, in
the Council Chambers of Town Hall by Mayor Faye Prichard.

PRESENT:      Faye O. Prichard, Mayor
              William C. Martin, Vice Mayor
              George F. Spagna, Jr.
              Melvin R. Hall, Jr.
              Anthony Keitt

Charles Hartgrove, Town Manager            Josh Farrar, Assistant Town Manager
Andrea Erard, Town Attorney                Anne Woodward, Business Assistance Coordinator
Neil Holthouser, Director of Planning & Community Dev.
Zack Robbins, Senior Planner               Tom Clark, Chief of Police
Lois A. Smith, Clerk of Council            Mike Davis, Director of Public Works

The invocation was offered by Archie Abaire of the Hanover Bahai Community. Mayor Prichard led the
Pledge of Allegiance.

Adoption of Agenda
Mayor Prichard reviewed the agenda. There was an addition of a proclamation for Ashland Arbor Day
and the deferral of the minutes.

The Council adopted the agenda as amended by consensus.

Mayor Prichard read the proclamation for Ashland Arbor Day for Friday, April 27, 2007. Town Council
voted by roll call to approve the proclamation.

Citizen Input
CSX presentation by Jay Westbrook to explain the work to be done on the railroad tracks the week of
May 20, 2007. Mr. Westbrook stated that the trains would be blowing the horns when passing through
Town during the time that the workers are on the tracks. The work will be performed during the hours of
7a.m. to 4p.m. Town Council expressed concern that the public be alerted via Channel 17, the Herald
Progress and the website of the work and the fact that the train horns will be sounding.

South James Street concern
Ms. Davis, a resident of South James Street, addressed Council regarding drainage concerns at the
southeast corner of S. James and W. Francis Streets, requested a sign noting that South James is a
dead end street and the possibility of including the 600 block of South James into the Town’s street

Town Council asked that staff to look into this request it and return to Town Council with a
Mr. Hartgrove stated that staff would review the concerns and present the findings to Town Council at its
next meeting. Staff would contact VDOT regarding the inclusion of the 600 block of S. James Street in its
inventory for reimbursement for maintenance funds.

Mayor Prichard stated that Town Council will vote on May 1, 2007 on this concern. The street sign
indicating that South James Street is a dead end street is to be installed immediately on South James at
Francis Street. The drainage situation is to be reviewed by staff.

Ms. Lauren Thompson, daughter of Ms. Davis, addressed Town Council to express her understanding
that in past years the Town has stipulated that the setbacks were insufficient when an addition was
proposed to her mother’s house, so she was surprised when she was told that this part of the street is not
in the Town’s street inventory.

Public Hearings

   1. Conditional Use Permit: Bruce Folkes requests a conditional use permit in accordance with Sec.
      21-48 (c) of the Town Code on property identified as GPINs 7870-94-3617 consisting of
      approximately .73 acres, currently zoned R-3, located at 207 Berkley Street. The subject property
Town Council Minutes
April 17, 2007
        is designated by the Comprehensive Plan as appropriate for Medium Density (4.1 to 7 dwelling
        units per acre).

Mr. Robbins reviewed the staff report with Town Council. Mr. Robbins stated that along with this request,
the applicant is requesting that curb, gutter and sidewalk be waived.

There was discussion regarding condition #7 and would that condition actually be enforced, to which Mr.
Robbins stated that it is a condition, and if the police are called to that location three times within a 12-
month period, the conditional use permit could be revoked.

Mayor Prichard opened the public hearing. The applicant, Bruce Folkes, addressed Town Council and
stated that he shares the concern regarding enforcement of calls to the property regarding complaints.
Mr. Folkes explained that it is also his desire to save the old maple tree on the property and have greater
setbacks for landscaping.

Dr. Spagna referenced condition #6 pertaining to a certified arborist to which Mr. Folkes stated he has
contacted an arborist who has given recommendations for saving the tree, and he believes the tree can
be saved if setbacks are increased.

Mayor Prichard asked why the applicant isn’t using hard plank to which Mr. Folkes stated it is a
maintenance issue.

Ms. Terri Winston-Abri addressed Town Council and asked whether the parking would be in the front or
rear of the duplex to which Mr. Folkes stated it would be at the rear of the duplex.

Mayor Prichard closed the public hearing.

It was the consensus of Council to see the maple tree remain.

Mr. Robbins distributed another set of conditions with the setbacks and the maple tree being addressed
along with landscaping being added in the front yard.

Copy of the conditions inserted here.

Dr. Spagna made the motion to recommend approval of the conditions as outlined by Mr. Robbins;
seconded by Mr. Martin.

Roll call vote with all ayes.

Mr. Robbins explained the curb, gutter and sidewalk waiver request.

Waiver of curb, gutter and sidewalk

Mr. Robbins explained there is sidewalk on the north side of Berkley Street.

Mayor Prichard opened the public hearing, and there being no one to speak for or against, Mayor
Prichard closed the public hearing.

Dr. Spagna made the motion to waive the curb, gutter and sidewalk along Berkley Street; seconded by
Mr. Keitt.

Roll call vote with all ayes.

Action Agenda

   1. Invoices
Ashland Little League in the amount of $10,000. that was previously approved in the budget.

Mr. Martin made the motion to approve and pay the invoice; seconded by Dr. Spagna.

Roll call voting with all ayes.

   2. Minutes:
The minutes from the April 6 and April 6 work session were deferred.

New Business
Town Council Minutes
April 17, 2007
Mayor’s Report
Mayor Prichard reported that she had attended the meeting of the Richmond Regional Planning District
Commission (RRPDC) and will be meeting again in May to discuss how the PDC can assist towns.

Mr. Hartgrove gave a brief update on the Plaza and a pre-construction meeting is planned.

A budget work session was suggested for Monday, April 30. Mr. Martin will check his schedule to
determine if he is available at that time and get back to staff.

Mayor Prichard stated he will bring a person’s name forward for recommendation to the EDA at the next

Mr. Hartgrove reported that the pool passes are on sale, and if anyone has problems getting to Town Hall
to have their photo taken, contact the treasurer’s office for arrangements.

Chief Clark reminded everyone that a retirement reception is scheduled for Officer Joe Richie on
Monday, April 30 at 2:00 p.m. in Council Chambers.

There being no further business to come before Town Council, Mayor Prichard adjourned the meeting at
8:20 p.m.

                                                           Lois A. Smith, Clerk of Council

Faye O. Prichard, Mayor

Town Council Minutes
April 17, 2007

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