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Community Council of Greater Dallas by lifemate


									                          Community Council of Greater Dallas
                                Dallas Area Agency on Aging
                     Title III Subcontractors Funded for the Period
                                      10/01/05– 9/30/06

1.   Contractor:                   Catholic Charities
     Project Name:                 Brady Nutrition Program
     Project Administrator:        Andres Trevino
     Project Director:             Sister Dana Marie Heffner x 102
     Address:                      4009 Elm Street (75226)
     Phone Number:                   (214) 826-8330

     Program Description: Brady Center is a multi-purpose center that provides meals in a
     congregate setting, nutrition/health education, nutrition screening, transportation to and
     from the center, social services, opportunities for socialization and makes health
     services readily accessible to the elderly.

2.   Contractor:                   Carlisle Street Legal Center
     Project Name:                 Legal Assistance
     Executive Director:           Rosemary Redmond
     Address:                      3100 Carlisle Street, Suite 218 (75204)
     Phone Number:                   (214) 871-5085

     Program Description: Carlisle Street Legal Center provides legal assistance to
     individuals identified and referred by the Access Center for the Elderly (ACE) staff and
     Affiliates. The project provides counseling, representation, education, and information
     dissemination on legal issues. Other activities include advocacy and coordination with
     the Benefits Counseling program.

3.   Contractor:                   Community Council of Greater Dallas
     Project Name:                 Aging Information Office
     Project Director:             Debby Kimbrell
     Address:                      1349 Empire Central, Suite 400 (75247)
     Phone Number:                   (214) 379-4636 / 1-800-548-1873

     Program Description: The Aging Information Office (AIO) serves as the centralized
     source of information and assistance for elderly residents of Dallas County. Service
     provision includes linking consumers with services, and educating the general public
     and service providers regarding human service resources. The Aging Information Office
     is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and serves as the Area Information Center
     for the Region.

4.   Contractor:                   Dallas County Dept. of Health & Human Services
     Project Name:                 Older Adult Services Program (OASP)
     Program Manager:              Dianne Rucker
     Address:                      2377 Stemmons Frwy, 2nd Floor      (75207-2710)
     Phone Number:                   (214) 819-1860

     Program Description: The Dallas County Human Services/OASP provides services that
     address the many needs of older persons in Dallas County through the provision of
     noon meals, nutrition screening, and related services at 16 local senior centers.
     Programs are designed to improve the health and well-being of older persons, as well
     as, meeting social and emotional needs that enable them to remain independent in their
     own communities and homes for as long as possible.
     For Center locations call 2-1-1.
      Cedar Crest Senior Center                      King\New Beginning Senior Center
      Church Street Senior Center                    Lancaster Senior Center
      Concord Senior Center                          M.L.K. Senior Center
      Elmwood Senior Center                          Pleasant Grove Senior Center
      Emeritus Center at Mountain View College       K. B. Polk United Senior Center
      Richard Hsu Activities Center                  Sunshine Senior Center
      Hutchins Senior Center                         West Dallas Senior Center
      Jefferson Senior Center
      Juanita Craft Senior Center

5.   Contractor:                    Dallas Lighthouse
     Project Name:                  “Adapting to Vision Changes” Seminars
     President:                     Michael Orfinik
     Project Director:              Dr. Steve VanderPoel
     Address:                       4245 Office Parkway (75204-3680)
     Phone Number:                    (214) 821-2375

     Program Description: The Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc., “Addressing Vision
     Changes” Program is designed to address the issue of vision loss in elderly individuals
     in Dallas County. The main goal of this program is to provide information to older
     persons experiencing vision loss and to the professional caregivers and family
     caregivers dealing with the elderly. This is done through outreach and the provision of
     seminars at senior center locations and retirement centers throughout the County.
     Information is provided       about vision loss and about adaptive equipment that is
     available, including how to use it. Independent living skills are also taught.

6.   Contractor:                    Deaf Action Center
     Project Name:                  Outreach Project
     Executive Director:            Angela Fisher
     Project Coordinator:           Susan Dibirdik
     Address:                       3115 Crestview (75235)
     Phone Number:                    (214) 521-0407

     Program Description: The Deaf Action Center assists hearing impaired elderly in
     accessing needed services that enable them to maintain independence and develop
     skills to better cope with their deafness. Counseling and interpreting services are
     provided as well as extensive outreach efforts to identify isolated and minority elderly
     deaf persons in the community. A noon meal is also provided as a part of this program.

7.   Contractor:                    Jewish Community Center of Dallas
     Project Name:                  Kosher Meals Program
     Senior Adult Director:         Anna Angorina
     Address:                       7900 Northaven Road (75230)
     Phone Number:                    (214) 239-7128

     Program Description: The Jewish Community Center is a multipurpose center that
     provides a variety of ongoing group activities. The Kosher Meals program provides
     meals in a congregate setting to older persons in the community that attend the center.
     In addition to the meals, health education, social, cultural, and recreational activities are
     provided to support healthy lifestyles.

8.   Contractor:                    Jewish Family Service
     Project Name:                  Kosher Home Delivered Meals
     Executive Director:            Michael Fleisher
      Project Coordinator:         Debi Weiner
      Address:                     5402 Arapaho Road (75248)
      Phone Number:                  (972) 437-9950

      Program Description: Jewish Family Service provides nutritious, kosher home delivered
      meals to persons who are frail and unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program
      also helps stem the loneliness of the individuals who are living alone and unable to get
      out of the house. The volunteer Meals on Wheels drivers are a source of friendship and
      human interaction with those individuals.

      Project Name:                Safeguards for Seniors – Medication Management
      Project Coordinator:         Avis Levin

      Program Description:      Promotes the proper use of medication, with prescription and
      over-the-counter, through safety information presentations, one-on-one assistance with
      a screening questionnaire, a pharmacist’s review of medications for individuals found to
      be at risk and a follow-up letter to the individual’s personal physician regarding the
      findings of the pharmacist.

9.    Contractor:                  La Voz del Anciano
      Project Name:                Outreach Program
      Project Director:            Trini Garza
      Address:                     3316 Sylvan (75212)
      Phone Number:                  (214) 741-5700

      Program Description: La Voz del Anciano is the agency responsible for assuring access
      to information about services available to the Hispanic elderly. This is accomplished
      through outreach, advocacy and awareness events.

10.   Contractor:                  Catholic Charities
      Project Name:                Marillac Social Center Nutrition Program
      Project Administrator:       Andres Trevino
      Project Director:            Sister Dana Marie Heffner
      Address:                     2827 Lapsley (75212)
      Phone Number:                   (214) 638-4997

      Program Description: Marillac Social Center is a multi-purpose center that provides
      meals in a congregate setting, nutrition/health education, health screening, social
      services, emergency assistance and transportation to and from the center. Opportunities
      for socialization are also available.

11.   Contractor:                  Mental Health Association of Metropolitan Dallas
      Project Name:                Aging and Mental Health Education and Awareness
      Project Director:            Tim Simmons x 109
      Project Coordinator:         Ricardo Aguilar x 118
      Address:                     624 N. Good Latimer (75204)
      Phone Number:                  (214) 871-2420

      Program Description: The Mental Health Association will provide a forum for
      community based agencies and individuals to identify and address aging and mental
      health issues in Dallas County. A Coalition will be established and presentations will
      be made to include information about available services, healthy aging, support groups
      and topical information about aging, mental health and mental illness.

12.   Contractor:                   City of Seagoville
      Project Name:                 Senior Nutrition Program
      Project Coordinator:          Debra Hitt
      Address:                      110 E. Malloy Bridge Road      (75159)
      Phone Number:                   (972) 287-4113

      Program Description: The City of Seagoville provides support for the Lions Club facility
      to be used as a meeting place for older persons in the community to pursue mutual
      interests, take part in activities that will enhance their quality of life, support their
      independence and encourage their continued involvement in and with the community

13.   Contractor:                   The Senior Source: Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas
      Executive Director:           Molly Bogen
      Address:                      1215 Skiles Street  (75204)
      Phone Number:                   (214) 823-5700

      Project Name:                 Nursing Home Ombudsman/Assisted Living Project
      Project Director:             Suzanna Swanson

      Program Description: The Nursing Home Ombudsman program is responsible for
      receiving, investigating and resolving nursing home complaints. Volunteers are
      recruited, trained and assigned to nursing homes. The Friendly Visitor Program, a
      component of the Ombudsman Program, matches Nursing Home residents that do not
      have regular visitors with volunteers on a one-to-one basis. These services ensure the
      highest quality of life and quality of care for all nursing home residents. The Assisted
      Living Project provides for quarterly visits to all Dallas County licensed Assisted Living
      facilities to ensure that residents are also receiving the services of Ombudsmen.

14.   Contractor:                   The Visiting Nurse Association of Texas
      Executive Director:           Robert Carpenter
      Address:                      1440 W. Mockingbird Ln., Suite 500 (75247)
      Phone Number:                   (214) 689-0000

      Project Name:                 Health Promotion Program
      Project Director              Vivienne Armstrong

      Program Description: The Health Promotion Program operates in selected nutrition
      sites in Dallas County providing health screening and health awareness presentations
      that encourage healthy behaviors and reduce the risk for chronic and preventable
      disease. (All centers in Dallas County participating in the Title III nutrition program have
      health screening opportunities. Other programs are sponsored by the City of Dallas and
      Dallas County Human Services).

      Project Name:                 Meals on Wheels
      Project Director:             Wiley Page

      Program Description: The VNA Meals on Wheels program provides home delivered
      meals to homebound persons 60 years of age and older residing in Dallas County.

      Project Name:                 Congregate Meal Service
      Project Director:             Shegala Smith
       Program Description:     The VNA Congregate Meals Program provides hot meals
       delivered five days a week in bulk to 28 nutrition sites sponsored by the Dallas Area
       Agency on Aging.

15.    Contractor:                  Z-Quest
       Project Name:                Caregiver Education Program
       Project Director:            Zanda Hilger
       Address:                     P.O. Box 822551
                                    North Richland Hills, TX 76182
       Phone:                         (817) 581-5890

       Program Description:        Z-Quest provides educational opportunities for groups and
       businesses in support of the Family Caregiver Support Program. Basic Caregiver
       Education Classes are offered and materials are developed for dissemination.

                                Independent Nutrition Sites

Program Description: Administered by the Area Agency on Aging, the Independent Nutrition
Sites provide services in select communities in Dallas County to improve the health and well-
being of older adults in these communities. Services provided include the provision of a noon
meals, nutrition screening, nutrition\health education, transportation, social services,
socialization, volunteer opportunities, health screening and other services. These programs are
designed to enable participants to remain in their own communities and homes for as long as
possible. These sites are funded by their respective cities and receive meals directly from the
Area Agency through a third party contract. The Independent Sites are listed below:

16.    Contractor:                  City of DeSoto
       Site:                        DeSoto Senior Center
       Project Supervisor:          Betty Minshew
       Address:                     211 E. Pleasant Run Rd., (75115)
       Phone Number:                  (972) 230-5825

17.    Contractor:                  City of Duncanville
       Site:                        Duncanville Senior Center
       Center Manager:              Elaine Ham
       Address:                     206 James Collins Blvd. (75116)
       Phone Number:                 (972) 780-5082

18.    Contractor:                  City of Garland
       Site:                        Carver Senior Center
       Program Manager:             Shannon Stephens
       Address:                     222 Carver, (75040)
       Phone Number:                  (972) 205-3305

       Site:                        Senior Activity Center
       Program Supervisor:          G. G. Sherman
       Address:                     600 West Avenue A, (75040)
       Phone Number:                  (972) 205-2769

19.    Contractor:                  City of Irving
       Site:                        Irving – Heritage Senior Activity Center
       Program Supervisor:          Linda Spencer
        Address:                        200 S. Jefferson, (75060)
        Phone Number:                     (972) 721-2496

20.     Contractor:                     City of Mesquite
        Site:                           Evans Senior Center
        Program Supervisor:             Diane Mickelson
        Address:                        1116 Hillcrest, (75149) Mail: P.O. Box 850137, (75185)
        Phone Number:                     (972) 285-6761

        Site:                           Goodbar Senior Center
        Center Manager:                 Ralph Gordon
        Address:                        3000 Concord, (75150)
        Phone Number:                     (972) 279-6881

        Additional independent sites receiving Federal funding in support of their programs are
        listed previously in this document. These sites are:

        Brady Social Center             Jewish Community Center
        Deaf Action Center              Marillac Social Center

                   Supporting Our Caregivers Projects (A Faith-Based Initiative)

Program Description: The Dallas Area Agency on Aging is responsible for developing a system that is
responsive to the needs of caregivers in Dallas County. The intent of the program is to ease the
emotional, physical and financial strain of caregivers of older persons and grandparents caring for the
young. The components of the program include information and assistance, assistance in accessing
services, counseling, training, and provision of supplemental services. The Area Agency has chosen to
work with churches and other organizations in a cooperative venture to help identify and assist caregiver
within respective congregations. Partners developing model projects are listed below:

21.     Church Name:                    Agape Memorial UM Church
        Address:                        5111 Capitol Ave. (75206)
        Contact Name:                   Ben Yrigollen
        Phone Number:                   (214) 826-8686

22.     Church Name:                    Crest-Moore King UM Church
        Address:                        4501 S. Marsalis Ave. (75216)
        Contact Name:                   Shirley Barton
        Phone Number:                   (214) 372-0522

23.     Church Name:                    Friendship West Baptist Church
        Address:                        2020 Wheatland Rd. (75232)
        Contact Name:                   Mary Campbell
        Phone Number:                   (214) 375-8696

24.     Church Name:                    Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ
        Address:                        2431 S. Marsalis Ave. (75216)
        Contact Name:                   Elder Jewel Manzay
        Phone Number:                   (214) 941-2531

25.     Church Name:                    New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
        Address:                        2419 Metropolitan Ave. (75215
        Contact Name:                   Patricia Byrd, Coordinator
        Phone Number:                   (214) 565-1147

26.     Church Name:                    Rapturea Better Way Christian Church
        Address:                        2771 Fordham Rd. (75216)
        Contact Name:                   Jacqueline West
      Phone Number:   (972) 224-6349

27.   Church Name:    St. John Missionary Baptist Church
      Address:        2600 South Marsalis Ave. (75216)
      Contact Name:   Gwen Brown
      Phone Number:   (214) 375-4876

28.   Church Name:    St. Luke “Community” United Methodist Church
      Address:        5710 East R. L. Thornton Frwy. (75223)
      Contact Name:   Constance Smith
      Phone Number:   (214) 887-4091

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