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                                                         BABTAC is authorised and regulated
                                                         by the Financial Services Authority
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                 or over twenty five years, BABTAC (British                    Free 24 hour Legal Advice
                 Association of Beauty Therapy and                             To include advice on such matters as employment law, leases
                 Cosmetology) has been the professional face of                and general business advice.
                 beauty and holistic therapy. It is the premier
                                                                               Vitality Magazine
                 international association for therapists and is
                                                                               One of the industry’s leading publications, keeping you up to
                 widely recognised as one of the longest standing
                                                                               date with what is new in the industry.
    and most influential bodies for the industry. BABTAC is a
    non-profit making and democratic association so you can                    Free listing on the BABTAC website
    rest assured it has your interests at heart, in short all funds            Promote your business on the BABTAC website – FOR FREE!
    generated by the Association get re-invested into ensuring                 Starter Pack
    the highest possible level of service for our members.                     Which includes a Certificate of membership, membership
    The BABTAC badge is, and always has been “the sign of                      badge, window stickers and artwork templates for your use in
    confidence” and wherever our certificate and treatment list                any advertising/correspondence.
    appear, the public is assured that their therapist is a qualified          Free members’ helpline
    professional, committed to excellence in their field as well as            Offering advice on all holistic and beauty matters.
    having £2 million worth of treatment public liability
                                                                               Contents and Employers Liability Packages
    insurance to fall back on if the worst should happen.
                                                                               and many extra insurance deals
    Members of BABTAC have to apply to the association for                     Available to BABTAC members at fantastically reduced rates.
    membership; their qualifications are vetted to ensure they meet
                                                                               Beauty Awareness Week
    with national/international requirements. As a full or specific
                                                                               and other leading promotions
    skills member of BABTAC, the therapist is covered for all
                                                                               Exclusive access to the biggest and best promotions the
    treatments accepted by BABTAC under their group insurance.
                                                                               industry has to offer. Last year included exclusive deals with
                                                                               The Daily Mail, Hovis, The Daily Express and many more.
    BABTAC offers a wide variety of services to
    all membership categories which include:
                                                                               The BABTAC name is built on solid foundations, now and
    £2 million Professional Legal Liability Insurance                          for the future. With our members at heart we continue
    Including treatment risks, breach of confidentiality, libel and            to grow and improve our services, not for financial gain,
    slander, loss following professional advice and full public and            but for the good of our members and the well-being of
    product liability.                                                         the public that use them.

       Full Member
       A person who has gained an externally verified qualification in facial & body treatments.
       Package includes full £2 million legal liability treatment insurance and all other BABTAC benefits.                     £83.50
       Overseas Member
       A person working within the Beauty Profession abroad (holding an International Qualification).
       Not covered by Group Insurance. Not entitled to vote.                                                                   £45.00
       Associate Member
       A person who has a business or profession related to Beauty Therapy.
       Not covered by Group Insurance. Not entitled to vote.                                                                   £45.00
       Student Member
       A Person who is currently training within the beauty profession.
       Covered by limited Legal Liability/Treatment insurance for case studies. Includes a FREE starter pack and badge!        £29.50
       Salon Membership
       Amazing savings to be made... insure your salon and 2 members of staff,

       including full legal liability, contents and employers liability for only £250! Call the office for further details.    £P.O.R.
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    Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS

    Surname (Dr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Mr)

    First Name

    Home Address

    County                                                               Postcode

    Country                                                              Date of Birth

    Home Tel No                                                          Work Tel No

    Fax No                                                               Mobile

    Email                                                                Website


    Dates of training
    Where did you hear about BABTAC? (Please specify)

                                                                                                                   Is Certificate
    (e.g. CIBTAC, City & Guilds etc). Please enclose photocopies of all qualifications

    If you have any doubt about whether you will be covered for a treatment in which you are qualified, please call the office for
    clarification. Tel: 0845 065 9000 or e-mail:
    PLACE OF WORK            Important – please tick where applicable:

        Salon Owner               Mobile Therapist             Home Based Salon          Employed           Other (Please Specify)
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    1 a) Full Membership to the Association                                                                   £51.60
        b) £2 million Legal Liability Insurance / Treatment Cover                                             £31.90
        c) Starter Pack / Joining Fee                                                                         £10.00           £93.50           I              I
    2 Overseas Member                                                                                         £45.00                            I              I
    3 Associate Member                                                                                        £45.00                            I              I
    4 Student Member                                                                                          £29.50                            I              I
    Treatment Liability – if you provide any of these treatments you
    should consider taking out one of the extensions below. The following limits of
    indemnity are £250,00 any one loss and in the aggregate in respect of tanning
    equipment £500,000 any one loss and in the aggregate for all other losses.
                                                                                                              UK PREMIUM
                                                                                                              including IPT
                                                                                                                               NI PREMIUM
                                                                                                                               including IPT                   SUB-TOTAL

    Advanced skin peeling                                                                                     £21.00           £105.00          I              I
    Piercing cartilaginous portion of ear                                                                     £20.00           £105.00          I              I
    Advanced electrolysis
    a) Over 5 years experience in basic electrolysis                                                          £83.00           £420.00          I              I
    b) More than 2 years but less than 5 years experience in basic electrolysis                               £111.00          £555.00          I              I
    Micropigmentation – Eyebrow, eye line and lip line only                                                   £293.00          £1,475.00        I              I
    Laser Hair Removal – must be CSA Registered                                                               £69.00           £350.00          I              I
    High Intensity Light Hair Removal                                                                         £69.00           £105.00          I              I
    Sterex Bio Skin Jetting                                                                                   £21.00           £105.00          I              I
    Sunbeds – if more than one                                                                                £26.25           £140.00          I              I
                                                                                                                                                TOTAL          I
    If you are requiring a NEW extension please remember to send in a copy of your certificate to validate your training.
    Please send back completed form in envelope enclosed or alternatively, please call the membership hotline on 0845 065 9000 (local rate call)
    Make cheques/postal orders payable to BABTAC LTD or please debit my Credit/Debit Card:

        Valid from II/II Expiry II/II Issue No I (Switch only)

    I agree that if my application is accepted I will abide by the Association’s rules from time to time in force, and the Council’s interpretation thereof, the
    Code of Ethics and the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    I also agree to abide by the conditions of any public liability including treatments insurance policy taken out by the Association for the benefit of
    members and to display at my principal business premises my Association membership certificate and the annual treatment list issued to me.
    I declare that the statements made on this application form are correct and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
    I agree to forfeit all rights as a member should I fail to honour this declaration. I agree that inspectors appointed by the Council of the Association may
    carry out unsolicited evaluations of any of my establishments and report accordingly to the Council in order to maintain a high standard of service and
    responsibility to the public.
    Prices listed above include 5% tax and 5% BABTAC documentation fee.

                                                               NO CLAIMS DECLARATION
    Please circle the answers to the questions below                                      If the answer is yes to any of the previous questions, please do not sign the
                                                                                          declaration, but send us information on a separate sheet of paper giving full details.
    1. Has any insurer ever cancelled, declined or refused to renew,
       or accepted the risk at special terms? If yes, please give details.   YES / NO     I confirm that the answers above are true and that I have not withheld any material
                                                                                          fact. I am aware of no claims, suits or any circumstances which could reasonably
                                                                                          lead to a claim being made, or action initiated against me. I can also confirm that I
    2. Have you had any claims, or incidents, which could give rise to a claim
                                                                                          have read and understood the notes above.
       under the policy involving negligence, error or omission, or are you aware
       of any circumstances which may revert to such a claim or suit
       being made against you?                                                 YES / NO   Signed                                                  Dated                   2005

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