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					        Seminars &                                                         Aqua Aerobics
                                                                      Aqua Aerobic Schedule
  Free for all Fitness Center members!
                                                                      Ages: Adult – 18 years and up
                                                                      Register for a specific AQUA PROGRAM and you may make it
                                                                      up at any Aqua Class.

  ($7/$9 applied to non-members)
  Body Fat Analysis
  Sponsored by Good Shepherd Hospital
  Registration required through the Fitness Center. Please
  check desk for location.
  Day      Date         Time
  Th       6/19         6:30-8pm

  Blood Pressure Screenings
  May - National Blood Pressure Month
  Complimentary blood pressure screen-
  ings offered in the Fitness Center by
  our Personal Trainers. Call the Fitness
  Center at 304-5279 or stop in to sign                               Aqua Circuit Challenge
  up for a time.
                                                                      Interval circuit training in the water, using resistance with hand
  Day       Date       Time
                                                                      buoys, noodles, and kickboards. A fun exhilarating, deep water
  Th        5/1        6:30-7:30pm
                                                                      and cardiovascular workout. For safety reasons, patrons must
  M         5/5        10-11am
                                                                      clear the pool deck when the class is over. The pool does not
  Th        5/15       6:30-7:30pm
                                                                      open until 12 pm. Participants may dry off in the locker rooms.
  Tu        5/20       6:30-7:30pm
                                                                      (11 wks)
  Tu        7/8        9-11am
                                                                      Actv. # Sec. # Day Date                  Time             Fee
  Th        7/24       9-11am
                                                                      202728 01        Sa     6/7-8/16         10-11am           $40/$50
  Family Spine Care                                                   Power Splash
  & Rehabilitation Services                                           A fun and energetic class utilizing a unique combination of move-
                                                                      ments to upbeat music that works all major muscle groups while
  Jason Van Ness, D.C. and his staff will be offering computer-
                                                                      keeping the heart rate elevated. Participants will be allowed to
  ized spine scans and mini-massages free of charge on the fol-
                                                                      stay twenty minutes to a half hour after class and dry off. The
  lowing dates:
                                                                      Barrington Park District asks that the aqua participants stay
  Day                Date             Time
  W                  6/18             9:30-11am         FREE!         in the Adult Sun Deck area which is located between the
                                                                      Lifeguard Office and the Concession Stand.
  W                  8/6              9:30-11am
                                                                      (10 wks–*No class 7/4)
                                                                      Actv. # Sec. # Day         Date       Time               Fee
  Dr. Van Ness will be available to answer questions related to
                                                                      202728 02       M,W,F 6/9-8/15 11:20am-12:05pm $108/$135
  spine problems and sports injuries associated with common
  activities including golf, tennis and gardening. Appointments
  are requested, but not necessary, by calling (847) 842-8070.        Deep Water Aqua Jogging
                                                                      If you are looking for a good, all-around form of aerobic exer-
                                                                      cise, why not try water aerobics. Running, jogging, and walking
Dick Pond Athletics Fitness Clinic                                    underwater in a pool not only strengthens the leg and hip muscles
Ages: Adult – 18 years and up                        FREE!            – the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals - but helps to maintain
Join us for a FREE fitness clinic! Expert                             and develop cardio respiratory fitness. The major benefit to ex-
staff from Dick Pond Athletics, along with                            ercising in the water is the protection it offers your joints. When
                   rehabilitation and fitness professionals from      you run, every time your foot hits the pavement, a shock equiva-
                   AthletiCo, will be available at Langendorf Park    lent to 5 times your body weight will travel up your legs and into
                   on Thursday, June 12 from 6-8 p.m. Stop by if      your spine. Working out in the water means your muscles are
                   you would like to learn more about proper shoe     forced to work harder, burning more fat, and toning them up for
                   selection, running tips, core strength, stretch-   faster, land-based exercises. Water belts provided. (10 wks)
                   ing, injury prevention, and more. The clinic is    Instructor: Julie Ann McPike
                   informal and open to everyone, from beginners      Actv. # Sec. # Day         Date         Time               Fee
                   to veteran runners. There will be free refresh-    202728 03         Tu/Th 6/10-8/14 6-6:45am                 $80/$100
                   ments and give-a-ways for all in attendance.
2008 Summer Brochure • 381-0687                                                                                                        59
E-mail fitnesscenter@

Member Services
                                              fitness center
                                              Hours of Operation:
• Fitness Assessment
• FREE Unlimited “Aerobic Punch               Monday- Friday            5am-9pm
  Card” (Fitness Walking/Indoor Circuit,
  Cardio/Strength Interval, Super Step        Saturday                  7am-4pm
  Combo, Ball Class/Total Body, Feeling       Sunday                    8am-4pm
  Fit, Cardio Tone/Stretch)
• Professional, knowledgeable staff           Teens (14-17 years) will be allowed in
• FREE equipment orientation
• Nationally Certified Personal Train-        the Fitness Center 2-7pm weekdays
  ers available for individual customized     and 11am-4pm on weekends.
• Locker facility/shower available            The Fitness Center will be closed on
• Nursery Service available at minimal
  charge (see page 17)
                                              Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s
• Towel service                               Day, and Easter. Hours are subject
• Body Fat Testing at no cost                 to change.
• Nutritional/Wellness Seminars
• Televisions/Broadcast Vision
• Incentive programs                                                       Membership Fees
• Free adult lap swim
                                                                                                           Resident/   Out-of
                                               Option       Age                                            Member      District
Equipment                                         1
                                                              (18 years and up)                            $229.00     $269.00
• State-of-the-art Paramount strength             2           (14-17 years - Restricted hours)             $159.00     $199.00
  machines                                                  Senior
• Full line of free weights                       3           (Over 60 years old)                          $159.00     $199.00
• Smith Machine and Cable cross-over                        Ind. + 1 Other Family Mbr.
• 5 LifeFitness treadmills                        4           (in the same household)                      $329.00     $379.00
• 2 StairMaster stair climbers                                Each Additional Family Mbr.
• 2 Schwinn Airedyne, 2 LifeFitness re-                       (more than two)                              $ 60.00     $ 70.00
  cumbent and 2 LifeFitness upright bikes                   Senior Special Pass
• 5 LifeFitness elliptical cross-trainers         5           (good 10am-3pm Mon-Fri)                      $110.00     $130.00
• 3 Televisions/Broadcast Vision                            Senior + One Other Senior Family Mbr.
                                                  6           (in the same household)                      $249.00     $269.00
                                                            Teen (14-17 yrs – must show high
Lap Swimming at                                   7         school I.D. with payment)             1 month  $ 15.00     $ 20.00
                                                            Restricted hours                      3 months $ 40.00     $ 50.00
Barrington Park District                                    College Students (must show college
& Good Shepherd Hospital                          8         I.D. & tuition receipt w/9 credit hr. 1 month
                                                            minimum per semester)
                                                                                                           $ 20.00
                                                                                                  3 months $ 50.00
                                                                                                                       $ 30.00
                                                                                                                       $ 70.00
Health & Fitness Center                           9         3-Month Pass
                                                            Barrington Business Membership
                                                                                                           $ 70.00     $ 85.00
For details on this new program, contact
                                                  10          (must show business card with payment)       $229.00     $229.00
either Jodi Paz at 847-304-5279 (BPD),
                                                  11        Daily Fees                                     $ 8.00      $ 10.00
or GSH Group Exercise instructor
                                                  12        Guest Punch Card - 8 visits
at 847-620-4500.
                                                            (Purchased by current Fitness Center member $ 50.00        $ 50.00
Fee – $5.00 daily/$45 monthly
                                                            for a guest – see details pg. 61)
Actv. # Sec. #        Day     Hours
                                                            •Each membership option is non-transferrable
206724 04             M-F     6-8am/5-7pm
                      Su      11am-1pm
*GSH hours differ from BPD pool hours.
GSH pool dates – 5/30-9/1                       Referral Program
Hours and days are subject to change at the     Bring in a new member and receive a one-month bonus added to your membership.
discretion of the management. Bring BPD         (New member must purchase a one-year membership.)
Fitness Pass to GSH each visit.

fitness center services
3-Month Fitness Pass
                                                                                                  Benefits of Exercise
                                                                                                  • Increase lean muscle

                                                                                                  • Helps lose unwanted body fat

                                                                                                  • Increases levels of HDL (good) cholesterol
We offer a 3-month membership that includes free orientation on exercise machines,
without the commitment. (No Assessment) Resident $70; Non-Resident $85                            • Gives you more energy to meet demands
                                                                                                    of busy lifestyle
Business Membership
                                                                                                  • Improves physical appearance
Anyone who owns or is employed by a business in the Barrington Park District boundaries
can become a member of the Fitness Center for a low rate of $229 per year. All Fitness            • Improves joint flexibility
Center privileges apply. Proof of employment is required with payment.

Guest Punch Card
Is anyone in your family visiting for the holidays and interested in working out during
their stay? Now they can for a fraction of the cost of a yearly membership. The guest
                                                                                                  Membership Guidelines
punch card allows eight visits to our fitness center for the price of $50. This offer is avail-
able to current fitness center members only, and the guest punch card will expire one year        • Membership pass expires 1 year from
from date of purchase. Limit of one guest punch card per family. We are not responsible             date of purchase.
for lost or stolen cards.                                                                         • All members must be at least 14 years old.
                                                                                                  • Persons under 14 years old will not be
                                                                                                    allowed in the Fitness Center.
Towel Service                                                                                     • Teens (14-17 years) will be allowed in the
You may rent a bath towel for 50 cents per visit or $40 per year. Towel rental forms are            Fitness Center 2-7pm weekdays, and
available in the Fitness Center. Small towels are complimentary.                                    11am-4pm weekends.
                                                                                                  • High School students will be allowed in
Free Fitness Orientation                                                                            the Fitness Center 2-7pm weekdays, and
                                                                                                    11am-4pm weekends.
All new members are required to complete a fitness orientation prior to receiving their           • No one under 16 years old will be al-
membership card. Orientation lasts approximately a 1/2 hour. This is designed to provide            lowed to use the free weights.
basic instruction on how to use the fitness equipment and familiarize members with Fit-           • In order to provide a safe and friendly
ness Center guidelines. Orientations are scheduled throughout the week. Please contact
                                                                                                    exercise environment, Fitness Center
the Fitness Center Office for an appointment.
                                                                                                    members are expected to abide by all
                                                                                                    rules deemed necessary by the Barrington
Fitness Assessment                                                                                  Park District.
Fitness assessment is available for those who want to evaluate their current fitness level.       • Members must present their Fitness
The professional staff conducts each assessment, which includes: cardio-respiratory fit-            Center membership pass at the Fitness
ness, blood pressure, body composition (% of body fat), flexibility, muscular strength and          Center desk.
endurance. At the conclusion of your assessment, you will receive test results and recom-         • When purchasing a pass, minors under
mendations for improving your fitness. Contact the Fitness Center office to schedule your           18 must have a parent with them to sign
appointment. Participants should wear shorts and loose fitting T-shirt. Assessment takes            all waiver forms.
approximately 1-1/2 hours. All participants are required to sign an Informed Consent              • All new members must complete FREE
form and complete a brief health history prior to assessment. A doctor’s release may be             equipment orientation before pass will be
required. FEE: Complimentary for members; $40.00 non-member                                         issued.
                                                                                                  • Personal belongings (bags, coats) must be
                                                                                                    kept in a locker.
Personal Training                                                                                 • Members must dress appropriately; shirts
Fitness Center members have the opportunity to take advantage of one-on-one fitness                 and gym shoes are required (no street
training. Whether you choose a single “review” session or one of our package deals, a cer-          shoes or sandals). Must change into
tified personal trainer can help you achieve your goals. Prior to beginning your workout,           workout shoes.
the staff will meet with you to discuss your needs and create a program just for you.             • Equipment must be toweled off after each
                         Individual        Individual          2-Person        2-Person           • Refunds will only be given in the case of
# Sessions               Member            Non-Member          Member          Non-Member           physical impairment or job transfer out-
1                        $ 40.00           $ 45.00             $ 70.00         $ 85.00
                                                                                                    side a 10-mile radius. Proper documenta-
3 (5% discount)          $114.00           $128.00             $200.00         $243.00
                                                                                                    tion is required. Refunds are pro-rated
6 (10% discount)         $216.00           $243.00             $378.00         $459.00
10 (15% discount)        $340.00           $382.00             $595.00         $723.00              from the date of purchase.
                                                                                                  • Memberships are non-transferable.
*One-hour sessions are arranged by appointment. *Personal training packages expire                • Small towels are complimentary with
3 months after date of purchase.                                                                    membership. Bath towels are available
                                                                                                    through our Towel Rental program.

2008 Summer Brochure • 381-0687                                                                                                            61
                                 fitness programs
Each 60-minute class includes:
• Warm-up                                                                                                        Jazzercise®
• 30-minute aerobic workout
• Muscle toning and strengthening using
                                                                                                                  It shows.
• Full-body stretch                                           Open House                           Fresh moves new music pure motivation

To register:                                                   May 5-11                            Abbreviations
                                                                                                   E – Express            PT – Personal Touch
Registrations are taken at class. You may
sign up at any time. New students should
                                                             One week FREE,                        R – Regular Jazzercise BS - Body Sculpting

arrive 15 minutes prior to class. Instructors
                                                         plus $20 registration gift.
available for orientation and/or extra help
approximately 30 minutes prior to class.
                                                                                                   New to Jazzercise?
                                                                                                   Registrations taken at class. Participants
E.F.T. unlimited pass - $38/month
                                                     The original dance exercise phenomenon!
                                                                                                   should arrive a minimum of 15 minutes
                                                                                                   prior to class. Instructors available for ori-
                                                                                                   entation and/or extra help approximately
8-week unlimited pass - $96                          Each 60-minute workout blends dance and       30 minutes prior to class. Other options
8-week unlimited pass-student (13+ years) - $55      muscle toning movements choreographed         available for more information.
Walk-ins - $10/class                                 to today’s hottest music, including Top 40,
                                                     jazz, country, funk, and classics. When you
Barrington Fitness Pass Holders - $7.00              love your workout, the results come easy.     Jazzercise Body Sculpting
Senior (62+ years) Discount – 10%                    That’s why Jazzercise blends aerobics,        Sculpted arms, a strong core, tight glutes,
                                                     yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing movements       and firm legs are the focus of this challeng-
Instructor:                                          into fun dance routines set to fresh music.   ing 55-minute muscle-toning workout that
Sue Batko/Nationally Certified                       All fitness levels welcome.                   features a creative combination of weight
Jazzercise Instructor                                                                              training and stretching.
E-mail Sue at                 Jazzercise Personal Touch
1-800-Fit-Is-It &                     Kick your workout up a notch! These
All classes taught by Certified Jazzercise           small group weight training and body
Instructors                                          sculpting sessions are designed to im-
                                                     prove, strengthen, and tone muscles. The
 *Childcare available–A.M. Only                      personalized approach encourages exercise
 *See page 17 for more information                   consistency and the attainment of fitness
                                                     goals. Special attention to movement
 Nursery Punch Card                                  technique will help you get the most from
 Actv. # Sec. # # of Punches   Fee                   your Jazzercise workouts. Sign up at the
 202101 01      1 Daily Pass $4.25                   Jazzercise desk.
                6 Classes      $21.00
                12 Classes     $42.00
                24 Classes     $84.00
 Punch cards expire three months after
 No nursery available on 5/26, 7/4 and 9/1.
                                                                                                                                             Jazzercise® Schedule

 Time             Monday              Tuesday           Wednesday         Thursday        Friday          Saturday            Sunday
 8-9am       Jazzercise-R                               Jazzercise-R                      Jazzercise-R    Jazzercise-R
             (BR)                                       (BR)                              (BR)            (BR)
 9-10am      Jazzercise-R             Jazzercise-R      Jazzercise-R      Jazzercise-R    Jazzercise-R                        Jazzercise-R
             (BR)                     (BR)              (BR)              (BR)            (BR)                                (BR)
 7:15-8:15pm Jazzercise-R             Jazzercise-R                        Jazzercise-R
             (MR)                     (MR)                                (MR)

 Please Note: Pass does not include other Park District fitness classes. No class 5/26, 7/4 and 9/1.

Group X Value yourself…join the group!
          Punch Card                                                                        Group X Punch Card
                                                                                            Value yourself - join the group!
                                                                                            Pass Type      # of Classes Fee            Per Class
                                                                                            GPX6P          6 punches      $20/$27      $3.25/class
                                                                                            GPX12P         12 punches $36/$43          $3.00/class
                                                                                            GPX24P         24 punches $66/$74          $2.75/class
Fitness Walking/Indoor Circuit Ball Class/Total Body                                        GPX36P         36 punches $90/$96          $2.50/class
45 minutes. Join Julie McPike for aero-            60 minutes. While using an               GPXUP          Unlimited $100/$105 $1.75/class
bic walking, various fitness stretches, and        exercise ball, learn ways to work        GPX            Walk-in                     $5.00/class
exercise in the park. Meet in Maple Room           the abdominals and back. This            Highlighted classes are part of the Group Exercise
(Rain loc: Maple Room)                             class will focus on proper tech-         Punch Card. Does not include Jazzercise classes.
                                                   niques for trunk strengthening           Punch cards expire 3 months from date of purchase.
Cardio/Strength Interval                           and stabilization. Stretching and
60 minutes. Experience new interval                flexibility will be added to this class.
training that is functional, challenging, and                                                           *Childcare available–A.M. Only
                                                                                                        *See page 17 for more information
designed for all fitness levels. Medicine
ball, weights, tubes, and steps will be incor-
                                                   Feeling Fit
porated for variety. All levels.                   55 minutes. This class is designed to meet
                                                   the needs of beginners, mature adults,
                                                                                                        Nursery Punch Card
                                                   those who are returning to exercise or who           Actv. # Sec. # # of Punches Fee
Cardio-Tone/Stretch                                want a lower intensity workout. Very low             202101 01 1 Daily Pass $4.25
                                                                                                                02 6 Classes        $21.00
A full body workout using the stability            impact activities, resistance, stretching, and
                                                   balance work.                                                03 12 Classes       $42.00
balls, tubes, weights, and medicine balls,                                                                      04 24 Classes       $84.00
with a little cardio thrown in.                                                                         Punch cards expire three months after
                                                   Mondays–6/2-8/25 (10:45-11:40am)                     purchase.
Super Step Combo                                   Fridays – 6/6-8/29 (10:30-11:30am)                   No nursery available on 5/26, 7/4 and 9/1.
45 minutes. Single and multi-step will
keep your step class fresh and motivating.
Experience fun combinations of various
choreography with or without the use of
steps. You will soar to new levels of fun.
All levels.

                 Please Note: Punch card does not include
                     Jazzercise and Specialty classes.

  Fitness Program Schedule – 6/1-8/31
  Time                Monday             Tuesday            Wednesday            Thursday           Friday             Saturday         Sunday

  8-9am                                  *Total Body        Group Power          *Cardio-Tone/                         Group Power Group Power
                                         Ball Class         (7:45-8:45am)        Stretch                               (8:15-9:15am) (8:30-9:30am)
  9-9:45am            *Fitness Walking
                      Indoor Circuit
  9:15-10:15am                           *Cardio/Strength *Cardio/Strength       *Cardio/Strength   Group Power
                                         Interval         Interval               Interval
  9:50-10:40am    Group Power
  10:30-11:30am   *Feeling Fit           Body Toning        Pilates I            Body Sculpting     *Feeling Fit
                  (10:45-11:40am)        Yoga                                    Yoga
  11:45am-12:45pm Pilates II
  6-7pm                                                     Yoga I
                                                            Pilates All Levels
  7-8pm               Yoga I
  7:30-8:30pm                                               Yoga II
  8:15-9:15pm         Yoga III
  8:45-9:45pm                                               Yoga III
                     *These classes are part of the Group “X” Punch Card, held in the Maple Room. No class 5/26, 7/4 and
2008 Summer Brochure • 381-0687                                                                                                                      63
Friday “Sunset” Yoga at the Treehouse NEW! Group Power
Kick off the weekend on a fun and soothing note! Join Evama-            Ages: Adult – 18 years and up
rie at the Treehouse for an hour of yoga postures to let go of the      Group Power is your hour of power! This 60-minute barbell
week’s stress and set an energizing yet relaxing tone for the rest of   program strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring,
the evening and weekend. Summer is here and the time is now to          motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome
soak in those late-day sunsets and balmy nights (and do yoga to the     instructors. With simple, athletic movements such as squats,
sound of crickets)! All levels welcome; mats will be provided or you    lunges, presses, and curls, Group Power is for all ages and fitness
can bring your own.                                                     levels. The class starts with a comprehensive warm-up, followed
Min/Max: 6/12                         Fee: $12/$15                      by eight songs that focus on specific muscle groups, and finishes
Instr: Evamarie Pilipuf-Swiers        Loc: Citizens Park-Treehouse      with a well-earned stretch. Whether you are an inactive person
Actv. #     Sec. # Day         Date           Time                      interested in getting fit, or an athlete looking for a training edge,
202554      08       F         6/20           6:30-7:30pm               Group Power delivers. Discover results! Discover Group Power!
                                                                        (Wks. Vary–*No class 7/4)
                                                                        Min/Max: 8/19                                Loc: BPD-Maple
Outdoor Walk and Yoga at the Treehouse                                  Instructor: Varies
Ages: Adult – 18 years and up                                           Actv. # Sec. # Day Date                    Time             Fee
The best of both worlds – an invigorating walk and relaxing yoga        202660 01         Su     6/1-8/24 (13) 8:30-9:30am          $91/$114
while taking in the beautiful summer weather and landscape. Join                 02       M      6/2-8/25 (13) 9:50-10:40am $91/$114
us as Evamarie leads the group on an outdoor walk on the forested                03       W      6/4-8/27 (13) 7:45-8:45am          $91/$114
trails at Citizens Park and adjacent Cuba Marsh, followed by a                   04*      F      6/6-8/29 (12) 9:15-10:15am $84/$105
soothing yoga workout at the Treehouse. All levels welcome; no                   05       Sa     5/31-8/23 (13) 8:15-9:15am         $91/$114
previous yoga experience is needed. Mats will be provided for           Attend any one complimentary class for new participants. Please
the yoga portion of the outing.                                         call 304-5286 for a reservation.
Min/Max: 6/12                         Fee: $12/$15
Instr: Evamarie Pilipuf-Swiers        Loc: Citizens Park-Treehouse
Actv. #      Sec. # Day        Date         Time                        Pilates-Based Mat Work Class
202554       10      W         6/25         9:30-10:30am                Ages: Adult – 18 years and up
                                                                        A combination of exercises based on the traditional theories of
Beginning Running Workshop                                              Joseph Pilates. Class may include resistance apparatus, such as a
Ages: Adult – 18 years and up                                           foam roller, physio-ball, and Pilates ring. Benefits include in-
Have you ever thought of trying out a running program for               creased strength without bulk, improved balance, coordination,
yourself, only you didn’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re           increased flexibility, and improved body awareness. Please bring a
afraid you’re too slow, or too old, or not “fit” enough. If so, this    bath size towel and Pilates ring. Wear comfortable pants and
workshop is for you! If you’re in generally good health and can         a fitted shirt to see spine and posture. (8 wks)
walk at a comfortable pace for at least 30 minutes, you already         Min/Max: 8/20                   Loc: BPD-Maple
have everything you need to learn the benefits of running (except       Instructor: Dianne Ambrose, Fee: $85/$106
for the shoes, of course). Running is an excellent way to control       Certified by Physical Mind Institute, Personal Trainer
your weight, promote bone density, increase your energy and             All Levels – Adult & Teens
boost your confidence. But, it’s important to start out slow and        Actv. #     Sec. #     Day     Date           Time
begin with proper form. Join Evamarie as she leads the group on         202564      01         W       6/11-7/30      6:30-7:30pm
a combination walk/jog workout that will give you a jump start to       Level I – Adult & Teens
your own running program, and leave you feeling energized and           Actv. #     Sec. #     Day     Date           Time
ready to keep going! Participants should dress for the weather          202564      02         W       6/11-7/30      10:30-11:30am
and wear proper athletic or running shoes.                              Level II- (Intermediate) must have previously attended two
Min/Max: 6/12                          Fee: $12/$15                     sessions of Level I.
Instr: Evamarie Pilipuf-Swiers         Loc: Citizens Park-Treehouse     Actv. #     Sec. #     Day     Date           Time
Actv. #     Sec. # Day        Date             Time                     202564      03         M       6/9-7/28       11:45am-12:45pm
202554      09       Sa       6/28             8:30-9:30am
                                                                        Teen Pilates
Outdoor Yoga Workshop                                                   Ages: 13-17 years (combined with adult class)
                                                                        Learn the proper way to strengthen your core using Pilates
at the Pepper Family Treehouse                                          exercises. Doing 500 crunches is out! Pilates is the fastest way to
                                                                        strengthen your core from the inside out for sports conditioning,
Imagine doing yoga while soaking in the best of summer weather          or just feeling stronger in your center. Join us for a 1 hr. upper and
-- yet protected from bugs or any sudden passing rainstorm. Well        lower core class using small equipment, balls, bands, and tubing.
imagine no more! Indulge yourself the benefits of yoga in this          (8 wks)
1-hour workshop, while enjoying our beautiful, new Treehouse. Led       Min/Max: 8/20                     Loc: BPD-Maple
by Evamarie Pilipuf’s innovative yoga instruction, you’ll awaken        Instructor: Dianne Ambrose, Fee: $85/$106
and stretch your muscles while breathing in the fresh air and           Certified by Physical Mind Institute, Personal Trainer
enjoying stunning views, emerging feeling refreshed and energized.      Actv. # Sec. #       Day      Date            Time
This program is for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Please      202564 01            W        6/11-7/30       6:30-7:30pm
bring an exercise or yoga mat and a large towel.
Min/Max: 6/12                         Fee: $12/$15
Instr: Evamarie Pilipuf-Swiers        Loc: Citizens Park-Treehouse
Actv. #     Sec. # Day        Date          Time
202554      11      Sa        8/16          8:30-9:30am

fitness programs
Yoga I
Ages: Adult – 18 years and up
                                                                       Body Toning Yoga
                                                                       Ages: Adult - 18 years and up
Join us for a session of yoga with certified instructor, Evamarie      This innovative class combines the best of body sculpting and
Pilipuf-Swiers, as she incorporates postures, breath work, and         mindful relaxation. Evamarie takes a yoga-based format and en-
mindfulness into a style uniquely hers. Yoga’s benefits include in-    hances it with resistance tubing and stability ball exercises to tone
creased flexibility and muscular strength, reduced stress, improved    the arms and legs, abs, and glutes. She then moves you through
posture and joint stability, and heightened well-being. Please wear    targeted yoga postures to release tight muscles and soothe away
loose, comfortable clothing, and bring a mat or large towel; a small   your stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. All levels
towel is also recommended. (11 wks)                                    welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat (exer-
Min/Max: 6/20                         Fee: $91/$114                    cise mats are also provided). (11 wks)
Instructor: Evamarie Pilipuf-Swiers Loc: BPD-Barrington                Min/Max: 6/20                          Fee: $91/$114
Actv. #     Sec. # Day         Date            Time                    Instructor: Evamarie Pilipuf-Swiers Loc: BPD-Maple
202554      01        M        6/9-8/18        7-8pm                   Actv. #     Sec. # Day         Date           Time
            02        W        6/11-8/20       6:15-7:15pm             202554      06       Tu        6/10-8/19      10:30-11:30am

Yoga II                                                                Body Sculpting Yoga (Advanced)
                                                                       Ages: Adult – 18 years and up
Ages: Adult–18 years and up                                            A step up from Body Toning Yoga, Evamarie takes a “flow yoga”
This class is for students who have taken Yoga I or have had recent    format and enhances it with the use of the stability ball and resis-
experience in yoga. Evamarie builds on the foundation set by           tance tubing, creating a class that burns more calories, strengthens
Yoga I by offering more challenging options and techniques, and        the back, and builds lean muscles, while retaining the essential
by addressing select elements in greater detail. Learn how to          mind-body, flexibility and relaxation benefits of traditional hatha
more effectively strengthen the low back and abs, tone the upper       yoga. Sculpt your abs, arms, legs, and glutes, while soothing away
and lower body, achieve deeper flexibility, and combat neck, upper     stress at the same time! Prior experience with yoga is required;
back, and wrist tension. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring       beginning students should first take either Yoga 1 or Body Toning
a mat (exercise mats are also provided), and both a large and small    Yoga before participating in this class. Please wear comfortable,
towel. (11 wks)                                                        supportive clothing and bring a mat (exercise mats are also pro-
Min/Max: 6/20                         Fee: $91/$114                    vided, as are the stability balls and exercise tubing). (11 wks)
Instructor: Evamarie Pilipuf-Swiers Loc: BPD-Barrington                Min/Max: 6/20                       Fee: $91/$114
Actv. #     Sec. # Day        Date           Time                      Instr: Evamarie Pilipuf-Swiers Loc: BPD-Maple
202554      03        W       6/11-8/20      7:30-8:30pm               Actv. #      Sec. # Day         Date            Time
                                                                       202554       07      Th         6/12-8/21       10:30-11:30am
Yoga III
Ages: Adult – 18 years and up
Take your yoga to levels previously unexplored! This active yoga
class entails a more non-stop, sequential flow of yoga postures,
delivering a powerful workout, while retaining the stress reduc-
tion benefits of traditional hatha yoga. Following this high-energy
yoga choreography is a cool-down featuring deep, relaxing stretch-
es and the final meditation. At least one session of Evamarie’s
Yoga II required, including instructor consent. (11 wks)
Min/Max: 6/20                         Fee: $91/$114
Instr: Evamarie Pilipuf-Swiers        Loc: BPD-Barrington
Actv. #      Sec. # Day        Date          Time
202554       04      M         6/9-8/18      8:15-9:15pm
             05      W         6/11-8/20     8:45-9:45pm

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