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					                                                                                                       Fitness & Wellness
                                          Exercise	the	possibilities!		Do	Pilates!	Taught	by	certified	pilates	instructors.
                                    Location:	Pilates	on	the	Peninsula,	1735	East	Bayshore	Rd.	#4AB,	RWC		650.780.9963	

Beginning Pilates Mat                                                                    Pilates Personal Training
with Tracy Byars and Mark Lubarsky                                                       with Mark and Olga Lubarsky

26.330	 M	              7-8pm	          6/16-6/30	 $51	•	3	classes                       $98		•	3	classes
26.331	 Tu	             6-7pm	          7/8-7/29	       $68	•	4	classes	                 26.364	 Th	             8-9am	                7/10-7/24	
26.332	 W	              6-7pm	          7/9-7/30	       $68	•	4	classes                  26.365	 Sa	             8-9am	                7/12-7/26
26.333	 Tu	             6-7pm	          8/5-8/26	       $68	•	4	classes	                 26.367	 Th	             8-9am	                7/31-8/14
Join	us	this	summer	for	an	intense	beginner’s	workout	to	get	your	abdominals	            26.368	 Sa	             8-9am	                8/2-8/16
trim	 for	 the	 beach!	 Pilates	 props	 will	 be	 incorporated	 to	 tone	 and	 target	   26.369	 Th	             8-9am	                8/21-9/4
arms	and	legs,	and	challenge	stability	and	balance.	No	injuries	or	physical	             26.370	 Sa	             8-9am	                8/23-9/6
limitations	please.
                                                                                         Join	a	semi-private	Pilates	reformer	class	and	build	a	super	core	for	all	your	
                                                                                         summer	activities.	Fun	and	safe	beginner’s	exercises	will	be	introduced	
                                                                                         to	 develop	 a	 toned	 body.	 Flexibility,	 balance	 and	 coordination	 will	 be	
Post Natal Pilates Mat                                                                   addressed.	No	recent	injuries	or	physical	limitations	please.
with Olga Lubarsky
                                                                                         Spicy Pilates Mat
$68		•	4	classes                                                                         with Noelle Wood
26.338	 Th	           10-11am	           7/10-7/31
                                                                                         $120		•	4	classes
26.339	 Th	           10-11am	           8/7-8/28
                                                                                         26.371	 M	            5-6pm	             6/16-7/7
Congratulations!	You’ve	just	had	a	baby!	Get	back	in	shape	and	find	your	core	
                                                                                         26.372	 W	            5-6	               7/9-7/30
again	in	this	class	designed	specifically	for	the	new	mom.	Must	have	written	
medical	clearance	to	participate.                                                        Join	us	for	a	SPICY	Pilates	mat	class!	We	will	explore	seductive	dance	
                                                                                         moves	and	celebrate	the	female	form	during	a	challenging	core	abdominal	
                                                                                         workout.	Explore	basic	pole	dance	maneuvers	in	a	safe	and	supportive	
                                                                                         environment	for	WOMEN	only.	Tank	tops	and	shorts	are	recommended.	
                                                                                         No	injuries	or	physical	limitations	please.

Cardio Dance                                                                             Hula Hooping for Fitness & Fun
with Susan D. Fong, trained in Ballet, Modern, Polynesian, Ballroom, Latin               Beginning 1 & 2
& Night Club Dances.                                                                     Age 16+
                                                                                         with Brenda Major, Fun to Be Fit, cert. personal trainer & weight
Cardio Latin
                                                                                         management coach, certified Hoop Dance teacher
$41	(SR	$32)	•	4	classes
                                                                                         $78	(SR.	$60)	•	6	classes
22.340	 Th	       9:30-10:20am	 6/19-7/10
                                                                                         Beginning	1	          26.340	 W	             6-7pm	    6/18-7/23
Spicy, Hot and Energetic! This	cardio	dance	workout	is	a	fun	way	to	keep	
                                                                                         Beginning	2	          26.341	 W	             6-7pm	    7/30-9/3

your	body	toned,	lose	weight	and	get	in	amazing	shape!	Salsa,	samba,	cha	
cha,	 and	 merengue	 highlight	 this	 high	 energy	 low-	 impact	 aerobic	 dance	        Get Fit While Having Fun!!
                                                                                         If	you	want	to	tone	your	body,	burn	the	fat,	
patterns,	taught	one	step	at	a	time,	then	building	gradually	into	combinations.	
                                                                                         strengthen	 your	 core,	 or	 relieve	 stress,	
You’ll	burn	the	fat	as	you	burn	up	the	dance	floor	feeling	the	beat	of	the	Latin	
                                                                                         then	 this	 Hula	 Hooping	 Workout	 is	 for	
music.	All	fitness	levels	are	welcome.
                                                                                         you!!!!	 	 	 	 You	 will	 learn	 upper	 and	 lower	
Location:	RMCC
                                                                                         body	hooping	combinations	while	moving	
Hula for Health                                                                          to	 upbeat	 music.	 	Anyone	 of	 any	 age	 or	
                                                                                         ability	 can	 hoop	 using	 oversized	 hoops	
$41	(SR	$32)	•	4	classes
                                                                                         made	 especially	 for	 exercising.	 hOOPS
22.342	 Th	            10:30-11:20am	 6/19-7/10                                          PROVIDED and available for purchase.
Hula	is	exercise	for	the	body	and	mind!	We’ll	blend	the	graceful	movements	              Please bring a water bottle. Beginner 2
of	hula	into	a	unique	fitness	program	that	will	improve	your	strength,	flexibility	      class learn more advanced moves, tricks
and	balance.		The	hip	movements	target	your	body’s	core.	You’ll	burn	the	fat	            and choreography (with instructor’s
as	you	burn	up	the	dance	floor	feeling	the	beat	of	the	Hawaiian	music.	                  consent)
Location:	RMCC                                                                           Location:	CAB

Register Online Today!                                                                           650.780.7311
  Fitness & Wellness                                                      age 18+ unless listed otherwise
          Fitness Pole Dancing for Women                                                        Yoga for you!
          Age 18+                                                                               Karen Stepp, Yoga Alliance RYT 200
          with pole dance instructors, Pam Courcier and Christina Kish, certified Pilates       $129	(SR	$98)	•	11	classes
          instructor. 650.701.1653
                                                                                                26.313 W	            6:30-8pm	 6/18-8/27
                                                                                                Classic	 Hatha	 Yoga	 suitable	 for	 beginners	 or	 advanced	 yogis.	 Series	
          Get	ready	to	twirl	your	way	to	fitness!	Pole	Dancing	for	fitness	is	a	challenging,	
                                                                                                features	 postures,	 breathing	 practices,	 deep	 relaxation	 and	 meditation.	
          exciting,	and	fun	workout	for	the	mind	and	body.	We	focus	on	building	strength	
                                                                                                Wear	loose	clothing,	have	an	empty	stomach	and	bring	a	yoga	mat.	Yoga	
          by	teaching	you	tricks	on	the	pole	which	require	upper	body	and	core	strength.	
                                                                                                practice	 will	 help	 you	 to	 develop	 and	 maintain	 strength,	 flexibility,	 and	
          Combine	that	with	dance	moves	and	you	have	a	satisfying	workout	that	burns	
                                                                                                peace	of	mind.
          calories	and	makes	you	feel	great.	This	is	a	safe,	non-competitive	environment	
                                                                                                Location:	SCC
          where	each	woman	is	given	the	freedom	to	find	her	own	style	and	reach	her	
          personal	goals.	Our	beautiful	1,600	square	foot	studio	has	10	permanently	
          installed	20-foot	high	poles.	Classes	are	limited	so	that	each	woman	gets	her	        Yoga
          own	pole	for	a	high-quality,	unique	work	out.	Classes are for women only.             with Betty Coleman
          Location:	Poletential,	2682	Middlefield	Rd.	Unit	N,	Redwood	City	                     $88	(SR	$68)	•	12	classes
          Intro Pole Workshop                                                                   26.304	 	Tu	 6-7pm	        6/17-9/2	                    CAB
                                                                                                26.306	 	Th	 9:30-10:30am	 6/19-9/4	                    VETS
          $60	•	1	class
                                                                                                26.305	 	Th	 5:45-6:45pm	 6/19-9/4	                     CAB
          22.350	 Sun	           4-5:30pm	           6/22
          22.351	 Sun	           4-5:30pm	           7/20                                       Yoga	is	the	only	type	of	exercise	that	lets	you	feel	as	if	you	are	working	
          22.352	 Sun	           4-5:30pm	           8/17                                       with	your	body	rather	than	against	it!	This	class	will	help	you	build	strength,	
                                                                                                tone	muscles,	increase	flexibility,	improve	endurance,	and	leave	you	feeling	
          This	is	a	1.5	hour	workshop	that	introduces	you	to	Fitness	Pole	Dancing.	The	
                                                                                                invigorated	 and	 relaxed.	 Simple,	 easy	 to	 follow	 back	 exercises	 will	 be	
          class	 includes	 a	 warm-up,	 transitional	 dance	 moves	 and	 some	 basic	 pole	
                                                                                                presented.	Betty	Coleman’s	class	is	designed	for	beginning	and	continuing	
                                                                                                students.	Bring	a	mat	and	wear	comfortable	clothing.
          Pole Prep Class
          $100	•	4	classes                                                                      Yoga for Health
          22.256	 M	 6:15-7:15pm	 6/2-6/23		                                                    with Ole Bader, C.A.,M.A. Stanford
          22.355	 M	 6:15-7:15pm	 6/30-7/21                                                     $115	(SR	$88)	•	11	classes
          22.356	 M	 6:15-7:15pm	 7/28-8/18	                                                    26.315	 W	       6:45-8:15pm	          6/18-8/27
          Pole	 Prep	 Class	 starts	 with	 a	 warm-up	 and	 combines	 dance	 with	 strength	    26.316	 Sa	 9-10:30am	                 6/21-8/30
          training	exercises	for	your	arms,	core	and	legs.	Exercises	are	done	on	the	floor,	    Exercise,	strengthen	and	tone	your	muscles	as	you	gently	stretch	and	relax	
          standing	and	walking.	We	use	the	pole	for	exercises,	but	NOT	for	pole	tricks.         in	body	postures.	Movements	are	coordinated	with	the	breath	to	promote	
                                                                                                oxygenation,	circulation	and	relaxation.	Learn	to	massage	important	acu-
          Beginning Pole Dance Class
                                                                                                pressure	points	to	release	tension	and	balance	energy,	and	nurture	your	
          $250	•	5	classes                                                                      physical	body.	Deep	relaxation,	stress	reduction,	and	a	short	meditation	to	
          22.358	 M	             7:30-8:30pm	       6/16-7/14                                   feel	heart	energy	is	included.	Yoga	is	an	effective	non-competitive	way	to	
          22.359	 Th	            7-8pm	             6/19-7/17                                   exercise,	reduce	stress	and	improve	health.	Relaxing	background	music	
          22.360	 M	             7:30-8:30pm	       7/28-8/25                                   is	played	during	class.	All	levels	of	experience	are	accommodated.	Please	
          22.361	 Th	            7-8pm	             7/31-8/28                                   bring	a	yoga	mat.
                                                                                                Location:	RMCC
          Our	5-week	dance	class	includes	an	upper	body	and	core-based	warm	up,	

          floor	work	and	learning	a	choreographed	dance	routine.	Each	dance	routine	
          includes	twirls,	climbs	&	inversions	and	helps	build	strength	in	your	legs,	upper	
          body	and	core.                                                                        X-Biking
                                                                                                with Community Street Jam,
          Cabaret Dance Class                                                                   $108	•	12	classes
          with Cat D’Agostino, ACSM & AFAA certified group exercise instructor                  26.373	 M	              6-6:30pm	         6/16-9/1
          $75	•	3	classes                                                                       26.374	 Tu	             6-6:30pm	         6/17-9/2	
          22.362	 Tu	           7:15-8:30pm	         7/1-7/15                                   26.375	 Th	             6-6:30pm	         6/19-9/4
          22.363	 Tu	           7:15-8:30pm	         8/5-8/19                                   Want	to	experience	an	exhilarating	total-body	workout?		X-biking	is	outdoor	
          “Cat’s	Cabaret”	Dance	Series	combines	burlesque	and	jazz	moves,	props,	               cycling	brought	indoors.	Burn	up	to	500	calories	in	this	30-minute	group	ride.	
          themes	and	music.	This	class	is	for	anyone	who	wants	to	add	some	spice	both	          It	is	fun,	effective,	and	music	driven.	Targeted	training	for	your	arms,	legs	
          in	their	workout	and	in	their	life.		No	pole	tricks.                                  and	core.	Get	stronger	lower-back	muscles	too!	Easy	to	learn	and	delivers	
                                                                                                fast	results.		All fitness and cycling levels welcome!
                                                                                                Location:	 Community	Street	Jam,	849	Veterans	Blvd.	RWC	94061

 52             Redwood City Parks Recreation & Community Services
                                                                                                         Fitness & Wellness
Arron’s Boot Camps
with Arron Yonkers, Maximum Fitness Personal Trainer, Certified by National
Association of Sports Medicine, National Council of Strength & Fitness and
Apex. Plus, 10 yrs of USMC Service.

                        RED MORTON PARK
             Days            Times             July          August
                                             7/2-7/30        8/1-8/29
                                             *no 7/4           $130

             MWF             6-7am            29.340          29.343

             MWF             7-8am            29.341          29.344
                                                                                       Classes at Maximum Fitness
             Days             Times            July          August                    with Arron Yonkers, Certified by National Association of Sports Medicine,
                                             7/1-7/31        8/5-8/28                  National Council of Strength & Fitness and Apex. 10 yrs of USMC Service.
                                               $100            $80
                                                                                       Boot Camp - Military Style
             Tu/Th           12-1pm           29.342          29.345                   29.325	 W	             7-8pm	          6/25-7/30	        $60	•	6	classes
                                                                                       29.326	 W	             7-8pm	          8/6-9/3	          $50	•	5	classes
                                                                                       Want	 to	 be	 the	 best	 you	 can	 be?	This	 military-style	 boot	 camp	 class	 will	
Get ready for swimsuit season!	This	military-style	boot	camp	class	will	utilize	       utilize	 your	 own	 body	 weight	 during	 a	 fast-paced	 routine.	Arron	 will	 keep	
your	own	body	weight	during	a	fast-paced	routine,	designed	to	keep	your	heart	         your	heart	rate	up	while	you	achieve	a	full	body	workout.	This	class	is	very	
rate	up	while	you	achieve	a	full	body	workout.	This	class	is	very	effective	for	       effective	for	increasing	your	endurance,	building	strength	and	for	burning	a	
increasing	your	endurance,	stamina,	building	strength	and	for	burning	a	lot	of	        lot	of	calories!
calories!	Plus	you	will	also	expierience	an	overall	sense	of	well-being.	Class	will	   Location:	Maximum	Fitness,	880	Hurlingame	Ave.,	Redwood	City	94063
include	Cardio & Agility Training, Core Movements, Plyometrics, Reactive
Training, Sprints, and Ab Sculpting. Dress for the outdoors.                           Core Strength / Ab Sculptor Workshop
Location:	Red	Morton	Park
                                                                                       29.328	 M	            7-8pm	            6/23-7/28	      $60	•	6	classes
                                                                                       29.329	 M	            7-8pm	            8/4-9/8	no 9/1	 $50	•	5	classes
                                                                                       Strengthen	your	body	from	the	CORE!		This	is	no	“8	minute	abs”	workout!	
    “arron got me into the shape I wanted to be                                        Core	strength	is	crucial	for	overall	fitness.	This	intense	ab	sculpting	program	
    in for my wedding. I saw changes I thought                                         will	bring	you	closer	to	achieving	the	results	you	have	been	looking	for.	A	
    were not possible. Thank you, the hard work                                        great	compliment	to	the	Boot	Camp	class!
    was worth it!” ~ JS                                                                Location:	Maximum	Fitness,	880	Hurlingame	Ave.,	Redwood	City	94063

  GymTone Fitness:
  Early Morning Fitness!
  with Silvano A. Vial, Fitness Instructor and Founder/Developer of the “Gymtone® Fitness
  Bar”. Ways Of Wellness, Inc.

  $157	($120	SR)	no 7/4	
  26.307	       M-F	        6-7:15am	          7/1-9/30	
  26.308	       M-F	        7:30-8:45am	       7/1-9/30
  Stretch	Only	 Sat	        4:30-5:15pm	       7/5-9/27
  Location:	RMCC
  Join	 the	 most	 complete	 Cross-Training	 Fitness	 Program	 available:	 GYMTONE®	 Fitness.	 	
  This	is	truly	a	unique	class,	which	concentrates	on	helping	you	achieve	your	optimum	health	
  potential.		Body	toning,	strength	building,	flexibility,	aerobic,	and	balancing	exercises	are	
  emphasized.		We	invite	you	to	come	visit	us	free	of	charge,	and	see	how	this	program	could	
  fit	your	needs.

Register Online Today!                                                                           650.780.7311
  Fitness & Wellness                                                        age 18+ unless listed otherwise

                                                ThE FOLLOWING CLASSES ARE OFFERED AT ThE VETS. FOR ADDITIONAL CLASSES, SEE PAGES 62-64
                                                IT’S NOT JuST FOR SENIORS

                                          Active Adults
                                          Evening Weight Loss Program                            Active Adults Strogalates!
                                          with Scott Lohmann, Certified Personal Fitness         with Jodi Lee, Certified Fitness Instructor
                                          Instructor                                             $40	•	6	Weeks	/	$7	Drop	In	Fee
                                       $60	•	8	classes                                           88.309	 W	             6:30-7:30pm	           5/28-7/2
                                       88.301	 Th	          7-8pm	       6/12-7/31		             88.310	 W	             6:30-7:30pm	           7/23-8/27
                                       $53	•	7	classes                                           Continuing	 the	 flexibility	 benefits	 of	 stretching,	 the	 ancient	 spirituality	
                                       88.303	 Th	          7-8pm	       8/14-9/25										     of	yoga	and	the	core	training	and	strengthening	benefits	of	Pilates,	this	
                                       Free Preview: please pre-register                         unique	class	has	a	benefit	for	everyone!	Participants	are	encouraged	to	
                                       88.302      Th       7-8pm        6/5	                    bring	a	mat.	
                                       88.304      Th       7-8pm        8/7
                                       This	unique	exercise	program	focuses	on	weight	           Personal Trainer
                                       loss,	core	training	and	injury	prevention.	Class	         Prefer	more	one	on	one	attention	when	it	comes	to	a	fitness	regime?		If	so,	sign	
                                       includes	on-going	consultation	with	a	personal	           up	for	appointments	with	certified	fitness	instructor	Sandy	Burgess	(650)	380-
                                       fitness	 instructor	 who	 will	 plan	 a	 personal	        0882	or	Scott	Lohmann	(650)	823-1225.		These	dedicated	personal	trainers	
                                       fitness	regime	tailored	for	your	specific	needs.	     	   will	help	design	a	personal	workout	plan	tailored	for	you	that	will	increase	your	
          Personal	trainer	will	also	monitor	your	progress	and	provide	valuable	tools	           endurance	and	improve	your	muscular	strength.		Great	Value!
          and	information	for	continued	fitness	success!	For	more	information,	please	           $65	an	Hour	/	(Senior	62+)	$59	an	Hour					
          call	(650)	823-1225.
          Location:	VMSC                                                                         General Conditioning for Older Adults
                                                                                                 Improve	your	strength,	flexibility	and	balance.		Class	will	include	a	full	spine	
          Active Adults Total Body Weight Workout                                                support	workout	to	improve	lower	back	and	abdominal	strength	in	an	effort	
          with Jodi Lee, Certified Fitness Instructor                                            to	prevent	or	reduce	lower	back	pain.		Group	class	open	to	people	of	all	
          $40	•	6	Weeks	/	$7	Drop-In	Fee                                                         levels	of	function.	Instructed	by	Certified	Fitness	Instructor,	Scott	Lohmann.	
                                                                                                 For	more	info	call	650.780.7270.
          SESSION 1
                                                                                                 On-Going	Wednesdays	                1:30-2:30pm	           	$5	Drop	In	Fee	
          88.305	 M	          8:45-9:45am	      6/2-7/7
          88.306	 W	          5:30-6:30pm	      5/28-7/2                                         Weight Training For Older Adults
          SESSION 2                                                                              The	focus	of	this	class	is	to	increase	strength	and	muscle	mass.		Benefits	
          88.307	 M	          8:45-9:45am	      7/21-8/25                                        include	increased	bone	density	to	prevent	osteoporosis,	increase	metabolic	
          88.308	 W	          5:30-6:30pm	      7/23-8/27                                        rate	to	decrease	body	fat	and	improve	balance.	Instructed	by	Certified	
          A	 moderate	 paced	 total	 body	 workout	 that	 will	 help	 you	 lose	 weight,	        Fitness	Instructor,	Scott	Lohmann	who	will	design	individualized	programs	
          increase	metabolism,	tone	and	strengthen	muscles,	while	using	free	weights	            based	on	the	goals	and	limitations	of	every	person	in	the	class.	For	more	
          choreographed	to	music.	Participants	are	encouraged	to	bring	a	mat.	                   info	call	650.780.7270.
          Location:	VMSC                                                                         On-Going	Fridays	 	                  2-3pm	      $5	Drop	In	Fee


            Physical Activities Club/Club de Actividades Físicas
            with Vicky Avila, Zumba Certificate Instructor
            Mon-Wed	 4-5	and	5-6	pm	          ZUMBA
            Thurs	   5-6	pm	                  Zumba-	Step
            Friday	  4:30-6:00pm	             ZUMBA	Party!	(no	class	2nd	Friday	on	the	month/2do	Viernes	del	mes	no	hay	clase)
            Take	Care	of	Yourself:	Get	active,	Eat	right,	Live	Healthy!/	Cuidate	a	ti	mismo(a).		Has	ejercicio,	alimentate	bien	y	vive	saludable!
            Class	Conducted	in	Spanish	/Clase	Dirigida	en	Español
            Reduce	your	weight	and	strengthen	your	heart/Reduzca	su	peso,	fortalezca	su	corazon.
            Drop-in	registration/Venga	y	registrese.	Class	is	Free	–	call	to	inquire	regarding	requirements/Las	Clases	son	Grátis	–	llame	para	requisitos.
            Call	Vicky	Avila,	(650)	780-7514.		A	program	of	El	Concilio	of	San	Mateo	County.

            Location:	Fair	Oaks	Community	Center.

 54             Redwood City Parks Recreation & Community Services
Jazzercise - it shows
We’ll	motivate	you	to	sweat	and	burn,	laugh	and	groan,	sing	and	shout,	all	the	while	
combining	a	great	cardiovascular	workout	with	resistance	training	&	stretching.	    	
Payments	are	made	directly	to	Jazzercise.		Classes	are	ongoing!		Start anytime!
A truly effective program for people of every age and fitness level.

What is Jazzercise?
Jazzercise	is	a	fitness	program	that	incorporates:
• Jazz dance   • kickboxing                  • Pilates moves           • Yoga
• hip hop      • Weight Training             • Stretching
• Low & high Impact Aerobics                 • Core Training

Each 60 minute class includes:
• Warm-up                 • 35-minute MINIMuM aerobic workout
• Weight Training         • Full-body stretch

                           When you love your work-out, results come easy!
Classes by Jazzercise
Jazzercise “Regular”:		The	original	dance	exercise	phenomenon!	Each	               Step:		Jazzercise’s	trademark	choreography	and	music	are	specially	adapted	to	
60-70	 minute	 workout	 blends	 dance	 and	 muscle	 toning	 movements	             create	an	original	step	aerobic	class	that’s	anything	but	routine.	Our	instructors	
choreographed	to	today’s	hottest	music,	including	Top	40,	jazz,	country,	          keep	this	class	fun	and	easy-to-follow.	The	low-impact,	high	intensity	workout	is	a	
funk,	and	classics.		Our	instructors	make	all	the	routines	fun	and	easy-           great	way	to	add	variety	to	your	personal	fitness	program.			Every	class	includes	a	
to-follow.		Every	class	includes	a	gentle	warm	up,	30-40	minute	aerobic	           gentle	warm	up,	30-40	minute	aerobic	workout,	muscle	toning	and	strengthening	
workout,	muscle	toning	and	strengthening	segment	with	weights,	and	a	              segment	with	weights,	and	a	stretch	finale.		Steps	and	weights	are	provided	at	
stretch	finale.		Weights	and	mats	provided	at	the	center.                          the	center.	For	all	fitness	levels.
Circuit Training:		Featuring	a	proven	combination	of	aerobic	exercise	and	strength	training	with	weights	and	resistance	tubes,	this	Jazzercise	workout	covers	
all	the	fitness	bases	as	you	cross	train	your	way	to	a	fit	and	fabulous	look.		Weights,	tubes	and	mats	provided	at	the	center.

              Classes at Red Morton Community Center                                              Classes at Sandpiper Community Center (SCC)
                      1120	Roosevelt	Ave.,	RWC                                                         797	Redwood	Shores	Parkway,	RWC
                 Drop-in or Call 458-8190 or 367-9566                                                      Drop-in or Call 650.400.6019
                 email:                                                    email:
	                             AM Classes          PM classes                             Easy	Fitness	Ticket	 $42	(monthly	electronic	transfer)
                              (in color)          (in gray)                              8	Week	Pass	            $99
Easy	Fitness	Ticket	        $44	              $44		                                      Joining	Fee			          $49
8	Week	Pass	                $99	              $99                                              Childcare	available	on	classes	with	an	* only,	for	a	small	fee.		
Joining	Fee	                $49	              $49                                                                                      	
                                                                                                                    Babies	welcome!
Crossover	tickets	which	permit	attendance	to	both	sets	of	classes	are	available	
for	a	small	per	class	fee	with	the	purchase	of	any	ticket.		See	instructor	for	                    AM Classes at Dance Mode Studio (DMS)
details.		Easy Fitness Ticket requires monthly electronic transfer.
                                                                                                767 Industrial Road (near holly Street and hWY 101)
Childcare Available on classes with an only, for a small fee.

             Red Morton Class Schedule
    Time     Mon      Tues       Wed       Thurs        Fri      Sat    Sun                          Sandpiper Class Schedule
                      STEP                 STEP                                            Time      Mon Tues          Wed Thurs            Fri       Sat      Sun
                                                                                          6:00am              Jazz               Jazz      Jazz
                                                       Jazz     STEP                                          Reg                Reg       Reg
    8:00am                                             Reg                                                    DMS                DMS       DMS
             STEP     Jazz       STEP      Jazz        STEP     Jazz	 Jazz                9:00am     Jazz     Jazz     Jazz      Jazz      Jazz       Jazz     Jazz
    9:00am     *      Reg*         *       Reg*          *      Reg Reg                              Reg*     Reg*     Reg*      Reg*     Circuit*   Circuit   Reg
                                                                                                     DMS      DMS      DMS       DMS       DMS        SCC      DMS
                       Jazz                Jazz
    4:45pm                                                                                5:45pm                                           Jazz
                       Reg                 Reg
              Jazz     Jazz      Jazz      Jazz        Jazz
    5:45pm                                                                                6:00pm     Jazz     Jazz      Jazz     Jazz
              Reg      Reg       Reg       Reg         Reg
                                                                                                     Reg      Reg      Circuit   Reg
              Jazz     Jazz      Jazz      Jazz                                                      SCC      SCC       SCC      SCC
              Reg      Reg       Reg       Reg

Register Online Today!                                                                        650.780.7311
      Fitness Center & Open Gym Information
            Fitness Center Schedule                                               We will be closed on:                       Red Morton Community Center
            Monday-Friday	              7:00am-10:00pm                            7/4 and 9/1                                    1120 Roosevelt Avenue
                                                                                                                                 Redwood City, CA 94061
            Saturday	                   9:00am-8:00pm                                                                                (650) 780-7311

          Red Morton Fitness Center Information
          The Red Morton Fitness Center has a variety of cardio and exercise equipment to
          fit your needs:	Treadmills,	Free	Weights,	Exercise	Bicycles,	Universal	3	Station	Mini	
          Gym,	Elliptical	Trainer,	Stairmasters,	Ab	Trainer,	Lockers,	Showers,	Scale,	and	a	Wall-
          Mounted	Color	T.V.
          Adult Gym and Fitness Center Rates
           April-June                            Adult              Per Visit
           Drop-In	(one	time)                    $3.00
           5	visit	card	(good	for	3	months)      $12.50             $2.50
           10	visit	card	(good	for	3	months)     $25.00             $2.50
           25	visit	card	(good	for	3	months)     $50.00             $2.00
           50	visit	card	(good	for	6	months)     $87.50             $1.75

          Youth and Teen Gym and Fitness Center Rates
          Drop-In	activities	are	available	for	youth	&	teens.		Youth	membership	includes	use	of	
          the	gym	and	teen	center	for	young	people	ages	6	to	15	years	old.		Participants	ages	
          16	&	17	pay	a	higher	fee	that	includes	use	of	the	fitness	center.		 No refunds will be

           April-June                          Youth 6-15       Teen 16-17
           Drop-In	(one	time)                  $1.00            $1.00
           1	Year	Membership                   $10.00           $15.00

          Summer Gymnasium Schedule
          The	following	programs	are	open	to	men	and	women	age	18	and	over,	unless	otherwise	indicated.			All	participants	will	need	to	check	in	at	the	
          facility’s	front	counter	to	pay	for	individual	visits	or	to	have	their	multi-visit	card	validated	for	entry.		Bring	your	own	equipment	or	check	out	balls	
          and	racquets	from	the	gym	supervisor’s	office	located	in	the	gym.		Please	wear	appropriate	shoes.		No	hard	or	dark	soled	shoes	will	be	permitted.	       	
          Schedule	subject	to	change.		Multi-use	cards	are	available	for	purchase	at	the	front	reception	counter.		They	can	be	used	for	entry	to	Drop-in	Gym	
          and	the	Fitness	Center.	Please	estimate	your	usage	and	purchase	the	type	of	card	appropriately.		No	refunds	will	be	given	for	unused	cards.		
          The gym will be closed on: 7/4 and 9/1 FOR INFO CALL 780-7311. DuE TO SuMMER PROGRAMS, ThERE WILL BE ADDITIONAL DAYS ThE GYM
               Adult Activities are ages 18 & up.

                   Monday             Tuesday             Wednesday             Thursday           Friday          Saturday            Sunday
                                   ½	Adult	
                    ½	Adult	
                                  Basketball                                 Adult	Basketball
                   Basketball                             Adult	Basketball                                          Family	Gym
                                      &	                                     11:30am-2:30pm
                       &	                                 11:30am-2:30pm                                            9-10:30am
                                 ½	Badminton                                                Adult	Basketball
                  ½	Badminton
                               11:30am-2:30pm                                Youth	Open	Gym 11:30am-2:30pm                            Closed	to	the	
                11:30am-2:30pm                            Youth	Open	Gym                                           Adult	&	Youth	
                                                                             11:30am-3:30pm                                              Public
                                                          11:30am-3:30pm                                            Basketball
                                    Youth	Open	Gym
                 PAL	3:30-7pm                                                                                      10:30am-3pm
                                      1:30-3:30pm                               PAL	3:30-7pm     Adult	&	Youth	
                                                            PAL	3:30-7pm
                   Adult	Open	                                                                                     Adult	&	Youth	
                                     Adult	Volleyball	                       Adult	Basketball	    2:30-10pm
                    Volleyball                                Closed                                                Badminton
                                        League                                   League
                    7-9:45pm                                  7-10pm                                                3:30-8pm
                                        7-10pm                                  7-10pm

 56             Redwood City Parks Recreation & Community Services

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