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					Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:        Neil Antonson

Reporting Period: from       10/17         to    10/23

Time Allocation

     Description                                                                  Hours

     10/17 – Electronics Work; spoke with Tim May                                   2

     10/18 – Design Meeting; received faculty input and new constraints            2.5

     10/19 – Electronics Work; RF communications                                    3

     10/20 – Design Meeting; finalized deployment method                           2.5

     10/21 – Electronics Work; research and finalize voltage regulation             3
     decision and estimate power loss.
     10/23 – Electronics Work;                                                      2

                                                                          Total    15

Finished voltage regulator selection; acknowledged action items and currently designing
procedure for testing and charging batteries.

Current Technical Issues and Problems
No current technical issues at hand.

Plans for Next Week
Finalize battery selection and test plans for batteries.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:          Michael Arnold

Reporting Period: from       10/17/05      to    10/23/05

Time Allocation

        Description                                                               Hours

10/18 Group Meeting to discuss vehicle requirements                                  2

10/19 Search internet for aircraft towing, how it works and if it is used.           4
      Found 4 sites that are all useful. There are also COTS for this.
10/20 Group meeting to work on aircraft options                                      2

10/23 Worked on developing thermal analysis code based off DBF code                  3
      provided by Cory Dixon.

                                                                         Total       11

Found out that towing is very possible, however it is hard without a piloted aircraft being
towed. I would not suggest that we use it unless our aircraft is extremely stable. I also
started work on the thermal analysis of the propulsion system based on DBF code written
by Cory Dixon and a book he provided.

Current Technical Issues and Problems
Finishing the code

Plans for Next Week
Finish the code, and work on whatever is next.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:          Matthew Calvin

Reporting Period: from            10.17           to     10.23

Time Allocation

      Description                                                                                    Hours
      10.17: WTS and CDR Assignment Presentation                                                      1.5
      10.18: Advisor Meeting and discussion of status before meeting.                                 1.5
      10.20: PCB design and Team Meeting                                                               4
      10.21: PCB design and creation of systems integration issue list.                                2
      10.22: PCB design work.                                                                          3
      10.23: PCB design work.                                                                          3
                                                                                         Total        15

The initial part of the week was spent trying to find a path forward for our vehicle concept. Much of this
was group work which is covered in meeting minutes notes. I created an initial list of issues and concerns
involving integration of the various components of the entire system. The list was based upon the current
primary system concept of a paraglider deployed from a protective shell. The list currently just introduces
the various integration issues but does not yet provide possible solutions or assignments to team members
to come up with solutions. This is the next probable step for this list. In addition to this, I spent much time
this week working on the PCB design for the avionics subsystem. Since I have never designed a PCB
before, much of the work this week was just figuring out what information I need and how to go about
starting this task. I have been in contact with a graduate student in the Computer/Electrical Engineering
department who will be providing some guidance with this process.
Current Technical Issues and Problems
My current technical issues mostly come from the PCB design and the difficulties I am having there. Much
of this is unfamiliarity with how to model certain parts in the PCB software and learning how the process
works. I have researched and found many of the necessary parts, but I still have yet to compile them all
into a schematic or PCB file. I will continue this work this next week. There are also a number of potential
technical problems with the current system concept, many of which were addressed as issues on the
systems integration issue list mentioned above, but until it has been decided by the aerodynamics team to
move forward with this system concept, I will wait to look further into how to mitigate or address those
risks. I do not see any of them as being critical risks that could lead to project failure and warrant the
elimination of this current system concept, which is why I am delaying this work currently so that I can
continue with the PCB design work.
Plans for Next Week
I will continue with the PCB design work, first finishing the schematic and then using this to work on the
actual PCB design. As for Systems Engineering work, once it has been determined by the aerodynamics
team whether or not they want to continue with the paraglider idea, I will further look at the integration
risks involved and begin looking at a path forward to address and mitigate those risks.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:       Sonja Nedrud

Reporting Period: from     0917          to    0923

Time Allocation

    Description                                                               Hours

    FAM (9/18)                                                                  1

    Post FAM discussion/work (talk w/ Alex Hoehn about Bioserve sensor         3.5
    testing resources)
    Sensor Test Plan Research/Outline (9/19)                                   3.0

    Team Meeting (9/20)                                                        1.5

    Post Team Meeting work/discussion (9/20)                                   2.5

    Avionics work w/ Jon: servos, sensors microcontroller 9/22                 6.0

    Sensor test plan completion (9/23)                                         3.0

                                                                      Total   18.5

Sensor test plan completed, better understanding of microcontroller

Current Technical Issues and Problems
Need sensors in order to complete testing

Plans for Next Week
Test sensors, provided we can get them in.
Work with vehicle team for testing
Update risk analysis according to new design
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:          Jonathan Nikkel

Reporting Period: from            10/17/2005 to           10/23/2005

Time Allocation
      Description                                                                                         Hours
      Antenna Null Testing and Teaching Neil                                                               3.5
      iTrax03 documentation research and reading                                                            3
      Avionics Assembly Modelling, iTrax03 PO, Meeting                                                      3
      Bought Paraglider and Test Flew it                                                                   1.5
      Learned PWM signals, how to generate w/ AVR, and sensor work                                          7
      Learned AVR assembly, addressing, and figured out how to use SHT75                                    5
      Meetings                                                                                              2
                                                                                           Total           25

Finally got a hold of the NMEA standard document for the iTrax03 receiver. It was buried within another sub-
website of the website ( Spent some time reading this document, and determined
that there is currently no Naiad software that includes NMEA command routines. There is, however, a driver
that will read two of the NMEA standard packet types (the time packet and the extended GPS solution info
packet) from an NMEA compatible device, although it is missing some of the others (which I’m sure yet if we’ll

Figured out how to use the SHT75 with the Naiad (using sht15.c drivers), which involved essentially learning
AVR assembly programming (RISC processor, so its easy enough in general…very similar to what I learned in
ECEN2320). Learned how to use AVR Studio 4.0 as a simulation and debugging tool.

Figured out how to generate and change PWM signals with the AVR. Input range is from 0 – 65535 (16 bits).
Changes duty cycle from 0.9 ms to ~2.3 ms (of a 20 ms period).

Flew the Paraglider in the park…and executed a cork screw maneuver during descent =). Successfully flew
without killing anyone…a good sign. Easy to control, and fairly maneuverable.

Procured 4 Li-Po batteries (7.4 V, 1500 mAh) from the SAVED project, as well as a Li-Po charger.
Current Technical Issues and Problems
Apparently, we “misplaced” the controller for the Paraglider. Heading to Longmont to buy a replacement crystal
that matches our radio ($10) so we can use another controller from the Sr. design room. Lesson learned: make
an items checklist when testing in the field to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Had trouble getting the HS-55 servos to respond to the PWM signals generated. It seemed that they were being
driven to their low end hard stop by any duty cycle that was selected. Not sure what is going on with them, or if
it is a result of the fact that they are “digital” servos (which I thought had only to do with their internal working,
not their interface requirements). I need to consult with someone who knows more about servos.
Plans for Next Week
-Integrate and test iTrax03 with the Naiad (if it arrives).
-Help Sonja get set up with a Naiad and an SHT75 so she can start testing/verifying them.
-Finish antenna null testing with XBee’s. Will be conducting longer range tests.
-Figure out problems with servos – consult with other sources if necessary.
-Help Matt with PCB design.
-Help get Neil going with power stuff and battery charging and characterization, especially battery safety
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:       Erin Reed

Reporting Period: from      10/17/05     to    10/23/05

Time Allocation

    Description                                                                    Hours

    10/18: FAM/meeting minutes/discussion                                            2.5

    10/19: PDR Feedback compilation and summaries                                    2.0

    10/20: Team Meeting/meeting minutes/discussion                                   4.5

    10/21: Hunt for Rascal controller                                                2.5

    10/22: Rascal assembly/disassembly                                               3.0

    10/22: Meeting w/ Nikkel regarding avionics progress                             2.0

    10/23: Task lists and schedule updates                                           3.5

                                                                         Total      20.0

This week we established that a paraglider design will in fact work to meet our project
objectives. Design will go forth from here based on this concept. (Woohoo!)

Current Technical Issues and Problems
I’m still having trouble getting the vehicle team to be self motivated. I’m not 100% sure
what needs to be done, and in what order for the design so I’m having difficulty in
dividing the tasks myself. This week I am hoping to force the issue by requiring that
people find out their tasks from the team leads before Tuesday’s meeting.
In addition, I realize that I’ve been getting somewhat shut out of the technical aspects of
the project. This needs to change in order to keep me busy/involved and will hopefully
help with the “lead-by-example” part of being a Project Manager.
Plans for Next Week
This week I will be designing the detachment mechanism for the tow apparatus from the
host vehicle.
For project management, I will set up a weekly meeting with our customer in order to
keep things on track and I will be meeting with the systems and risk engineers to go over
tasking, issues/risk, and overall concept development to ensure that the big picture does
not get ignored.
Weekly Time Sheet
ASEN 4018, Sr. Projects I: Design Synthesis
Member:      Tara Smith

Reporting Period: from    10/17        to   10/23

Time Allocation

    Description                                                              Hours

    10/17, 4-5pm: CDR Lecture                                                  1

    10/18, 3-5:30pm: Team/Advisor Meeting – PDR recap, determined             2.5
    actions for vehicle team to investigate new design options
    10/19, 11-12pm: Meeting with Dr. Lawrence to discuss                       1
    folding/deploying wing options
    10/19, 1:30-3:30pm: Deploying wing trade study investigation               2

    10/19, 4-5pm: CFD workshop                                                 1

    10/20, 2:30-6pm: Team Meeting – decisions made on vehicle design,         3.5
    actions for additional investigation into paraglider option
    10/21, 2-2:30pm: Work on new WBS for vehicle (paraglider option)          0.5

                                                                     Total    11.5

Beginning work on detailed WBS for the new vehicle design concept, organizing weekly
vehicle team meetings.

Current Technical Issues and Problems
Making a final vehicle design decision!

Plans for Next Week
Finish detailed WBS by Tuesday. Begin analysis on final vehicle design.