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					        Company History                                                                    What is Paramotoring?

     Bailey Aviation was created in 1999 by Paul Bailey, with
  the backing of its sister company, Bailey Motorsport who                           Paramotoring or Powered
  have been trading for over 17 years. Bailey Motorsport is                          Paragliding (PPG) is one of
  regarded as one of the top worldwide manufacturers of                              the most exhilarating forms of
  specialised aluminium fabricated and machined parts for                            Ultra Light Airsports existing
  road, race and rally cars. This market leading position has                        today. The first Paramotors
  been gained through a range or products and services that                          were    developed     in   the
  show outstanding technical ability coupled with stylish                            mid-80’s, but these very
  looks, but most importantly a real understanding of how                            basic, noisy machines have
  something works. This attention to detail and technical                            progressed amazingly into the
  ‘know how’ has been used to good affect on a range of                              lightweight, high performance
  Paramotors that are taking the Aviation world by storm.                            machines of today.

Paul Bailey has a wealth of engineering knowledge that extends back                A Paramotor is basically a sturdy chassis with a small capacity 2 or 4 stroke
over some 20 years. He started building and tuning 2 stroke Kart engines           engine mounted to it, driving a propeller that is shrouded by a strung cagework
subsequently winning several national championships and then progressed            with a harness attached. The Paramotor is strapped to your back and with
to preparing turbocharged Cosworth YB engines for his own racecar and              the use of a Wing (paraglider) you have one of the easiest and lowest cost
later on to customers requirements. After gaining his Private Pilots Licence       methods of powered flight available. As the units are foot-launched, they can
(PPL), Paul took up skydiving and became addicted to open air flying and           be flown from any site with reasonable free space, with no hills, thermals or
excitedly purchased a Paramotor. Unfortunately the engineering quality on          wind required for launching or landing. This is a truly unique experience and
this first purchase was appalling and after viewing many other machines,           to feel the ‘buzz’ of open air flying is simply breathtaking.
Paul decided that he should design and manufacture his own Paramotor units.
                                                                                   Most Paramotors are designed to easily breakdown into 2 or 4 sections,
The aim was to design units to suit all                                            which means effortless transportation of the whole unit in the back of the
potential flying customers that would                                              average hatchback car. Paramotors are fair weather machines and once
fly decisively and reliably with a range                                           strapped in, with the engine running and the Wing inflated above you, only
of powerful, efficient engines. These                                              a few steps are required to leave the ground for the one of the most exciting
machines would encompass all his skills                                            rides of your life! The only limitation to duration of flight is your fuel load and
learnt as an engineer, with high quality                                           engines can be stopped and re-started mid-flight and are usually stopped for landing.
materials used throughout, sourced
from around the globe coupled with
modern assembly methods that lead to
a new breed of Paramotor… A Bailey                                                     “A range of Paramotors that are
                                                                                     taking the Aviation world by storm”
        Do I need a Licence or training?
There is no licence required to fly a Paramotor in the UK and indeed many          Thousands of Paramotors are in use worldwide and their easy transportability,
other countries, however, training is essential regardless of your previous        low maintenance and launching flexibility are destined to make them the first
flight experience. You will find it easier and quicker to learn with an approved   choice for novice or experienced aviators alike.
instructor and many training schools are set-up across the UK. You will be
expected to learn the basic principles of flight as well as simple aviation law,
navigation skills and meteorology. The instructor will give training on safety
                                                                                         What will I need to buy?
issues, wing inflation, launching, turning and landing and most students will      You will need a Paramotor unit (with harness), wing and some training to
be able to fly within 10 days of training.                                         start Paramotoring. Other vital accessories are a decent flying suit, a helmet
The British Hanggliding And Paragliding Association (BHPA) and the British         and unless you are planning only very short flights a Vario (vertical speed
Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) are the joint governing bodies and          indicator), GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) unit and an airband radio are
look after the licensing of instructors and arrange personal Insurance             also a very good idea. We sell a full range of this equipment at Bailey Aviation
cover. The sport has been de-regulated since 1986, but all pilots must             and are happy to give advice and technical help.
obey the rules specified in the UK Air Navigation Order (ANO) and general
International flying laws, which gives guidelines on where you can and can’t
fly. Both BHPA and BMAA have recommended minimum standard training
syllabuses, but these are not compulsory.                                                           www.bmaa.org                      www.bhpa.co.uk

    02                           www.baileyaviation.com
                                                                                     Fuel System
                 Bailey Paramotor Features                                           Our unique 10 Litre aluminium
                                                                                     fabricated fuel tank is a quick
Construction                                                                         release design and can be easily
All Bailey Aviation Paramotors are                                                   removed from the paramotor
                                                                                     in seconds enabling easy ‘off
manufactured in house to exacting
                                                                                     motor’ re-fuelling. The tank also
standards. The cage and engine                                                       incorporates a side mounted level
chassis are made from drawn                                                          gauge with scale and a quick
aviation specification aluminium                                                     release dry-break fuel coupling to
alloy tube of various gauges giving                                                  prevent spilt fuel on disassembly
maximum         structural   stiffness                                               and a screw mounted filler cap
without adding excess weight.                                                        with one-way valve.
All tubes are precision TIG welded using                                             Flight Geometry
filler rod of the same material to insure                                            After    extensive    testing    and
uniform strength and quality of finish. The                                          development of the harness hang
safety cage is a 4 piece split design that                                           system our machines will fly straight
is clear anodised for added durability and                                           & level without turning or yawing.
incorporates nylon bushes to prevent any                                             Asymmetric ‘torque-cancelling’ hang
unwanted movement. The cage pieces                                                   bars with two-position fulcrum point
are secured with strong Velcro fasteners                                             allows for any pilot weight. Our
allowing quick assembly/disassembly with complete peace of mind and ultimate         machines are stable in turbulence unlike many other designs. The machines
portability. In the event of a very heavy landing or fall the cage is designed to    hang bars are manufactured from seamless 316 stainless tube that are mirror
deform & absorb impact, protecting the pilot and the main chassis. This ‘No          polished and are attached to the chassis by quick release ‘Pip pins’.
compromise’ design has high structural rigidity in key stressed areas and is
designed to be dismantled quickly & easily, leaving the chassis/engine to remain                                            Foot Start System
free standing when disassembled. Our design brief was to make technically                                                   All our paramotors are supplied with a
competent machines that are aesthetically pleasing and easily transportable.                                                manual foot start system as standard
                                                                                                                            (electric start optional, except SNAP100)
                                            Harness                                                                         originally designed by PAP Paramotors
                                            Bespoke harness designed in
                                                                                                                            in Spain. The foot start is neater and
                                            collaboration   between     Bailey
                                                                                                                            easier to use than a pull-handle and
                                            Aviation and Sup’Air of France.
                                                                                                                            allows easy ground and in flight starting
                                            This lightweight harness is rigid
                                                                                                                            without the complications and additional
                                            but comfortable and has lots of
                                                                                                                            weight of an electric start system.
                                            useful features, such as: Double
                                            lock Sup’Air caribiners, in flight                                              Safety Cage Netting
                                            accessible 6x9” pockets, quick                                                  Our safety cages have a woven nylon
                                            release buckles, adjustable leg                                                 safety mesh which is threaded through
                                            support, secondary safety hang                                                  the outer hoop leaving a perfectly
                                            straps, rucksack type ground hang                                               smooth outer edge for the wing lines
                                            system, padded shoulder straps                                                  to glide over during a forward launch.
                                            and stainless steel quick release                                               The cage also has a convenient throttle
                                            securing pins.                                                                  handle hook.

                                                        Research and Development
                                            We have spent many exhaustive hours testing all aspects of our paramotor range to insure that we can get the highest
                                            power and thrust figures for our machines. We use our own custom made Paramotor test rig that consists of a heavy
                                            steel ‘Stand on’ chassis with a sliding bed that is mounted on low friction roller bearings that the complete Paramotor
                                            is strapped onto. This sliding bed is connected to a very precise, calibrated load cell that is linked to a digital readout,
                                            enabling us to get accurate, repeatable test figures for our motors. All measurements are taken indoors, reducing the
                                            chances of wind affecting the test results. The ambient temperatures and barometric pressure are also logged and
    BAILEY                                  tests have been repeated at different times and temperatures to obtain meaningful ‘Average’ test results, which we
 TEST RIG WITH                              are very proud to print! By testing different prop designs and reduction drives we can be sure that our range is honed
 QUEST! XC UNIT                             to perfection and with the help of the soon to be released Quest! XC device we can keep a careful eye on all engine
                                            parameters obtaining real-time data-logging information.

                                                                                          www.baileyaviation.com                                            03
                                                                             Paramotor standard features:
After 2 years of
development      and                                                         ü    4 piece double hoop safety cage

                                                                                  Stainless steel torque-cancelling cantilever
refinement we are                                                            ü    hang system
now able to offer
                                                                             ü    Sup’Air quick release harness
the    worlds    first
production 4 stroke                                                          ü   Automatic choke

                                                                                  10 litre aluminium fuel tank with dry break coupling and
paramotor…       The                                                         ü    sight gauge

Bailey 4 stroke 150.                                                         ü    Padded cage bag

Initial development of                                                       ü   Padded prop covers

the 4 stroke project                                                         ü   Engine Manual & 1 litre 4 stroke engine oil

started in 2003 and
the prototype was                                                            So why build a 4 stroke Paramotor? Well, our engine is very quiet indeed,
flown successfully by                                                        has vastly superior fuel consumption than its 2 stroke counterparts and is
Paul Bailey at the World Championships the same year                         incredibly clean with no messy mixing of oil and fuel (with the separate oil and
with much interest from pilots and other manufacturers.                      fuel systems) and no more worries of mixing fuel to exact ratios. The engine is
This prototype was relatively heavy and underpowered, but                    beautifully smooth and tractable offering a superbly linear power curve.
a capacity increase yielded big power gains and substantial                  The Bailey engine is a 150cc SOHC design and features CNC machined alloy
lightening of all components has made the production 4                       crankcases, pressure compensating carburettor, stainless steel exhaust and
stroke an amazingly strong and confident performer.                          Poly-V belt drive reduction. The high power CDI ignition system aids easy
When contemplating the weight of the Bailey 4 Stroke 150,                    starting using the Bailey manual foot start. The whole powerplant is compact
the fuel load has to be taken into consideration, as the 4                   and weighs in at 17.3Kg with all ancillaries. An electric start version is available
Stroke is very economical.                                                   to special order, but will add 3.5Kg to the machine and is generally considered
There are currently many 30kg paramotors available, most                     un-necessary with the manual system offering effortless starting.
having a fuel consumption of 4-6 litres / hour. This means
that when fuelling for a 2-hour flight on such a machine                      “After rigorous testing and many improvements during the
it would require the loading of 10 litres (7.20kg) of fuel,                   2004 season the 4 stroke 150 is already a proven success,
bringing the total take-off weight to 37.20kg.                                 built with competition in mind and winning two National
A similar flight on the Bailey 4 Stroke, that uses 2 litres/hour                                  titles to its credit.”
would only need 4 litres (2.88kg) of fuel, resulting in a take
off weight of only 32.88kg.

ENGINE TYPE                  150cc SOHC 4 Stroke
POWER OUTPUT                 14.5BHP@7700RPM
STATIC THRUST (SEE NOTE 1)   52-56Kg/114-123LBS
ENGINE WEIGHT                17.3Kg (manual start) 19.3Kg (electric start)
PARAMOTOR WEIGHT             30.0Kg (manual start)
(COMPLETE, NO FUEL)          33.5Kg (electric start)
RANGE                        5 hours
FUEL TANK CAPACITY           10 Litres
PROP OPTIONS                 1.30M 2 blade Carbon-composite prop
PILOT WEIGHT RANGE           85-110Kg

    04                              www.baileyaviation.com
                                                                                 “The lightest machine in our range.”

                                                                 Our design brief was to build a very light and
                                                                 compact 2 stroke paramotor and the Snap 100
                                                                  is the result, being the lightest machine in our
                                                                    range. Using the 96cc Italian produced SNAP
                                                                     engine with its centrifugal clutch propeller
                                                                      drive, this is an ideal machine for beginners
                                                                      or lightweight pilots. A intake silencer keeps
                                                                      noise to a minimum, whilst a built-in fan
                                                                      keeps the engine cool at all times.
                                                                      The Snap uses the Bailey manual foot
                                                                        start system and is an easy to start and
                                                                         responsive engine, supplied in either
                                                                        1.10M wooden prop (carbon prop is an
                                                                   optional extra) or 1.30M 2 blade carbon
                                                               composite propeller sizes.

Paramotor standard features:
ü 4 piece double hoop safety cage
ü 10 litre aluminium fuel tank with dry break coupling and sight gauge
ü Sup’Air quick release harness
ü Stainless steel torque-cancelling cantilever hang system
ü Padded cage bag
ü Padded prop covers
ü Engine Manual & 1 litre 2 stroke engine oil
 ENGINE TYPE                    96cc 2 Stroke (FAN COOLED)
 POWER OUTPUT                   17BHP@9000RPM
 STATIC THRUST                  49-51KG/107-112LBS (1.10M prop)
 (SEE NOTE 1)                   55-60KG/121-132LBS (1.30M prop)
 ENGINE WEIGHT                  12.4KG (manual start)
 PARAMOTOR WEIGHT               23.7KG (1.10M prop)                                                                    The 1.30M prop version has
 (COMPLETE, NO FUEL)            24.3KG (1.30M prop)                                                                    slightly better fuel consumption
 FUEL CONSUMPTION               3.5 Litres/hour (1.10M prop)                                                           and is ideal for heavier pilots that
 (SEE NOTE 2)                   3.0 Litres/hour (1.30M prop)                                                           prefer an ultra-light paramotor.
 RANGE                          2 3⁄4 hours (1.10M prop)
                                3 1⁄4 hours (1.30M prop)
 FUEL TANK CAPACITY             10 Litres
 PROP OPTIONS                   1.10M 2 blade wooden                         “This is an ideal machine
                                                                                  for beginners or
                                1.30M 2 blade Carbon-composite
 PILOT WEIGHT RANGE             UP TO 90KG (1.10M prop)

                                90-105KG (1.30M prop)
                                61db (1.10M prop) 63db (1.30M prop)
                                                                                lightweight pilots.”

                                                                                               www.baileyaviation.com                                     05
                                                  The Bailey Corsair uses the superb new
                                                  M25Y ‘Black Devil’ engine. This new
                                                  power plant is designed around the tried
                                                  and tested M21Y engine and shares
                                                  many of its moving parts, but with various
                                                  improvements to make a more powerful
                                                  and refined unit. This 172.5cc 2 Stroke
                                                  engine has a belt driven reduction drive,
                                                  carbon look intake silencer and chrome
                                                  / carbon exhaust system.
                                                  The ‘Black Devil’ Engine produces
                                                  similar power to our previous best-seller,
                                                  the JPX 320/330, which was a heavier,
two cylinder 320cc engine and this means that plenty of power is on tap. This gutsy 2
Stroke engine uses an automatic decompressor allowing very easy starting with the
Bailey manual foot start system.
An electric start version is available to special order, but will add 2.0Kg to the machine
and is generally considered un-necessary with the manual system offering effortless starting.

                                                                                   Paramotor standard features:
                                       Technical                                   ü   4 piece double hoop safety cage

                                        Specification                              ü   Stainless steel torque-cancelling cantilever hang system

 ENGINE MANUFACTURER              JPX ITALIA (ITALY)                               ü   Sup’Air quick release harness

 ENGINE TYPE                      172.5cc 2 Stroke                                 ü   10 litre aluminium fuel tank with dry break coupling and sight gauge

 POWER OUTPUT                     21BHP@7400RPM
                                                                                   ü   Padded cage bag
 STATIC THRUST                    65-70Kg/143-154LBS (1.10m prop)
                                  70-75Kg/154-165LBS (1.30m prop)
                                                                                   ü   Padded prop covers

 ENGINE WEIGHT                    14.9Kg (manual start)                            ü   Engine Manual & 1 litre 2 stroke engine oil

                                  15.4Kg (electric start)                          The Bailey Corsair is a powerful paramotor with a good power/weight ratio and
 PARAMOTOR WEIGHT                 26.5Kg (manual) 28.5Kg (electric) - 1.10m prop   is already proving to be a popular choice. A 2 blade carbon composite propeller
 (COMPLETE, NO FUEL)              27.1Kg (manual) 29.1Kg (electric) - 1.30m prop   is fitted in either 1.10M or 1.30M sizes. Most pilots will be suited to a 1.10M
 FUEL CONSUMPTION                 5.0 Litres/hour (1.10M prop)                     version, but for very heavy pilots and people wishing to fly tandem, the large
 (SEE NOTE 2)                     4.8 Litres/hour (1.30M prop)                     propeller 1.30M version is recommended.
 RANGE                            2 hours (1.10M prop)
                                  2 1⁄4 hours (1.30M prop)
 FUEL TANK CAPACITY               10 Litres
 PROP OPTIONS                     1.10M or 1.30M 2 blade Carbon-composite
 PILOT WEIGHT RANGE               85-110Kg (1.10M prop)
                                  100+Kg (1.30M prop - Tandem capable)
 NOISE LEVEL (SEE NOTE 3)         64db (1.10M prop) 1.30M prop TBA

1) Static thrust figures are measured on our own calibrated test rig, and are
   averaged across a variety of different atmospheric conditions
   (temperature, pressure, humidity).
2) Fuel consumption figures are based on an 85Kg pilot with Action 27 wing
   on fast trim.
3) Noise level is measured to DULV (German regulating authority) standards,
   range 100 metres overhead, paramotor at wide open throttle.

     06                                 www.baileyaviation.com
                                                        The correct choice of wing is just as vital as your choice of Paramotor. After years of experience flying
                   Wings                             various different wings, Bailey Aviation currently stocks two superb wing types, but please call for our latest
                                                              recommendations as manufacturers are constantly updating and improving their designs.

Trekking are one of the largest manufacturers of Paramotor wings in the                          Paramania’s latest top end wing
world. The PARAWING is designed specifically for Paramotors and is                               is known as the Action, the result
suited to both beginner and experienced pilots alike, comes complete with                        of years of research using the
adjustable trim system, stuff bag and carrying backpack for storage. This                        proven Reflex aerofoil section. It
wing is very easy to ground handle/launch and with the trimmer set to full                       is a wing specifically developed
speed can compete with the fastest ‘so-called’ high-speed wings. A nice
                                                                                                 for Paramotoring, with extreme
handling and relaxing wing to fly, also offers excellent thermalling ability with
                                                                                                 stability and speed, excellent glide/
or without the engine attached. Available in small, medium, large and extra
large sizes, choice dependent on combined pilot and Paramotor weight.                            sink ratios and handling that pilots
Available in a wide variety of colours, please call for current stock options.                   crave. This wing is more suited to
Afnor standard certification.                                                                    experienced pilots, having superior
                                                                                                 dynamics, faster ultimate speed and
                                                                                                 is very stable under all conditions.
                                                                                                 Available in four sizes, 25 (S), 27
                                                                                                 (M), 29 (L) and 31 (XL), choice
                                                                                                 dependent on combined pilot and
                                                                                                 Paramotor weight. Available in 5
                                                                                                 exciting colours as shown. In addition
                                                                                                 to the wing itself, you will get;
                                                                                                 Paramania MultiBag (Stylish Cordura
                                                                                                 Rucksack & Stuff bag in one), inner
                                                                                                 bag, compression strap, speedbar,
                                                                                                 manual and basic repair kit. Afnor
                                                                                                 standard certification.

                                                                                                 Red Hot Ice Blue Hornet     Blade   Beach
                                                                                                                                                     The Action Wing
                                                                                                                                                    is available in the
              Flying Suit                                                                                                                          following 5 colours
Flying Suits - We offer the superb Sup’ Air
flying suits manufactured from breathable
Cordura material. These suits keep you warm
without restricting movement and feature                                                                     Wind Socks
a radio pocket and elasticated foot straps.
Available in Medium, Large, Extra Large                                                           ‘Wind Socks’ are an essential piece of
or Extra Extra Large sizes in blue/black, red/                                                    hardware used to help you determine
black or grey/black colours.                                                                      wind speed and direction, we stock the
                                                                                                  Trekking ‘Wind Socks’.
    MACHINE            TITLE                                                     PILOT
                                                                                                          Head Gear
 Bailey JPX D330       UK Altitude Record (13,476 ft)                            Karl Hinzer
 Bailey 4 Stroke 150   UK Paramotor Nationals – 1st Place                        Paul Bailey
                                                                                                 The Comunica BETA+ is our top choice of
 Bailey 4 Stroke 150   UK Paramotor Nationals – 2nd Place                        Michel Carnet
                                                                                                 safety helmet. The BETA+ is an ultralightweight
 Bailey 4 Stroke 150   French Paramotor Nationals – 1st Place                    Michel Carnet
 Bailey 4 Stroke 150   European Championships (Highest placed UK pilot)          Henry Glasse
                                                                                                 (550gms) design, which is very comfortable and
 Bailey 4 Stroke 150   Fly by Ranch Championships (USA) – 2nd Place              Paul Bailey     neat. Can be worn with most headsets or just
 Bailey 4 Stroke 150   Sun & Fun exhibition (USA) - Winner of best overall Paramotor             ear defenders. Hi-Tech Composite manufacture
                                                                                                 and metal chin straps fasteners conform to
We have also manufactured parts for the first ever Microlight to fly                             EN966 standards.
over Mount Everest (Pilot: Richard Meredith Hardy) and intrepid                                  BETA+ COLOURS: WHITE (stock) or RED and
explorer Tim Hall is using a Bailey Corsair paramotor for his forth                              DARK BLUE (special order) .
coming Antarctic expedition.

                                                                                                          www.baileyaviation.com                                  07
Brauniger IQ Comfort
The IQ Comfort is the biggest selling vario-altimeter                  Relai System
and offers most features a pilot will need with an
                                                                       The Lynx Relai System is designed specifically
easy to read LCD display. Features such as auto-start
                                                                       for use in very high noise environments (i.e.
of the flight recorder, 50 flight memory,
                                                                       Paramotoring) where wind noise may also be a
L/D calculator (requires speed probe), and more make
                                                                       problem. The headsets are noise attenuating and
this a top performer.
                                                                       provide hearing protection in noise levels up to
                                                                       110dba. The Lynx Relai System is modular in design and is intended
                                                                       for use with hand-portable radios and can be configured to work
Brauniger IQ Motor                                                     with various types of radios by changing a small plug-in module. The
                                                                       headset includes a built-in volume control and two push-to-talk (PTT)
The IQ Motor is the world’s first electronic flight
                                                                       switches, as well as a connector for an additional PTT switch.
instrument designed for paramotors. Featuring
analogue and digital varios, integrated flight
recorder (version B only), altitude, engine RPM &
temperature (version B only) and when Connected
to a PC your flights can be analysed with the free                     Quest! XC
PC-Graph 2000 software. The innovative Altitude
Guidance Mode (to maintain a constant height)                                     The revolutionary Quest! XC 4-in-1-flight information system
makes powered flying even safer and a lot more                                    is a new breed of flight computer designed by paramotor
                                                                                   pilots for paramotors.
fun. Displayed engine data can be programmed with
individually adjustable alarm thresholds so if a value is                            Quest! XC comprises a display unit, no bigger than a
exceeded the IQ Motor display field starts to flash.                                 standard altimeter/vario instrument, attached to a sensor
Version A is the standard IQ Motor, Version B includes                                box by just one wire. Without the sensor box attached it
                                                                                       can also be used as a top of the range Alto/Vario for free
a Barograph which stores altitude to a resolution of 1m,                               flying with GPS connectivity and PC Post Flight Analysis.
flight time and engine temperature.                                                     Designed for beginners, intermediate recreational pilots
                                                                                 and for competitive pilots alike. Whatever the level, it will help
ICOM A3E Transceiver                                                   all pilots get the absolute most from their sport. Features include:-
The Icom A3E is a small but powerful portable VHF COM
transceiver that has a high quality audio output and can be             Fuel & Engine Monitor (CHT, OIL & EGT, Tacho, engine hours, Fuel
used as a stand-alone unit or connected to a headset with               used, left and how long it will last)
the appropriate adaptor. Simple to use and can be configured            Vario & Altimeter (3 x Altimeters, digital / analogue Varios with Audio,
to display frequencies/airport names/call signs and has 50              stop watches, alarms)
preset memories and a 760 channel maximum (RT licence                   Flight Computer & Planner (Calculates wind speed & direction, air
required when using any other channel than the designated               speed calculates time to return & compares with fuel)
Paramotor channel). Ideal for Paramotor use when coupled with           Data Logger (Records all flight & engine characteristics for full post
a Lynx Headset.                                                         flight analysis and logging - including GPS)

                                                      Ordering Information
    We are currently in the process of selecting both UK and overseas companies to act as authorised distributors for the Bailey
Aviation range of Paramotors. These companies are chosen for their technical understanding of the sport, the ability to demonstrate
 our product and their quality of after-sales service. Some are also certified training schools, so you will be able to purchase your
Bailey Paramotor with peace of mind and be fully trained to BHPA or BMAA standard. To view a list of our authorised dealers, please
                                          check out our website at www.baileyaviation.com

 We aim to keep the delivery times on our range as short as possible, but as all machines are fully hand made by a team of skilled
engineers, with many components sourced from around the world it is best to call us or one of dealers for accurate delivery dates.
In most instances a deposit is required to place your order and delivery of your machine is completed within a 2 to 4 week period,
                        allowing us to tailor the machine to your needs (e.g. left or right hand throttle etc).

Please see our separate list for latest prices. We can accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch/Maestro, Solo and Electron cards for payment
as well as cheques accompanied with a guarantee card (cheques will need to clear before goods released). Sterling bank drafts and
                                  transfers can be accepted with prior approval from our sales team.

                                                            How to contact us
Bailey Aviation has two manufacturing / assembly sites, one situated in Royston (Hertfordshire), the other in
 Over (Cambridgeshire). Appointments to view our Paramotor range or to directly order Paramotors, wings
and other associated accessories can be easily made by calling one of our sales team on 01763 246660 from
9am - 6pm Monday to Thursday, 9am - 5pm on Fridays and 9am - 2pm on Saturdays. Alternatively details on
           our range, including latest news and events can be found at www.baileyaviation.com.

                                                    BAILEY AVIATION, ROYSTON, HERTS, SG8 5JR, UK
                                                    TEL: +44 (0)1763 246660 FAX: +44 (0)1763 242777
         AUTHORISED                                 Web: www.baileyaviation.com
        DEALER STAMP                                e-mail: sales@baileyaviation.com

                                                    PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS
                                                    JON HILL     PAUL BAILEY        GEOFF SODEN             PARAMANIA

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