Election by yzero8


									                                        THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY

        In various Christian countries throughout the world, the Catholic Church has always been
consistent in her concern come election time. Her advocacy, which she untiringly communicates to her
constituency, is for them to vote for candidates who give importance to protecting human life and the
family. Actually, this is a relatively modern issue. Fifty years ago, this was not a concern of the Church.
Within the lifetime of many of us we are sad to witness nations –one after another, legalizing abortion,
same-sex marriage, propagating immoral methods of population control and so on. The late Pope John
Paul the Great led the Christian world in its battle against this evil. In his characteristic flair for words, he
coined the phrase ‘Culture of Death’ to describe the kind of society the anti-life/anti-family group is
propagating. Evidently, Christendom is losing these battles.

        People in media sarcastically point out that only two countries have remained mired in ‘old-
fashioned and traditional’ Christian values by banning abortion and modern population control – the
Philippines and Malta! As Filipinos does this observation cause us to hold our heads up high or bow
down in shame? Our reaction would betray our real color as true Christians and Catholics or as one only
in name.

        The so-called RH Bill has become a symbol of the culture of death as far as the CBCP is
concerned. Consequently it is given the moniker –‘Death Bill’. Hence they warn us to be always mindful
of candidates who support this bill and to avoid them.

         Because of our unique position as the only significant Christian nation to remain free from the
clutches of the so-called modern influences, this election has become crucial not only for our nation but
also for Christendom.

Reason for Hope
        Suppose that the new set of national officials that we unfortunately elect are so fired up in favor
of the RH Bill that they are finally able to change the constitution and pass the bill; considering that the
Philippines is the last bastion of Christianity upholding the culture of life, does this imply the decline and
final demise of Christianity?

        Our faith assures as that this is not necessarily so.

       In history, it is observed that during the US Civil War, General Lee, the brilliant general of the
confederate army, won most of the battles. Yet finally, he lost the war.

         When our Lord died on the cross there could not be any defeat more final than that –and yet He
resurrected and His Church which for two thousand years overcome all the obstacles and vicissitudes
along its path, has, up to the present, continuously played a significant role in the world’s stage.

Right Perspective
         Being Christians and sure of our victory we should not be complacent in our action. Christianity
is facing one of the greatest battles in its history. Failing to see this will cause us to unwittingly aid our
enemy. When the war is over, and Christianity wins (as it will), how can we face our Lord if during the
struggles we were stupidly helping our enemy?

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